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Found 32 results

  1. Hi all, I am looking into subcision treatments and was wondering if anyone has had good results from anywhere within Sydney, Australia. Any recommendations would be great!!! Also, how long should one wait post accutane to receive subcision treatments? Thanks, hotdog1996
  2. So I was in Australia for three weeks on a rugby tour. However I did not take my normal proactive three step regimen (the new one with the toner) since my parents believe it to bleach sheets and they wouldn't want a billet families sheets bleached. However I did take some neutrogena applicants and a la Roche face wash. These did not clear my skin but my skin only worsened a little bit, except for my forehead and nose which began to clear on the trip. Though when I got back my skin really started
  3. To anyone that's ordered Dan's products via First Class Mail to Australia... roughly how long did it take to arrive? Thanks
  4. I've decided it's time to do something about the hideous scarring on my cheeks. I need to find a good derm or a good plastic surgeon who has alot of experience and skill in treating acne scars. I live in NZ but would be prepared to travle to Oz if necessary. I'm having no luck locating an expert here, and trying before you buy is not really an option when they all charge betwen $200-300 for an initial consultaiton. So if there are any other scarred up antipodeans out there that can help me in my
  5. I am looking for a foundation for oily skin I can use over 10% BenZac (Aussie brand) with very oily skin. I started using BP products years ago and have gradually increased the strength over the years so now I am using 10% Benzac. I've found it's the only thing which has kept my cystic acne and exceedingly oily skin in check. With Benzac my skin is still oily but not like it was in the past. I tried the Acne.og products when I visited the US and found the ingredients in the product irritated my
  6. I know that neutrogena on the spot treatment has, but there are none of those in my area. I can order dans because i live in australia, i dont really wanna ship that all the way over here. So what products have 2.5% BP at a low price? Is proactiv repairing lotion good? I just don hink itll last long coz its so small. Thanks
  7. As I am in Australia I started the regime using Benzac 2.5% BP. Yesterday I recieved Dan's CSR Gel and I have to say I like Dan's product alot more than Benzac. In my experience it goes on much easier and absorbs much better without leaving white marks. Although I have only used it twice it would seem that it also doesnt make my skin as dry. I must add that I noticed the opening on the tube of the Benzac 2.5% is bigger than the Dan's CSR Gel, which has meant I probably used more than what i
  8. hey everyone, in australia here, i got prescribed 'benzac' which is a substitute for benzoyl peroxide over in the states. On the label though, it dosnt say what percentage it is . Its been my first week and my skin burns burns burns everytime i put it on, and my acne could possibly be worse, im not sure. I have a feeling that it my be the dreaded 5 or 10% bp. Can anyone who may be using 'benzac' help me out on this becuase my derm is a fool.
  9. I prefer to buy products over the counter rather than ordering it from the internet, especially if I have never seen or used the product before. So does anyone know where I can buy BP products in Australia? I live in Victoria Thank you so much for anyone that can reply me!!
  10. hey guys i was just wondering has anyone form australia ever used money order to order bp gel if you have can u tell me how to do it cos i have no idea and thought sending money would be better then using credit card. this would be greatly apprecitated
  11. Hi, I currently have been using the BENZAC AC 2.5% product here in Australia with pretty good results but have never managed to get completely clear. I was considering trying Dan's BP Gel but am a bit worried about the flakiness and drying that some people have reported on after switching to Dan's Gel. I've been on the regimen for about 3 months now so my skin is fairly used to the BENZAC cream so I really don't want it to be a painful adjustment. Can someone make some comments comparing thes
  12. Does this mean that they all get used at the same rate; i.e. does Dan recommend 2 pumps of cleanser then 2 pumps of BP then 2 pumps of moisturizer? I'm considering ordering them from Australia and I suppose it would be annoying if they ran dry at different rates. Speaking of which; are there any known issues with import fees on these products coming in to Oz? Thanks for any help.
  13. I'm in need of a help This 3 days my whole face has been sweeling, red. itching, and small tiny bumps all over it (it's not breakout, more like a rash). I think it could be an allergy but I'm not sure. I never had this before. What I did differently 3 days ago and the days before was I applied Eucarin moisturizers that already a year expired (big disaster, I realized that after my skin started to swell). I think that the most possible cause. Another think was I tried Maybelinne Clear Smooth Fou
  14. Hi guys! I just joined up to the Regimen and I'm getting excited I was just wondering if anyone else here is from Australia and what cleanser and moisturizer you are using? I plan to buy the treatment from the website but I want to avoid paying too much for shipping if I can help it! Thanks!
  15. Hi to all the Australians out there doing Dan's famous Regimen! I am so annoyed at searching the chemist stores to find all these foreign products people are using in other countries, that I have decided to just made my own post to get direct help and maybe even help somebody else out there living in the same country as me who are having the same issues. I would appreciate it if ONLY people who live here in Australia comment their products they use. OR If you used to live here and found pro
  16. Day 26 Hi, I thought to pass the time, I would log my accutane results. I'm starting at Day 26 but I assumed the first few weeks on accutane are similar for everyone. I'm a 22 year old male that weighs 70kg. I have had both cystic and hormonal acne persistently for years. I've tried a few other medications but lately it's been getting a lot worse so I've been prescribed 20mg accutane daily. My dermatologist wants to move me up to 40mg daily but I am going to talk with him to stay on 20mg to
  17. HI, I am located in SYDNEY Australia. I am looking for any other people suffering from this drug located in Australia to take part in a class action law suit. Please contact me at: (email address removed)
  18. Are acne.org products only able to be bought in the US?
  19. I haven't received my order yet after 7 days, when I chose other option last time it arrived fairly quickly. But not not this time, anyone know how long it should take?
  20. Heeeyyy Ummmmmmmm firstly, don't worry, i ain't mad. Just curious... I ordered two tubes on September 10th.... I did that through a money order... from Australia, so i donno how long that would take to get to u guys??? And it's now the 27th Sep and I still haven't got it? I understand that you gotta get the money order and then ship it off yerself, so it's all good. Just wondering though if maybe something has happened? I've been seeing on the news that there are hurricanes happening in th
  21. I'm just wondering, as I'm from Australia, and I'm guessing I'm buying from the US, how do they keep the products cool and so they wont, uh, go 'off' or lose their effectiveness? so basically, it won't lose any of it's effectiveness? How long does it usually take to ship + arrive from international shipping?
  22. Hey guys, I am keen on having dermarolling sessions in Sydney, Any Sydneysiders have any recommendations on clinics? [email protected] Also how frequently should people have treatments?
  23. Hi Everyone! (Mainly People from Australia) How much did 1 tube of BP Gel cost you (inclusing post) in Aus dollars? I've emailed the support team for details and I was told US$15, I'm not sure if I need to convert this into AUD$$ or just send $15. Thanks!
  24. Has anyone managed to get their hands on the BP GEL in Australia? Im in Melbourne, Victoria and I'm not too sure about the customs restrictions on benzol peroxide. I've been using BENZAC AC 2.5% which is the only one we can get over here. To all Aussie users of the regimen, anyone get better results using the BP GEL???