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Found 18 results

  1. What are good treatments for back acne? Ever since i adopted the acne.org regimen, my face has stayed relatively clear for years. My back, too, is generally clear. But 2 months ago it started breaking out again and i have no idea why. Hasn't been this bad since high school Things i've tried to fix it: - Eating clean (i mean CLEAN... just finished a 30-day AlP diet... nothing but meat, certain veggies, certain fruits, and water. That's **lT**.) - Washing my back daily (with a 2% salicylic ac
  2. I have been on the higher dose of 60mgs for a week. My back has well and truly had a break out. I have around 18 large and painful cysts/boils. They really hurt and my bra also irritates them. . I don't think I could go to work with out one on.... not very professional! But I know they will clear and the shit that is in my skin has to come out. The texture of my skin is still super soft and smooth, despite the boils. I have a couple on my neck too, so hair is worn down and scarves are a great a
  3. Its's been a while since I'v updated. My skins been doing "OK" on my current skincare. But its not perfect, and I still can't go around make up less, which is something I am dying to do. Especially this summer. Here's my dilema...I'v ordered Dan's Bp.....but I haven't started using it yet because I'm still hesitant to put all those chemicals on my skin and I'm aftraid it will break me out worse and all sorts of things. Also, I'v been useing a lot of tea tree oil in the past few weeks and my skin
  4. My skin continues to do pretty well. I try to eat as healthy as possible, I don't pick at my skin, except for blackheads because they drive me crazy, but I'm trying to stop that because i know my skin will get better if I do. I'm exerciseing a lot and so far not much bacne besides the one or two spots. I had a big HUGE cyst on my chin this week tho..and I'm sorry to say I picked..but it hurt soo much and it was KILLING me! I HAD to get that crap out. But either way, its healing up now, theres ju
  5. So, I'm a 16 year old male. I've been suffering from this pimpled plague on my back for a year, and nothing is working... I don't know the severity of it. All I know is, I don't want it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Ethan
  6. Hi guys! i've been on 2 courses of accutane and sadly its just came back, i will be going for a third round in 2017 (should be last and hopefully cure) My question is, i have severe body acne .... on my chest, back and shoulders oh and my arms (some dried ones too that will probably not fade). How does one even have sex? i'm too enbarresed, i don't have a gf currently but just in general what would i do? ask her if i can keep my shirt on... cause not all girls will like to see a guy that
  7. I've had mild backne since high school but they would come and go and wouldn't bother me too much. However, around 5 years ago I suddenly developed horrible backne, followed by weird leg bumps. My legs cleared up after I switched to an aloe-based shaving gel so I guess it was a completely unrelated issue (?). Anyways, my backne persists even today, and since 2 years ago I've developed arm and chest acne (yay!). Then this year my face also started breaking out worse than usual, just on my chee
  8. So, I've managed the acne on my face I don't have any pimples but they show up once in a while. However, my back acne has not been under control because I get lazy and I don't wash it twice, toner it, put bp on it twice a day like I use to I just do it whenever I shower. So anyway I went to the dermatologist and she said I have comedones and papules and scars on my back. Those dang comedones don't move! I feel like they've been there for years! So it's been a week of tazorac gel applicat
  9. So this so far has been my first post, as it's the first question I've had after reading this forum for some weeks waiting for my Regimen kit to come in the mail. It finally came yesterday, so I'm getting started right away. So far I understand the face regimen is twice a day...but does it matter for the backne/neckne regimen? I can only really get myself to shower once a day max, and if I absolutely have to do it twice to wash my back/neck, I can get a shower cap (my hair really doesn't li
  10. Since high school, I was never really the guy with too much acne on the face. It happened here and there, but never enough to cause concern. It was always on my back and shoulders and chest. Fast forward many years and now I'm 30 years old. The Backne never went away. My chest and shoulders enjoy playing tag. One month it'll be my chest, next month those will clear up and it'll be my shoulders. The back however looks like a minefield (after the battle). There are literally thousands of s
  11. appenyere

    The Aftermath

    The Worries I am writing this to log my life after taking Accutane and the gradual return of acne on my body and the side effects that I am living with. After I stopped my course in September of 2015, I was nearly clear of all acne. Two months later, it is making a gradual return. It is not on my back at all right now, aside from one on the side of my chest, but, for the most part, it is red lumps on my chest. I'm extremely worried that it is going to make a vengeful return, but I am doing
  12. Hello! I am new to acne.org and looking for some advice. I am 16 years old and recently (finally) "diagnosed" with severe acne on my face. I have known for about a year now that my acne is quote on quote severe but it wasn't until last week that my dermatologist finally said it out loud. Its actually somewhat of a relief because I am now able to begin a treatment that I've wanted to try for a while now, but never could because it is a highly regulated medication.... ACCUTANE. I have heard some n
  13. Hello Everyone, I just wanted to let you know that I believe my struggle with acne is over and I finally found something which works! Things I tried for 3 month periods at a time which did not work: 20 grams a day of activated charcol, helped at first for my oily skin and acne but stopped working. 20 grams a day of B5 panothenic acid. Again helped at first but stopped working after a couple months. 120,000mg of vitamin a retinol, it helped a little with my oily skin but I still had breako
  14. So ive had backne for a good while, since I was 15/16. It was pretty embarassing because I was a dancer. Anyway im 25 now, and im seeing a dermatologist. I was using aczone (a topical antibiotic) and generic differn on my back. My back was pretty dry so she told me to stop the differin. Well i broke out a little more, so i decided to try some stridex wipes. Becsuse they had worked before. Of course my walmart has stopped selling stridex but I am able to get a pack for $3 at Dollar General. Thi
  15. Does anyone know what kind of acne this is and how to get rid of it? Its all over my arms and shoulders mainly, little chest, little back but mainly arms and shoulders. My face for the most part is fairly clear. My insurance wont cover accutane until i try two oral and two topical medication.... any ideas on ways to tackle this at home and what it is?
  16. Hi all, I'll start with an introduction. I'm 16 currently, female, and I have had acne for around 4 years now. For the first 3 years, it was primarily on my back; they used to be fairly large and painful. I went to my GP repeatedly and I got varying responses such as 'back brush and soap'. However around this time last year they moved to my face, and the ones on my back died down. When they appeared on my face, I was referred to a dermatologist and she started me off on Doxycycline and Diffe
  17. Hey guys! SO I really want to share my journey with you and hopefully get some feedback too. In January of 2013 I started on Seasonale birth control- after being on Alesse for almost 6 years my doctor said just to " change it up". I didn't expect any changes as they both are combination pills- which means they both have progesterone and estrogen. The only difference is that Seasonale is an extended cycle pill which means I only get my period four times a year- which I thought was awesome so
  18. I found a pimple on my back near my shoulder blade, and I'm a bit scared that I may be starting to get backne (idk how to spell it lol)? Is this backne? Is there a way to stop it before it starts? I don't have a history of backne, I'm 14 years old, and I don't think it's hereditary because my mom and dad don't have backne.