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Found 26 results

  1. Hi! I'm dealing with severe acne since I was 13. 7 years later I have tried everything on the market for acne. I've also taken several antibiotics for acne, and tried many topical creams and nothing worked. The only thing that is left for me to try is isotretinoin. I was so happy when I heard about it, thinking it would cure my acne for good. But after reading about isotretinoin online, I have found out that it contains soya oil, and that patients who are allergic to nuts and soya can't take thi
  2. Hello everyone! I've been on acne.org for quite some time as a non-user and I have to say I love the honesty of this community. I don't know what I would have done without it. Acne has been a severely lonely endurance.. In real life I do not know anyone else that has suffered like I suffered. So here is a little bit of a backstory (photos included), my skin was everything to me. I loved doing makeup artistry so I felt like my skin really complimented that. Just like some people like their eyes,
  3. Hey everybody I recently found out that oatmeal significantly clears up my skin. However, anybody else who has used oatmeal before will know that it is very messy. It clogs the sink, sometimes a piece of it gets left in my hair and later on somebody embarrassingly points it out It is also quite impractical for everyday use as sometimes i just cant be bothered to use it at 7am before school when im half awake. I need an alternative to oatmeal, anything natural really as i have SENSITIVE SK
  4. So I have been on the regimen for about 7 weeks, still breaking out but I believe there has been improvement. My problem is that for some reason adding steps to the regimen breaks me out I believe. When I started I was becoming super irritated from getting used to the PB as expected so I started using Jojoba oil and it took care of the flakyness BUT it broke me the f**k out. It could have been an initial break out from the treatment in general but I didn't want to risk it and I have not used it
  5. Does anyone have any alternatives to Spironolactone (Aldactone) for cystic acne in women that are safe to use during pregnancy (and when trying to conceive)? How long do you need to be off of Spironolactone before it is considered safe for conception? I have been taking it for a few years now, and currently take 50mg per day. It is the ONLY thing that has ever worked for my cystic acne aside from 2 rounds of Accutane when I was a teenager. (Accutane has horrible side effects however, and is a
  6. Hey guys. Im a fellow acne sufferer (since i turned 16 and coincidently when i started getting facial hair). I'm now 26, and my acne has progressed from severe to mild/moderate but persistent. In that time i have changed my diet, cut out spicy foods, chocolates and eggs and also some other stuff, although it has worked to a point i've never been clear. A huge change came when I started eating/drinking Psyllium husk with warm/hot water, to help prevent toxins accumulating in my digestive tract. M
  7. It seems as if every type of Acne treatment has a drawback, if it's topical the drawbacks can be dryness, irritation or some sort of skin alteration, if it's another type the drawbacks can be quiet tremendous, I'm on doxycycline 50mg once a day but while I'm waiting for that to kick in and I don't know if it will, it's been a month and 24 days, what can I do that poses no actual threat to my skin or my health that may clear my acne?
  8. Hello everyone, I would like to share with you a couple of ideas about acne and skin healing. Here’s the thing: There is much talk about the emotional side-affects of acne which can leave visible scars not only on the surface of the skin, but on the soul as well. However, what I have come to realize after my 15-year long struggle with acne, is that our emotions are not a result of acne, but rather a direct cause of skin breakouts. After much reading and studying, I have come to a conclusion t
  9. Long post ahead! I've been on this thread for a few years getting lots of great advice from you all on different things to try for my acne, from topical stuff to natural remedies, but since my hormonal acne hit it's peak over a year ago, it really seems absolutely nothing has helped! I'm pretty much at my wits end (and frankly getting to that depressed don't want to leave the house stage) so I am wanted to see if anyone has any recommendations which I haven't tried. At this point I'm willing to
  10. Like many people I am considering starting "The Regimen2 but found the products very costly to import into the UK.. Shipping and taxes alone nearly doubled the price of the actual order. So with a little digging I have found a subsitute for each of the products that I will require, at much lower costs than the DK versions. Prices have been rounded upto the nearest pound and do not include shipping. Cleanser: 'Cetaphil 236 ml Gentle Skin Cleanser' £8.00 Treatment: 'Panoxyl Aquagel 10' (40g)
  11. So, I don't have a drug plan or benefits and I have been using Differin for probably over 5 years now... they recently just raised the price of it and I would be having to fork up $120 for it... I'm not willing to do that, so what is an over-the-counter product that is the same as Differin? I really like Differin over benzoyl peroxide (so don't even mention that) because the benzoyl peroxide COMPLETELY dries out my skin (yes I use moisturizer with it, it doesn't make ANY difference). Please help
  12. Hi I don't know if anyone can help, I got a few questions as I'm just starting my regimen. 1. The moisturiser is a bit too greasy for me during the day, so I was wondering if there are any alternative SPF face/gentle moisturisers I can use for daytime use and then acneorg moisturiser in the night, I want SPF as I go on the sunbeds twice a week for 15 mins and i don't use any SPF on my face at the moment, just an accelerator. 2. I'm going to be cutting down on makeup but on days where I wear it
  13. Hey everyone, I'm new to this forum and was looking for some advice. I am a 26 year old female who has mild/moderate cystic acne. I've tried everything from OTC medicines, all natural remedies, proactive, prescription meds (retin A, anti fungal, antibiotics, etc) and nothing seems to help. There are times (like currently) where they aren't too inflamed and I don't need much to cover them up, but that typically means there's something creepin around the corner that's going to be 10x worse. They
  14. Hey everyone, I'm new to this forum and was looking for some advice. I am a 26 year old female who has mild/moderate cystic acne. I've tried everything from OTC medicines, all natural remedies, proactive, prescription meds (retin A, anti fungal, antibiotics, etc) and nothing seems to help. There are times (like currently) where they aren't too inflamed and I don't need much to cover them up, but that typically means there's something creepin around the corner that's going to be 10x worse. They
  15. Urine Therapy for Acne

    Some people use urine therapy as an alternative and free treatment for acne. Urine consists mainly of water but also contains a compound called urea and salts in small amounts. Whether this "watered-down" mixture can help acne is unclear, but based on what we know about the compounds and properties of urine, it is unlikely to help. History of Urine Therapy Although urine therapy is unusual in modern-day, conventional medicine, people used it throughout history to treat...
  16. Let me be honest: out of the desperation and frustration that we all know too well, I decided to self-medicate with Vitamin A supplements (the "pre-formed", animal source, since the precursor form, beta-Carotene, is converted only on a need-basis and thus cannot reach therapeutic/toxic concentrations per kg of body weight). I am 23, female, moderate acne (with a history of severe cystic). 5'7" and 115 lbs. I've been taking at least 10,000 iu / day, with some days at 50,000. I take it with fo
  17. Hello All . So I'm a 17 year old and have had moderate to severe acne. I HAVE TAKEN EVERYTHING YOU HAVE NO IDEA. OXY WHATVER TO RETIN A TO DOXCYCLINE just everything everything. You have no idea i've done everything.Well I finally got prescribed Accutane (Claravis) took it for id say 2-3 weeks (40 MG) and OMG IT WAS NEARLY ALL GONE SERIOUSLY EVERYTHING a girl even said my skin looked "FLAWLESS" but it insanely chapped my lips and made them peel and cracked the corners of my lips.Howver at times
  18. I don't normally post on Blogs however over the past several years I had Acne problems so I turned to the internet to get some advice which help me out tremendously, so in turn I would like to share what I did to get rid of my acne. Over the past numerous years I would get acne around my chin area. I went to the doctor and a dermatologist and they both said it was Rosacea. I was prescribed Pills and Creams (Minocycline, Tetro, etc...sorry for the spelling) for years and years. Along with th
  19. Hi guys, I'm back with a new blog. After my failed attempt at an Accutane course and a lot of soul-searching, I'm attempting to use a combination of low-risk, proven conventional treatments and clinically researched alternative treatments to try to clear my acne. I have already tried a LOT of treatments, ranging from the conventional to the hippie to the kind-of-crazy, and have had various degrees of success. However I still have not found a long-term solution I can tolerate or I would
  20. my breakthrough PEOPLE SAY DIET IS UNRELATED TO ACNE. ITS NOT FRIGGIN TRUE!!!!!! -DAIRY can cause acne due to added hormones -TOO MUCH CAFFEINATED DRINKS causes increased sebaceous gland activity, more sebum, more comedonal and pustule acne! -Delayed food allergies are among the most common causes of acne. Foods like gluten, dairy, yeast, and eggs can be problems if you have a leaky gut. list goes ON. seriously. firstly i want to encourage everyone to please carefully evaluate their
  21. I started doing acupuncture for my acne on my face about 2 months ago, and have been going once a week since then. My acupuncturist believes my acne is hormonal and is why the ointments and antibiotics haven't helped it much and only suppress or hide them temporarily. I stopped taking them a month ago and my face has really reddened and broken out, to the point I constantly worried about how it looks. I haven't seen much change in my face for the better, but I have noticed that my overall mood a
  22. This may be dirty, disgusting, strange, but very relaxing.... This is a nature's treatment that could work for acne... Anyone well ever taken a mud bath? Or played in the mud before? Like I said this may sound bit dirty and messy... I've read few things about profesional spa mud bath and it says that it removes toxins from the body, cleans pores, and rejuvinates your body... I personally myself love getting muddy-dirty. I have gotten muddy, but never ever been immersed in an actual mud b
  23. Hello people, Thought I would make a recomendation of an amazing moisturizer for people in the UK For ages now I have been using this on mornings, why? It moisturizes well, leaves a matt finish (doesn't shine at all) it hasn't got any junk in it, it's great! Eucerin Dermo Purifyer Hydrating Care It's available from boots, and it also contains Licorice extract, the same great stuff in the acne.org moisturizer that gives it it's yellow colour. I would give this a try if you need a mo
  24. Hey guys, can you help me locate where I can find the drugstore products that Dan recommends other than the regimen! I can't seem to find it. Please post the link below.
  25. Hello, I was just wondering if anyone had found any successful or semi-successful alternatives to using benzoyl peroxide? I was on the regimen for a year and a half and although it cleared up much (but never all) of my acne it also made my skin so massively red and dry (despite liberal use of moisturiser and jojoba oil) that it didn't really look any better than the original acne, especially because the dryness made it really difficult to cover the redness with make-up. I gradually stopped u