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Found 11 results

  1. Hello to anyone reading this, I have had bad skin which quickly turned into acne since I was 12. I moved schools at this age and used to get bullied because I was different. As many others, when it first started my mum said it was just "teenage skin" probably only a few pimples. I have seen photos of me then and it didn't look to bad. Throughout the years I have tried very hard to control my skin, using lots of different products on my face. Nothing seemed to help it. I had no confidence and did
  2. Hi If you spend a lot of energy focusing on flaws like acne or acne scars, this post is meant for you. I've never written anything like this, but I feel like it have to share my experience so that someone else might find a shortcut out of the pain they are going thought. I have had acne since I was 14 years old, and I'm now 20. I'm the beginning I did more care much, just like any self conscious teenager. But with time I became more and more fixated on this. During periods with little acne
  3. I went to a psychiatrist on Tuesday to try and get back in some sort of treatment for my mental instabilities. Right now my biggest struggle is Body Dysmorphic Disorder regarding my face/skin. Anyways, my psych decided to put me back on medications that I know triggered my acne a couple years ago. I'm on a few meds, but the one that causes acne is Lithium, so I haven't been taking it. There is plenty of research that confirms my fears and proves that Lithium causes inflammatory acne in at least
  4. adhpn7

    Stuff On My Mind.

    Thought I'd start a blog;maybe it could be just my place to go to when I'm feeling down, since I had a not so great experiance on the forum. Still very embarrassed about that, make sure that'll never happen again.. Atleast here no one can say that I'm annoying or I should delete myself, because it is my blog after all.. I'm feeling a bit down. The epiduo on my face is burning, and I can't tell if it's working. I hope it is, because acne hurts like hell and looks bad. Plus my face scars at anyt
  5. Hey guys... I created a Facebook group page for people who suffer from BDD. Privacy concerns: this group is "secret" so nobody can find it unless they're invited. NONE of your friends will know you're a part of it. This group will be a place where we can talk about and receive support for our extreme feelings about our "flaws". Having BDD means more than stressing about an aspect of appearance. Some common symptoms: OCD like behaviors/thoughts, CONSTANTLY checking mirrors, isolation, ex
  6. adhpn7

    Bdd Essay

    ***This is for my English class, I know there's gonna be grammer issues and typo's, because I'm awful with that stuff!! lol. But, I tried my best. If you have any suggestions, please let me know respectfully =) thank you! and I hope you enjoy reading. Every morning when I look in the mirror, I see a monster staring back at me. My eyes instantly shift to my crooked face, then to the craters in my cheeks, and then to my creepy soulless eyes. Instantly, I am filled with anxiety and depression, f
  7. Hello everyone, I won't harp on... I'm severely depressed over my skin. I live in a constant state of anxiety, depression and panic. It causes me to be endlessly tired and worn out. I deal with acne on my face, neck and back, cystic acne and seb derm on my face. In the past I have come a hairs width away from commiting suicide. Without boring everyone... I want to know, desperately... how do YOU cope? What are your coping mechanisms? I read here of people with acne who still go out, have suc
  8. Hi, I'm ugly, I'm hideous, I'm distorted, I hate how I look. I don't want to hangout with anyone, I don't even let my parents take a look at my face because I am so ugly. I should not have been born in to this world in the first place. I'm a mistake, my DNA is a mistake. Probably this is a sign that god is telling me to go die, since everything I do does not turn out the way i want it to. I really wish someone could come to my house and kill me, since I'm too much of a coward to do it m
  9. HELLO! My name is Savannah Coots, I am newly married, living in San Diego, livin that marine wife life! So, this is my first time posting here, so bear with me! My acne has been bad since middle school, and in grade 11 I went on accutane, then went on it again 6 months later due to the fact my skin broke out a day later after my 1st course! (NOT COOL) okay, just breath, inhale, exhale. Ahhhh better! haha so anyways, after accutane failed me a 2nd time , I decided to change my diet c
  10. Hey guys. So at the beginning of last summer, I became obsessed with my worsening acne. I decided to make a change and made the BIGGEST MISTAKE OF MY LIFE. I read and researched everything there was to know about diet and acne on this website. Before I even knew what happened, all I was eating as cabbage and occasionally gluten free waffles . That was the beginning of my eating disorder. Months later, I have now been diagnosed with BDD with awareness(basically I know my skin isn't that bad, ye
  11. Hey everyone! As it is my first post i'd like to kind of introduce myself. I'm 17 years old and for sixteen years I have had pretty much flawless skin and by 'flawless' I mean one-two small pimples a month, only on my forehead (mainly because I have straight long bangs). Everything has changed about a year ago. Suddenly I started getting a lot of small inflamed spots all over my face and also some on my back and chest. It was never a lot - some poeple wouldn't even call it acne, only "normal tee