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Found 8 results

  1. Hello, I have this one scar on my cheek I'm super self conscious about. I think it's a boxcar scar (i feel like it's too wide to be an ice pick). I was wondering what acne scar treatments people would like would be the best for my scar type? Would TCA CROSS work (If i did that i would go to a professional)?? I included a bunch of different pics all taken in the same day with different lighting (harsh, natural) so you can gauge the depth and scar type. Any advice and guidance would be great. I un
  2. Hello guys, i have one isolated atrophic scar. It's fairly shallow and about 1cm diameter. It's been there for years, and I've tried dermarolling off and on for about 6years. I just ordered a 1.5 mm dermapen. If anyone else has tried this, wondering how many times to stamp the area per session? Thank you! I'll be happy to post pics for my fellow scarred individuals. Once I begin the process.
  3. I had cystic acne on my face years ago and several military doctors I had seen over the course of about 4 years (I was in the military at the time) gave me cortisone shots while not explaining any risks of atrophy and fat loss; I just trusted them and knew nothing about acne and skin treatments at the time. The internet was just up and coming and I had no access to it and didn't know half of what I do now - I don't think doctors knew half of what they do now. Now 2 scars in particular are in t
  4. I'm due to have Dermastamp on an atrophic scar in a weeks time. Has anyone had any experience of Dermastamp (good or bad)? Thanks
  5. Mechanical load initiates hypertrophic scar formation through decreased cellular apoptosis https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/17504973 So, my hypothesis. 1. Damage atrophic scar with needling, peel, etc. 2. Mechanical load wound with massage, face gymnastic, vibration, etc. 3. Get hypertrophic scar inside atrophic scar. 4. Atrophic scar + hypertrophic scar = normotrophic scar. It's crazy?
  6. So I went to a derm, she talked fast and rushed through the appt really. In regards to my healing wound/ scar, she said to wait 6 to 9 months and I would be "shocked" at how much it filled in. She said there was nothing they could do to help it. Hmm. As far as my acne, she threw me on clindamycin gel 1%. Just a dot in the morning. Any thoughts on that??? I will note that on Tuesday my healing scar (8 weeks since trauma this weekend) peeled like I had the worst sunburn ever and then over the n
  7. Hi everybody, Anyone please help me. I have done numerous amount of microneedling and 1 session of Total FX with minimal results. I have no idea what scars i really have and what treatment i must undergo to see improvement. My main concern is my temples and cheek bone area. It means alot to me if i can get some opinion here. Thanks alot
  8. Hi, I finally thought I was on my way to my skin looking better until I decided to have one more laser treatment. I've had so many treatments... 3 Traditional co2, 4 fractional co2, tca, dermapen, prp and infini. Most of my scars have risen to the surface so I thought one more traditional co2 would do the trick... Wrong! I'm left with a much larger scar than any I've had before. I'm looking for advice on what I should do. I'm thinking excision. Any help please! The first pic is after and second