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Found 37 results

  1. Hi! I'm planning on getting some kind of treatment for my scars. I have mostly little dents and bumps on my forehead and chin. I also have 2 depression lines on my right cheek, just above the crease created when you smile...and the left cheek has a very slight lump about 1 1/2cm. I'm pretty sure I'll need some kind of augmentation for my right cheek. It's not that they're really deep, but it's not the skin that's the problem. It's the absense of fat tissue underneith. My dermatologist menti
  2. After reading some of the treatments on scar treatments, I've noticed some have experienced either hypopigmentation and hyperpigmentation. More notably on laser treatment and dermabrasin. In a search to find a topic directly dealing with this, I must have failed to find one. So my question is...what scar treatments run risk of such pigmentation problems besides the above mentioned ones? Chemical Peels, Punch Techniques, Subcision, Augmentation?
  3. MariaT

    A clinic

    Dear friends, I am from Russia. I am suffering from deep acne scars since I am a teenager. Unfortunately doctors in Russia do not practice any scar treatment except dermarasion And have no idea of augmentation, subcision, etc. (Believe it or not, I visited all the best clinics in the country!) So I am looking for a clinic outside Russia to have a decent scar treatment. The clinic can be in Europe (preferably), Australia or the USA. Could you please recommend a good clinic to me where they p
  4. Found this article, which according to it, these docs are some of the world's best. http://www.newyorkmetro.com/nymetro/health/features/6043/ >>>Doctor Lookgood -A Who's Who of the city's most sought-after plastic surgeons, dermatologists, and cosmetic dentists. By Beth Landman Sure shot: Dermatologist Steven Victor, wielding a Botox needle. (Photo credit: Patrik Andersson) Los Angeles may be the spiritual capital of plastic surgery, but New York's plastic surgeons, dermatologists,
  5. Hi! Does anyone have good experience with Augmentation? With what injecting material? I did it with HYALURONIC ACID GEL but I'm not happy with results. It is not improvement worth 300 euro. Actually a doctor told me that it is not possible to fill scars because the whole treated area will be somehow raised but not specific spots/scars. Please let me know your experience. Thanks a lot.
  6. I need a clinic where one can get scar treatments Subcision, Punch technique, or Augmentation? In any European country. I am absolutely lost in the internet search and look for human advice. Very greateful for the name of the clinic, and even more for the phone number and the name of the doctor.
  7. This past week the FDA approved the use of medical grade silicone for breast implants. I'm not advocating for the use of breast implants, but I do believe that silicone's negative image historically came from ruptured implants that did not contain medical grade silicone, and untrained individuals using large amounts for dramatic tissue augmentation. It seems that the FDA now realizes that as well.
  8. Okay so these scars have been around for two years now since I stopped doing accutane. I have done three,yes thats right,three surgical procedures. One, which was done by a derm in detroit while i was on accutane, was fraxel. Did nothing and was horrible. This summer, I really wanted these damn things gone. I went to a women in columbus who had helped my mom with some stuff and had used the co2 affirm laser. I did it............................ Twice On the highest level possible. Here ar
  9. Below this paragraph you will find information related to the subject/method of Autologous Blood Transfer for Acne Scar Revision. I originally wrote this text in the Scarless Healing thread. Nonetheless, I have since decided to include it here as a partial introduction to this new thread. If you want to cut to the chase read the second half of the text, wherein I briefly discuss the use of blood as a filler substance for acne scar depressions. I also introduce the histological mechanisms by whic
  10. Hi everyone, I wanted to draw to your attention an article published today on stem cells. This new procedure is used for breast implants but the doctor has used it on patients with facial disfigurement. The doctor performing this procedure which has been approved by Germany - hence also for all EU, is Kotaro Yoshimura. Would be interesting to find out more about it, but in general it is very hopeful news for us. http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/uk/h...icle1364726.ece Now you can grow y
  11. The following is my findings on possible filler treatment for acne scarring. Just as any information on this forum, it should definitely not substitute your own research. With no disrespect to this board but the nature of the internet is that we tend to believe what we read on boards and I have sometimes found info on this board (as well as others) to be off the mark. So I don’t guarantee the accuracy of my information, its just my understanding/take on things at the moment. Well Iâ€â
  12. Hi to everyone! I just wanted to start a survey of the three methods of scar reduction that I use to see how you combine these ones together and to see if you have remarks to my little "survey", I have to say I have superficial scars, rolling scars and even one ice pick scar: Exfoliating methods : I use the glycolic acid at 30% every 5 days (only 3 times yet). Other methods to exfoliate would be microdermabrasion,tape peeling,laser,other peelings. What are your experiences with this method
  13. WHich of the two products will give better results for augmentation into the cheeks. I want to augment a few areas of the cheek and not sure which one is more potent, longer lasting and safer?
  14. I have never had dermabrasion done on my face, or any real procedure for that matter. After much research I have concluded two things 1. Deep scars are going to be there forever now matter what you do 2. Dermabrasion is the only really effective treatment for treating significant acne scarring. I come to these conclusions from a number of reasons. First I have seen so many bad experiences people have had with lasers. The lasers were made to treat real fine lines and discoloration in sk
  15. Imagine - full face dermabrasion for only $1100! (well plus plane tickets of course! but it's cool coz i need a vacation anyways, once this acne business is done ruining my life!) DR. LASA's website: http://www.cosmeticsurgeryphil.com/ I'm excited! $400 for dermabrasion on my cheeks? bring it on! i can easily save money for that! The only problem is not letting anyone know about it...it could create quite scandal back in my hometown (also considering breast augmentation hehe, but my face
  16. Okay, I know that long term members get annoyed when someone new just pops in and says tell me what to do, but I've read many many of the threads and have been visiting the scar forum for over a year now, but was too afraid to make a move. All of the options make my head spin. So, I'm asking for advice. I'm 26 years old with scars from about 6-7 years ago. I had acne, not tooo bad, but I picked A LOT. I was always squeezing and picking and making things worse. So now I have these scars and only
  17. Soft tissue augmentation by autologous cultured fibroblasts transplantation for treatment of wrinkles and scars: a case series of 20 patients http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3082806/
  18. Are these the realistic figures for the cost of scar treatment? Dermabrasion - $3000 Microdermabrasion - $100-$300 Laser Resurfacing - $1000-$4000 Excision - $200-$500 Subscision - $1000-$1400 Chemical Peel - $750 per peel Skin Needling - $100-$200 Skin Augmentation - $300-$700 per cc Need your expert opinion here. Thanks, Rick
  19. Haha funny how I posted a wjile back in this thread as not being a a candidate for this. I just got back from a consult with a derm surgeon in Boulder, CO. His name is Richard Levine, MD. FINALLY, I mustered the time to go to a consult. Now, I have to muster the time to get 9 excisions done on my temples as a preliminary step to my LONG journey. He is charging 750 for these 9 excisions. He uses a "cookie-cutter" type scalpel and has a special topical glue he uses to keep a residual scar from for
  20. I woke up at 2:00 in the morning to research insulin one last time. I beleived that I had found something. What I found was shocking. Here it is: https://www.novapublishers.com/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=4933 "A transient insulin resistant state occurs during puberty and is part of normal human development. Insulin resistance increases immediately at the beginning of puberty, peaks at mid-puberty, and then declines to nearly prepubertal levels by early adulthood. Girls are more insu
  21. This will be my last post, I want to pass on everything I have learned over the past 7 years to my fellow scar sufferers. I received box scars, ice pick, deep rolling scars from a long battle of acne. 1. Fraxel Laser-In 2008, I had 3 sessions of fraxel with somewhat high settings. It cost me 2700. 15% improvement. 2. Exfoliating is overlooked- I always got my exfolation from shaving, but once I grew a 5'oclock shadow beard all I used was a trimmer and had to find another way to exfoliate s
  22. I found the info randomly while surfin tha web ... duno if its usefull or not i havnt really read it but its about sebum production etc. Demonstrating effects of zinc PCA November 2006 Naoko Mikami and Naoya Yamato - Ajinomoto Co Inc, Japan In recent years, there has been a growing demand for a means to suppress sebum secretion and keep skin clean in young people, and exert anti-ageing effects in adults, as well as to suppress body odour in people of all ages. Zinc compounds have been repor
  23. Managed to get into the dermatologist yesterday, my appt. wasn't until next week, they had a cancelation so I got lucky. Anyway, of course I was diagnosed with "Adult acne" but a mild case, and I have a lot of hyperpigmentation, those darn red spots that take forever to heal. He told me to stay away from Plastic surgeons offices and Esthiticians, because they are only out for your money and sell you products, good for make up but not for skin, and the PS are good for tummy tucks and breast augm