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Found 158 results

  1. Hey everyone, this is my first topic post on the org but that being said, I've been frequenting this website for probably 3 years or so. I've been on the regimen for a bit over a year now and it worked wonders on my face but I saw no noticeable results after using it for 6 months on my back. My situation is that I've never had bacne until my freshman year of college. Usually it had been confined to my face but after clearing that up it seemed to explode all over my back. I had moderately sev
  2. Hello ! Has anyone tried any products from LUSH ? Has anything worked for you ? Is there something you could recommend for body acne/cystic acne/scarring ?? I`m looking forward to your answers because I'm thinking of trying it, but I'm not sure yet..
  3. i'm a 15 y/o girl and i've been on accutane now for two months. my first dose was 40mg a day, but last month my derm upped it to 60mg. i've heard this is a pretty high dose (i weigh 125 pounds). my symptoms have been really bad. i'm fair and i regularly struggle from facial redness but the accutane has made it even worse. every day when i don't wear makeup i get asked if i was outside and if i'm sunburnt. my dryness has been really bad too, which makes the makeup i apply to combat my redness loo
  4. Hey all. So I've had bad acne since I was about 15, I am now 18 and it only gets progressively worse. To date I've tried many things from Proactive to Neutrogena to the Apple Cider Vinegar and nothing has helped for more than a few days. I have acne on my face, back and chest, but I'm more concerned about the body acne as I havent had my shirt off in public for years at the beach, pool or anything. I've included some pictures just incase that helps identify what type of acne it is or whatever...
  5. Hello all! I have been struggling with acne since I was about 13, I'm 18 now, so 5 years. My acne has been Moderate - Severe. Strangely enough my facial acne is pretty mild. What I've struggled with is body acne. Lots of it. Sob stories aside, for the past 10 days I have been using Grisi sulfur soap with lanolin (I think?), as directed, every night before bed. Afterwards I use Hempz lotion, I believe I have the original one. OH. MY. GOD. My prayers were finally answered. My body acne has clear
  6. kidfrombmore

    Bacne And Scars

    How bad is my bacne and bacne scars? Any tips?
  7. Trina6241

    Acne On Middle Back

    The top of my back is clear, and the very bottom of my back is clear. But the whole middle of my back is always breaking out in huge pimples. Their not cysts, but their huge and leave bad hyperpigmentation. What can be causing this? Is it my bra maybe? I only break out on my chin which is hormonal.
  8. I've been struggling with acne for almost 4 years now (I'm 16). I feel like I've tried everything to cure it and nothing seems to work. I've been to the dermatologist multiple times and every time I go they give me new topicle medications and pills nothing from them has worked. I haven't been back to the derm. for almost a year. My acne is mainly all over my back and a little on my chest. My skin is so stubborn nothing helps it. Since not using any of the medications from the doctor I have been
  9. Madisonn


    I will start trying different methods after I get back from the beach! And if your thinking my back acne will go away while I am at the beach, you are right. But.... it always comes back always. uhg the torture suggestions would be awesome!
  10. I've had chest and bacne for about 4 years now and today marks the worse of it. Whenever I get acne on my back or chest, they are always cyst or huge massive pimples. Sometimes they bleed and heal, but sometimes they stay under my skin and don't heal. The ones that don't heal end up into keloids or thick scars on my body. Wondering if anyone has the same experience ?
  11. allthethings

    Week 1-Ish

    Well, I never thought that I would be posting on an acne forum...but here I am. Overview: I have had really horrible back acne for the past 3 years. I was prescribed tretinoin cream for it when it began, this always cleared it up within a month or 2. However, my current doctor decided not to prescribe me the cream and instead gave me clindamycin lotion. This didn't help (she didn't mention that I should also use BP with it...). So after a month of doing that, she put me on doxycycline. I ha
  12. Hi all, first post here I believe. I've had bacne for about 3 years now and I've always been pretty depressed and self concious about it, stopped dating girls, swimming etc. However I've just started dating a girl and I'm going to need to become more confident with taking my shirt off etc if we go to the beach, sleep together. This is my bacne at the moment http://imgur.com/a/59p0u#LjeBU there are a lot of red marks around my back which may not be shown in the picture, I also have some sort o
  13. Firstly I would just like to say hello and thank you for all the information I have picked up here over the past few months. During this time I have grown increasingly conscious and irritated by my bacne and so began scouring the web for solutions. Most of these were quick fixes for people who have a zit the day before prom and are 'freaking out', but then I found this place. It has helped reading the numerous pieces of information dotted around throughout the forum and thanks to the fact that t
  14. I've been on Erythromycin for a month and about 2 weeks. Does erythromycin actually clear up acne and how long does it it? 70% of my bacne is covered with acne and just the middle of my chest is. Btw what is cyst acne exactly? I still have under 3 months of erythromycin left but I feel like it's not really working and i'm wondering if i should just get a referral to a dermatologist and maybe get on Accutane.
  15. mackenzielinscomb

    How I Solved Bacne

    It sucks. I hated having bacne because I was always insecure about wearing tank tops or going swimming. Especially at my track meets because the uniform was a tanktop and shorts. I'd find myself wondering, "when will this end?". And it did. First of all there are only three things I needed for it to stop. 1.) Sun. I layed out in my backyard and got a pretty good sunburn on my back, which dried out my skin making any oils causing me to breakout on my shoulders go away. But you can't just suff
  16. The rest of my face is pretty clear except for my left cheek which has dark scar spots from the acne. (Btw does anyone know if this is a specific type of scarring? Hyperpigmentation??) Any natural methods for tackling this..? (I heard olive oil at night is good... Also apple cider vinegar? Raw Aloe Vera leaf?) For my bacne I've started using Nautrogena Body clear body wash... What can I use with it? Is iodized sea salt water okay to use? I don't have non-iodized.. :c also benzoyl peroxide on
  17. acnegoawayasap

    Hormonal Acne with low tesosterone

    Hi Everyone, So I typed up a long message, but the site refreshed and deleted everything... In summary: 24 year old asian male acne since teen years (used ProActiv and worked but trying to go holistic route) tried many things: vitamins, Probiotics, cleanses strict diet: no dairy, no sugar, low-carb, lots of veges, fruits, omega 3s acne in face (jawline, chin, upper lip), chest, neck (cystic type), back (though recently has started to disappear but check acne still t
  18. What are good treatments for back acne? Ever since i adopted the acne.org regimen, my face has stayed relatively clear for years. My back, too, is generally clear. But 2 months ago it started breaking out again and i have no idea why. Hasn't been this bad since high school Things i've tried to fix it: - Eating clean (i mean CLEAN... just finished a 30-day AlP diet... nothing but meat, certain veggies, certain fruits, and water. That's **lT**.) - Washing my back daily (with a 2% salicylic ac
  19. This week has been pretty tough for me. I'm not sure what happened, but I went through some serious episodes of sadness and crying spells for about two days. I was extremely upset about the scarring on my back and the fact that it happened to me. I sat in my bed and cried and felt empty and distant, only getting up to use the bathroom and to eat. It's probably the medication. Although it has been making me very upset, I have to push through and keep my head up so I can get over this. Today I had
  20. sdevine

    Accutane Treatment Week 4

    Acne Status: I went to the dermatologist today to check in, get my blood work done, and refill my prescription! I’ve been getting used to the dryness and occasional flare-ups and things are slowly but surely starting to clear! My dermatologist increased my dose of Accutane to 80 mg a day (Two 40mg capsules per day). Not sure how I feel about this, but hopefully it’s a good thing. My chest is SOOO clear right now it’s so nice feeling confident in my swimsuit! My back is getting better, but still
  21. Oh guys from tomorrow I will start to use sulphur soap that I'm going to buy from boots. I've read it can work..... I'm a bit of a sceptic. Anyway so I'm going to keep a thread here of how it goes so I can trial it for anyone that cares ill try and figure a way to put up pictures to. Btw I'm 24, male and I think I have severe back acne
  22. Soo I've been going out wit this girl for 2 weeks and we became a relationship a few days ago. Thing is she loves the beach and practically lives a few minutes from there. She has already brought up how she wants to be there together. Me, on the other hand, dont enjoy the beach like i used to years ago. Simply because i have horrible back acne. All over the back of my shoulder blades and in the middle. Most of it is on the upper back. I am ashamed of it to be honest. Seeing other guys at the bea
  23. My dematologist prescribed me 100mg of doxycycline per day for a month and it's my 2nd week. My face is kinda clearinf up but my bacne and chest is becoming worse and itchy also I noticed that theres some bumps in a few parts of my body Im worried is it normal or what?
  24. KennaSwims

    Swimming And Back Acne?

    I must confess, in my 30's I didn't think I would be writing about back acne or scars or anything related to it. I was told that this was just a teenage thing, I should be over these little bumps on my back long before I turn 20, 21 max. Well, turns out for some of us, that is really not true. I was twelve when I first noticed small white heads on my forehead and a few on my upper back. The first few years were not that bad, it rarely affected my life or my self esteem, somewhere in my