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Found 17 results

  1. I have been battling pimples my entire adult life. But for the last 14 months I have been experiencing the worst acne of my life. This time there is something different, this acne is more persistent. In my future blog posts you will read about my history with acne medications, birth control pills, treatments, ointments, the list goes on. I was recently diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, which I will elaborate on in another post. But for my first entry, I thought I would discus
  2. These things have been found to be different in acne prone skin. This is specifically about what's going on in our skin, not about the various other factors going on elsewhere in our bodies that worsen the acne condition. For the most part, other people have those things happening too, they just don't get the symptom of acne. These are the differences between us and all your friends that can eat all the junk they want and make whatever other unhealthy lifestyle choices and even have other horm
  3. Tips on How to Eat Low Glycemic

    Glycemic Index and Glycemic Load Low-glycemic Foods vs. High-glycemic Foods Examples of Low-glycemic Meals and Snacks Tips for Including Low-glycemic Foods in Your Diet High-glycemic Foods Raise Blood Sugar and May Aggravate Acne Studies Show Low-glycemic Diets May Reduce Acne What Else to Consider for a Healthy Diet Conclusion Takeaway Several scientific studies have recently shown that eating a low-glycemic diet, which includes foods that do not cause large increases in blood sugar levels, may...
  4. Hi I was on yasmin contraceptive pill 2 years ago when I was 18 and it cleared my skin up completely (I didn't have a skin problem at the time) I was on it for about 3 months or so. Now 20 I went back on it and I've been on it since the start of November I think and It hasn't cleared the acne that I just got! I went docs n they say I have high levels of androgen but they think it was the stress I had. Do u think the yasmin did this to my skin even though it cleared it once before? And even w
  5. I just got a hormone test done and found out that I am high in androgens, which is likely the cause of my persistent hormonal acne. I have tried many birth control pills in the past but have never found success so I am looking for a more natural solution. What are some anti-androgen supplements or foods I could be consuming to balance my hormones out??? I am already taking 30mg of zinc, which has helped a lot but not completely.
  6. Does having a BCP with more progestin mean MORE or LESS androgen (if the pill has low androgen potency). For example, ortho tri cyclen and ortho cyclen contain norgestimate, a progestin with low androgenicity. However, would ortho cyclen's constant level of higher progestin REDUCE androgen or would more progestin automatically mean more androgen? Trying to decide if i should go from OTC lo to regular ortho tri cyclen or ortho cyclen.
  7. I'm trying to avoid spironolactone due to IBS issues and the fact that it definitely made me feel off. I may end up going on it but I'm still trying to cure my hormonal acne through diet and natural means without going on medications. I'm also starting to suffer from hot flashes so I feel like I'm sweating or cooking from the inside frequently... But apart from the right side of my face (cheek and chin) being covered in hard small cystic bumps that are painful (my forehead and left cheek are 9
  8. WHY ANTIBIOTICS ARE NOT THE ANSWER TO ACNE by DR JOHN BRIFFA, Daily Mail Acne often causes considerable distress to sufferers, and while it is most common around puberty, it can affect adults, women in particular, well into their 20s and 30s. One mainstay medical treatment is antibiotics. However, Swedish research presented at an American conference last week suggests the bacterium associated with many cases is becoming increasingly resistant to these drugs. There is real concern that
  9. Hi guys, I have female adult hormonal acne and have been taking birth control (Dianette) for the last 2.5 years and it has kept my skin completely clear. But as it's high risk for blood clots I had to come off it a couple of months ago and my skin has started to break out a bit already.. No cysts yet but I'm worried they'll come back. After doing a lot of research, I think Spiro would work for me as it controls androgens like Dianette BUT it isn't licensed for acne in Ireland. I asked
  10. I was on roaccutane until October which completely cleared my back acne + facial acne wonderfully. I had clear porcelain skin. At the beginning of February I noticed I started getting a few pimples on my back again (as well as a couple of minuscule ones on my chin when it was nearing my period). My main concern was that my back acne might escalate if I didn't do something about it so I went to the doctor and was prescribed dianette (or co-cyprindiol as it is called in the UK). It's week 5 a
  11. Hey! I'm new to this forum, but I already learned a lot of stuff here. Hopefully the experts on these site could help me with the following problem: About half a year ago, I took L-Thyronine for two weeks, because apparently I had hypothyroidism . I didn't take the hormones anymore after I've seen what it did to my face, a lot of inflamed pimples mostly around my hairline, not only on my face, but also on chest and back. (note: I'm 22 years old, never ever had one pimple, even in my
  12. [moving this topic to the hormone section, sorry. not sure how to delete a post heh] Hi! I have been following the diet & holistic forum for a bit and finally decided to sign up and maybe get some opinions on my situation. i'm a 23 year old female and my sebum production is crazy. I have tons of blackheads a long my jaw which have recently started crawling up to my cheek & whiteheads on my neck. my chest and back are constantly clogged and there are never not cysts formin
  13. While spiro is primarily and in most instances an androgen receptor antagonist, it can also act as an agonist (enhancing androgen receptors) in the absense of sufficiently high testosterone: "It should be noted though that spironolactone, similarly to other steroidal antiandrogens such as cyproterone acetate, is not a pure, or silent, antagonist of the androgen receptor, but is actually a weak partial agonist with the capacity for both agonist and antagonist effects.[31][32][33] However, in t
  14. Hello, My blood work results came back and all of my androgen levels were normal. My testosterone levels were 71. The chart said that 0-90 is normal, but I read somewhere else that above 70 is elevated. So I suppose that my testosterone levels could be considered "slightly elevated", but still normal. I was diagnosed with PCOS because my LH:FSH ratio is high and my periods are very irregular. I'm currently taking 100mg of spironolactone. Since spiro is an anti-androgen, will it be useles
  15. Hi All, Thanks for dropping by. Can some one tell me what it estrogen dominance and the theory behind it? I know that it's a condition where a woman has an imbalance in her estrogen to progesterone ratio, with estrogen being too high (or progesterone being too low), which contributes to acne and an array of PMS. HOWEVER the part I don't get is that, I thought high progesterone gives you more sebum thus more acne, not low. And I've read many scientific papers that high estrogen is good f
  16. One year ago, when I was 19, I went to Planned Parenthood for birth control pills (as a contraceptive, not for acne). I was given Aubra, the generic for Alesse, which is known as one of the worst birth control pills for those with acne-prone skin (of course I didn't know this at the time!) Keep in mind, my skin was totally 100% acne free for about 2 years before I started Aubra. I took Aubra for about 4 months (mid-July to mid-October) and had no new acne at all in this time frame. I then st
  17. Hi! I just wanted to post and maybe get some opinions. i'm a 23 year old female and my sebum production is annoying. I have tons of blackheads a long my jaw which have recently started crawling up to my cheek & whiteheads on my neck. my chest and back are constantly clogged and there are never not cysts forming on my chin (one cyst comes to a head while a new one is already forming). My skin starts to clear up about a week before my period, stays clear during my cycle and then immediately