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Found 111 results

  1. Beginning of second day of use of Azelaic acid (began with first application previous night) and I thought I'd stick with a log of general behaviours that may affect my skin as well. Skin: Moderate amount of papules (10-12) on forehead and temples and a cluster of small pustules above one eyebrow. Small number of papules on rest of face, with two pustules on upper lip. Skin is quite bad, having been nearly clear aside from 1 pustule and a couple whiteheads a week ago. Morning after using the
  2. Anyone here have experience with azelaic acid? does it cause initial breakouts?
  3. Yep you do not need anything topical if you use Accutane. Anyway here a list of the only topicals that works. Azelaic acid ( Skinoren/cutacelan/azelex) Tretioin Ketoconazole ( Nizoral shampoo ) ANTIBIOTICS DO NOT WORK!!!
  4. i have rosacea and horrible [closed] comedonal acne almost all over my face and also my entire face but mainly cheeks and jaw are covered in irregular red spots, these are not from acne (i almost never have pimples, the only ones i am getting, rarely, are little whiteheads and that's all, for me everything is pretty much under the skin and mostly on forehead, nose and chin, cheeks are p clear) it's more like a rash but i had it for so long i don't even know when exactly it appeared, it looks so
  5. So basically, a few months ago i had a horrible cystic breakout, and for a while i've been left with some prominent hyerpigmentation. Progress has been rather slow, and i have noticed subtle fading with the help of prescribed Azelaic Acid. Yet every time i look in a mirror, i become fearful that when these marks do leave, i will be left with more permanent scarring. If any of you could take a look, and from personal, or secondary experience suggest whether i should worry or not, that would b
  6. Hi Everyone, Just joined up and thought I would share my experiences so far ... I've suffered from acne on and off since about the age of 15, and I'm now almost 25. I've tried many things, but it always seems like a constant battle. When I was 15, I used topical erythromycyin which worked really well. After a while of using it, my acne didn't come back until I was 18, and I started taking the pill. This had good results, however completely messed up my menstrual cycle, so I stopped t
  7. Quick question, can these two products be used effectively at the same time? I'm not talking about at the exact same moment, but if I were to alternate nights or use one at night and one in the morning, would they work well with each other? Or would this limit the effectiveness and/or make things worse? Thanks! (I think I posted this originally in too specific of a forum so I'm posting it again here. )
  8. Did a search on google..found out it contains Azelaic acid, even more of it than Finacea. Anyone on here tried it? The ingrediants list didnt realy look like would be pore clogging..Just curious as the price is real tempting. My differn cost me $180! While this costs $13 and you can just go to a vitamminshop and pick it up.
  9. I use Azelex..and one 50g tube usually lasts me about 6 months...but I switched insurances..and my new plan doesn't cover it at all...so it will cost me $215.00 for one tube! The derm. wasn't sure if they made a generic or not. He wrote me an RX for it again in June..and wrote generic on it...but I was wondering if anyone has a generic form of it or know if one exists? I can't even find a website for Azelex...which I thought was kind of weird. Thanks!!
  10. Going through the various posts here, it makes me sad to see that most of you have to pay up such high amounts for your medicines for acne. Here in India, this is one aspect which is very appreciable. My doctor put me on Isotretinoin Capsules a few weeks back, along with a 10% Azelaic Acid Topical Lotion. My costs are: >> 1 strip of 10 Isotretinoin Capsules: INR. 120.00 ($2.95) >> 1 tube of Azelaic Acid (2 months supply): INR. 120.00 ($2.95) So that amounts to a very low monthly
  11. Ok so I went to the doctors this morning to see about being referred to a dermatologist. He asked me what i had tried and said that if I go to a derm they would try me on everything else before they even suggested Accutane ( I am not really aiming to go on this by the way it would a last resort), and that I he can give me those others things to try , which are things like oral antibiotics , Retin-A. So basically I have not been referred to a dermatologist! The doctor has instead given me this
  12. Okay I'm not sure this is the right place to post this but I did get it from my derm. Okay so I'm on dan's regimen and i apply a little azelaic acid to redmarks before bp. My question is how on earch can i tone down this unbearable itching and most of all BURNING? My face turns incredibly red as well. I'm just wondering if someone has used this before does my skin get used to it? This is only about the 3rd time I've used it so I wonder if that's why..? Any opinions or advice would be appreciated
  13. I'm going to my doctors and am going to request azelaic acid [i think in the UK, they market it as Skinoren & we don't have Finacea....?] Are there any other medications that doctors typically give out when prescribing azelaic acid or is there anything I should request? [i have lots of stubborn red marks & inflammed pustules/papules]
  14. Okay, so first off I would like to know whether Finacea Gel has worked for anyone..?? Also, after I've applied it, my face is sooo itchy and it stings/burns for about 2 hours or so afterwards..is this normal??
  15. I have been using retin a micro .04% and azelaic acid for about 4 months now. They have kept me clear. But my face has gotten so red and sensitive again. God dammit. I have this really important date on Saturday, and I my skin will be all fucking pink. I did not go to school today because my skin burns, is too sensitive, and too fucking pink/red! If I stop the use of my topicals, even for like a day I start getting pimples. If I don't wash with dove bar soap for "sensitive" skin, my face
  16. hi there people, the anti-biotic trimethoprim (i hope i spelt that right) is apparently used to treat urinary tracts. anyway... it can be used for acne and other infections as well. i just got prescribed it by a dermatologist (on the nhs in the uk this is). i couldn't see any threads on this drug - although this thread mentions it a bit: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php?showtopic=11069 has anyone here got experience of using this drug? how effective was it for you? how long were yo
  17. Has anyone had good results with Azelaic Acid? Im trying to get rid of my hyperpigmentation and have heard from many reviews that it helps alot. Does this work better than retin-a micro at fading marks?
  18. Hi all.. I'm sure this question's probably been asked before, but I'm a newbie, so please humour me Has anyone has success in using Azelaic acid cream, for their acne? I've just started using Benzoyl Peroxide at night, before bed and was wondering if I could carry on doing this and use the Azelaic acid cream in the morning? Is it likely to help, or would it be a waste of time? Also, what's the best % to use? And.. I'm in the UK.. does anyone know if it's available over the counter, or would
  19. Im thinking of switching from Azelaic acid to differin. But what do i put on in the morning [i apply differin in the evening]? I cant use BP since im allergic and SA is too harsh to combine with differin. Anyone got any ideas?
  20. Hey, I'm about to go on Azelaic acid (alongside Lymecycline), and I've just come off Retin-A, after a horrible experience. Retin-A destroyed my skin and I was no way going to wait it out, so I've come off it and gone onto Lymecycline. I'm collecting Azelaic acid (to supplement Lymecycline) tomorrow, but I hope it doesn't cause this whole purging or 'gets worse before it gets better' effect that Retin-A and other retinoids do. Does Azelaic acid have an 'initial breakout' or purging effect? Al
  21. My question is whether my family doctor can prescribe the same topical medications as the derm can. I ask cuz i was on azelaic acid ages ago prescribed by my derm and i would like to get on this again, but i don't want to go back to the derm as it takes forever to get an appointment. Anyone?
  22. Prescription Medications

    Adapalene Azelaic Acid Benzoyl Peroxide Clindamycin Dapsone Erythromycin Isotretinoin (Accutane) Oral Antibiotics Oral Contraceptives (Birth Control Pills) Sodium Sulfacetamide Spironolactone Tazarotene Tretinoin Using Acne Medications in Combination How to Wash Your Face Adapalene What is it: Made under the brand name "Differin," it is a topical retinoid gel which is applied once a day.1-2 It comes in 0.1% and 0.3% strength. Recently, the FDA approved 0.1% strength for sale over-the-counter. Adapalene is similar to the two other approved topical retinoid prescriptions for acne, tazarotene, and tretinoin. (Learn more from the U.S....
  23. Hi guys, can azelex or finacea help mild acne scarring (scarred pores and superficial scars?)...Also I think I've read that azelex is less potent than finacea, so it is usually better for sensitive skin...Is that people's experiences? My skin is really sensitive and dry! Also I'm really nervous about the facial hair growth side effect! Has that happened to anyone?
  24. please tell me ur expierences with this medication....im thinkin of quiting taz because my face is soo red sometimes and my red marks are horrid! im interested in this but i dont want to start breaking out badly....it will only end up adding to my red marks helppp
  25. To reduce the red marks from previous acne, while on accutane, what do ppl generally do ? Glycolic acid, vinegar etc etc is not possible while on accutane, any form of microdermabrasion is ruled out as well as other peeling treaments. So the only thing left is bleach creams. I have hydroquinone 4% cream ( glyqin-xm) as well as azelaic acid. What do ppl thing is better? what do other ppl do for the red marks treatment while on accutane. Note : "Leave it alone" is not an acceptable answer !. (