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Found 500 results

  1. I have been using the Acne.org AHA and BP on my back nightly for over a year now. In the beginning, it was a lifesaver and my back was 100% clear. I would say that the acne started coming back in the past six months and I have not changed anything that I do. I layer the AHA and BP every single night and wash with the acne.org cleanser. I am getting pimples with this regimen now, and this past month was particularly bad with painful, hard blemishes that leave hyperpigmentation and will probably
  2. Hi, I recently orded the AHA+ lotion and I'd like to incorporate it into the regime it's used in place of the moisturizer if I'm not mistaken, but how often should I use it?
  3. Its time...I dont wanna say it, but its time... No matter what i do, it doesn't get better... No matter how hard i try, it doesn't get better....I guess its just time to face it. I've lost. Time to face the truth and try to accept this pathetic ugly life of mine. Im just gonna go on and continue without love or friends, or being called handsome or cute, cause that is just impossible now. Damage has been done. It LITERALLY looks like i just came from a battlefield, it looks like i got sliced a
  4. So it's taken me a month to even find the courage to make my first post on here. But in reality that's barely surprising considering the complete & utter bullshit that is my pointless existence. If any of you out there think that things are bad & that you've wasted so much time & energy on this never-ending struggle, well, at least this should give you some retrospective hope in that you haven't fucked everything up anywhere near as epicly as I have. I once had a future along with al
  5. Hey, So i've been doing pretty well lately with eating healthier and such. Skin is better, acne is better, blahblahblah. Anyway, I was wondering if anyone had any realtively simple ideas for making sauces and dressings (preferably thick and tasty, haha) that could be used on salads, salmon fillets, chicken, etc. The more I eat the same meals, the more I realize that I would really love to spice things up with a good, healthy sauce or dressing. I can't seem to find any though. Any sugges
  6. Hello everyone, just joined this forum, but I've been browsing for a while now. Wanted to start a log to have somewhere to keep track of what I've been doing, what's been working, goals, etc. Luckily, I'm not absolutely hellbent on being 100% clear, which I think can only help people in many direct and indirect ways. However, my goals are to be able to stop using the creams my dermatologist has prescribed for me. I've been using benzoyl peroxide creams for about six years now, and wh
  7. Followed the instructions word for word and got great results. I used to have a couple days of clear skins and weeks of pimples. Now it is reversed and I have a couple of days of small, manageable pimples and most days & weeks I have clear skin! I'm sure I could make it go away completely and keep it away if I still used it everyday but I use the regimen once a week now that I have used it straight for 3 months. Also, I just want to give a shout out to the AHA+. It feels so great
  8. Well decided to start one of these for the first time. First came to this site in early 2009 and have read many of these before! I'll start with typical description of my acne history.... Started getting acne when I was about 17. Didn't really know anything about it so pretty much went a year without doing anything to treat it because I just thought it would go away as I got older. Started to get pretty severe when I turned 19 so I started searching on the internet about it and found this si
  9. I just joined this community because I wanted to share my story, and I hope I can help people with my information. My skin type: Olive-medium colored skin, oily, sensitive. My breakouts were on my forehead (after working out), cheeks, jaw line and sometimes reached down to my neck. They ranged from small pus pockets to cystic. I'm female, so they also did flare up even more before my menstrual cycle, so it could have been a hormonal thing as well. Not really sure. I've tried: P
  10. So I had a developing papule/pustule on my cheek, and thought that putting a tea tree soaked plaster on it overnight would help. Well, it made it come to head very quickly, but now I have a red square from the plaster haha. It's a little embarrassing since it's obvious what I did. Is there anything I can do to reduce the redness? I don't think I'm allergic to the adhesive... I definitely won't be doing that again though.
  11. My 8 year quest to discover the proper way to remove blackheads (and at this point I know dramatic changes can only happen long term) has yielded no successful results lol. So I would really appreciate if I could just hear of at least one individual in this community who really was able to remove most of their blackheads (my nose looks like a stippling project that I did in art class while I was a kid), and how.. Thank you so much Note: Oh yeah, so my skincare regimen is; -Cleanse
  12. The worst thing ever happened today. I realized I am leaving town tomorrow, and I am totally out of treatment. My new shipment is soposed to arrive the day after tomorrow. So instead of suffering 4 days without treatment and the diassterous consequences, I had more of the treatment overnight shipped to my destination. During this dabacle, I realized I can't exactly remember when I started started this regemin, I think it was in 2004. Is that possible? Perhaps it was even before that.
  13. Its going well i don't really break out anymore but my skin is still dry and flaky. I added the jojoba oil 2 weeks ago so my skin has not been too dry but its still kind of flaky. I plan on adding the AHA in 2 weeks. But here is my question. 2 weeks ago i had a spot coming up with a lump under the skin but it did not come to a head it did leave a bit of a red mark but the lump is still underneath the skin. Its not sore but i;m guessing the regimen is keeping it under the skin as usually i ge
  14. So finally, after so many months, I feel like I finally have a regimen that is STARTING to work for me. It is: AM: Panoxyl 4% BP wash Duac Cerave Moisturizing Lotion PM: Panoxyl 4% BP wash Ziana Cerave Moisturizing Lotion I recently purchased Alpha Hydrox foaming cleanser and Alpha Hydrox enhanced cream (10% glycolic acid), on a whim, after I remembered I read good reviews about them. I used the cleanser the other night with my Ziana and cerave lotion and it made my face feel
  15. For those of you who plan to bring a side to a family member's house or are stuffing turkeys yourselves: What's your mode of action? Thanksgiving is fast approaching and I will be doing a large majority of the cooking. Boyfriend wants to do mango turkey, I'm thinking about making some kind of lightly cooked cranberry dish, something with sweet potatoes, a large salad, and some kind of dessert(s). Maybe I'll attempt to make zuchini noodles with soup as I haven't tried that yet. I think a
  16. Hi everyone, i have become a frequent poster on here, haha. Basically i want to know, which foods i can eat which will help my fight against acne, but will also enable me to gain weight as i am 5'6 and weigh 9 and a half stone. Any ideas?, thanks everyone.
  17. Hi everyone! I'm using Retin-A Micro .04% and I'm taking 500mg of Amoxicillin. I've had acne since I was in 8th grade and it was so embarrassing. I remember this one kid in class asking me if I had herpes, because I get acne around my mouth. Ever since then I've been self-conscious about it and hoping people wont think I have herpes. (Thanks, kid from 8th grade!) It wasn't until about a year ago, my senior year in high school, that I decided to go to my family doctor about it. I had tri
  18. I started the acne.org regimen about 3 weeks ago and it has done a decent job for the most part at keeping my cheeks and the rest of my face clear, with red marks still fading, but it does not seem like the bp is helping me with my jawline and even less with upper neck acne.. iv had quite a few breakout on my neck before and after starting the regimen and they have not stopped.- i get usually 1 or 2 new zits on my neck every day and it is very frustrating because im following the regimen like im
  19. Hi everybody, I'm new on the forum just to let you know. I had acne when I was like 18 I took Accutane equivalent in France and worked pretty well, I was clear until my 25. Now I'm 25 and I don't know what the fuck is going on, I'm breaking out like if I was a teenager. The thing is I use to model and now I can't work anymore. I moved to Miami 2 years ago by myself from France. During the first 6 months in Miami, nothing happened, my skin was perfect but one day I had one zeet and an
  20. I remember reading or hearing something about how Dan likes using AHAs better than BHAs. Why is this? What are the benefits he sees with AHAs that he doesn't see with BHAs?
  21. Hi I have been on the regimen for 3 weeks now and it has cleared up most of my acne, however I am still only using around half a finger length of BP. I tried using more in week two (3/4 and even one full finger) but my skin went REALLY flaky and tight. Then with extra moisturiser and jojoba oil to make up for the dryness it just looked really oily like a mess. With more BP i found the fumes would sting my eyes even when I avoided the eye area. I tried this for around 4 days until I couldn't h
  22. hello everyone, I've been using dan's BP and for a few years just as a spot treatment, (which worked up until now) but recently feel the need to step up and go full regimen, mostly due to not having completely clear skin any longer. so, i have some questions/concerns: My skin seems to be somewhat sensitive so i've started using only a small amount of BP at first, just at night. I already have redness, but its localized to the corners of my mouth. it itches and makes me look weird haha. i'm j
  23. Hey everyone! New to posting in the scar forum. I've just recently started to get my active acne under control (still not 100%, but getting there!). I never really noticed my scarring before, until I started clearing up. I expected beautiful amazing skin once I started clearing, but that's not the case. Even on clear days, my skin is just plain ugly (and kind of old looking, I'm 25 btw). I'm currently using Retin-A and Dan's AHA (10%). In your opinion, should I incorporate another product int
  24. Due to what I think is a hormonal breakout centered around my chin/jaw area, I've decided that shaving with a regular razor may just add more irritation. I'm ready to buy a trimmer, but first I have some questions. Any recommendations regarding what trimmer to buy? I had my eye on this: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B004QWST7Y And is it really a less irritating shave? This pic (http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/41m6yAWaHaL._AA300_.jpg) makes it seem as if a trimmer shaves close enough to the
  25. I find topical retinoids crap for the two reasons: 1.they occur only in a form of non-hydrating gels which make skin peel and dry 2.the are terribly expensive AHA acids for a change,are very cheap if you buy them separately,not in a form of some marketed creams and gels and produce cosmetics based on them yourself (30grams on mandelic acid that lasts forever costs like 5 dollars) and you can and hydrating ingredients like cheap glycerin or even better but expensive hyaluronic acid(strong