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Found 83 results

  1. I was considering posting daily pictures but I thought it would be more effective if I shared them weekly- that way if there's any form of improvement it'll probably be more noticeable. Besides, there's probably only so many shots of my flaky, red chin that a human can handle! I'm not going to photograph the acne on my forehead either because the pimples are small, closed comedones, which I can deal with in comparison to my hot mess of a jawline! Yesterday evening I came home to see that the concealer I'd applied to my chin/jaw had formed what looked like giant flakes of dry skin. I know, however, from painful previous experience that it is NOT a satisfying experience to peel these away. It does NOT magically reveal a fresh, new layer of unblemished face. The nodules are still lurking beneath so I've stopped touching the skin flakes. I'm finding it hard to cleanse my face now that it's so dry though- how do I make sure my skin is properly clean without accidentally removing any of these scabs in the process? I used my Cetaphil and fingers in the shower (I always try to cleanse and wash my face in the shower because I figure a constant stream of running water has to be more hygienic than filling the sink and using a wash cloth with increasingly dirty water) and let my face air dry (towels hurt even if I very gently pat dry) before waiting ten minutes and applying the Isotrex. This morning I woke up and a lot of the angry red lumps on my face had shriveled up somewhat, and some had formed heads, but they're still there. This morning I had no new nodules or pustules, but my skin is still very red and tender. A NOTE ON MINOCIN: I haven't written about any of the side-effects I've experienced since starting Minocin because there haven't been any. I developed a yeast infection a couple of days after I started but it cleared up within a few days after I purchased a Canesten Duopak from my local pharmacy. I'm now takjing a tbsp of Apple Cider Vinegar in a cup of water daily because it's supposed to be a natural weapon against candida. But beyond that- everything's good. I'll admit that I did expect to see even a minor improvement in my skin being on a strong antibiotic AND the Isotrex. I've never had an initial breakout before so I'm not sure if that's what this is yet, but I'm willing to wait it out and see! Pee x
  2. Lets begin with my history I had two hypertrophic scars on my nose for about 4 years, and i tried everything to get rid of them without sucess (includes co2 laser, steroid injections, cortisone creams, etc..) All i can say about those scars is that they look like a sebaceous hyperplasia, and completely destroyed my self-esteem for about 4 years, i wish i can had photos to show to the skeptical people the results but ill share the regimen anyway in case i can give some light for any desperate member. i was searching on the internet about scarring i found some article about apple cider vinegar, i was skeptical but for me it was something more to test (my nose has been a lab test for the past 4 years) i used to apply a cotton ball at morning and before bed time and leave on my nose for about 5 hours for like 7 days or until a scab form and falls off then i put some healing cream like b5 vitamin(dexpanthenol) or cortisone creams and when the area gets healed i repeat the process all over again I saw a good improvment on my scar in the first week so i decided to keep going to see if i was able to get rid of them i keep on this regimen religiously for about 2 months just burning my nose with vinegar and today i can look me in the mirror and be happy because i can say my both scars are COMPLETELY GONE. for those who interest in this shot i trully recommend to search for the internet about apple cider vinegar, the side effects of it on your skin, and search for others sucess histories before you try good lucky for everyone never give up EDIT: sorry for my bad english i hope u guys understand
  3. Help! I misused apple cider vinegar while treating an acne spot, and now I have what might possibly be a burn on my skin from it. The skin around the (now dried out) pimple is very dark, red, and somewhat raised and rough to touch. I now realize I didn't dilute the vinegar enough and left it on my skin for too long. What is the best recommended treatment for this? How do I heal the skin and reduce the redness from the burn quickly?
  4. elliew8

    Onwards And...onwards

    I am happy to report that since my last post I have had no MAJOR picking sessions...I am still breaking out all on my forehead and have been compelled to do some damage control but overall I've not felt the need to lock myself in the house for the next week whilst it settles down...huh in fairness I did go to town on a spot on the side of my head and it's very red, very scabby and hard to cover, which makes me realise that I'm more affected by my acne depending on where it is on my face...if the current disaster zone had been in the middle of my forehead I'd be massively depressed about it, how weird! I've also finally given in and ordered some BP online...this is really NOT what I wanted to do but since this problem persists I have to do something about it. So it's not coming until June which means I have basically a month to try some other methods before I go back to BP. I've done A LOT of research on my acne (basically lots of flesh coloured bumps with regularly occuring bigger ones (sometimes just pussy, sometimes painful with a pore) and the texture of my skin seems to be similar to a kind of dermatitis. So, I've done my homework and realised that BP works for this kind of condition (maybe that's why it's only become a problem since I've stopped), however apparently head and shoulders works too, and for run of the mill clogged pores apple cider vinegar as a topical has had some success. Last night I used both, H&S as a cleanser and ACV as a toner...I then had a nightmare that my whole forehead came up in massive cysts, which was scary! I'm not sure how effective it will be, I'll give it 2 weeks (supposedly fungal problems respond within a week) and then I'm going to try Vitamin D3 tablets... The decision to start using supplements was brought on by the fact I'm so frustrated that when I was on holiday my skin cleared 95%. The day after I came home it went back to normal so this, and the fact I work in an office and see natural daylight for about 10 minutes a day means I can't see how I'm getting enough vitamin D. I haven't had a test at the doctors so I'll just follow the seemingly low dosage of 1000IU a day and see what happens. I bought them this morning in the Holland and Barrett penny sale so I've not lost anything for trying but I'll wait to see if the H&S and ACV combo works first. I'll update if/ when I start seeing any results...I'm hoping that changing my routine will help with my picking (fingers crossed) because the control freak element is somewhat subdued because instead of taking control by picking, I'm taking control by using (hopefully) effective products and need to leave my skin alone to see if they actually produce any results. Well even if none of these things work at least I'm trying...and if by June I've not noticed any differences then I can always go back to BP, albeit relunctantly...if only I didn't care about the chemicals, bleaching and ageing effects of BP!
  5. I've been fighting acne for 4 years now. I started on Proactiv like everybody else, and it worked- for 9 months. Then my acne got progressively worse and worse. My derm put me on differin (did nothing), benzoil peroxide products (nada), and tazorac. I stuck with taz for about a year. It didn't seem to help, but didn't seem to hurt it either. I used to use benzaclin to spot treat, and it worked when I was younger, before any of this major breakout stuff happened. I read about holistic treatments, and went to strictly a cleanser (Clinique rinse off foaming cleanser- it didn't seem to break me out, but i could never tell), and coconut oil. twice a day. Things seemed to improve, my skin stopped drying out, but the acne stayed. In the past 5 weeks or so, I've been doing the following (3x a week): -cleanser -apply coconut oil in a paste, let it sit for ~10 min -rinse off, apply Bragg's organic ACV -re-wet face, apply coconut oil. -sleep In the morning, I just use the cleanser and coconut oil, as the rest seems harsh for 2x a day. Once a week, I do a mask with aveda's outer peace mask. Suggestions? I'm getting really frustrated at this point, and my acne is the ONE thing making my self esteem lower than it should be. Like I hate shaving b/c i know i'm going to break out again and I can see all my spots. I just want it to go away finally and i feel like i'm the only upperclassman in college still with acne. My pic is attached, tell me how bad/good/easily better it can be. I need support
  6. Rachie39

    ACV or Witch Hazel?

    Hey, Which is better to use as a toner? And what is really the difference between them? Any advice would greatly help!
  7. Okay so I just signed up on acne.org to make myself feel better and get some advice on this tragic thing i did for my face, because I really feel like trash right now. So last week. I was looking at the mirror, close up, at my blemishes. I have this problem where I will start picking at the smallest thing on my face because im so afraid of pimples. I pick on three pimples on my cheek. All got inflamed. Throughout the week i tried putting mask, benzoyl peroxide, baking soda, etc. Two of them went down. However it was so emotionally exhausting to go through this. I even have to reshhedule an interview because of how embarrassed i was with the pimples. Last one didnt go down. And then i read somewhere that APple cider vinegar helps. I got acv on a cotton ball and pressed it against the pimple for a while, like 2-3 min. WHEN I LET IT GO I WAS HORRIFIED. I caused a huge scar on my cheek. Not only did the pimple remain but bow there is a scar. I am sooo sad. My parents make me feel worse saying “Whats that on your face” or “Why do u always touch your face” etc. Idk, im so depressed because of this suddenly. I put aloe vera on it went to sleep but it became more dark. What can i do at this point to help my skin heal faster? I really need it to heal in a week for my interview. Thank guys, please I need genuine advice that works.
  8. Adren077

    Day 1

    Yesterday I started my new skin care plan. In the morning I put raw honey on my face and let it sit for like three minutes. I then take a hot wash cloth and lay it on my face then wash the honey off. I found that this leaves my face feeling great. It feels soft and not oily at all which is surprising for me because I have really oily skin. After all the honey is off my skin, I pat my face dry and apply my apple cider vinegar toner. At night I did the oil cleansing method with grapeseed oil and castor oil. I apply my 1:1 ratio to my face and use a hot washcloth to steam my face and use the washcloth to wipe off the excess oil. I steam my face three times without putting on extra oil. I then add my apple cider vinegar toner. Today when I woke up I didn't see much difference in my skin besides it wasn't as flaky. I'm thinking that's because the oil helped moisturize my skin. I don't have any new blemishes but my skin does feel soft. Along with doing my new routine I'm also going to do my best to not pick my face so wish me luck!
  9. I recently tried to remove a facial mole using apple cider vinegar. For 2 days I put a connton ball with the vinegar on the mile for about half an hour. After the second time, I noticed a facial burn around the mile. I let it sit for 2 days until is scabbed up as seen in the picture. I was wondering what I should do to prevent scarring, should I apply something or pick the rough film of skin off? Also, how can I use apple cider vinegar on the mile so it won't burn my face in the future?
  10. Balance Bird

    Just Ate Baked Beans

    I really believe low stomach acid and vitamin + mineral deficiencies are a serious part of acne. I have been doing the oxy powder cleanse and getting liquid stools. I have far less bloating since doing these supplements. I took chromium with my baked beans, which would probably normally spike my blood sugar. But I also took ACV, cause I haven't received my HCL pills. My skin was clearing up a little, except for these weird deep bumps on my left jaw/cheek. I was craving them. Been really craving b vitamin foods lately, and have no desire to eat any protein like meats at all! When I was a child, I was practically a carnivore and would poop as soon as I started to eat. Something is so wrong and I only have 2 more weeks to fix it before I go see my boyfriend and his family who expect me to be beautiful and I sure don't feel it!
  11. 23 year old female cystic acne on cheeks and chin, blackhead on nose and chin white heads on chin and cheeks. have tried brith control which made it worse. Proactive which didn't do anything. Doxycycline which improved it a little bit. skin picker so I struggle with scabs and scars from cystic acne and general redness of face. Scabs have noticeable faded as has redness in the past month I have gotten two pimples that went away over night. Even after I went "digging" on my face I still didn't break out and there was no swelling black heads remain with a few small painless pimples Morning= wipe face with warm water then apply coconut oil or if I feel like I'm breaking out a benzoperoxide face cleanser followed by coconut oil. Evening= benzoperoxide cleanser then I apply diluted ACV. When that dries I apply coconut oil. If I have a pimple or feel a break out I will do a 5 min sulfur facemask after I wash my face or put a 5% sulfur cream as spot treatment after I use the coconut oil.
  12. "TheGuyWithTheBadAcneScars"

    Natural Acne Remedy (It Works!)

    I am 23 year old slim white English male. This is my first very post on this acne forum so I have yet to share my personal experience about about why I am here. Before I decide to go about that, I feel a positive thing is to share my experience with acne and how I cleared it up so well. So I will just clarify, at that in this point in time my acne is the best it has ever been since before I even started getting it. I am really happy with how my overall skin looks. So here it goes. I used to think a natural remedy couldn't possibly be as effective as a product you bought over the counter. I mean, how could it be when chemists design these products specifically to clear up your skin? And the natural produce is well, it just came from the earth and doesn't exist for the sole reason to clear up my skin, unlike the products made in labs to do that! Well don't think how I did! Nature is good! Nature is pure! It certainly works in magnificent ways. Just remember you are what you eat. If you eat lots of crap, you are more prone to breakouts than if you were to live on a diet of fruit and vegetables. Thats pretty much fact! Believe it! So anyway, lets get onto the actual natural produce I am talking about. Apple Cider Vinegar. It smells horrible, it tastes horrible. But if you really want your face to clear up, trust me its worth it! I have 2 remedies I do with this stuff every night. No #1. Drink it. The most pleasant way to drink Apple Cider Vinegar: Pour a few caps of it in a glass, add a teaspoon of honey, fill the rest of the glass up with water and put in the microwave until hot and then stir. Honey is of course very good for you also and the more of it the better the taste! The lazy way (Which I do): Pour a few caps of it in a glass and add water, thats it. I do this because it only takes 5 seconds and now I'm used to the taste anyway. I am pretty sure you can buy Apple Cider Vinegar in most supermarkets at an affordable price, be sure to buy one which says 'mother' on the description. This basically means it is even more natural and has not been processed. The more dark and cloudy in colour the better! If its clear its more likely to have had all the good natural ingredients you want taken out. No #2. The other thing I do every night is I use it as a face scrub. Honestly, the last time I used a face wash you can buy in stores was months ago, and yet I am very happy with how my skin looks. I wouldn't have thought that was possible! You see how I emphasised before that nature works in amazing ways? Much of the redness on my skin has gone, its not as oily and I don't get many black/white heads. What more could you want? Simply pour the stuff on a cotton pad and rub on your face all over. Do both of these every night and I think you will see a difference after a week. But remember this is my own experience and we are all different. It worked for me and will not stop even though I am happy with my skin. Stop breakouts before they happen! Its worth a short right? Thanks for reading and good luck. Any comments greatly appreciated!
  13. I really don't know what to do with my skin anymore. It all started Nov. 2017, when I woke up with like a hundred tiny bumps on my forehead. I've always had mild to moderate acne but it was nothing like this. They would also become inflamed and they have pus!! I never had anything like this before. I thought it was because I added too many things on my skin care routine. I started using Sensibio Micellar Water, Thayers astringent, jojoba oil for moisturizer, and tea tree oil for spot treatment. At first I thought the jojoba oil was clogging my pores so I stopped using it. After a month there's still no improvement so I stopped everything at once except for the tea tree oil. Then still nothing's happening on my skin. Now it's all over my face: my chin and cheeks. Then I remember how I also started using ACV as a toner hoping to stop my mild to moderate acne. I dilute it with water (50:50). I use this after I cleanse my face and usually leave it on without using moisturizer. Then I also started using it with the tea tree oil as a spot treatment around January 2018, and I would reapply it maybe 10 to 15 times at night. Then one morning I've noticed my skin started becoming flaky. I have dry patches on my chin and that's when I also started getting the bumps on my chin and cheeks. Then my face became super tight, I have oily skin so it was really weird. Like if I try to open my mouth wide or raise my eyebrows, it was kinda painful. And I've notice my forehead started becoming shiny. An addition to that is that my blemishes are taking too long too disappear. I searched it and learned that it's a sign of over exfoliation. Could it be because of the ACV since it contains acid? What should I do then? Please I really need your help. I've also started shaving my face around the same time this all started, since I have really dark coarse hair all over my face (I'm asian). I don't know if that also contributes to over exfoliation.
  14. Hello Members, I use the Indian Clay Mask with Apple Cider Vinegar to tighten my skin and to make it look more healthy. Recently I started dating and I like to use this mask in the morning before my date. My concern is that the Apple Cider Vinegar smell will linger into the evening and if I get close (kiss) to my date they will notice the vinegar smell. I am male and I like to use this mask 3-4 times / week for 1 hour in the morning. I asked my mother if she could smell vinegar on my skin after 4 hours post the mask application and she said only when she sniffs me very close. I just tried to create the Mask with water and the consistency is very bad (lumpy), plus I won't get the benefits of the acid exfoliating my skin. My question is how can I completly neutralize the smell of the vinegar once I remove the mask? I don't want to feel self conscious about the smell of my skin when I kiss my date. Is there a certain product (natural or off the shelf) that I can apply to my skin, after removing the mask, that will neutrilize the vinegar smell? Or perhaps I can add an additional ingredient along with the Apple Cider Vinegar that will neutralize the smell? I did discover some interesting recipes here: http://www.herbalhut.com/article-12_great_recipes_for_aztec_secret_indian_healing_bentonite_clay.aspx I am interested in how others have resolved the smell problem with Apple Cider Vinegar when used with the Indian Clay Mask. Thank you very much for your feedback.
  15. elliew8

    Start Of Success?

    So I can't tell if the new regimen is actually working or if I'm just imagining things! It's way too early to decide either way yet but I'm feeling a little more optimistic than usual so I'm quite happy to go along with it even if it is just the placebo effect. In terms of breakouts (touch wood) I've had one very insignificant-not worth picking spot and had an already-formed clogged pore dry up which I scratched off and then upon inspection saw the little plug which I managed to GENTLY squeeze out. Another thing, I know that my skin is VERY oily which means I can almost put anything on it (BP included) without any dryness, so it seems that whilst Head and Shoulders is really drying for others it is just making my skin less oily...wehhey the only problem with this new routine is I started using 2 new products at the same time so I can't actually attribute any results to either product, silly girl! But if the combination works then I don't mind that at all! I'm in a pretty good mood on the whole...admittedly all the time my skin is ok I'm never in a bad mood and the depression is just one picking session away but overall I'm feeling quite chirpy, which is always good for me to avoid picking on the first place! Maybe it's because I played netball outside last night - fresh air and exercise is never a bad thing right...even though it rained the whole time and I was drenched through it felt quite liberating running around in the pouring rain! Also, at the minute I'm waiting for a few smallish scabs to flake off so I've been thinking about when they do come off and the instant difference in mood. I was also reading on the forum a thread about what everyone is going to do when they're finally clear and it got me to thinking about the fact that those scabs are subconsciously holding me back, when they fall off I feel instantly ready to take on the world. So it really frustrated me because I shouldn't let my skin control my life, I can't (to an extent) control how my skin behaves and yet I let it sit in the driver's seat. Now I feel like (fingers crossed) even if my skin does get better, I feel so disappointed in myself for letting so many opportunities pass me by just because of my skin. Anyone or anything else doesn't rely upon me having good skin so why did I let it hinder me all those times?! Sometimes I feel like it's a never-ending battle, even when EVENTUALLY my skin clears I know that like most I'll just move on to worrying about other insecurities. I feel guilty that I've stopped myself from doing things I could do and wanted to do when there are others that are physically unable to. Therefore I am going to try to hold my head up high even when I'm breaking out, go out and enjoy myself even if I'm worried about others judging me and try and remember that whilst acne is a horrible thing to deal with, it could be MUCH worse and be grateful for the good things and amazing people that I have in my life!
  16. scguinner

    Week 12: Day 79

    Ughhhh. Late again. I’ve been feeling very fatigued and between that, being busy and just having general craziness in life, this blog hasn’t been a huge priority. The biggest grief I’ve had this week has been the stupid cold sore I got last week and tried vehemently to get it to go away. I put apple cider vinegar on it almost every hour, I’ve kept it moist with Aquaphor and Vaseline, I’ve put a liquid bandage on it, the list goes on… but I think it’s finally beginning to go away. I think my face is really starting to look good. I haven’t had any big breakouts and things are beginning to smooth out I think. I wish I could say the same for the rest of me, though. While I had the apple cider vinegar out, I used some on my chest, and I actually think it has helped some. I put some around my shoulders, but haven’t seen much of a difference there yet. It’s terrible having to wait this long for my back to clear up, but like I’ve said in previous posts, my dermatologist said that it would be the last thing to improve. I’m hoping that in two months it will get to where I want it to be. Okay, that’s where I am with this week. Here are the pictures:
  17. JustanotherMarian

    I need some advice pls

    hi, I'm 17 yrs old. I started getting acne in my 10th grade and i was 15 that time. I still have acne and I just dont know what products to try anymore, it's depressing that sometimes I would not even go to school just to hide my face from everyone. So, I have super oily skin and moderate acne and some whiteheads there and there. I've heard a lot of positive things about using braggs apple cider vinegar and so I decided to try it, i diluted it in 50 50 water and acv and apply it on my face every morning and before I go to sleep. I've been using it for 2 weeks and idk but i don't really see any results, I still get whiteheads and some bumps and my face is still really oily. Anyone using or have tried acv as their toner, how many weeks did you wait before you start seeing results? Pls tell me if I should stop or still continue using this? Also anyone could pls suggest me a good moisturizer that will not clog my pores and make my face oilier :(( Thank you
  18. Hi! I posted this on a help wanted thread, and since I'm going through a TCM/vegan diet herbal purge, I'm finding myself with the opposite problem I had last week that I posted the Royal Jelly/Coconut Oil/Pearl Powder healing mask for dry, flaky, mature skin for. Yes, I have oily, active blemishes in places I never get them; hairline, cheeks, jawbone and eyebrows - even a few on my back! Luckily, I have years of experience addressing oiliness 1) 1-2x daily Sulfur Soap, any brand- antiseptic, healing, gently exfoliating 2) 1-2x weekly Tumeric/ACV Paste Mask- eases inflammation, lightens old red marks/antikerolytic, pH balancing -- see this board for user results https://www.google.com/search?q=turmeric+spot+treatment+overnight+site:www.acne.org&espv=2&biw=893&bih=513 AM: ACV toner (1 part ACV, 2 parts distilled water, on a cotton ball)- PM: Tumeric-water paste as overnight spot treatment- 3) Hyaluronic Acid or grapeseed oi)/water in a spritz bottle for moisture/protection, if/when needed. (ie. if the acne is both oily with dry layers of skin; if you live in a dry climate; if you are sun-sensitive from antibiotics, harsh medications, or having fair skin) Acne skin needs moisture from within and without more than normal skin does. These are all affordable ingredients with proven effectiveness. UPDATE: 2 days and three treatments of this later, ZERO active lesions, quickly healing
  19. Morning: Wash with African Black Soap Glycerin and Water moisturizer Drink glass of 2 tsp Apple Cider Vinegar with a glass of water Evening: Wash with African Black Soap Neo-Medrol Topical (every other day because too drying otherwise) Glycerin and Water moisturizer Drink glass of 2 tsp Apple Cider Vinegar with a glass of water Sundays: Honey mask for 30 mins Wednesdays: Sugar Coffee scrub I may start doing an Apple Cider Vinegar toner, but lets see how the glycerin goes first
  20. I decided to stop using all commercial cleansers and products on my face, after watching videos/testimonials and reading lots of information on acne. I've used the oil cleansing method, cold cream, caveman, ext. Half a year later - nothing. My acne/rosecea is the worst it's ever been. There could be no correlation, but the point is, it's not working. My skin was much clearer in around, August. I used to use CeraVe gentle cleanser, and Cetaphil moisturizer. I'm out of options. I've tried everything. Proactive, OCM, cold cream, probiotics, l-lysine, nothing at all, basic cleanser, apple cider cinegar, going vegan - you name it. Is it time to go back to regular products? Even though my skin was still bad, it could improve. Should I start going on antibiotics? I'm lost.
  21. 6EAST

    Indented scar.. help!

    http://imgur.com/a/SAhcb I have an indented scar.. from a wart (i used apple cider vinegar to kill the wart), after it healed (had to remove the black scab which was the dead wart) it became a pink indented plastic surface scar.. just curious what method or is it even possible for it to heal back to normal skin color.. sorry for poor quality picture, was the best i could capture (it's on my face). Thanks! P.S. Would apple cider vinegar or lemon do the trick?
  22. From the album: AFRICAN BLACK SOAP WORKS

    African Black Soap morning, afternoon and night time ACV, water and tea tree oil toner Aloe Vera moisturizer oh. my. god. so. happy.
  23. Hi everyone, I really need some advice from people on this board. I am completely lost and do not know what to do, and the acne is affecting my social and work life (as I need to present a lot!). Background: Male, 31 years old. Since my early 20s I have had pretty much clear skin with a pimple occasionally due to a big night out or a messed up diet for that week. But generally I had great skin that got complimented a lot, and I hardly used any products if any at all. I am relative healthy, I exercise a lot and eat fairly well with the exception of a few cheat days here and there. Current Situation: Since the last 6 months, I started getting some red cystic acne around my temple area on both sides of my face. I ignored it thinking it would leave on its own, and then it gradually got worse and started spreading to down the side of my cheeks. I was going through a break up at the time and I assumed it was due to stress. But it kept getting worse and it started spreading to my cheeks. I bought some OTC products which cleared it up to about 95%, and then it got worse again. What I tried: I bought a bunch of Kiehl's products for men and this didn't do much and cost me an arm and leg. FAIL. Tried Tooth paste. It seemed to flatten my pimples a bit, but left a red mark. FAIL. I tried Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar, and BAM it just made my acne worse and worse, I hadn't broken out like this since my teenage years, possibly even worse. I was drinking about 2 tbsp x 3 times a day and applying it topically (1:1 ratio) morning, midday, and night. I read that some people PURGE for around 3-5 weeks (Read some purged for up to 2 months!). I diluted the toner to 3:1 ratio since week 3, I am currently on Week 4.5, and my acne is still pretty bad. I have large cystic pimples on my temple/upper cheek, and a few around my nose, some in T-zone between the eyebrows, and on the sides of my forehead. My skin seems to have a lot of small bumps and little red dots. I have stopped ACV for 2 days now. I started applying Tea Tree Oil (15% from The Body Shop) for a couple of days and hoping this will clear it up. *I moisturize after each application for ACV and TTO. *I drink at least 1.5L of water a day. Can anyone who has been through similar please provide some advice? I really want this to clear up before the festive season! hould I continue with ACV? Drinking and/or topically? Should I stop or give it a bit more time? What about Tea Tree Oil? Any help would be great! Thank you in advance
  24. mchovan

    Acv Toner + Regimen

    Hey guys, I've been on the Regimen for about 3 months now, and it has helped somewhat, but has left some pretty mild acne scars. I've heard wonderful things about the Apple Cider vinegar toner and was planning on trying it out. My question is: how should I add it to my daily Regimen routine? I use the Regimen morning and night (cleanser, BP, moisturizer). I was thinking about doing it after I used the cleanser, and then add the BP after the toner, then finally moisturize. I've heard it tends to dry up your skin and was worried the BP might make it worse. Also, how many times a week should I use this toner? Sorry if this has been asked before, but I'm desperate for some clear skin. Thanks guys!
  25. Hey all! I started using diluted organic ACV with the mother in it as a toner (1 part ACV: 4 parts water) and it has helped reduce redness and appears to have lessened the intensity of breakouts. However, I noticed the other day after about a week of using it that these white, kind of fibrous tendrils started to appear and float around the liquid. I'm not sure what it is, but I think it's some kind of organism that started growing alongside the culture that already exists. Or maybe it's just the original culture that's growing a lot? Anyway, my main question is: is it still safe to use on my skin? Should I dump the little bit I made and make a new diluted solution of ACV?