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Found 47 results

  1. I used to pore over this site when I had really bad acne. I want to share this info with everyone. I had cystic and nodular acne for 17 years. Very very oily skin. I'd gone to the dermatologist twice in my past. This time they tried to give me Differin again, and I said no because I'd tried it and it didn't work. Way too over dried my skin. So she gave me this stuff called BenzaClin. It's benzoyl peroxide and clindamycin, a topical antibiotic. She also prescribed me an oral antibiotic but my
  2. I've just ordered the Clenser and Moisturizer to do the Regimen because I currently have BenzaClin (aka Duac) . It contains 1% clindamycin phosphate and 5% benzoyl peroxide. I was prescribed this for my day treatment and Retin-A for nights. I was thinking should I use both of these as prescribed as my treatment options for the Regimen? Perhaps use only the BenzaClin as it is closer to the Regimen's recommended treatment (though stronger) or invest in the Regimen's treatment of 2.5% BP? Has anyo
  3. Hello. Curious to see what others were prescribed/advised these two and how you apply them. My doc said differin during the morning every 3 days and benzaclin each night. I had irritation from benzaclin on night 3 but figured that I might've used too much too fast. Because of this I did not start differin yet. I ceased use immediately. I have been using Neutrogena's BP clear pore wash for 10+ years and never had a problem, so I'm assuming that the concentration was too high for something I wasn'
  4. Hi everyone! I have been following this site and it has been the place I go to when I don't know where else to seek help. I'm fairly new to posting anything on here, and I think this is the right forum for what I want to say. This may be long. I started having acne in middle school, it started in 7th grade (2012), probably also influenced by hormones since I got my period in 7th grade as well. Looking back at what I had, it was NOTHING. I was young and I thought these face demons were ending
  5. Okay, so I have mild to moderate acne, mostly around my mouth and cheeks in form of whiteheads. I have very sensitive skin that gets dry and peels very easily. I was prescribed benzaclin about two years ago and used it sparingly, and it helped my skin but recently my skin has started to get not so good again. I went to the doc and was prescribed Retin-A Micro and Benzaclin again. What I usually do is wash my face with salicylic acid in the morning, moisturize with SPF, and at night use a BP/sa
  6. Kristeng


    From the album: January 2015

    At its worst. First week of benzaclin
  7. AzhureSnow

    Azhuresnow's Personal Log

    Hi So, I had clear skin since I was about 22 until three months ago (so about 5 years). For whatever reason, 3 months ago, my skin went haywire and I've had HORRIBLE acne on my jaw and the hollows of my cheeks ever since. I suspect it has something to do with the fact that: a) I went vegan around that time, eliminating the synthetic hormones in most meat and dairy products, which may have thrown my androgen balance off. b) went through brand training with Sephora which was 2 weeks of pu
  8. Hi everyone. I have been a constant cruiser of these boards for years and have finally decided to reach out for myself and everyone else going through the living hell of acne. A little about my history with acne... I never had acne growing up, just the occasional breakout or small pimple that would go away in a day. During my teen and high school years I was a ballerina and constantly wore makeup to class where I would be drenched in sweat. I'd then come home and work another few hours, ex
  9. I have been usuing benzaclin for about 5-6 years. It's defiantly helped my skin. But not as much as I hoped for so about 3 years ago I started seeing a naturopath doctor and she put me on holistic supplements to help with my hormones and etc. Thats when I saw the best improvement in my face. Now fast forward to now and I don't really take my supplements anymore but still on my cream. For the most part my face is usually good still get break outs here and there. I'm married and want to start tryi
  10. I've been fighting acne for 4 years now. I started on Proactiv like everybody else, and it worked- for 9 months. Then my acne got progressively worse and worse. My derm put me on differin (did nothing), benzoil peroxide products (nada), and tazorac. I stuck with taz for about a year. It didn't seem to help, but didn't seem to hurt it either. I used to use benzaclin to spot treat, and it worked when I was younger, before any of this major breakout stuff happened. I read about holistic treatmen
  11. Hello. I am new to this community, but I wanted to speak to people in the same position as me. None of my close friends have moderate acne like me so I feel all alone. My first breakout was when I turned thirteen years old, and it hasn't stopped since then (I am now 22 years old). Back in grade 11 I started using Benzaclin and Differin prescribed by my dermatologist and my pimples decreased drastically. However, I still get frequent breakouts, especially around my period, not to mention all the
  12. Hey guys, I just recently started Benzaclin for my acne issues, and it was pretty effective in clearing my face .... however, its effectiveness was at the expense of moisture. My face is so entirely dried out right now that its flaking, tight, and highly uncomfortable (and embarrassing). I usually use Neutrogena oil-free moisturizer on a daily basis, but that seems to not be helping much in terms of the flakiness and extreme dryness. Does anyone have any suggestions? I would GREATLY apprecia
  13. I'm confused on whether to use Differin or Benzaclin on active bumps. Is Differin is supposed to be more preventative and restorative or does it work on active cystic acne? What is the best regiment for using the two meds together? Thanks!
  14. randomsmile

    Day 1 Of 90

    So, I finally went to the dermatologist yesterday. All of the OTC products just weren't doing it for me. Plus, I wasn't as compliant as I should have been. But since it's prescribed I will likely be consistent this time, hopefully - it's all psychological. I'm actually really excited! And praying that this fixes this acne nightmare, especially with me being 24 years old. So, I have the following: Doxycyline 100mg twice a day Duac/Benzaclin in the morning Retin-A at night As far as fac
  15. Well, I'm back to posting on the forum after incessant surfing these past 2 months. I recently completed my 10th week on a combination of Solodyn 80 mg, Ziana, and Benzaclin. I had my derm check-up today and I honestly had a mental breakdown and demanded Accutane for some lingering body acne despite the improvement in my face. The dermatologist assured me that my face isn't too bad and told me that the only way she'd prescribe me Accutane is if I visit a psychiatrist and they write me a note say
  16. Currently I have a breakout of deep cystic acne all over my forehead and jaw due to my cycle. I am on Doxy now; I've been on it a year and its stopped working. I've tried both Retin-A for at least one year and Benzaclin for six months. Without medication, the purging never stops and it's out of control. As far as meds go, I tried aldactone for four years and hated it. Accutane helped four years ago, but it made me purge horribly for at least three months once I stopped having regular te
  17. Ok so im currently deployed overseas in Afghanistan and I started breaking out about 2 months ago. (6 months after Accutane treatment) So I caalled my local doc and got differin .03 gel sent to me. I have been using it for 5 weeks now and my face has EXPLODED! I know you have to give it 8 weeks though. The thing is I was first sent .03 gel and im almost out so I got a refill sent and its .01 gel. WILL THE .01 STILL WORK FOR ME AFTER USING THE .03 FOR 2 MONTHS/??? Im affraid this is going to be a
  18. Hey everyone and happy new year to you all I'm hoping 2012 is the year I'll finally have clear skin haha. I was prescribed to Accutane and my dermatologist told me to take 40mg every other day. Therefore, I've taken it on December the 26th, 28th, 30th, and yesterday (January 1st). I don't have HORRIBLE skin, I'd say it's moderately severe. Before being prescribed to Accutane, I used differin and benzaclin and took Doxycyclin (100mg once every day) for 3 months, which didn't help very much.
  19. So, I have been off doxy for about a month now and have been using benzaclin instead since the 7th of October. I am about to start accutane, for a second time in my life (first one was a little more than a decade ago), if blood exams come out fine in the middle of November. I will be honest... I am scared to death, yet my acne scars and I am not ready to give up and accept that my face will look like a battlefield for the rest of my life. Until today, benzaclin seemed to work wonders for my skin
  20. acowles

    Benzaclin :/

    I used proactiv for a good year or so. it helped my acne, but didn't clear it. my face is kinda dull from all the benzyl peroxide.ive been reading more and more about how BP isn't good for your skin and stops working after awhile. now for maybe 2 months my derm gave me some benzaclin, a mixture of clindamyisin (sorry for my spelling!) and BP. it's..kinda helped. but i kinda wanna stop using it for the fear of my skin to be ruined more. i don't have a lot of acne. very very mild. but im u
  21. Wondering if anyone in your family is using a PRESCRIPTION topical ACNE drug product (list below of some brands but you might have a generic version which is fine too). If so I'm trying to find out the "shelf life" of various products so as to determine which is best for me. If you still have original outer packaging that the tube/pump came in, it should have an expiration date on it. Please respond and note: 1) the brand/generic name 2) product form (gel, cream, foam, whatever) 3) the m
  22. xXMarkesiaXx


    Hello everyone... Like many of you here, I have been lurking in these boards for quite a long time but just today I decided to create an account and hop into the ''fun''. The reason is probably that it seems to be one of the low days... I recently stopped antibiotics (after my derm's advice in order to put me in a course of ro-accutane) and even though it's been only a week, my skin has gone crazy. Especially during the weekend. So, I guess, unable to control all of this ''happiness'' alone,
  23. So I'm 16 (with 'moderate' hormonal acne) and I've been using Benzaclin (in the pump) for about two days now. I use it just after I've washed, at night before I go to bed. Now the thing is, I have a few questions about it. It would be great if any of you can help me. First of all-- Is it really alright to just use it once (as prescribed by my doctor) at night, but then wash it away in the morning? I'm set to use it like this for only 3 months and throw any remaining gel away. Then, anothe
  24. So I recently got off of benzaclin which I had been taking for a total of six months. It's now been a month since then and skin is now breaking out and is almost back to what it was before taking benzaclin. I wash my face twice a day in the morning with a 10% benzoyl peroxide wash and then at night with 2% salicylic acid wash and moisturizer with a 2.5% benzoyl peroxide lotion. Should I be doing something else? I've noticed my face has gotten back to its normal oil production, not like while I w
  25. Hi everyone, first post here so bear with me . I am in desperate need of advice on what to do because I feel I have tried everything multiple times yet nothing is working. I have moderate acne (mostly white heads) with occasional (once a month perhaps?) massive cysts. My acne is on my forehead and right over the cheek bones with the occasional bad break out over the rest of the cheeks and chin. Let me share my story first, i'll try to keep it short: So I started my battle with acne around a