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Found 120 results

  1. Hi All, I have been struggling with this acne scaring and post acne marks for more than 8 years now. I am currently on tretiva medicine for three months now and applying Apple cider vinegar for nearly a month now. Though I don’t see much improvement on my skin. Please someone advise if these are actual post acne marks and any suggestions on how to get rid of them please. Thanks Dan
  2. This week has been pretty tough for me. I'm not sure what happened, but I went through some serious episodes of sadness and crying spells for about two days. I was extremely upset about the scarring on my back and the fact that it happened to me. I sat in my bed and cried and felt empty and distant, only getting up to use the bathroom and to eat. It's probably the medication. Although it has been making me very upset, I have to push through and keep my head up so I can get over this. Today I had
  3. Its finals week- so I wanted to go ahead and post about what is going on this week a little earlier than at the end of the 3rd week mark... back- clearing (almost completely clear besides red marks and slowly fading bumps that you can't really see, but that I can feel on my back) face- cysts are clearing, SLOWLY. So slowly. The bp is helping (still only spot treating), but I'm still getting other bumps on my face (not as bad as the cysts), so it is still not 100% clear at all. Have been
  4. Well, obviously week 1 has been hell. My face is freaking out on the BP. I am only using it as a spot treatment, but my skin is SO sensitive anyway that in the places that I have been spot treating it has been either breaking out more or is SO exremely red that I have to wear makeup during the day so it doesn't look like I got punched in the face. I'm hoping that at least by the third week my acne will be subsiding and so will this redness, I can't take it much longer. I'm very impatient and I a
  5. Well, I never thought that I would be posting on an acne forum...but here I am. Overview: I have had really horrible back acne for the past 3 years. I was prescribed tretinoin cream for it when it began, this always cleared it up within a month or 2. However, my current doctor decided not to prescribe me the cream and instead gave me clindamycin lotion. This didn't help (she didn't mention that I should also use BP with it...). So after a month of doing that, she put me on doxycycline. I ha
  6. I've never felt worse. I really do need help. I'll get straight to the problem and leave the cries below. It's quite a lengthy paragraph, but I don't think I could summarise it any further. Someone, please help me. As one who always strived for self-improvement, I noticed that my hairline was receding a little. I'm only 21, but I went ahead with the finasteride route - taking a pill that would inhibit the conversion of testosterone to a chemical known as DHT associated with male pattern bald
  7. I don’t think these pictures show much progress so far. I’m taking 30 mg a day of the Myorisan and I haven’t run into super dry lips yet. My throat has been dry, though. No problems with my nose or too much trouble with my eyes being dry. I've also started using PanOxyl 10 percent foaming benzoyl peroxide wash and hopefully this will help clear me up. But, as you can see, it looks like I’ve got a long way to go on this journey.
  8. Ok guys before i head to work i wanted to share my remedy with you. I am 36yo guy and my acne started when i was 21, mostly back acne.(It's really bad ,way too many scars now) I stopped playing sports and started eating junk. Long story short, i never went to see dermatologist and never tried any other remedies, i just lived with it and 1 month ago i got tired of it. This is what i do...you can try it might help you too. First thing i use is mix of sea salt water and lemon. Simply mix
  9. Hello Everyone. I am male 23 years old. I have had acne for 4-5 years now. I have exhausted all treatment options (i think),I think I have some rare type of acne which was misdiagnosed. Need suggestion and advice on what to do next. Let's start from the beginning. So 4-5 years ago, I started getting mild acne on My face , Forehead and severe pimples on My chest and behind the ears on the lower part which would often break by themselves and bleed with no puss. The facial and chest acne however
  10. this summer my skin has been breaking out everywhere and in different types of acne thay it usually does. there's been a lot of hype around african black soap, so it was one of the MANY things i bought hoping it would clear me up. when i first used raw african black soap, my face reacted VERY badly to it. the skin around my nose was raw, red, and had multiple blackheads, it stung so badly after 3 seconds of having it on, and after washing it off my face was immediately tight, dry, red, and irr
  11. What are good treatments for back acne? Ever since i adopted the acne.org regimen, my face has stayed relatively clear for years. My back, too, is generally clear. But 2 months ago it started breaking out again and i have no idea why. Hasn't been this bad since high school Things i've tried to fix it: - Eating clean (i mean CLEAN... just finished a 30-day AlP diet... nothing but meat, certain veggies, certain fruits, and water. That's **lT**.) - Washing my back daily (with a 2% salicylic ac
  12. So I have been using a 5% benzoyl peroxide cleanser everyday and it has improved my bacne, however i still have some pimples on my back. Because of this all of my sheets, pillow cases, and pj shirt have been bleached. My sheets and pillowcases are a light shade of brown. Would benzoyl peroxide bleach white materials?
  13. Hi, I'm a brand new poster on this website, so please excuse me if I'm doing anything wrong. I'll start off by saying that I have gone to two different dermatologists, tried everything from over the counter products (literally every single acne topical that claims to clear skin), online products (proactive, acnefree, etc.), prescription products (Tazorac, epiduo, epiduo fote, etc.), antibiotics, birth control, and to even supplements that claim to clear acne as well (yes, I tried that nasty M
  14. I am currently on 20mg Accutane for Back acne, my face has always been clear but my back has very deep painful cystic acne...however I have now been getting a few small spots on my face too. Has anyone else experience an IB on their face even if they had clear facial skin before starting treatment (didnt take accutane for facial acne) Any comments will be helpful. Thank you
  15. I've been struggling with acne for almost 4 years now (I'm 16). I feel like I've tried everything to cure it and nothing seems to work. I've been to the dermatologist multiple times and every time I go they give me new topicle medications and pills nothing from them has worked. I haven't been back to the derm. for almost a year. My acne is mainly all over my back and a little on my chest. My skin is so stubborn nothing helps it. Since not using any of the medications from the doctor I have been
  16. I had been on the pill for over 10 years (I'm 28 now), and I stopped taking it in April 2014. I never had ANY (and I stress, ANY) acne before. My skin was fine at first when I stopped, but starting around August 2014, my skin started getting more oily than normal. I just moved to the south, so I figured it had to do with a change of climate/humidity. Since December 2014 though, I've been breaking out like CRAZY. I wake up with at least 2-3 more bumps each day. My upper back/shoulders have pa
  17. I am desperate for an all natural cure for my acne! I had really bad acne three years ago because i was working at a french fry restaurant. After I quit I started using chemicals on my face & then i also went on birth control so my skin was completely blemish free. I'm trying to switch to a more natural lifestyle now. I've stopped using the chemicals & I went off birth control 3-4 months ago. My skin is COVERED in papules, pustules, blackheads and whiteheads. It's been hard finding all
  18. Hey there, I've always had mild body acne, mostly on my back, but currently I'm going through a pretty bad breakout for some reason. I was using Head and Shoulders for my back, but since it didn't seem to be working I tried switching to the Panoxyl 10% bar. I don't seem to be having much luck with that either. Has anyone tried using both Head and Shoulders and Panoxyl at the same time? I realize it might be a little drying, but it seems like this might work to combat both regular acne an
  19. On July 3rd I'm going to the river with my friends for a few days. I have back acne though and if I cant get rid of it in a week and a half I'll be too embarrassed to go. Any home remedies or products that have worked for you? I've tried Pro-activ and birth control (I heard that helped) but nothing really worked. HELP
  20. Oh guys from tomorrow I will start to use sulphur soap that I'm going to buy from boots. I've read it can work..... I'm a bit of a sceptic. Anyway so I'm going to keep a thread here of how it goes so I can trial it for anyone that cares ill try and figure a way to put up pictures to. Btw I'm 24, male and I think I have severe back acne
  21. Hello everyone. This is my first post and I wanted to share some info r.e. a back acne treatment that has worked almost flawlessly for me over the last 2 years. Perhaps it will do the same for others.....I would be surprised if it didn't. My facial acne has always been mild but my back acne was moderate and bothered me for many years before I discovered the following. I do this ONCE per day, regardless if I take more than one shower. After entering the shower I soak a luffa under the wa
  22. Hi all, first post here I believe. I've had bacne for about 3 years now and I've always been pretty depressed and self concious about it, stopped dating girls, swimming etc. However I've just started dating a girl and I'm going to need to become more confident with taking my shirt off etc if we go to the beach, sleep together. This is my bacne at the moment http://imgur.com/a/59p0u#LjeBU there are a lot of red marks around my back which may not be shown in the picture, I also have some sort o
  23. I am starting ortho-tri cyclen lo soon.. hopefully within the next three weeks, I have a bunch of questions. Anyone who has taken ortho-tri cyclen, or ortho-tri cyclen lo: Did it help your skin? How bad was your skin when you started taking the pill? Was there an initial break out? if so, how bad was it and how long did it last? What time of the day did you take it? where there any bad side effects such as nausea etc.. I have pretty bad back acne and im realllyy hoping to be clear by
  24. So i am now 16 years old, have had acne since about age 10. I have been on different antibiotics (minocycline, clindamycin, and currently doxycycline) for probably about 5 years and used a bunch of different topicals (retin-a, benzaclin, currently using tazorac and duac) but even with all this i still get breakouts all over my back, some on my chest, and around my jawline and chin. I recently started taking vitamin A, Vitamin Bcomplex, and Vitamin D supplements in hopes of clearing my skin but
  25. June is approaching fast. My 3rd month of Accutane is almost over. My acne has definitely subsided substantially. I have just one pimple on my back right now. During my first two months I was getting worried, but now when I feel my back it's such a wonderful feeling to feel it's smoothness. The only thing I am worried about now is the scarring. I have hyperpigmentation and some other type of scarring I can't identify. It's not really visible up close, but when I back away and look at my back und