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Found 15 results

  1. Hi guys . I need your help in my condition . I uploaded photos for more clear vision . I have this condition since my late childhood . Maybe 12 years old untel now . 30 . I can not shave the beard because it will irritate my face and all comes nasty . So i keep it on . But still pimples all over my face . Oily skin all day . I wash it 2 to 3 times a day with a cleanser . I tried tea tree oil but nothing . Tried other pharmaceutical tubes and nothing . Maybe the only thing it changed it a bit is
  2. So my skin is pretty much 98% clear except that I constantly get cysts in my sideburn area! Even if I don't shave the little bit in front of my ear so it's an extension of my hairline it'll turn into a horrible cyst and end up with a clump of hair coming out and just being generally disgusting. Any advice on how to stop/prevent this?
  3. TrentAH

    Ingrown Hairs

    A question do men here suffer from ingrown hairs when shaving??? Any tips or products thata ctually work to prevent them?? I've tried everything.....
  4. Okay, so I've noticed a pattern when I go without shaving for a few days while using the regimen... My skin flakes and dries a lot more! Even if I apply a ton of moisturizer and jojoba oil. My beard just irritates the crap out of me, so now I try to shave as much as possible. I want to know, does this occur with you also? Or is it just a random occurrence? Thanks!
  5. Treating Acne When You Have Facial Hair

    A Beard May Reduce Absorption Most topical medications, including acne treatments, are effective only when absorbed deep into the skin. To get absorbed, the medications have to contact the skin directly. If you wear a full beard or even a short beard, it may be difficult for the skin to absorb the drug because facial hair literally stands in its way. Applying more medication would probably help. However, you should be reasonable with how much you...
  6. Hi guys! I have some clogged pores between my chin and lower lip. Well, pic is attached, see for yourself. You can see them only when I stretch my lip. The pores have semi-solid stuff in them that is often easy to squeeze out (but it is not pus, fat maybe?) and they are also EXTREMELY likely to get inflamed. I have tried BPO, gels with salicylic (sp?) acid and manuka oil on them, but they do not go away. I have also cleared most of them once, but they were back within a few days. I also try
  7. What Are Ingrown Hairs?

    The medical term for "ingrown hairs" is pseudofolliculitis barbae. Hair removal practices which can cause it include: Shaving Waxing Plucking Threading Ingrown hairs result in firm skin-colored or red or dark acne-like lesions that can be itchy or sore. When they are caused by shaving, they are often called "razor bumps" or "shave bumps." Sometimes, these lesions can fill with liquid that resembles pus. Although these breakouts appear similar to acne, they are a completely different phenomenon. Who Is Most Likely...
  8. Hi. I only trim my beard, but after trimming, I can still get some redness and overall irritated skin. What can you guys recommend for less redness and irritation right after trimming my beard? Thanks, Daniel
  9. Is there anybody here that uses topical retinoids and also has really thick facial hair? I'm supposed to only use a pea size on my entire face, but with the amount of stubble I produce even a couple of hours after shaving, it's impossible just to use a pea size. It's like the hair absorbs most of it or something. Anybody else experience the same thing? Also, would switching from Tazorac to Retin-a help at all? I've been on the Taz for about 6 months and see some improvement but was hoping f
  10. james1946

    Week 6

    Coming to the end of week 6 now. Started using Cetaphil gentle wash and Cetaphil daily facial moisturizer with SPF 15. Got my 6 week check up with my derm on Tuesday, do not think ill get a dosage increase due to me being on 60mg a day and weighing 70kg. Started to get a rash on my top part of my hands but nothing a little aqueous cream can't sort out. Still getting spots every other day, the initial breakout "seems" to be calming down (touch wood). I've grown abit of a beard to try and
  11. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comedo It's a general comedo article but it makes some clear distictions, which i always tried to make here on this forum. let me highlight the interesting bits: 1."A comedo can be open (blackhead) or closed by skin (whitehead), and occur with or without acne" 2."Excess keratin combined with sebum can plug the opening of the follicle.This small plug is called a microcomedo. Androgens increase sebum (oil) production. If sebum continues to build up behind
  12. I have a short beard (trim it at level 2.5) that bother's my girlfriend when we kiss. I was going to try to grow it a bit longer to help manage the issue, but I also heard that there are some conditioner's that may soften my beard. Does anyone have a suggestion of a conditioner or oil that would be safe to use without (hopefully) breaking me out? Or any other helpful ideas for those who have had this issue? I was looking at this earlier: Botanical Skin Works Bay Lime Beard Conditioning Oil
  13. Hello all, First and foremost I apologize if there is a more appropriate section for this post. With that out of the way, here it is. I generally keep my "beard" at a long stubble length. I recently got a cystic pimple under my beard right along where my chin meets my jawline. As the cyst grew, it formed a head and ended up scabbing over under my beard. While the cyst formed and scabbed over I ended up not trimming my beard. I let my facial hair grow for a solid two weeks without trimming. Out
  14. Hi! I wonder if there are people with similar problem and what they are doing with it. A month ago I got a breakout on my chin (3-4 pimples) after my boyfriend rubbing it with his beard while kising...I know we need to be careful with rubbing but what can be done in situations like that? By that moment I was applying about 1 pump of BP and that was enough. Right after that I left the country and now I am washing my face with different water, although no irritation to my skin from the beard anymo
  15. I'm 46. Since my mid twenties I have not had a problem with acne. About 6 months ago I decided to grow a beard. A really short one like hair is 1/4-inch long at most. I trim it with a beard trimmed about once every 3-4 days. About 3 months in, I started getting acne and had a checkup by chance and doctor said it could be folliculities. I had to take antibiotics for another reason and it cleared up. It wasn't that bad to begin with though and could have possibly gone away on its own.