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Found 36 results

  1. So I've been on Bactrim for a month and if i had to give a one word summary it would be 'underwhelming'. That being said I havnt been on the full dose as prescibed for the whole month because i started slowly, just in case I had an allergy to Bactrim, by taking half a pill for a couple of days then a full pill for about a week before moving to the full dose of 2 pills a day. That makes it only around three weeks on the full dose. So why has it been underwhelming? Well i wasnt expecting mir
  2. I'll keep this reasonably short as there isnt much to report. From the last update the oral thrush is gone, maybe a slight case has come back but there are no real symptons to confirm. My skin is doing slighly better but after 11 weeks on this you'd expect results. Theres good days and bad days but overall the improvement is slight. Forehead doesnt break out much anymore but the side of my face and jawline still do. Especially my problem area on the right side of my jaw, atleast one new on
  3. Hey everyone, so I thought I'd never do this, but I'm feeling like I need to share my journey on this website because I'm honestly so distraught and I need to track progress somehow. This is going to be tough for me because I know that some of the pictures might be gruesome and not show much improvement. But I'm planning on showing pictures of my journey on Differin (at night), Duac (mornings) and Bactrim (once daily antibiotic. While I have used Differin inconsisently for a little over two m
  4. I am 42..... Never had acne until I had testosterone pellets inserted 3 1/2 months ago. I am currently taking: bactrim 400mg per day ( 1/2 a pill) Spirolatone 50 mg. saw palmetto, spearmint tea Topicals. Clindamycin/benzoyle peroxide Has any one ever experienced this??? If so does it, the acne, go away when pellets wear off????
  5. Hey everyone. So a few months ago I started taking a generic version of Seasonique birth control that made my face go crazy. About a month and a half ago, I had the worst breakout of my life, with pimples and cysts everywhere and tons of inflammation. It's so bad I can't really leave the house. I've been on epiduo gel for a little over four weeks now, and I started Bactrim about 5 days ago. So far, I have seen a great deal of improvement in the amount of inflammation and I have very few actual p
  6. So I wanted to share my story in case it helps someone else suffering like I did. It took me forever to find a regimen that works. Ok, so I used to get horrible, huge cystic acne on my chin and cheeks and nothing worked. I would have to get cortisone shots that would make them temporarily go away, but, of course, they always came back within days. What finally worked was Bactrim. But I had to demand to be put on it because it's an antibiotic and, you know, doctors are opposed to giving peop
  7. So I had my derm visit today, first time ever going to a derm for my acne. After the niceties and my background info he flat out said that as an adult, lol, i had two choices, antibiotics or accutane. A pretty big part of me wanted to take the tane but as you may have guessed from the title I'm going the antibiotic route, he also pushed them as a last effort before trying tane. I feel like i have to atleast try a proper antibiotic course first, though after reading about the side effects of Bact
  8. TaneBabe


    SUP YALL. So I start Accutane at 40 mgs in a little over a week. I AM SO EXCITED. UGHHHH. No one could talk/scare me out of it at this point... and here's why: During my acne struggles I have tried all of the following: Topicals- Sulfacetimide Tretenoin (.025%) Finacea Aczone Epiduo Forte Benzoyl Peroxide Salicylic Acid Oral- Minocycline Doxycycline Yaz Spironolactone (literally the devil in a pill i think lol idk) Bactrim DO YOU GET IT NOW?! OK COOL. So here's the cu
  9. 11/19/15 I was on vacation over the weekend and anticipated breaking out because it was hard to maintain my regular regimen. Luckily, I did not have a breakout. About 3 pimples did pop up in between my eyebrows, though. I never get acne there so that was a bit irritating. I had my 2 month check-up with my dermatologist today and he was NOT happy with how my face was looking. He actually told me that he doesn’t know what to do and isn’t sure if he can help me. (Super comforting, Doc) He decided
  10. Hi people of the internet, my name is Ryan, I am an 18 year old male from the United Kingdom, and I have been on accutane approximately a week. I am writing this because I want to talk directly to those who suffer from stubborn and persistent acne that most people would define as 'mild', and unworthy of accutane. Here's some back story. I first started getting acne when I was 10 - annoyingly young but hey life has a habit of being a bitch like that. I started with just forehead acne, I'd ne
  11. Im a 20yr old female, ive been on bactrim double strength for 2 months with epiduo, but it hasnt worked it helping me with really stubborn cystic pimples on my cheek. (but bactrim has done wonders for my back acne!) I started accutane about 1 week ago, my skin before accutane had actually improved heaps because i had to wait so long to the dermatologist, but she prescribed me accutane anyway, She told me to continue using bactrim for two months (gradually decsreasing the dose befores stopping a
  12. I am not one to post things online like this, but I know how much posts like these helped me as I was fighting acne. So, I decided to share my story of healing my acne. I am 18 years old and graduated high school last month. I really only suffered from acne since 9th grade, but it got noticeably bad at the start of my senior year. I had moderately severe acne- cystic and lots of red zits. I tried many things to stop it- clean & clear advantage, proactiv, and then back to clean & clear a
  13. I am 31 y/o and have had breakouts about 9 months. It coincided with me starting CrossFit and quitting birth control. (trilevlen) My back is the worst and I get moderate breakouts on my face. I started Lo Loestrin Fe two weeks ago and today my derm prescribed Bactrim. Has anyone had experience with this combination?
  14. Hello, my name is Ariel and I'm 21 years old. I've been battling acne since I was 11 years old, and I'm sure if you are browsing through this site you are as frustrated as I was at controlling your acne. Acne has always been my kryptonite, for some it's weight, but for me it's my skin. I basically let acne control my life for 11 years, I was afraid to get into relationships, go to school, even hang out with friends because I thought that they would be disgusted with my face. But now I can finall
  15. Hey guys, I'm a 20 year old male. My mother has had terrible hormonal acne for years -- but my skin was COMPLETELY clear until this January. Shortly after New Year's I had a huuuuuge breakout for the first time in my life. My cheeks were COVERED. I was very stressed at the time and my skin became incredibly dry as it was winter. Proactiv eventually cleared it up after a few months, to a considerable extent, but left me with terrible hyperpigmentation. By summer my skin was glowing a
  16. Was wondering what people's experiences were on Bactrim specifically? I've been on a clindoxyl/Diane35 regimen for about 5 months and my skin has only barely improved. The moments when I do have clear skin are pretty great, but with Diane I practically break out monthly and sometimes these can take about 2-3 weeks to full heal....which leaves about a 1 week window of clear skin before my period. I would say I have moderate acne - I have never gotten a cyst in my life (knock on wood), but it look
  17. I have a doctors appointment on Tuesday and am thinking about asking for a Bactrim Rx. I started birth control a week and a half ago and it has helped quite a bit, but I am thinking about adding an antibiotic to my treatment. I took a sulfur based antibiotic about four years ago that helped significantly but wore off after about a year. I wonder if this will have an effect, and if so how much. I know everyone is different and I have heard a lot of positive about Bactrim on here, I would just lov
  18. So after being on epiduo gel, clindamycin phosphate lotion, and solodyn for four weeks, I still have two large cysts (my derm referred to them as pockets) on my face that are very inflamed, as well as some other inflamed acne that is drying up and starting to peel off, and is also very red and irritated. I saw my derm today, and he switched me from solodyn to bactrim, and also prescribed a 20 mg dose of prednisone for five days in lieu of injecting the cysts with a steroid, as he said that could
  19. 11/25/15 Well, the Bactrim is making me really sick. I have stayed dizzy and nauseated since I started taking this. It is not fun. I’m continuing to break out like I usually do, but it seems that some of the inflammation on my cheeks is down but that might just be wishful thinking. I’m depressed. I cry when I look at myself in the mirror. I don’t want to go out or be around people. I don’t want my boyfriend to touch my face or kiss me. It’s taking an emotional toll on me at this point. I just
  20. Hey homies! SOOO a lot has happened these last 11 days, but lemme break it down this way: Side effects: dry lips, some back pain (mainly when I work out), and thats about it! My eyes aren't dry at all and my face is still oily. Sometimes it's dry, and then I use a moisturizer and it seems like my oil production goes wayyyyy up so I am not even using a daily moisturizer yet. My skin is actually shiny and soft! Acne progress: I believe this is my IB week, which started around day 7. Kinda s
  21. Obviously, I have been sucked into finals week. However i have a BIG BIG issue that I need to ask about, which is why I am writing this entry... Well the 5th is my 21st birthday (yay me!), however, I am on bactrim still (oh no). I have looked up alcohol interactions with this drug and don't think I'll be taking the risk of drinking while on it...so I'm going to have to stop taking the bactrim before it is time to. oooppps. medical side of acne.org, don't hate me, please. I know you should n
  22. I started taking the antibiotic a little over a week ago alongside my newly adjusted Duac-Differin combo. It seems to be doing it's job...I suppose. I can't really tell just yet because my regimen has been all walked up and inconsistent since mid-March. I'm supposed to contact my dermatologist at the two week point (this Friday) and I believe start to ween myself off the Bactrim (begin only taking it once a day, instead of twice). I was wondering what anyone has experienced while taking this
  23. I went to the dermantologist and he prescribed me Bactrim DS. I am currently on the regimen, and now I will be taking this. My next appointment is in 2 months, and he said I should be clear or start seeing results by then (I hope he's right...). I have to take this twice by mouth daily. Has anyone else ever been on this? Any good results? Also, my skin is very red and dry and it stings all of the time... It's my second week of the regimen, is this normal?
  24. I have both and do not know which I should take. In your experience, which one is better for acne? If it matters, I'm on RetinA and Duac as well. I just really want to kick my acne's ass and I'm not sure if Bactrim is better or Doxycline. Would love to hear people's opinions on which one is better based on personal experience. Thanks
  25. Let me start off by saying I'm an idiot. I had amazing success with Retin-A Micro, but mistakenly attributed it to Yaz (BC). I had been on Retin-A for 2 months and nothing had improved. If anything, things had gotten worse. I started Yaz by the third month and my skin cleared up. I now realize that Retin-A takes 3 months to work and, like a genius, I quit right when it was starting to work. It had slowly unclogged my pores until I stopped breaking out. Once I stopped Retin-A Micro, I sta