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Found 93 results

  1. I just started Accutane 1 week ago. I can already see the difference! My face has cleared tremendously! My face is already drying out and peeling slightly. I thought it was supposed to take a month to see results. Is this normal? As a precaution, I have already started myself on Cetaphil for my face, Eucering Lotion for my body and Aquafor for my lips. I am noticing though that my scalp and skin is very itchy. Not from being dry. Is this normal??? I am terrified that I am going to expe
  2. Yep you do not need anything topical if you use Accutane. Anyway here a list of the only topicals that works. Azelaic acid ( Skinoren/cutacelan/azelex) Tretioin Ketoconazole ( Nizoral shampoo ) ANTIBIOTICS DO NOT WORK!!!
  3. Now, I have been using Azelex for about two years now, maybe more. Yesterday for the first time ever I didn't have any Azelex left and I couldn't get any more because the pharmacy was closed. Throughout the day, my skin felt lighter and less oily than it ever has, and I didn't develop a single pimple throughout the day(which I normally do) Could it be that Azelex is making my acne worse? Keep in mind I have been using it for years.
  4. I use Azelex..and one 50g tube usually lasts me about 6 months...but I switched insurances..and my new plan doesn't cover it at all...so it will cost me $215.00 for one tube! The derm. wasn't sure if they made a generic or not. He wrote me an RX for it again in June..and wrote generic on it...but I was wondering if anyone has a generic form of it or know if one exists? I can't even find a website for Azelex...which I thought was kind of weird. Thanks!!
  5. I have a horrible sense of space and I always use a large goop of azelex cream twice a day because Im worried if I dont use a lot, it wont help the pimples. I use it twice a day because it says on the prescription thats how much Im supposed to use. My question, how long is one prescription of this tube supposed to last? Ive only been using it since I think the 9th and Im almost out after not even a month.
  6. How do you guys put it on? My doctor said something about using it like a wash. Just apply while face is still wet, then just rinse off. But...in the instructions, it says to apply after patting face dry. Again, question is, how do you guys put it on? Do you put a bunch on? or do you just put just enough on the affected area to the point where the skin just has a thin film of white, or do you just massage until it disappears. How I've been doing it: I just put a pea size amount on my finger,
  7. Are the people who are using Azelex also using a moisturizer? If so, briefly describe your personal regimen.
  8. Long story short: - Visited derm for the first time in almost two years. - Brought up my somewhat mild facial acne, mild/negligable chest acne and moderate/serious upper back acne - Brought up the previous topicals I've been prescribed: Duac Gel, Retin-A Micro, Azelex, generic Clindamycin and Differin cream. - Mentioned that aside from Duac, I hadn't used any of the others on a regular basis to deduce how well they worked on me. - Mentioned that during my stint with Duac, it took too long t
  9. Hi, Im taking 20mg of isotretinoin per day and in the second month..Yesterday i went to my derm and ask for the superficial glycolic acid peeling and he said i can do it for 6 times,once in every two weeks..At first i thought it is going to be a disaster but it is not..My scar lighten up after the first course and i do will complete the six times course..My skin do get red at first and the redness reduce times after times...If you want to undergo this type of treatment,here are some advices: *
  10. Has anyone used this specifically for acne marks? If so has it helped? From the research i've seen on this topical, it is said to be made for marks and hyperpigmentation. Any success stories?
  11. I hav oily skin, tons tiny zits, 2 zits, and lots of pinkness. I go to derm 2morro, anyone used this med? I will not use Accutane or retenoids
  12. Hey, I'm about to go on Azelaic acid (alongside Lymecycline), and I've just come off Retin-A, after a horrible experience. Retin-A destroyed my skin and I was no way going to wait it out, so I've come off it and gone onto Lymecycline. I'm collecting Azelaic acid (to supplement Lymecycline) tomorrow, but I hope it doesn't cause this whole purging or 'gets worse before it gets better' effect that Retin-A and other retinoids do. Does Azelaic acid have an 'initial breakout' or purging effect? Al
  13. So ive been reading up on Finacea and thought that it would be perfect for me (i got red marks + clogged pores). I have Azelex, the 20% one. Ive recently been using BHA (paula's choice lotoin) and green cream (sparingly). Is it okay to use BHA and Finacea at the same time? If I can, would Finacea morning + night and BHA only at night work as a good regimen? Also, can i use green cream from time to time as well?
  14. Hey guys, I have a doctor's appointment with my Derm this Friday and was hoping for him to give me a prescription for Accutane. I have mild acne on my face. My back is different story. I have so many bumps back there it is so nasty. Sometimes it gets hard to put on my t-shirt. I was wondering if Derms give prescription for bacne. I am hoping so. I have tried Traiz, Doxcycline, Tazorac Gel and Cream, Azelex Acid. They have helped but still get some pimples. My pores are also much clogged
  15. im just about done with over the counter topicals, tried everything for the past year and half. im about to try something else. im going to ask my doctor to prescribe me azelex. but my concern is how it really works. im reading stuff online, but not really getting the answers that i want. does it work as a part of regimen, such as cleanser, toner, and the cream? or is it just cream on its own? and i work in a very hot kitchen, so i sweat a lot. will that affect the cream at all? has anyone that
  16. Hi guys, can azelex or finacea help mild acne scarring (scarred pores and superficial scars?)...Also I think I've read that azelex is less potent than finacea, so it is usually better for sensitive skin...Is that people's experiences? My skin is really sensitive and dry! Also I'm really nervous about the facial hair growth side effect! Has that happened to anyone?
  17. I started using this three days ago and i did not feel a thing since day one no burning or itching like people state on this site... is that good? lol does it mean its still working?
  18. please tell me ur expierences with this medication....im thinkin of quiting taz because my face is soo red sometimes and my red marks are horrid! im interested in this but i dont want to start breaking out badly....it will only end up adding to my red marks helppp
  19. I'm currently on Retin-A and I like the results so far. I'm on my 8th week and my mom just got me some Topical Erythromycin from her friend...she thinks that I should treat the red spots (inflamed acne) with it. I'm not so sure about using it as I've never heard about it and I'm using Azelex every other day as well. Any suggestions? Did it work for you?
  20. When i went to the dermatologist one of the things i got prescribed was Azelex. Ive used it very few times ever since i got it (not long enough to see results) and i just wanna know what is the purpose of Azelex? The few times that i put it on it practically tortured my face for like the first hour or so. So can anyone give me the verdict on Azelex?.....
  21. Who has used this medicine and had good results, I used it once for a week and my acne was HORRIBLE it got WORSE AND WORSE and I had HUGE redmark zitty things on my face, did I do something wrong?
  22. I've recently been put on Clindamax (Clindamycin) Azelex and Claripel, i'm thinking of using the 10% mandelic acid serum from Nucelle rx @skincarerx.com Has anyone ever done this? I've read that many people see good results w/ the mandelic acid. My doctor said it was ok to use salicylic acid while on these three meds so I figured mandelic acid would be ok as well. Kat
  23. I've had acne for about 4-5 years at this point. It's never been serious (I have one or two tiny tiny scars, but nothing major), but it is extremely noticeable and totally destroys my self esteem, self image, etc. It's not like I'm unattractive to other people because of it, but I think I am and so I act the part. BUT ANYWAY I have what would be considered "moderate" acne, I suppose. It's been like that since it started, and I've been on a large number of prescriptions: Retin-A, Tazorac, Azelex
  24. In early December I started using 2.5% bp (dan's regime)since I was still consistently getting 1-2 pimples per every 2 weeks while I was on the Cleocin-T and Azelex cream regime. And I thought those times were bad..... In early January I broke out like CRAZY... 5 pimples every week for a constant month ruining and scarring my face. I went to my doctor and he presribed 10% BP along with tetracycline (500mg 2/day) I guess my ance has died down a little but I still get about 2-4 pimples every 2
  25. i just got a tube of Azelex w/o a prescription (live close to mexico) i was wondering if any1 has ever used it and if its good/bad and stuff. thx