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Found 10 results

  1. I realized that I didn't post nearly as often last round of accutane (lol I just told my computer to add this word to dictionary bc its such a huge part of my vocab that I have to use so often now). I posted maybe 7 times up until day 40 then the day of my last pill. Am I handling this round differently? Different schedule? I think I feel the need to document this round as best as possible just in case I end up taking acc a third facking time and need to remember what side effects are normal, no
  2. I've had acne since the age of about 10. I feel so alone. In fifth grade, people would say a lot of stuff about my skin because everyone was immature and I was the only one with blemishes. I remember some kid at the lunch table I was sitting at would say thing like pimple face to me and I burst out crying and my whole class saw... Terrible memory ( . I am now in 7th grade, and I'm still almost the only one in my grade with as much acne as me. It's all over my forehead, my cheeks, temples, ch
  3. Hi guys. I've just got back from my GP for the 10000000000th time this year and once again he hasn't listened to me. I have moderate acne but I keep it controlled by doing the regimen 2 or even 3 times a day (My skin is EXTREMELY oily). Ive had acne since I was 14, and now being nearly 19 I am sick to death of it. I get social anxiety, depression and sometimes even think horrible thoughts on how it is effecting me and nobody at all takes me seriously. I've tried every single topical, cream, anti
  4. Someone tries to tell you it's not that bad, and all you can feel is hate. You hate yourself. And you hate that they will never understand. Because they will never have to feel what it's like. you try to make yourself feel nothing, so you don't have to feel the constant wanting to be anything but who you are. What you are. Because everyone is disgusted by you. Pretty soon it works. All wrong. You feel nothing but that, wanting to be anything but what you are. You can't love anyone. But you can't
  5. So for the past 5 years I have been living with severe extreme acne. It's torn my life apart, made me a shell of my former self and has made me a recluse. But what does living with extreme severe acne really feel like? It makes you hate yourself, the way you look, the way you feel. It leaves you with crippling depression, with no hope for the future. You feel lost, alone, empty. You can try every diet, regime, products there are out there - all will and have failed.
  6. Hey everyone.. Ive been reading acne.org posts for a long time but just decided to create an account. Where do i start?im a 21 yrs old male, and ive been struggling with acne for almost 6 years now. I am currently on Accutane for the 3rd time. Yes, 3rd time. The first 2 times worked but the acne would come back after 5-6 months. The last time i was on Accutane was almost 2 years ago and the only period of my life in which i was feeling comfortable was after that first treatment, because my skin
  7. I have made some posts here last year about my acne scars. I showed pictures of my bare face and pictures where the lighting accentuated my acne. I spoke of seeing a dermatologist and having a treatment set in place. Then I vanished. Well, I went through a lot of life changes, quit one job out of my two, became unbearably broke, picked up another shitty job, became depressed/overworked/stressed and decided to move my entire life to New Jersey. My skin and treatment have all but gone out the
  8. I spent Christmas day alone. It's hard to fathom how far I've fallen in a year. My skin issues are back and in many ways worse than ever. I ended up buying a short novel involving plants, mysticism and a life transition. I read for at least five hours and the book made me feel positive and hopeful. Then the next day I was back to feeling self-anger and self-loathing. And also wishing I could go back and avoid all that I'm dealing with now. These feelings are pretty constant and dominant. An
  9. Right, I'm having a bit of a hard time right now and instead of continuing to struggle through alone, surrounded by 'clear-skinned-"it's not that bad" people', I thought I'd give this a go. It might be a little whiny and probably super self pitying but I haven't had the chance to tell anyone how I'm really feeling for a few months now so consider this truthful word-vomit. So about two years ago, I went on Accutane. Before those little miracle pills, I had red cysts all down my cheekbones an
  10. I've struggled with acne since about 5th grade and I'm currently a senior in high school. Nothing has ever seemed to work for me, and i've tried a lot!!! I hate my acne because it makes me feel so self conscious, and lonely. Nobody I know has bad acne so nobody understands when I talk about how much it sucks! My friends just say "its fine" when deep down its really hurting me. Looking in the mirror sometimes just makes me cry because how much my acne upsets me. I have tried loads of products and