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Found 59 results

  1. Fairlie

    Day 17

    Helllooooo, so my nose continues to be dry and a little bloody. My neti-pot is going to become my best friend so I don't look like a 22 year old that still picks their nose. My scalp is already drying out. I'm blonde and I used to barely get away with going 24 hours without washing my hair cause the greasiness would turn me into a brunette but today I actually had to question when the last time I washed it was because it still hasn't gotten greasy! I've been tired/lazy lately but I don't really
  2. So definitely noticing some dryness and my nose has been a little bloody. Lips are gradually getting a little more dry too. But overall the last couple days have been okay. Still getting breakouts daily.
  3. Fairlie

    Day 5

    So last night while I was working (5 HOURS LATER THAN I WAS SUPPOSED TO) I got anxious and annoyed so I picked at my face, horrible I know but I won't anymore. There were just so many pop-able ones. Anyways, oddly enough my face looks better today kinda and I've had a bunch of little baby pimples pop up on my checks, nose, and chin. No dryness yet other than potentially inside my nose. Also, my mouth tastes a little weird/different right when I wake up. I wonder if that is related to accutane.
  4. runner7891

    Day 25

    Day 25 on Isotretinoin. So far, the white heads around my chin and lips have pretty much cleared up. Currently, I am experiencing a pretty bad breakout on the sensitive skin under my left eye/beside my nose. This breakout makes me nervous that I will have a scar due to the severity of the breakout (fingers crossed that I won't). Basically, I have a big cyst with two smaller cysts around it. It has been a rough week because this breakout is so very noticeable.. But, the other areas of my face see
  5. runner7891

    Day 9

    So, I don't know if it is my initial breakout or if it is because I haven't been on my antibiotic for a couple of weeks now, but my skin is crazy broken out! Everyday I have sooo many whiteheads all over my chin and above my upper lip! Crazy! (and quite stressful) BUT I guess this is what happens before things get better. Only time will tell! How's everyone else out there doing on there Accutane journey?!
  6. So my skin is VERY different from when I started accutane. For the past 2 weeks I have been moved up my dosage. RECAP-- (If you're new--read my other posts) -30 mg for 2 weeks -60 mg for 1.5 weeks--too much too soon--BAD Initial Breakout -30 mg odd days, 60 mg even days for 1.5 weeks ***60 mg every day for the past 2 weeks Moving Up Doses Had SOME Side Effects: ((Went from 30 on odd days to 60 on even days)) to 60mg every day. ***DO NOT FREAK OUT FROM THIS LIST--the dryness
  7. Hi all, this is my first time posting anything on this site even though I've been reading and getting info since 2008. Summary of me: 28 yr old female living in NYC, had mild to moderate acne since I was 12. Never ever had a time when I was clear even though I've been on the typical antibiotics, birth control, Spironolactone for five years, PDT laser treatments, tried the Whole 30 diet for several months (stricter version of paleo), all the topicals Rx and OTC. My worst period was when I starte
  8. So I have blood tests today and I should be starting a low dose Accutane regimen within the week. I'll be on 10mg per day for the first month, possibly increased to 20mg from the second month on until I'm clear, then continuing that dose for 2-4 months afterwards to reduce chances of remission. I've heard many horror stories about accutane, and I really want to stay as low as possible. This article is what I based my recommendation for my treatment to the doctor on. [http://www.bpac.org.nz/BPJ/2
  9. I have my derm appt. on the 24th October to pick up my prescriptions if you're in Toronto and take isotretinoin please PM me!! I have some questions and would greatly appreciate it!. Thanks
  10. I just finished my second month with amnesteem and now I'm with claravis and I am really really having trouble swallowing the claravis capsules since they are bigger than amnesteem. Is it okay to cut open the capsules and take the gel? Or maybe any tips on how to easily swallow a capsule?
  11. I have had oily skin (thanks, Mom) and very mild acne since I was 16, 17. When I was around 20 it was pretty close to perfect and then all of a sudden I have no clue what I did wrong, but it went crazy. My forehead was covered in little colorless bumps, and I'd get larger spots on my cheeks. I have had it pretty much under control with Clinique topicals and prescriptions since then, but I still get 2-3 active spots per month and I AM DONE. Doxycycline - Did basically nothing. Plus I am alre
  12. Hey all for when I possibly start Accutane what is the best generic Accutane that worked for you? I am worried about their effectiveness since it is not the original Roche Accutane. It is the same ingredients correct? But might depend on where the generic is made also. Also after seeing all these initial breakouts on here I'm sooo scared. What should I expect around 10-20 mg? I am following some people on their low dose regimen. Arg what acne makes us do!
  13. So I know this might sound stupid or weak, but I stayed home today...mostly because of my acne. I knew that for my recent acne red marks/ scabs to heal, I had to moisturize them and not wear makeup.. I just couldn't bear to even slap on makeup and go through my whole day making my face worse (potentially). This is why I hate acne...It makes me cowardly and so self-conscious. I'm really hoping that this 2nd week was my Initial Breakout (kind of like last time) and that now that my (overly
  14. I took 40 mg a day for the first month, at the 1-month mark, my dosage was doubled. I am now taking amnesteem 80mg a day. On Friday night ( after three pills of the new dosage) I got a headache. It was really bad, I went to sleep and did not think much of it. Saturday I spent most of the day with the same headache that got better with ibuprofen and then it would be back. By Sunday night and after many ibuprofen pills, my headache was the worst. It was a throbbing pain, I was sensitive to an
  15. So everyday around 12-1pm my cheeks get really red. Does this happen to anyone else? I haven't had any majorly huge, painful breakouts in the past two days which is great! I'm still picking a little which is not so great. My skin is finally noticeably less oily, yet not excessively dry. My lips are okay, but I feel like that is mainly because I am trying my best to stay on top of them with chapstick. I have been really tired and my eyes/contacts have been dry but that may be because I'm not gett
  16. Fairlie

    Day 2

    Day 2: I started Amnesteem 40mg yesterday! Woohoo! My dermatologist said I would be on it for 6 months, but that in some cases she would let people end after 5. She just doesn't recommend it because she believes that the 6th month is really what helps someone's acne stay away for good. I'm so excited to finally be starting this process. I'm kind of nervous for the initial breakout even though I'd rather it happen sooner than later so I can just be done with it. I don't think I'm experiencing
  17. bgh9080

    Day 38

    So, I was upped to 60mg by my dermatologist. Good things happening now: Clear skin - face and back are both almost completely clear. Almost no active spots. Cons: Dryness - crazy, crazy dryness still. Lips are SOOOO chapped. Last week my cheeks were peeling pretty bad. My skin is literally just like falling off my lips in chunks. I know that's gross to say, but man...it's bad.
  18. HI, So, I've been on Accutane ( Amnesteem 40 mg, once a day) for 2 full months now, starting my 3rd today. My experience with Accutane has been amazing - pretty much a life savior. I had pretty bad acne, but after a month of Accutane it was gone. Since then I've had maybe 7 pimples (which is awesome considering my past). Anyways, my derm doesn't let people continue Accutane in the summer because of sun exposure (honestly, I really really hate this) so I have to stop in June. That means I will
  19. Hello everyone, I have battled with acne since i was 14 and i am now 21.I have tried every prescription out there and have changed my diet completely. I am currently using Braggs ACV which has helped. I want to desperately go on accutane but I don't know if my insurance will cover it. I have Cigna HSA. Does anyone else have Cigna or know if it will cover or lower the cost? What insurance do you have and did it cover the cost? I am out of hope! Acne is a terrible disease and I wish it were fre
  20. I'm on my 8th week of Amnesteem (acctane). After the purge, i have some holes or kind of like indents, just like indication that the pore are no longer clogged, with they evenually heal further so its not so empty, so its more smooth? Thanks in advance. ps. respect for yall that do vlogs, before/after and videos publicly
  21. Hey everyone! I am a 27 yr. old female victim of acne for a good 7 years now. I remember always having a problem with acne but it really hit me hard when I was 20 & it has been my worst enemy ever since. Definitely at a point where I'm pretty sure I'm just destined to have acne. I feel like accutane is my last hope soo fingers crossed!! I was prescribed 20 mg of Amnesteem & I am on day 8. I am without a doubt in the "worse before it gets better" stage. Wake up every morning to
  22. Hello everyone. I am a 22 years old college student from Atlanta, and I am beginning Accutane (Amnesteem) journey tonight! My dermatologist put me on 60MG dosage with 40MG in the morning and 20MG at night. She also specifically wanted me to get Amnesteem instead of Claravis. My acne started when I was in middle school. It began with my forehead and went on my face. I've tried various antibiotics such as doxycycline and creams. Initially, those medications worked really well, and my acnes di
  23. Hello! I am a 20 year old female college athlete, and I am sick of my severe acne, just like everyone else! To be perfectly honest, I should have started Accutane back in high school when my dermatologist highly reccommended it because I truly had the worst cystic acne back then, but I was just too scared. It has left so many scars now, and my pores are freakin huge! My acne now is a lot better as far as the cystic and really painful stuff goes, but it is by no means good. There are sooo many bu
  24. Fairlie

    Day 8

    So I totally don't know why I didn't post last night because I totally had the tab open to! Anyways, yesterday was good. I'm noticing a little more redness. Past creams have made my whole face red, but this is just making my acne a lot more inflamed so far especially after washing. I probably use water that is too hot. I wore makeup for the first time in forever (and while on actuate) yesterday and felt pretty good about my skin! I just get nervous I shouldn't because it will clog my pores more
  25. Fairlie

    Day 6

    Sooo I'm more tired than normal today but not sure if that's due to work or the meds. Guess we'll never know. I definitely need to work on remembering to drink more water throughout the day as well! I've still been touching my face a lot, which I really need to focus on not doing! Hopefully its early enough in treatment that I won't have long term scarring or whatnot from it. My eyes have also been a little more dry and i'm hoping they don't become excessively dry because I wear contacts and hav