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Found 23 results

  1. 5 Best Foundations for Acne Prone Skin Acne is the most common skin disease and contrary to popular belief – it doesn’t affect just teenagers. Dreadful pimples, blackheads, whiteheads, papules and cysts can affect just about anyone, regardless of their race, gender or age. And while the cause of these outbreaks is still unknown, dermatologists and cosmetologists have started developing lines of cosmetic and beauty products specially designed for acne prone skin. So, instead of always listeni
  2. hey hey im kay i have had an acne problem for 5 years and a very bad case of acne i have cystic acne and it it very painful and irritated most of the time . when i was in grade 7 my acne started it wasn't at it worst but it was bad more than anything it was painful not just physically painful but emotionally painful .at the time i was the only one in my class with acne and no1 knew how to react i never used foundation or anything to hide it because i assumed it would make it worse and in a few
  3. Some general tips I know that have worked for me are: Drink a lot more water throughout the day, it makes you feel good and your skin feel fresh! Don’t touch your face, your hands are probably dirty and you are putting that on your face! Watch what you eat. Ideally you need to stay away from sugar, dairy and processed foods because they clog your pores and are bad for your health in general! Do some sort of physical activity, it’s not only good for your face but it is also go
  4. Hey guys, I just wanted to post something different on this forum. I have suffered with acne for 6 years, I have literally tried everything possible and through those six years I have experienced an array of emotions. I have been angry, sad, lonely, depressed, and insecure. I'm not going to tell you that I am at my optimum confidence level or that I even love myself now or more. It seems like people promote that they love themselves after they make their flaws disappear, but that's not always
  5. Has any of you tried Perfectil and did you like the effect? I'm commercial addicted))) Don't know if I should try it as my skin has a specific problem - acne. How do you think, will it help in my case?
  6. Hello. I am new to this community, but I wanted to speak to people in the same position as me. None of my close friends have moderate acne like me so I feel all alone. My first breakout was when I turned thirteen years old, and it hasn't stopped since then (I am now 22 years old). Back in grade 11 I started using Benzaclin and Differin prescribed by my dermatologist and my pimples decreased drastically. However, I still get frequent breakouts, especially around my period, not to mention all the
  7. i have red spots and i want to conceal them but because of the peeling skin it is hard as it looks cakey and during mid day my skin just becomes flakey and i can't put make up on it again. Also how long does these red marks from acne take to fade? Im scared to use natural acidic products as my skin is still sensitive and my derm gave me products to use for my face (own company made, quite good) so should i buy my own products to help lighten my red marks? if so any recommendations?
  8. Hi guys-- Most of the blogs I share are on nutritional topics but since this is also a holistic form, and that includes emotional health, I thought I'd share my latest blog. It's about self image, anxiety and the obsession we can develop with our skin problems. http://thecircledancer.blogspot.com/2012/12/acne-and-self-image-reality-in-mirror.html It was hard for me to write this because this is something I've been struggling with for a long time, sometimes very badly. Recently I've been
  9. Hey you! Since you are on this site, I'm assuming that you, just like me, are living with acne or acne scars/marks on your face and that you are seeking treatments for it. And I also know that acne can have a big effect on your self esteem, social anxiety, and mood. So I'm writing this to all of you who are depressed, sad, worried, anxious or hopeless because of your acne or scars. Your acne is not who you are. Nor does it define you in any way! You just simply have spots on your skin. That's i
  10. There's a huge push these days to accept all forms of beauty and that all women are beautiful. specifically in size. People are becoming increasingly more politically correct about size, fat, and "everyone is beautiful". There has been immense progress! Women of all sizes are empowered and pegged as beauty icons. Go them! Here's a movement that still needs to happen. GIRLS WITH ACNE. No beauty or style icon I know of has acne. Sure they have zits, but that's not acne. Yet an estimated 85 per
  11. Hello all, I have been suffering from light acne for a while now and have a good regimen that has been helping keep things under control. However, it recently occurred to me that my hair product might be contributing to my breakouts. I use either waxes or pomades and, while many of them are top of the line grooming products, they do contain beeswax and oil-based ingredients. I am afraid that these ingredients might be transferring to my pillow and onto my skin. Does anyone know about a m
  12. So, I know this topic has been brought up a lot on acne.org: Waxing. My question, however, is quite different and I haven't seen this question on the site yet so here goes... I started accutane yesterday. I will be on 10mg/day as my acne is not severe. I just have small bumps and a few big pimples here and there. I love getting my eyebrows waxed (3x a week) and I live in Seoul, Korea and there aren't any places that do threading. Waxing and lazer hair removal are the big options here in Seo
  13. Anyone have any product suggestions for accutane that they could not do/have done without? Moisturizers? Lip balm? Body lotions? Face wash? Body wash? Shaving creams (for women)? Shampoo/conditioner? And for the ladies...MAKEUP! (to cover up all those pesky acne marks and red spots left behind...) Thanks for any and all suggestions and recommendations! Feel free to comment on anything you didn't like or that caused breakouts, as well!
  14. Anyone have any product suggestions for accutane that they could not do/have done without? Moisturizers? Lip balm? Body lotions? Face wash? Body wash? Shaving creams (for women)? Shampoo/conditioner? And for the ladies...MAKEUP! (to cover up all those pesky acne marks and red spots left behind...) Thanks for any and all suggestions and recommendations! Feel free to comment on anything you didn't like or that caused breakouts, as well!
  15. Skin and Us Skin is really something isn't it ? For the past hour Iv'e spent time reading through acne.org forum, learning of the many people like myself struggling for lasting clear skin. And for many of us, to have 'lasting clear skin' sounds like what we most desire. Ive created this post to speak on skin sufferers, no matter the skin condition severity, emotional journey or pain. Skin is not everything, skin is not you. Yes, it is downright hard to walk out of the house into
  16. Hey guys! I just wanted to put something out there on this site that reminded everyone that they are beautiful. Reading through posts from of all sorts of people, I long to comment on each one saying to not be discouraged! I just want to say to each of you: Feel proud of yourself. Let confidence and happiness spill from within. Each one of you are talented and compassionate and so mindful and thoughtful. Don't lose sight of that. Take a moment to recognize that which you bring to the worl
  17. A week or so ago I saw a comment under a story on the Internet, I don't recall where, but I copied it to share with my facebook friends. It just occurred to me that some of you good people could really get some insight from it as well. Although it's aimed to women, it's absolutely true for men as well. I know this from experience, having known both men and women who just couldn't see past their 'flaws' to their own inherent beauty. Anyway, here's the comment: "I have a theory on why some women
  18. kasims

    Clear Skin Official

    Hello everyone! I've used acne.org for years now, and it's been a wonderfully helpful community for me as I struggled with acne and finding the products and regimen that work for me. If any of you are on Instagram, I wanted to share a new account that focuses on the emotional/psychological impact of acne, and hopes to publish stories of overcoming self image issues associated with acne or other skin issues. Their tag is "clearskinofficial" https://www.instagram.com/clearskinofficial/ Ho
  19. Treatment of Acne Scars There are various medicines out there to fight skin break out scars. While none of them truly give moment results, they can essentially diminish scarring or dispose of them after some time, contingent upon the seriousness. The thought behind skin break out scar medications is that new cells will supplant old harmed cells. There are some topical scar medicines that begin this procedure through the making of solid skin cells. There are numerous over the treatments, ye
  20. Hi guys, I'm back with a new blog. After my failed attempt at an Accutane course and a lot of soul-searching, I'm attempting to use a combination of low-risk, proven conventional treatments and clinically researched alternative treatments to try to clear my acne. I have already tried a LOT of treatments, ranging from the conventional to the hippie to the kind-of-crazy, and have had various degrees of success. However I still have not found a long-term solution I can tolerate or I would
  21. hey hey all this information i have written myself from my knowledge and studies i have done i have studied beauty in college so this is what i have put together from everything i have learnt but most of it is from personal experiences . i do have videos on my youtube channel that are more in depth i have a acne series and i will have another video up tomorrow (10 july 2013 ) please have a look at my channel IT IS (kaysbeautybox) please subscribe for more and if you have any questions or want
  22. The other day I read an article about a young lady named Turia Pitt. She is a very beautiful young lady who has a very unique and crazy story. She used to be a normal young girl and a model until she got into a bushfire while competing in a race that burned 65% of her body leaving her very mutilated (you can Google her if you like). The accident forced her to lose a couple of her fingers as well. Right now she looks different but she is still a very happy and absolutely gorgeous inside and out
  23. I am acned for 3 years now, and I have accepted it as part of my life. But every time a friend of mine that have not seen me for 3 years sees my condition now, they would either pity me or wonder what the hell had happened to me. So now I am fighting against acne and I am asking you guys out there if is it really good to use oil blotter for the face. Give me your suggestions and it is of course appreciated.