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Found 15 results

  1. stuff i've learnt about acne and some of my thoughts regarding the subject. -researching acne is 100% important when trying to "cure" yourself. there is different types of acne. all have specific treatments. (some skin problems are not even acne) - it important to educate yourself on post acne marks & acne scars + how to treat them. it is easy to mistake post acne/ skin damage for active acne. -sodium lauryl sulfate (aka "SLS" for short) is an ingredient in most acne soaps but shoul
  2. Where to start?... I have just come off Accutane in March and now I am back to square 1, I have spots again. I have since tried Vitamin D3 at 3200iu a day for 4 months, Zinc 45mg a day for over a year, Vitamin C 1000mg a day for over a year. I am now trying witch hazel with 600mg dispersible aspirin as a toner am and pm. I got the idea from acne.org, this website has been so helpful to me with such a wealth of information, the best thing is that the information comes direct from pe
  3. What are some home remedies you current use/or in the past that have worked for you? Me. I currently use crushed uncoated aspirin with a drop of honey as an exfoliate and honestly it was the only exfoliate that worked. I had this form of acne, that for someone reason i can NOT find an answer to what type it was, where it was just layers of dry skin on top of each other and when I pulled them off they would bleed and grow back. They were around my jaw and mouth. Ugh. Well this worked! Within
  4. Happy New Year peeps! I hope this year will be best year yet for your skin, self esteem and confidence. Here's hoping! I just HAD to make a post about a wonderful treatment I've been applying to my skin since December 26th; it's none other than the aspirin honey mask that I'm sure a lot of you guys would have come across when google-ing for acne remedies like I'm sure almost all of us have done countless times. Basically it's aspirin pills (I use two pills of 300 mg dosage) dissolved in a so
  5. Hey guys, Just wondering whether I am alone on this as I seem to always break out when using any type of aspirin based treatment. Whether it be a good old fashioned aspirin mask or putting aspirin in my toner. The next day I seem to have little pustules pop up. For example, i put 2 aspirin in my ACV + Water (75/25) toner last night and used it. This morning I have had around 3 pustules and a few clogged pores pop up overnight. I have been somewhat in remission of my acne which is flari
  6. OK. I'm 33 and have wasted tons of money and time on acne products, same old story I know. I now get cystic acne on my chin, getting older. Here is what I've found. Salicylic acid is the same as aspirin. Ground up cheap aspirin and keep it in the same bottle. Every day I try to make a scrub with the aspirin powder with a little soap and water (I have a lil soapdish I mix the aspirin in but you could just use your hand). For cyctic acne, I've usually used an herbal oil - oregano, rosemary, lave
  7. Hi, So yesterday I got a big spot on my cheekbone and in attempt to get rid of it, I spent the entire day attacking it with several products. It was going fine and it seemed to have shrunk from morning till evening. But then, i got impatient and I picked on it, even tho It looked like a blind spot (one that has no head and sits deeper under skin). Of course, it became all red and inflamed. So, i decided to put some asprin paste with few drops of tea tree oil on it. What happened next was very W
  8. Hi everyone, I've had progressively worse hormonal, cystic acne for the past 10 years. I'd tried everything and had to stop BCP and Rx meds due to side effects. I hardly ever take pills like aspirin, but this summer the cystic nodules had become so plentiful and painful that I tried baby aspirin for a couple days to see if it would reduce the pain and inflammation. The result was almost immediate. The existing cysts calmed down, so I continued taking aspirin, and by the end of the week, the
  9. Hello As always, my body feels when I have an important event to go and gives me the most hideous pimple, this time on my nose. It's red and doesn't have a white head. I tried to squeeze it but nothing happened. The important event I have is on Friday. I've just put a mix of aspirin + water on the pimple, and I'll keep it overnight. Does it work?
  10. Do Aspirin Masks or Other Forms of Topical Aspirin Work to Clear Acne?

    Aspirin is one of the most widely used drugs in the world. It was created from a plant-derived chemical called salicylate, which people frequently used in the 18th century to reduce the fever, pain, and inflammation caused by diseases such as rheumatic fever and rheumatoid arthritis. However, salicylate caused side effects that often would prevent people from using it. Therefore, in 1895, Frederick Bayer of Bayer pharmaceuticals altered the chemical structure of salicylate to create...
  11. Salicylic Acid

    How Does Salicylic Acid Help Treat Acne? What Does the Research Say About Salicylic Acid in Acne Treatment? Side Effects and Toxicity Salicylic acid is a compound derived from the bark of the willow tree, though the version used in modern medicine is synthesized in laboratories. It has medicinal qualities, including the treatment of acne and pain relief. In fact, a chemical variation of salicylic acid, called acetylsalicylic acid, is the active ingredient in aspirin.1 People...
  12. Acne Home Remedies

    In an attempt to clear their acne at home, people have used inventive ingredients including lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, honey, egg whites, baking soda, milk of magnesia, calamine lotion, crushed & dissolved aspirin, toothpaste, and countless others. Some people claim that certain home remedies work for them to some degree, and there is some science behind a select few of them. For instance, lemon juice contains alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs), which have been proven to...
  13. How does a cystic acne lession subside and go away? I've heard that they turn into a head, then you pop them, but with severe acne, i just get pimples and the lot, then remove wat ever heads I have with a needle. I don't really remember detail of each of my pimples. I've heard of using aspirin to turn cysts to heads in 2 days, but I'm unsure of trying this as some home remedies I've used on cystic acne just made them worse. Does this work? and are there other treatments that will actually t
  14. shirley54321


    I'm 27 and have had moderate acne since I was a teenager. Tried so many things, nothing seems to work so I kind of gave up. But my acne got significantly better last year, during which time I was taking a few aspirin a day for another condition. I thought it had mostly cleared and my hormonal issues had just resolved or something, but since I stopped taking aspirin (2-6 pills/day) regularly it's come back. I'm thinking I should start taking aspirin again! I think it makes sense that aspi
  15. I've had good success with aspirin. Of course, some cysts/zits will be stubborn. But aspirin has helped me so much. What I do is crush the aspirin (I put a pill in between two toilet paper squares and use the bottom of a nail polish bottle). Once that is done, I apply some topical cream to my affected area and (while still wet) apply some aspirin powder. I leave it on overnight! The anti-inflammatory properties should work their magic and help you.