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Found 500 results

  1. OK guys, after spending about 3-4 months trying to figure this out myself, I'm officially sending out a cry of help! History: *21 yr old female. *Acne for about 8 years now. *Started off mild, then was medium/severe when I was 14-17, toned down a bit at 18 but WAS NEVER EVER completely clear. *Have been battling with VERY persistent mild/moderate acne. *Rarely get cysts, maybe 2/3 times a year. *Mostly pustules/whiteheads/blackheads etc. *NO SPECIFIC ONE AREA OF BREAKOUTS.. that is I get
  2. I'm a guy and exfoliating is new to me. I have dry skin and A LOT of flaking and dead skin cells (lotion only helps so much). How do I exfoliate/clean and increase cell turnover without drying my face further? I've been thinking about using a turmeric/lemon juice blend for my scars but would that exfoliate and get rid of flakes? Afterwards I would wash it off and apply my treatment (currently trying zinc oxide + sulfur cream) followed by my AHA lotion or some other lotion. I have sensitive skin
  3. im able to not pick my acne, but when u start washing ur face, and those pus filled nodule accidently burst, i tend to get excited about squeezing the crap outta them and get rid of all the damn toxic. i am nodule prone. my face produces pus like no other, i swear if those pus are oil i will be the richest man on this world! haha, all jokes aside, so what do u do when this happens? or rather, what SHOULD we do?
  4. I've started using Alpha Hydroxy Lotion 10% (NOT Dan's AHA) at night. A couple minutes after I put it on my face, I put Benzoyl Peroxide on any active pimples as spot treatment. My skin hasn't seemed to react badly to it, but I'm wondering if this is too much for my skin? Should I apply one before the other, or only one at a time? Anybody use both at the same time?
  5. So the day before yesterday I received the AHA+ and I've used it twice before bedtime now. I have hypersensitive eczema skin with whiteheads on my cheeks, so I was fully prepared to be crying from the pain As I read everywhere that the AHA+ stings like a mofo and causes tons of redness... But ehm...nothing happened? I washed my face thoroughly with cleansing oil and then applied the AHA+ and braced myself...but nothing happened! There was the tiniest bit of stinging, but other than that, noth
  6. I have had 2 jessner peels 4 laser resurfacing and numerous microderm abrasions and the scars are not only still there but almost unchanged! I have tried dermal rolling aha peels topical scar creams and juvederm injections. I am now going to try the the new plasma with fiber matrix injections, will this work or am I just kidding myself and wasting my money?
  7. So i've been been around this forum for about 6 years now, but i never got to talk about myself, so now ill talk about whats been going on with me these past few years, for those that actually care of course. I'm 18 years old, am an Asian male, and started to get acne around grade 7. Im not trying to flatter myself but ive always been perceived as "lang jai" which means good looking in cantonese haha. However, ive always lacked confidence throughout highschool years because of acne, to the poin
  8. ok so ive been on the regimen for about 11 months now i think. anyways though i have made vast improvements from where i had started, i still breakout a little and i have "few" red marks, also im noticing few fine lines. anyways i want something more exfoliating i tried dans aha before and i didnt really like it as it seemed to break me out into little spots. though i LOVE eucerin but dont think its as moisturising on my very very dry days. anyhow i use a mixture of eucerin and emu oil in t
  9. It keeps my forehead 100% clear and I love it. I think the skin has thinned to some degree but I can live with that. I do have atopic dermatitis (eczema) or something like that on my cheeks. I've heard that TANNING BEDS can be really beneficial to that condition. Since AHA can make my skin more susceptible to sunburns, do you think it's safe to use a tanning bed? Will my forehead fall off? I haven't had any problems in the summer time, but the sun isn't that hot here either... Nor have I ever
  10. I normally wash my face once a day (at night, to remove makeup) with cetaphil gentle cleanser and then apply some of their mositurizer. I'd like to move into more natural products, and after reading that post about washing your face twice (to remove makeup and then clean the skin) I feel like maybe I should be adding in jojoba oil so my dry/sensitive/acne prone skin doesn't become irritated and well...dry. I'm *thinking* remove makeup with jojoba oil Then cleanse with cetaphil (for now, will p
  11. Back at the end of January, I started the Regimen and was, ultimately, able to get 99% clear in about two months. During the third month, I started breaking out, not in pimples, but in these weird rashes (almost like contact dermatitis) that I attributed to the weather heating up and microbeads of sweat getting trapped under the thick coat of BP. Last week, I stopped using the Regimen because these rashes were worse than my acne was and started using hydrogen peroxide instead. This worked well
  12. I'm 23, and have experienced mild and moderately bad acne at various times (even clear skin for a month straight once!) during the last 12 years. Being as I have tried five topicals, 6 types of birth control and mini-pills, a diabetic diet lasting 6 months, a no-white food, no bad carb, and very balanced diet lasting a whole year, etc, etc, etc...I have decided to just get to the last resort method, Accutane. My family doc listened patiently as I exhausted myself explaining every option I've
  13. I have just recieved Dan's AHA and I am looking forward to using it. I suffer from a lot of blackheads, dryness and red/brown marks since I have started using the regimen. Why does Dan recommend using AHA not BHA when BHA actually exfoliates in the poor also? Which one is the most effective for blackheads? Also, have you had good experiences with AHA reducing dryness and red/brown marks?
  14. my pores are huge and clog every single day with dry hard sebum. I also have rosacea so I try to treat my skin with a gentle cleanser but it ends up clogging my pores. Its mostly in my chin and around my mouth and I could literally go around my whole face with my tweezer picking out the sebum thats wedged in my pores..Its the kind that a greasy wax like plug that you mostly get around your nose, well i get them all in my chin and I cant figure out how to stop them from forming once I get them
  15. Hey everyone! I live in Australia so I only just got the Acne.org products shipped over. It's only been less than week since I've started the Regimen and so far it's been alright. My skin seems to be taking the Benzoyl Peroxide well, but today I noticed that my skin has been really red and stinging a lot; I think I'm going to try and reduce the amount of BP for now : ) Just a question, I have lots of pimples and subclinical acne bumps on my forehead and since I've been on the regimen I've just
  16. So I know it's a diuretic....and it's supposed to make you pee...but I was wondering if it ever wears off haha. I'm only on day 2...but I have to pee like every 45-60 mins right after taking it...it's pretty annoying...especially since I substitute teach..and can't really leave the room to go pee!!
  17. I'm 15, a girl, mild-moderate bacne (right now 3-4 larger red inflamed spots and a few dozen tiny red-brown spots, no cysts) posted here a few times before mainly venting anger and stress and "cures" I "thought" were working Have tried many different products, nothing has worked, bacne for two years, life=hell especially in summer, really frustrated (( I finally went to the derm (after my ****** mother refused to allow me to order dan's AHA because I am fairly confident that it will help) and
  18. So I've been mainly clear for about 6 months now and really slowing down on the need to use BP, I don't follow the regimen very much at all besides applying BP, and trying to switch to just AHA+. I've remained clear through those changes but just in the last week I've had the worst breakout, and really the only substantial breakout I've had in a long time. I did get food poisoning before this breakout. Two days before, I'd say. I was vomiting, had a bad fever and was just weak for 2 1/2 day
  19. **GAHH JUST REALIZED I SPELT PLEDGE WRONG! I do actually know how to spell it though, just a typo...AHAHA**** Well, basically they screwed up my account. So now I have to wait another THIRTY DAYS (well, actually thirty two) before I get accutane!! I was going to start June 7th. Now it's June 20th. Two weeks LATER. Are you kidding me right now? And the doctor got mad at them, but they won't change it. So screw you Ipledge, I hate you. I'm gonna try to look on the bright side though.... At leas
  20. Hello, I was thinking about using Dan's AHA lotion for PIH. I'm using Duac & Differin so would it be okay to use all 3 together? Anybody have any input on Dan's AHA? Thanks!
  21. Hi people, i am currently on accutane/ro-accutane/isotretition (whatever you want to freekin call it) anyway I have found shaving a little bit of a struggle, i mean because the skin is so fragile and red and irritated and dry, shaving cannot help the situation surely. Anyway at the moment ii am shaving with wilkinson sword hydro blade and hydro shave gel to try to hydrate my skin as much as possible. This seems to be working ok but i still get breakout after shaving, ahhh sooo annoying wh
  22. Just wondering if anyone as tried the Alpha hydrox oil free treatmant gel 10% gylcolic AhA with the regimen? If so how does it compare to the lotion? I cant find any reviews on it the website.
  23. hahaha it does cause you to break out, wtf it all depends on your skin and if you smoke ofcourse youll get hungry and eat alot of junk food thats what causes acne cause you eat unheathly food its not the weed. i know alot of stoners that smoke daily and dont break out
  24. I recently started to breakout on my arm (upper and lower). It looks horrible Its ruining my life, I'm so embarrassed to meet my friends and my self confidence drops down the hole.. My face is clear tho. My chest and back has 4-5 small zits which doesn't bother me much since I'm wearing clothes when I go out anyways. But I have dozens of blackheads, whiteheads and pimples on my whole arm. And wearing long sleeve clothing to hide it looks stupid in a humid country like where I'm staying. Seems
  25. Has anyone compared Proactiv Glycolic Acid toner with the Regimen's AHA? Which is better? Because I've had great results using the proactiv toner in conjunction with the Regimen's BP. I am not sure how a switch to Dan's AHA would turn out. Also I am not sure how to fit the AHA into my routine since I dont use the Regimen's official moisturizer. Any suggestions? Currently I am using BP on very persistent problem areas in the morning, then Proactiv Toner (entire face & neck) in the evening an