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Found 500 results

  1. I have been on Dan's for about a month, got into AHA a week ago, makes my skin feel softer and I think I'm slowly getting better though I still have cysts and scarring. The derm this morning prescribed me Ziana to be used every other night initially and Dorxy 150mg. My question is..should I still use the regimen (wash + bp + moisturize) in the mornings and (wash+bp+AHA) at nights before I transition to Ziana every night? Any advice or experience with this is greatly appreciated thank you!
  2. On my body, i see no bumps at all, just a bunch of red marks, but some are from acne. my body is very clear of bumps but i see alot of red dots n stuff, what is this? i tryed BP AHA and loads of things, i eat healthy, i shower twice. my face is pretty clear as well, no acne at all. Could it be the heat i live in Fresno,California and the heat is always above 90? nothing seems to clear it, help its on my arms, chest, neck and back.
  3. Introduction So my skin has recently suffered from an allergic reaction (or so I think, because when looked at more closely it doesn't really look like acne, and it itches!) that has left me with the worst skin I've had in my life. I could post pictures if you want, but the quality of my camera is not enough to justify the intensity of it. Basically, I already had acne on my forehead, and then I suddenly got horrible acne on my cheeks and chin (places where I've never broken out before) and a fe
  4. I am over a month into the regimen and currently cleanse in the morning with purpose gentle cleanser, then apply BP, then olay complete for sensitive skin spf15 (for the sun). At night I wash with purpose, apply BP, and dan's AHA+. Now, I have extremely dry and flaky skin so I read a lot on these forums and tried jojoba oil..I tried massaging jojoba oil pre-BP in the morning and such but i think it broke me out! I am afraid of breaking out with jojoba oil so i have not being using it again. I co
  5. So this may seem like a dumb post...but I'm going to make it anyway haha. So about 3 years ago I started to get nodules that would form on my chin and forehead the week before my period....so I assumed they were hormonal. Well I've been on 3 different kinds of BC in the past year and none has helped. My regular doctor seems to think that nodules are caused from bacteria, and wants me to take minocycline. I'm really scared to take that first of all. Second of all, do you think she is right, or a
  6. hey! i started the regime one year ago. used 3 % BP 1-2 times a day, gentle cleanser, moisturizer and different kinds of oils for dryness. now i'm kind of clear but with red spots and uneven skin tone, lots of dryness (still), and always at least 1-3 active (huge!) whiteheads. even though BP did help me a lot, i can't help but get the feeling that it's too harsh and doing kind of the same amount of bad as good to my skin. so i started to dream of the huge step of leaving BP or using it not s
  7. Everyone Wish me luck, Hopefully I will be acnefree in 6 weeks!!
  8. As the title says I've been using the regimen for about 10 years now since I found it online when Dan had the old website. By and large I've been clear for most of the time but I still breakout every so often probable from missing a day here and there. I'm 35 this summer and to be honest I'm browned off putting BP on my face night and day from here on in. I honestly don't know how bad my acne is any more as its been that long without medicating. I've had acne since I think around 16, nothing m
  9. Hey everyone So my regimens doing me okay, but I'm not seeing the full results I'm really wanting. It's really frustrating. I need a regimen that can help takle all of my problems Current skin problems: dry skin, redness, unevenskin tone, red marks, clogged pores, few random pimples and a few blackheads Current regimen: cerave cleanser, redness clearing serum, finacea, aha enhanced lotion, cerave cream and green tea mask on spots Stuff I have avaible; differin .1 cream, aczone, sodium sulf
  10. After posting my blog post (which I will paste in below), I realized that I have no interest in blogging, LOL, and pretty much deserted it. I think I'd have better accountability at not picking and being good to my skin if it's daily/weekly/whatever thoughts quickly jotted down than via a blog post. So, here goes. This was my first post from Feb 3rd: I'm so not a blogger, but I wanted to keep track of what works/doesn't work in my fight to beat adult acne. I'm a 35yo female who has had acne of
  11. Hey guys, I've had enough trouble trying to find the proper Derm to go to, so I was thinking about maybe seeing an Esthetician. My friends mom is a licensed esthetician and has a business where she gives laser treatments, facials and peels and threading/waxing, all that good stuff, but I've only gone to her like twice, and that's for eyebrow threading only. I feel kind of awkward talking to her about skin care cause she's like my bestfriend's mother, especially since I used to have pretty clear
  12. Can I use my glycolic cleanser with a mandelic acid serum? I think there both aha's? I dont have any irritation from the cleanser fyi. THANKS!
  13. hi guys so i started using dans aha the other day. i know they say that you can use it every couple nights to replace the moisturizer as the aha serves as a moisturizer itself....but for me it seems that just the aha is not enough to moisturize my face, after i apply the aha my face feels dry in some spots....can i still use dans moisturizer on the spots that feel dry ontop of the aha or is that bad? i heard moisturizer ontop of aha will lock in the dead skin cells?
  14. Hey everyone, well I'm a 16 year old girl & my acne is borderline severe. Because of this, I always coverup my blemishes during the day and cake powder on till it looks semi-good. Honestly, I don't even see the point of covering it anymore considering that throughout the day is seems to seep through anyway and show my acne at it's very best, of course. I have a few active papules, a few active pumps, and a lot of red marks & scars. I'm hoping that by going without my face makeup, my face
  15. 1st time poster, long time creeper on these forums/ site. just wanted some help if any of these ingredients in the profile of the product are bad for your skin. it says non comedongenic but i was noticing some new closed comedones on my face since i've started using it. but i've also started to use a new moisturizer (cetaphil with sp15) could it be the toner or the moisturizer that could be causing this? i know that there's a lot of factors but if u guys can help by looking at the ingredient p
  16. How do you guys go about doing this, as most webshops or online pharmacies will not ship many products to Canada and it's really frustrating!! I realize there are Canadian brand equivalents, but I am after very specific products and having an extremely difficult time finding them: - DDF Glycolic 10% Toning Complex - NeoStrata Lotion Plus AHA 15 - PCA SKIN Pigment Gel - Glytone Acne Gel - Glytone Exfoliating Body Wash I cannot seem to find a single online retailer or drugstore that stock
  17. For those who've used AHA+ without the BP.... How long did it take for an initial breakout to occur, and for it to go away? also does using AHA+ help with small raised bumps (I think are whiteheads) ? They're clustered on one spot and some of them are under the skin , and even if I squeeze them they don't come out. Does the AHA+ help with small comedones also? I have lots of them... they give my skin a rough appearance. And what about on scars? any help would be great
  18. Just curious, if I use AHA+ right out of the shower after toweling would it reduce efficacy?
  19. I've been on the regimen for a little bit over 3 weeks now. I don't experience hardly any flaking, except around the eyebrows. However, my main problem has always been Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (PIH). In fact, that's how I found myself in this mess to begin with, but that's a long story. Basically, I want to use Olay Complete with SPF 15 in the daytime, because you're supposed to wear some SPF to reduce PIH. Additionally, at night I want to use Dan's AHA because apparently it
  20. On the first week of my regimen. I forgot if I put BP on my neck too. But I put aha+ and jojoba oil on my neck for sure There was like one day that I woke up feeling like my face and my neck were so dry So I stop using aha+ because I thought it was the cause But after I came to the forum The way to get rid of dryness is to use jojoba oil and aha+ So I did. From the flakecity on my face, It's all smooth now. But my neck is still a flakecity. So I put more and more. It burns a little. But I
  21. My nose/area around nose is dry (when scrunch it the pores look large, dry, and the skins a little scaly), when I scrunch my forehead it looks red, irritated, and takes a while for the wrinkles to disappear again, it also has some hardly noticeable shiny dry patches. Nose and forehead tend to get shiny with oil fast. If I stretch my nose I notice small bumps right under it, probably blackheads. I can see some small bumps on forehead to, that usually turn red. Any recommendations? I'm today s
  22. Ah finally can post pictures! Im technologically savy after all! Well not really... Anyway so this photo is the reason why Im not as popular as other girls Though photobooth has bad lighting so yay for not making it not look as bad. I was picking at my skin so I have a lot of marks. Gah! I just want to be clear. Any who this was taken previously in the day before I had a piano recital so my hair was all curled. I suppose that last bit was not needed. Oh well... now look upon the photo! Haha
  23. hi guys so background information, my names sophie and im a 18 year old girl who only had mild acne which was easily kept under control with benzaclin and differin until about a year and a half ago. in feb 2010 i started to break out ALOT and it didnt subside no matter what topicals and antibiotics were prescribed. just 2 weeks ago i went back to the derm and was prescribed accutane! ipledge is a pain and im not going to get my prescription until july 9th (i had all my bloodwork done may 28t
  24. Okay, so I'm starting the regimen tonight! I am a 21 year old female, and I am getting married at the end of August! I have used BP (the neutrogena kind) for awhile, but not to this extent. I have been on accutane TWICE, and yes, I still get acne (though not as bad) I just started birth control again (the brand is Lutera) and that seemed to make me breakout quite bad, but it has died down some after the first month. I hope my body regulates here in the next few months. Right now I have clogged
  25. So.. I feel like this is kinda silly but maybe someone else out there is having this same thought.. Why did my derm start me on 20mg a day? Does this mean that I will have to stay on it longer because of such a low dosage for a month? I do realize that I am not a dermatologist AND I probably don't even know HALF of what most of what you guys know, but what I do know is that 20mg is kinda low for my weight of 120lbs (right????! lol) From what I've gained from reading and researching as much as