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Found 12 results

  1. Let me start off with this, this will be a short rant. I'm not so much looking for advice as just getting out my frustrations. If rants aren't your thing I won't be offended if you don't respond... OH MY GOSH I am SSSOOOOOO annoyed. I've been on the regimen now for about 2 full months, maybe a little longer. It took almost the full time but as of these last 2 weeks I've been totally and completely clear, it got rid of my tons of bumps and pimples. I've felt so free and happy and stress-fre
  2. [attacver I dont exactly know what they are These marks have been on my face for about 4 months now and still havent gone. Age: 17 Gender: Male Yes I use the acne.org regiment twice a day every single day How do I get rid of them, heres some images of it with flash and without
  3. I've been on the Regimen for 10 months now. I loved the Regimen because it cleared my skin and I never felt better. That was about 6 months ago. I haven't had more than a few hicups following the Regimen which was about 6 months ago. I have followed it with perfection for about 6 months. I used to look on these forums for cures to flakyness and after realizing how much time I wasted I realized no one is going to help me by telling me AHA works. AHA doesn't do shit for flakes. If I am missing som
  4. They've been on my face forever and nothing works to get rid of them. They don't really itch or anything. Are they even acne/closed comedones?
  5. Hi, im new to this whole blogging thing so i apoligise if i make mistakes ha.. Well, its day three of doing the regimen, im using a pea size amount of BP currently only at night. So far im experiencing seriously annoying itching and whiteheads appearing. I am sixteen years old and have literally tried every product ever! I don't know the official name of what my acne is but i would say its classed as "Moderate" its pretty bad! I could never go out without foundation on thats for sure!! I
  6. Okay, so has anyone else had to deal with this? My regimen has shown some positive results, but there are just some spots that will not budge! For instance, I have stopped breaking out on the left half of my mouth and chin, but my right half continues to break out frequently. There's usually always 1-2 active papules (they are small, but annoying) in that area. Why would one side of my mouth/chin improve/clear up while the other side continues to haunt me? Also, the tiny papaules on my foreh
  7. Hey guys, I am back. My skin has been annoying this past week and I don't know why. My acne is spreading up to my cheeks on one side and they're turning a little cystic. Grrr it's like I can never win! I am so tired of this.
  8. Okay so I've tried many different kinds of concealer and they aren't cheap. When I apply it, the redness still shows through the concealer. I'm late for school this morning just because I don't feel comfortable going like this. I can't go somewhere and get new concealer because I need to fix this quickly. I don't want to miss the whole school today just because of a pimple and lame concealer. PLEASE HELP.
  9. I am a 17 year old male and I have a single cyst on my right cheek. It has been there for 3 and a half years and it is very bothersome to me. The cyst is not very raised, but at times it can get very red. Every day I wash my face with a clearasil wash twice a day (sometimes three) and every other day I exfoliate with a st Ives scrub. I also put retin-a on the spot every night a minute or two after I wash my face and then I put cetaphil on it right after as well. In the morning I wash my face and
  10. Currently a 22 year old female (half Australian, half Malasian) who has had acne since I was 9 years old. I've been on doxycycline, minocycline and had two rounds of accutane (a year between each round). I'm currently 5 months post accutane treatment and I don't see my dermatologist until the end of this month, but my acne is back and viscous. I'm no expert on acne but they're deep black heads all over my face followed by huge headless lumps beginning at my hairline, all throughout my hair, be
  11. So I have this annoying red mark on my nose. It is not as bad as a pimple but there used to be one there. It isn't right in the middle but I've had one there before. Anyway, this red mark is getting really annoying and doesn't seem to be fading or anything after 2 weeks. Maybe I have to wait longer, who knows? Nobody. But that isn't why I have come here, I just wanted to ask if anybody else has had a similar experience or if you have any advice. Thanks!
  12. Hello everyone i'm new here looking for help or advice from anyone who's had similar problems i got these big pimples every now and then normally around the nose and forehead what irritates me is that even though i don't pop them or drain it yet they still end up leaving scars here's a photo sorry for bad quality it's of my phone anybody got any advice for the big yellow puss ones???