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Found 43 results

  1. I'm a mid-30's male that got moderate acne in my mid-20's, and ran through all the usual oral antibiotics, Rentin-A treatments, etc. No treatment has really worked for any length of time, and finally I was tired of the constant battle and talked to my doctor about Accutane. He told me it's very effective, and would probably take care of the acne once and for all, though a second treatment is necessary in around 20% of those that use it. We decided to move forward with the Accutane, which I st
  2. Would this moisturizer be good if you dont use Benzoil Peroxide in the morning???????? thanks
  3. I don't have the worst acne in the world, i just have a lot of pimples (like 15-17). i have been using clean and clear 10% benzoil peroxide for a long time but didnt see much improvement. i went to the doctor a little over 2 weeks ago and he gave me .01% (yes i realize that is the lowest dosage) and an antibiotic called ERY-tab 500 mg (to my knowledge this is the highest dosage). is it ok to keep using the clean and clear wash? i feel like it helps a ton because my face gets super oily and greas
  4. I've been fighting acne for 4 years now. I started on Proactiv like everybody else, and it worked- for 9 months. Then my acne got progressively worse and worse. My derm put me on differin (did nothing), benzoil peroxide products (nada), and tazorac. I stuck with taz for about a year. It didn't seem to help, but didn't seem to hurt it either. I used to use benzaclin to spot treat, and it worked when I was younger, before any of this major breakout stuff happened. I read about holistic treatmen
  5. Hi, Im hernan ... I never posted in the Px medications Thread. I have a friend who I chat with usually everyday in MSN and she lives in a faraway state. (she has noncystic acne, she usually has red/white spots (especially in the forehead and chest) which she covers with make-up ...I never saw her without makeup (she always uses make up in the face)... It makes me so sad how self conscious she is that she doesn't show me, a supportive friend who suffers from severe acne, her real face She is
  6. Hello Guys! My name is Giuseppe, I'm new to this forum. I wanted to tell you about my acne condition... So, I have a high concentration of acne on the sides of my jaws. I was way worse last year but after I've followed a cure, everything seemed to go better. This summer, things have gotten a lot worse. I must say that I go to the beach almost every day but I use a high level protection specifically for my face. I've started following the Regimen since two weeks. I use Benzac 5% for the benzo
  7. Once you start using Benzoil Peroxide, can you ever stop? Or will you have to continue using it for years? Is there a point where after you're using the regimen for a while and you're skin clears, you'll be able to quit the BP entirely without getting acne again?
  8. I've been battling acne since 7th grade and now I'm a senior in high school. Ive always been prescribed the usual antibiotics like tetracycline and minocyclin to no avail. Ive used erythromycin benzoil peroxide, differin, retin-a micro, duac and tazorac and none helped. I alsed my derm about bactrim and he did a culture and said the results showed that my acne is nothing out of the ordinary. He also said that bactrim would not help and now I have to wait another month just to see him again. My q
  9. I am usin clean and clear 10% benzoil peroxide twice a day which works quite well. But it kinda drys my skin and i got a horrible cracked lip and i think its from that. Could i use some rice moisturisor shit i had my ex-girlfriend by me a year ago from a womanly product store??? I never ended up usin it then but i got a full bottle now.. would it work??? ive alreasy been on the clean and clear for about 3 months. but its irritatiing
  10. went to derm, heres what the dude said: 1. use a cleanser once a day with 3.5% benzoil peroxide in it 2. monocycline (spelling?) pills twice a day 3. differin .1% gel once a day at night. and he said i could use moisturizer if needed Alright, so... does this routine sound good? and I have a question with the differin gel. It says on the bottle to apply and leave it on overnight, but my dermatologist said something about only leaving it on for 2 hours or something I forget, anyone
  11. Any of you use one of this? Can you share your experience about the soap or cleanser? Thank you..... * cleanser with benzoil peroxide * cleanser with salycylic acid * bar soap with triclosan (antibacterial) * bar soap with triclocarban (antibacterial)
  12. okay. so i've used everything in the book, and hardly anything has worked. i'm on minocycline now, which is working fantastic.. but from others' experiences.. it seems that most people become immune to it after a while. the only other thing that has worked for me, somewhat, has been benzoil peroxide. however, i am very sensitive to it, and it dries me completely out and i start peeling. proactiv would have been perfect, if it weren't for the complete dryness it left behind. i have a feelin
  13. So I've just been put on Duac during the day and Differin at night - with oral Doxy. What I'm going to do is use Duac in the day and night when my white heads get bad, and Differin as prescribed when my blackheads are getting worse. I'm not worried about Duac drying me out because I was using Clinac BPO 7% twice a day and Duac just has a benzoil peroxide 5%. \ Any opinions on this plan?
  14. First of all I take 18 pills of AntiAC's Acne Treatment. It contains Vitamin B5 which helps my oiliness, and shine. I take those pills 5 at a time 3 times being at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Then I take 3 before I go to sleep. I was my face with Nutrogena Benzoil Peroxide Cleanser 2 times daily. ( I believe it is 10% benzoil) Then I follow up with Neutrogena moisturizer for combination skin. I use a very little amount after I wash my face, but it helps. Sometimes I get a little red in th
  15. Trying to locate a receipe that was a mix of very strong benzoil peroxide that I used as a child now looking for it for my son. The name of the Doctor was Dr. Lamar who is no longer living --in Memphis Tenn. Please let me know if anyone has used this before and email me thanks
  16. My derm recently recommended me to use Panoxyl 10% Benzoil Peroxide Bar. Do you people feel its effective? Please write a response!
  17. First of all my name is dino, ive been a member on this forum for about 2 years, i think........i suffered from acne for years, tried numerous things without any success. Ever since i found out about dans regiment i have been almost comepletely clear.......my face looked so bad i would be embaressed to go out.....if you want go to my profile and find my previous post's , you'll see me complaining about how horrible my life is lol ....... I work at rite aid, its a small store so i do everything
  18. ... Irony is when I basically "nuke" my entire face with benzoil peroxide and laughingly inform my pimples that their days are surely numbered, but then the next morning, amid all the redness, itchiness, peeling skin and discoloration littering the battlefield of my face, there is a nice new pimple laughing at me. Pimples = 1 Bertie = 0 ~ Bertie
  19. I've seen a lot of posts here saying that it didn't work. Just thought I'd add that I think it worked for me. Been using it for several months along with other products, but once I started the Nature's Cure I stopped getting my monthly cysts, which I basically could NEVER get rid of. Anyway, it's cheap, comes with benzoil peroxide (5%), and there is no side effects for me. Worth a try at least for women who tend to get the hormonal breakout every month.
  20. I had a pretty neat idea...maybe u guys will agree. Have a 1-10 rating scale for every prescription or OTC medication u have ever tried. Average the ratings like once a week and then u can get a general idea about how well the product works overall according to the general acne community. I dont know who would do the averages so maybe this wont work...but hopefully someone would be willing to do it... Ok I will start....My ratings are according to overall ability to clear acne, not pertaining
  21. Hi. I dont usually post here, but I wanted to share something that has been working for me and my troubled oil slick skin. I really really think that androgens is the reason why some of us get acne.. Some of us tend to have totally normal testosterone levels, however, your androgen receptors could be very sensetive so even normal testo ranges, and thats why you still get that oily sebum. I suffered with acne / oily skin / red face for a very long time. I tried many over the counter as well
  22. I am on Accutane and I need some questions answered. Any help would be appreciated!! 1.) Once and for all...tell me if Amnesteen is the same thing as Acctane. Is there ANY difference? I know it's supposed to be Generic for Accutane, and I nomally wouldn't even think twice, but I need to know if it will work just as well. What have your derms told you? Does anyone know the truth? 2.) When people say they had to go on 2, 3 and 4 doses of Accutane, were they the REALLY bad cases you see or
  23. To this site, not acne, that is : ( I've been using this treatment for about 10 days, things seem to be going well... I still have some whiteheads and blackheads under my skin. Will the benzoil peroxide eventually clear them up on its own or should I be proactive and take care of them myself (washing my hands, using tissues, et cetera, of course...) What do some people who have used this for a while (successfully) think I should do? That and your opinions on this regimen to begin w
  24. Ive been testing methods to help my persistant moderate acne for YEARS and YEARS and i managed to follow some really good routines that helpd me to keep my acne under control like, BP, Salycilic acid, but the last 4 months my acne started to get worse and worse and i went desperate again. So i begin to scavenge something, anything that could help me without popping to accutane again(I already did 2 cycles of accutane in my life, each cycle took 1year). I came to something that is unbeliveabl