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Found 14 results

  1. So I've basically had constant acne since puberty really, but in recent years it mostly concentrated to my chin and around my nose. I ALSO suddenly this past winter had the DRIEST skin I've ever experienced. Constantly flaking in weird places and yet.... still managed to break out on a very regular basis. So a friend recently recommended Argan oil to me. She has used it for several years now and loves it. I read up on it and it's supposed to balance oil production in the face while still moistur
  2. New blog so I can post photos! Duh! For your reference... this is me: Meet Natalie! Today at work...I'm dead. I'm so sleep deprived I have no idea how I'm still functioning. I ate and I feel sick. It's about 4pm. I'm ready to go home and sleep. I had to start this blog because my other one ran out of MB??? I don't even know. Ain't nothin' changed...Drinkin' tea...Workin'...YOU already KNOOOOW. photos with my hair down are last night and today with my hair up at work looking like death hah
  3. Hello people! I was wondering which oil is the best for mainly hyperpigmentation (misleading title ). I have used argan oil and emu oil in the past, but they simply do not do the trick! I have oily face and prone to acne even at age 25. What is the best oil for this case? I read some posts that stated rosehip oil is usually the best for hyperpigmentation. What I am looking for is an oil that soothes/heals skin without clogging the pore. My options are rosehip oil, coconut oil, and almon
  4. I've been finding better results with moisturizing since I've been mixing a squirt of organic argan oil in with Dan's lotion. It seemed like the lotion alone wasn't enough to combat my dry skin. I notice he says you can do this with jojoba oil, so I assumed argan oil will be okay too? I haven't broke out from it or had any negative reactions (I used argan oil alone before starting the regimen) but I just wanted to check and make sure it's okay. Thanks <3
  5. Hi! I am currently on my Day 15 (week3) of isotretinoin. I am experiencing mild dryness on my lips but I still feel a little bit less oily than usual. I am using burt's bees (peppermint) to soothe my lips and as for my face, I would like to know if organic oil/herbal oil are recommended while taking isotretinoin e.g. Argan oil and moringga oil as moisturizer and as toner it's the moringga o2 toner. Thank you very much!
  6. Last night was the same mask as usual-- I tried the rosehip oil out finally, after the Argan and before the aloe. It's 5:55am right now and it's time to punch today in the face haha!! It's 10:25am right now...Work is KA-RAZZZZY. I'm going on my walk after I eat a snack. Yayyyy. its almost 8:30pm I'm going to lay down and rest I'm dead I'll deal with life tomorrow
  7. Hey y'all. Same ish as usual. Just working my butt off. For the past week or so, I have been taking my walk around the lake in the mornings usually at 10:45-11:45 or sometimes 11:45-12:45. Depends on how work is goin and if shit pops off. I've been getting good sun. The morning sun is the BEST. It's currently 93 degrees where I'm at. AND NO BREEZE LOL. I have not been putting argan oil on my face in the mornings-- just at night before I put on my aloe. So my routine for the past two nights ha
  8. Is anyone using Argan oil as a moisturizer while on the regimen? So far, my results have been stellar. I use an organic, cold pressed moroccan Argan oil ten minutes after a benzoyl application. Just looking for feedback:) thanks!
  9. I'd like to hear from anyone who used Argan oil and found that it decreased your skin's overall oiliness. My questions are as follows: 1) What Argan oil brand did/do you use? 2) Assuming that you applied it all over your face, did you experience any unwanted side effects for a time--e.g., increased breakouts or increased inflammation of existing breakouts? 3) How often did you apply it--once or twice daily, or did you use it even less frequently? 4) Did you notice any other benefits from a
  10. Hey peeps, Perhaps the OCM (oil cleansing method) has been beaten to death already here, with mixed reviews. But I just wanted to share that once I started using the OCM with Argan oil, my skin absolutely loved it! I had actually sorta forgotten about it until someone told me they took the recommendation I gave to try it and their skin also loved it (in her words "I thought I'd go through some "purge" but no, my skin just said yes.") For anyone interested in trying the OCM, this is t
  11. I have had acne for about 15 years. I have tried it all but it has never really cleared it all until now. My face is clear after 1 week of drinking 1 glass of water with 5 drops of oregano oil in it per day. Also before bed I rubbed 1 tsp of oil mix on my skin (the oil mix was: 5 drops of oregano oil and about 5-8 tbs argan oil). Argan oil does not clog pores as easy as some other oils and oregano oil kills bacteria, parasites and fungus. Be aware to NEVER put pure oregano oil on the skin sinc
  12. Hey y'all. Happy thursday! I did not take my N-A-C this morning. And I'm going to be taking a break off taking that, for a little while. I ate like 10,000 calories today. Not really more like 2700 but I walked over 5 miles for sure because I charged my phone so I didn't have it on me for an hour and I still walked almost 5 miles today. Plus most of those calories are from nuts lol, deeeeez nuts. im looking into what it takes to be a paralegal. So yeah, that's what ya girl Natalie is do
  13. I'd like to know if anyone has found Argan oil--or even another non-comedogenic carrier oil--to lessen the appearance of scars? (Scars refers to damaged skin--e.g., rolling scars, boxcar scars, etc.--not hyperpigmentation, which is not scarring.) Thank you, PI
  14. So I started using jojoba oil about a month ago to moisturize my face. I am breaking out with several cystic zits on my face, especially chin. It is making me want to stop using the jojoba oil and switch back to my old moisturizer. What other oils are good for the face that would not make me break out? Has anyone else found that jojoba oil makes you break out?