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Found 9 results

  1. Picky Nicki

    The Night Is Darkest Before The Dawn

    Today is day two, and I have to say that despite being in an absolutely foul mood; I'm proud of myself. I was able to go the whole day without picking. However, due to the fact that I am in a bad mood I am going to keep things very brief. - Didn't pick today in the shower, which is one of the main places that I pick. - my GP is a useless, unprofessional twat. (I don't really want to get into details but he basically treated me like an idiot and was rude the entire time.) - Got home from wo
  2. Picky Nicki

    It Begins Now

    I begin this journey now. And all I can hear in my head are the words that Frodo says to Sam; words Bilbo told him years before, "Its a dangerous business, going out your door. If you don't watch where you step there's no telling where you may go." I think that these words may be quite appropriate to heed as I begin my own journey. To begin; I have terrible OCD, a diagnosis made alongside of ADHD and Depression. I am in control of my ADHD and depression through the use of medication and the us
  3. Picky Nicki

    Baby Steps

    Hey there, This will be quick because I am exhausted. So my skin is improving, the skin cleanser and shea butter (which I'm switching for something else for a trial run) has been really helping. I still pick ... BUT!! BUT! BUT! BUT! I have realised that cold turkey only adds to the stress! So, instead I've been working on reducing the amount of times I pick, the duration, and the amount of zits. And slowly, but surely, my picking has decreased and stayed in its reduced state, (minor increas
  4. Picky Nicki

    Once You Have Cried A River.....

    Everything is in point form; I'm not done loathing myself. - got home looked into the mirror and LOST IT Can't explain it, just got into a head space and nothing I did could wrench me out of it FUCKED up my face. And cried, and cried, and cried, and cried, and cried. I disappointed everyone, including myself. I OBLITERATED any progress I made as well as my self-esteem toward body image I feel ugly, and so ashamed of myself. the elastic snapping no longer works and I have no idea how to make
  5. Picky Nicki

    A Journey Begins With A Single Step

    Today has been quite exhausting. I got very little sleep last night and woke early to face the consequences of last nights picking. It was not a pretty sight. I was so ashamed and disgusted at myself. My face had been healing and then suddenly, BOOM! I'd pick, and pick, and pick until my bloody was bloody and marred. Then I decided that was that! And I began to construct my path. First, I popped an elastic band on my wrist, a form of negative reinforcement. If I pick then I snap the elastic b
  6. butterflygirl77

    Skin Picking Breaking Bad Habit Journey

    hey guys! I'm currently on accutane and been on it for 3 1/2 months. my results so far have not been very good considering I can't stop picking so starting today I'm going to make a daily blog on breaking my bad skin picking habit. if anyone has some advice it would be greatly appreciated! Day 1: The morning went okay and I didn't pick because I wasn't too tempted to do so. After school I came home and used a hot compress and left it over my skin and washed my face. Afterwards, I dab
  7. Ok so I have never met anyone that has the same problem as I do but I'm hoping for advice. I am a picking addict. I do not know why but if I have a blemish I have to pick at it. This probably sounds weird but it's something I can not stop. It's a very very bad habit that is very very hard to break. I get told constantly how bad picking is for my skin and trust me I know. I have tried to stop multiple times but it only ends in failure and frustration. I don't know if it's a stress reliever or w
  8. Picky Nicki


    Bad day today, so I'll keep it brief. My bad day started at work... I felt sick to my stomach all day, even though it wasn't anything serious, just made a mistake. Came home and my sister was incredibly rude to me and then to my friend (who has self-esteem issues) and the thing fucking escalated into a cluster-fuck. SIGH. I broke my rules and I picked at my face. I feel like a huge fuck up and I just want to be left alone. Eight days, nothing. And then I fuck up. Today was just bad in general.
  9. JayRoseCar

    Help Me - Skin Picking Problem

    So for reasons I have a bad habit of picking at my face, I have eczema so I have dry skin as it is. I’ll be upfront now, this is going to be a long read so I’m sorry. I’m a 21 year old girl still living with my parents, so don’t hate on me too much please... So, my skin is actually not bad, but I’ve recently made it horrible. I try hard to not damage my skin, I only get anxious and want the acne gone. But I end up creating much more visible acne and scabs. I have fair skin so anythin