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Found 67 results

  1. Hey All, Recently my skin has cleared big time, almost instantly when I changed my diet. OK, well, for about 8 months I was following the usual low-carb diet for my acne and because I thought I may have developed candida. It seemed like every day My ace got a little worse and different, I would be fatigued and ghostly, have no energy and weaker - I would have memory loss and just feel very flighty. Thinking with these symptoms that it was just candida I accepted it and just delt. At its best
  2. I had great, even enviable skin until I was 21, then I started to break out horribly. My mom had sold Avon since 1980, so I was very informed about skincare, and meticulous about my face, even at a young age. I ordered Proactiv because I had no health insurance, and $39.95 plus $5.95 s/h per 60 days seemed affordable. Proactiv worked wonderfully for a year, then seemed to lose its effectiveness (probably I was slacking off on using it daily). Later, I went to the dermatologist and was put on Tet
  3. This was mentioned in another part of this forum and I wanted to make sure all saw it: http://www.newscientist.com/news/news.jsp?...p?id=ns99993144 Apparently, eating the Atkins diet high in cholesterol and fat not only lowers your weight and cholesterol fastest, but it might also cure acne for many. The verdict is still out. I started the regimen a year ago and at the same time I started eating low carb (by coincidence). My acne has almost gone away entirely! I still get perhaps one
  4. Hi everyone, I'm a female, 34 yo, suffering from moderate acne for the past 4 years. I have been using the regimen for about 3 months. I did see improvement, but my skin was often dry, no matter how much I moisturized. I also continued to have new breakouts. I would even have pimples surrounded by flakes! It was not the fault of the regimen. I knew the cause was hormonal, but I didn't know what to DO about it. I'm already on BCP's, which seems to be the first step in hormonal balance. Didn't
  5. It's good to be equipped, shall we say, with comebacks in case anybody ever fucks with you. Here is my example - It was English, fourth period, and I had had a sore throat all day. I have a problem with sore throats quite a lot and so I always have to hand my tyrozettes. These are the king of all throat soothers. Anyway, some retard sitting beside me saw me pop a couple and said (Loudly!) 'Is that for your acne?' I quickly retorted 'How's the Atkins diet working for you?' (She's a big girl, yo
  6. are u allowed n e carbs cos i quit a week an 2 days in becos i was sooooo wekk, reminds me of wen i was on atkins......... how o i get round this weekness???
  7. Has anyone else here tried low carbing to help their acne? I went on atkins about a year ago to lose a few pounds and remember that it did made my skin a little clearer and recently I've been cutting out a lot of carbs and I have noticed that it does make my skin better even if I just do it for a few days. Has anyone else found this to help their acne?
  8. I've read from many different sources that refined carbs and sugar causes acne. If that's the case, would an Atkins or Low Glycemic diet be beneficial for acne? Have you guys heard of people who cleared up while they were on the above mentioned diets?
  9. My son is going to the big city tomorrow with some friends and they will eat at mall. He was asking what might be a good choice. Not much to pick from at our mall. We looked up Subway "whole wheat" and it does have some honey and I am sure some white flour. The Atkins wrap has more fiber, 0 sugars and a little more fat. He isn't interested in just a salad as the only acceptable dressing is oil and vinegar and their vinegar isn't balsamic and isn't the most tasty to him. He isn't going to e
  10. I was gonna look for older threads on this topic but the search option didn't work so... Anyway, there was this special on MTV on celebrities and how they diet and what kind. I know it's mostly all hype and a hollywood thing... but The Zone diet was very popular among celebrities as well as the Atkins, South Beach and the Perricone's Prescription. Perricone's Prescription, has anyone been on it? It's supposed to work anti inflammatory.. you only eat foods that don't create inflamation, like sal
  11. hey everyone, ( - for those that know about my research - this is totally nothing to do withit) i have been on the atkins diet for exactly 2weeks now and have been amazed that i havent had even one major spot....now i dont know why this is so, but im guessing it could be something to do with not having any milk of cheese, and it kind of confirms my suspicion that pizzas could be related to me getting spots... but then again it could be about not having any additives or preservities etc... that
  12. sorry so long, but that is the most recent and complete list i could find thanks to www.caringconsumer.com companies that do not test on animals Legend *ï€ The company makes or sells strictly vegan products. ïï€ The company’s products can be purchased through the PETA “mall†at PETAMall.com, and PETA will receive 5 to 10 percent of every purchase at no additional cost to you. *ABBA Pure & Natural Hair Care, 1732 Champa St., Denver, CO 80202; 800-848-4475; www.abbahaircare.com Aber
  13. Im still trying to adjust my diet the best as possible, so I got some questions: Which kind of meat and oils should I add to my low carb/high prot diet? I cant go with a Low GI diet since grains make me break out (not Brown rice though). So far im eating turkey, chicken and adding flax seed and olive oil. Can I use coconut oil for cooking? And which fish oils should I aim for, so I can get enough of that? I think that cod liver oil makes me break out, but I might try with nordic naturals. Ca
  14. For the people trying the atkins diet or the 0 fat diet, I thought I should share that certain foods can cause acne regardless of your diet. Take peanut butter for instance. Its got a lot of phytoandrogens so it breaks me out. This food would fit into an atkins diet for acne.. but would still cause acne. Possibly the hormones in dairy/meat(red) cause hormonal disruptions as well and lead to acne for certain people on this board. My mom tells me she takes birth control to end her acne, but whenev
  15. Hey guys - My derm gave me differin almost a year ago If I remember correctly. Around that time I had been starting the atkins diet and was about 3 months into the CSR. Not sure what cleared me up but I have a feeling it was either the Atkins diet, or the differin. Since then I got off the diet and got less strict with the differin - actually stopped using it when I travled over seas over the summer. At this point I also got off my diet. And of course the acne came back. Before I was app
  16. Tried and tested for over 3 months - this does work. Firstly, its not easy. I dont live in America so im quite lucky in that we dont have the same "junk food market" with fast food restaurants at every corner, i think for some it will be quite impossible to do it. The Plan: Limited amount of Carbohydrates You might be thinking Atkins? No, this is not Atkins. Atkins is quite dangerous actually and demands constant restrictions of carbohydrates, this does not. MONDAY-FRIDAY 20grams of carbohyd
  17. Has anyone used urine therapy for acne? I am very hesitant to try it but I am desperate. Please give me any experience you have had. I was also wondering if low carb dieting would effect the urine therapy. I currently follow the atkins. Please give me any feedback. I find this disgusting but if it works it is worth it.
  18. (Brace yourself, this post might be long) After years and years of suffering from acne, and spending countless hours of research both on this board, and through research databases such as Pub Med, I think I have connected all the dots and finally figured out what causes acne. As people such as Sweetjade have figured out, the root cause of acne is LEAKY GUT or INTESTINAL HYPERPERMEABILITY What is leaky gut you say? It is exactly how it sounds, your intestines become "leaky" and let large ma
  19. January 2011 Update: This was originally a posting about how taking niacin quickly eliminated my chronic cystic acne. I had been plagued by skin problems for more than 15 years. No treatment would help and no logic could explain how my complexion could get better some weeks, and then get seriously worse others. Even less helpful were the 7 physicians, including a dermatologist, with whom I spoke over the years in efforts to find a solution. I will just give the major details to keep this
  20. This post might be long so score down if you need to get to the point. I haven't been posting on this board much because I have been spending much of my time researching a way to finally cure my acne, after over a decade of moderate acne. I have been through every prescription in the book, including accutane twice. Nothing with permanent results. During my teenage years, I had acne like most teens. I treated it with long term antibiotics. During this time I also had a terrible diet, mainly co
  21. I've been gluten and dairy free for a few weeks now and my once quite severe acne (cysts and nodules) has cleared almost completely. On Christmas Eve I had a bit of gluen as part of a desert and I got several large pimples of my chin and cheek, in almost the EXACT same location as I have dealt with them in years gone by. I find that if I drink milk my face will become more inflamed and I might get some blackheads and whiteheads around my nose and such, but its the gluten that triggers the severe
  22. As a child I was taught to follow the USDA food pyramid. 6-11 servings of grains and other complex carbs. This is total insanity! It's no wonder there is an obesity pandemic across America. It's not completely bad advice, if say, you are a long distance runner. But most people don't even exercise regularly, let alone exercise at levels requiring excess glycogen stores. Therefore all those extra calories get turned into FAT! And it happens quickly! The extra carbs you had at dinner? Turned into f
  23. well, a while ago I enjoyed a period of around 2 months being almost 100% clear. I thought the accutance i had a few years before kicked the acne shitz for good as I didnt even wash my face regular and still kept spot free, i made barely any effort. I was at the time taking oxytetracycline as back up and attributed my clear skin mainly to the background effects of that. I was also on the atkins diet throughout. I just wanted to loose a stone and maintain a reasonable body weight, but moving b
  24. Has anyone seen a pattern with milk, cheese, yogurt, ice cream, ect consumption and their acne??? I came to this board months ago and have improved my acne with the elimination of processed food (sugar, white flour) and eating fruits and vegetables and almonds. I now am backing away from red meats and trying to eat more fish as discussed in Dr Perriconne's book The Acne Prescription which I still haven't finished reading but the menus at the end tell you what to eat. I found this today on milk
  25. Before I begin let me say that I am a believer that acne and diet somehow have some sort of relation for some people. I do believe that diet is not the direct cause of acne, but it is something that can aggravate the condition. I am currently writing a paper on this. Well 3 months agoI changed my entire diet. I have cut out your typical fatty foods, I don't have to name them. I have cut out milk, many carbs, refined sugars, etc. My daily routine went like this, breakfast would include a granol