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Found 37 results

  1. ArslanHafeez


    Plz anyone tell me that from which acne I am suffering and what is the best method to eliminate it
  2. OMGmahface

    Update 5/7/13

    Updates! My skin has been doing great and I've been picking less! I think I picked two times within the week.. and it was the same spot haha, didn't do much damage I've really kicked the habit of gluing myself to the mirror and killing my skin. I just got a renewal on my minocycline prescription but my derm said that they ran out of duac samples! D: so I might be getting the BP and the clindamycin separately within the next week..... I cant wait for that! As for pimples, I got one on my rig
  3. First day on accutane! I'm turning 21 in a couple of months and I've had acne since the eighth grade (so about 8 years). Every year it gets worse. Right now it would only take a glance to know that my acne is severe. My forehead is usually okay, with minimal scarring. However, both of my cheeks and chin are pretty much all covered with marks and breakouts. And recently, I've started breaking out near both my temples, which makes my whole face covered in acne. Since I probably can't get
  4. Hey everyone, recently started searching all about acne since I've had a very bad breakout about 3 months ago so I thought I'd share my story. First off I'm 19 years old and male, have oily skin and huge pores which I inherited from my mom. All throughout high school from grades 8-12 I thought my acne was really bad with around 4-5 zits around my forehead and my temples. In reality it was just me freaking out because everyone around me had perfect skin. I did use benzol peroxide 0.05% or 5% i
  5. Hi everyone, I haven't posted for a long time but this past year, I've been having a lot of problems with these tiny bumps that keep forming on my forehead, cheeks, and on the sides of my face. Right now, I have the most on the side of my face. I have done many research on these bumps on acne.org and other websites and I have yet to find an exact description of the symptoms so I decided to start my own post. So these bumps I've been having, they show a lot when direct sunlight hits it and I
  6. calstu90

    Day 1!

    Day One Prescribed Claravis 40mg once daily Female, 22 years old Weight: 110lbs Was on doxycycline for a month while waiting to start Claravis. No major active acne right now, I think the antibiotics kept it at bay. Good luck to anyone else on accutane! Sorry about the bad quality of the pictures, all I have is by laptop camera right now.
  7. Hi, I am new to this forum so apologiesif it's in the wrong section, but I would like to share my success story. Skip to the end on what I used, rest assured I am not selling any product to profit myself. I have been battling acne too and this is what I found to help me. I’m male and live in UK, 19 years old. I am half chinese and half viet, I’m just giving this information for any who can relate to me. I have had acne for about 2 years, and around last year it started to get real bad. I act
  8. Nikkisq

    photo 1

    From the album: Acne

  9. Nikkisq

    photo 3 (1)

    From the album: With Makeup

  10. scarface17

    Accutane Log 17/f

    Hi there, I have finally reached this stage of getting my hands on Accutane... I so want to finally begin my path to clear skin and start my life. I have such low esteem, I say no to social outings, I struggle to look people in the eye, my entire headspace is filled about thoughts of my skin. A little info about me: I'm 17 turning 18 this year, Asian, female, from Australia. My height is 168cm and I weigh 50kg or 110lb. The derm has prescribed me 10mg of Oratane 3 times a week. I eat very health
  11. I am an Asian (Chinese) male 19 yrs old. So I had a severe breakout 2 months ago and was prescribed with low dose accutane (10 mg twice/day). Most of my acne has cleared up but they left a lot of hyperpigmentation marks which damaged my confidence becuase it covers most of my cheeks and jawline on both sides of my face. It made me look like I still have severe acne all over my face. So I'm considering to apply makeup to cover the UGLY RED/BROWN SPOTS.. The spots are flat but it covers large
  12. So hey guys, im back. I haven't been on acne.org since 2010? because my sudden adult acne had disappeared and my face looked well, pretty damn good for the past 4+ years. This winter though, it's come back and though not as severe as I've had it the first time, it's been very debilitating because I thought I was over it. Some background on me: I'm Asian, male, tan skin I'm 24 First broke out in severe adult acne consisting of nodules and purplish cysts back in 2008, starting around O
  13. Hi... i know that i said i was going to start this ages ago, and i did... but instead of making up excuses im just going to tell the truth to you guys: i couldn't get over the redness factor so i stopped. i just couldn't bear to have my friends look at me and go 'wtf is wrong with you?' Im just so insecure about my acne. I dont have a huge amount of acne, but its my 1 achilles heel that can bring me down to the floor and drag me across it. So i've always stopped when the symptoms get overwhelmin
  14. peanutcrunching

    My Scaraway Experience

    Well I just got my ScarAway sheets today and cut one up and stuck it on straight away. As each week goes by Ill give updates. I wanted to post this because I have yet to see a proper review of it by an asian, and this is important for any dark skinned people using it as it affects different skin tones differently, and may affect the overall result. The scar is half an inch, very dark brown and slightly raised on my nose. It is VERY noticable. There is a deep closed comedone underneath it tha
  15. Boy it is truly a weird time for me. I'm 23, moved to new city/country to pursue music. I'm in the mist of recording my new songs that I'm extremely proud of. Except..acne is getting in the way. As some of you know, these days, it's not about just having good music, you need the image, THE BRANDING especially. You ARE the product and face of your music. I really think the music part is almost set. I'm also not a person who cares too much about image/branding but ITS COMPLETELY necessary to
  16. HELLO COMMUNITY, So recently (well... not so recently) i started the Regimen, and let me say first off that its been one of the best decisions I've ever made in my life! So if your struggling and you need something that WILL work for you then The Regimen is the key! I recommend seriously starting it, and just have patience and persistence to keep going. Just always remember that you're suffering/being embarrassed now for the absolutely clear skin you will get on the other side. ... and
  17. Hi all, It seems like starting Accutane is a pretty big deal, so I'm starting my own log. Even if no one reads it, it'll be a good way for me to keep track of my progress. FYI, I am on Claravis and at the time of this writing, I am on my second day. My stats: I'm a 25 year old Asian male. I'm 5 ft. 6 in. and 138 pounds. Modesty aside, I'm pretty healthy and an undeniable gym rat. I do lift a lot of weights, so I am concerned about potential joint pain from the Claravis. My diet is p
  18. Hey guys, I'm a 19 year old chinese male living in Singapore (nope singapore is definitely not in china). Like most teenagers, I too have a common skin condition - acne. Unfortunately, I belong to the smaller and unluckier group of people who has to take drastic measures to control their skin condition. Let me talk about where I stay. Singapore is a tropical country with no seasons. Basically, it is summer all year long and sometimes monsoon. Not to mention the humidity level is extremely h
  19. NoTNT

    Very Bad Teen Acne!

    Okay. So I'm in high school (14 years old) and yeah. It's a private one, so everyone is rich enough to get facials and expensive products. I'm asian, so I get a lot of pigmentation. I get bullied (talked about) a lot and it's kinda annoying. People saying 'wash your face' and stuff like that. I've been trying so many products, but they don't seem to work much. Any ideas? Please?
  20. Been on Yasmin pill for two weeks, seems to half be clearing up but half making spots rise to the surface into painful cystic whiteheads. Extremely depressed. Don't know what to do. Is this acne or scars mainly? How can I get rid of it? Mainly cheek area.
  21. angelcream


    Hi fellow acne-sufferers .. I have been suffering from acne since i was 12-13 years old, and i'm soon turning 18 (18.juli, wiii ) For the last 2 years my acne have been mild incomparison to a more moderate breakout that i'm used to. However, for the last 3 months I have been experiencing more acne on my face, first as small bumps but then developed into full mountain acne. I haven't used any spesific acne-products for 1-2 years, only cleasing, (sometimes toning) and moisturizer. Therefor
  22. So about four months ago I was picking a blackhead and made it bled and got infected and turned into a cystic pimple. Stupid me I popped the pimple and there was nothing but blood that came out again... five days later it scab over and not knowing anything about skin care I peeled the scab off first thing I saw it.. now it left me a big triangle shaped scar in the middle of the cheek... here’s a pic from four months ago. https://imgur.com/gallery/UmK2s Since then all I have been doing is ap
  23. PREFACE Hey guys so ive always been roaming around acne.org the past 2 years. I'm 17 years old singaporean-canadian and i first started getting acne when i was 14 y/o. i only had it on my forehead for several months then boom one day it spread all over my face and it really caught me off guard. I tried everything, i first started with salicylic acid creams to no improvement, then murad sulphur spot treatment which helped a bit but not much, and when my acne was moderate mainly on the sides
  24. calstu90

    Right side

    From the album: Claravis: Day One

    Sorry about the bad quality of the pictures, all I have is by laptop camera right now
  25. OMGmahface

    Updates 5/27

    Updates! Its been 20 days already? Well, I went about a week and a half without duac ran out, so my derm prescribed me the two meds separately. and WOW it burned my skin at first ( I think I used too much, too) definitely more potent than the expired sample duac haha. I broke out a bit during my non-duac days.... sigh, i'm guessing I cant get off this stuff. But it gave my skin time to heal so a lot of the old red marks are gone! My skin isn't perfect yet, but its working its way, I can tell!