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Found 500 results

  1. I'm just finishing week 2 of the Regimen and I've been seeing improvement. Let me note that I started with light/mild acne. I'm 24 and have had acne since I was a teenager and it improved with time, but within the past year, I started breaking out with large, painful pimples. Just as expected, the BP has been making my skin dry and flaky. I use AHA to help exfoliate (Clean and Clear Soft Night Moisturizer...I stocked up, I know it's discontinued). It has been helping, but I had dead skin come o
  2. Hey guys.. I'm the type of person to constantly reflect on my routine / diet / acne picking and see where im going wronig and right.. I knew sunscreen shoulda been somewhere there but i always thought it was too greasy and would break me out hence why bother? I don't know why i didn't put it together but i've been relatively acne free give or take a few zits ( i use to have 20+) but unfortunetly have horrid scars and pigmentation - think dirt rubbed on your cheeks.. its incredibly noticeable
  3. i hav done the following things n after 1-2 weeks i saw DRASTIC change...i stil cant believe my acne has jumped from about 15 per week to 2 per wek ( Regimen: wash with mild facewash morning n evening. morning: apply benzoyl peroxide 5% on acne (spot Treatment)+ SUNSCREEN SPF 50 evening: apply benzoyl peroxide 2.5% on whole face AHA mask 2 times a week ) 1. change pillow case evryD 2. Stop drinking milk ???? NO.....i had stopped n saw decrease in acne.......bt saw a further decrease by drink
  4. So, I'm back on the regimen. I don't know why I ever stopped ... I guess because I woke up one day, got lazy and was like, "Oh, well, I have clear skin now! I can't ever imagine acne coming back to THIS face!" Lol. Stupid me. So, I've broken out and have been that way for awhile now. Back on the regimen, it is! Haha. I'm just SO glad I have an option now ... Even if I stupidly stop again, I still have the DKR option, and that makes my life so much easier! Has anyone else had an experience li
  5. Hey guys got a quick question, started using Dans AHA cream....before using it i had no idea what a chemical exfoliant was and just used baking soda to exfoliate my skin which worked good in making my face real smooth and removing dead skin... so i used dans aha last night on my entire face, next day or two i can see a bunch of dead skin on the layer of my face (which means it worked good)....but even after a few washes with cleansers it doesnt get rid of the dead skin...so im just applying bp,
  6. It's not a joke. It's truly, unbearably itchy, which wakes me up while sleeping in the night. this is what I did recently. I've been on the Regimen for 2 months, but It's still pretty flaky and so I decided to control it with AHA+. So I bought it and started to use it only at night 4days ago. But I guess I used it too much, 3 thin lines! (Dan's recommendation is 1 thin line) And also I used it the next night again like that. So I got to use it for 2 consecutive days and not a small amoun
  7. This is a long post. you can read through it if you want or dont want. It doesnt affect me either way. I just hope it can help 1 person. so read on if you want. I have never posted anything on any message board. I will Probably never post again. But because I know how much Acne can control your life, I am posting this. As much as you try not to let Acne affect you, it will. I was always looking at my face wondering why I was picked to have acne. I knew how people without acne would look at me.
  8. why is the recommended percentage of benzoyl peroxide 2.5%? Can we use Duac (5%) as the gel? what is AHA? thanks:)
  9. Hello. I am new to this forum. This is my third post. I have already made my introduction in the relevant board. I want to post on what I am currently doing and what my environment is like as well as what I would like to try. My heritage is African and German-Jewish. I have sensitive skin and scar easily. I get dark spots on my nose bridge from simply wearing glasses and I have even bruised the skin on my elbows doing bridge exercises on a carpeted (rough and thin, not shaggy) floor in a
  10. I honestly started getting acne last September (2010) and it kept coming at such a furious pace. Before that, I would get the occasional pimple usually on my nose, but nothing too serious, everything else was clear. The acne started from my lower cheeks to my upper cheeks then to my forehead and then recently in between my eyebrows. Well, when people (friends, family, etc.) started noticing my breakouts (mainly because they are used to seeing me clear and flawless) they kept telling me "what hav
  11. hello all, i am a new regimen user (about 7 weeks) i've had fairly good results but i am still getting new zits and it is getting very frustrating. i started AHA+ 3 days ago (every other night) in the hopes that it would get me totally clear. however, i have developed a few new zits since i started it and i am wondering if this is an initial breakout. should i just stop using AHA+ and hope that the BP gets me clear? i really cannot handle another breakout. please heelppp. thanks
  12. Hello!! I decided to start a log just to keep track of progress and hopefully help others. So for the basic stats, I'm a 26 year old female, 135 lb. I'm one of those weird people who had no issues with acne as a teenager, but when I got to my 20's I started breaking out and haven't stopped. I have tried everything, all the topicals, Dan's regimen, spiro, blue light, etc but nothing has worked so now I'm at the final straw and trying accutane. I've put it off for so long because I was afraid
  13. I have red spots on my legs from epilating incorrectly. I later learned to epilate correctly and love it but now I've had those red spots for like 8 months from that bad epilating session. Now I've got myself two AHA+ tubes and intend to get my legs clear. But I'm wondering - is it safe to epilate legs while on AHA+? Of course I'll only be using a thin layer. But how often should I use it? Every night? Would shaving perhaps be a better option while I'm on AHA+?
  14. okay just a question. I haven't taken accutane, not yet, but was curious if any women decided just Not to take the birth control they make you take? Or do they actually test to see if your taking it somehow?? ha, I have taken birth control in the past and it fucked me up, didn't help at all, made things worse, so if I decided to take accutane I just wouldn't take it, granted I am not a hoe and haven't had sex in 2 years haha, just no relationship and not into the whole having sex with guys I mee
  15. Hey, I'm thinking about buying Dan's Cleanser and BP but not sure about the moisturizer because I've been reading a lot of mixed reviews on the new moisturizer that he has made. I'm used the the BP from other regimens and wandering if anyone else has bought the regimen with out the moisturizer and used a different moisturizer instead. I've been using a OTC cleanser with a proscribed BP and just using Alpha Hydrox AHA Enhanced Lotion afterwards. Its been taking care of the flakin
  16. Call me slow on the up take, but I have only just become aware of people talking about products with AHA or Glycolic Acid in them. From what I have read they often seem to be used with BP products - which I am not keen on; I have just stopped using Duac because of sensitivity and the feeling that it was upsetting the balance of my skin. There seem to be alot of good reviews for Alpha Hydrox products. Just wondering if anyone has any feedback or views on the effectiveness of these products or
  17. Hello ill keep this simple Its been 2 months since being on the regime I can now take 3 pumps of BP without the dryness / irritation. Issue now is around my cheeks / chin area where i concentrate the BP the skin has darkened in comaprision to the rest of my face... it sorta looks like i've eaten a bit too much chocolate ice cream and its smeered all over my face... or i guess another way to describe it is my cheeks has a lot of dirt on it. Any one experience this? And an important question
  18. I'm wanting to buy a years supply of the acne.org products to save on shipping costs... Is this a bad idea? I've already figured out how long each item will last.... But I might be wry so could you let me know thanks Cleanser only use 2 pumps per day Moisturiser use 2 pumps every morning AHA. Use a fingers length every night Bp use 6 pumps per day Jojoba oil 12drops a day In another 2 mon I might be able to use bp once a day only 3 pumps and aha in the morning so I don't know if it's smart or
  19. Ameriwife


    I used AHA+ on my back and chest a few weeks ago, and boke out a few days after. 7-8 new pimples all over my chest (that was 99.9% clear) and 4-5 new pimples on my back, along with little tiny bumps on my skin. I used it on my face as well and got more pimples, but that could have been inevitable anyway. My question is, should I try using the AHA+ again? If my skin purges like the first few weeks like it did when using BP, I don't want to use the AHA+. Is there anyone who broke out when trying
  20. A few days ago, my right jaw line experienced very burning sensation after I put on the Lac-Hydrin Five moisturizer (in which contains AHA) but I thought it was normal since my skin always experienced redness and burning afterward. Then today I went out and I felt that same area burning. But I thought it was just nothing until I got home and I found a series of red dots on my jaw line and I think it's either skin rash or sunburn due to the AHA. What do you guys think? And is there anyway I can a
  21. Hi all, so ive been on the regimen for a month and a week now, things have been ok, not great, and whilst i havent noticed that much difference yet, i think it may be because i have a lot of old red marks on my cheeks. So what do i do? Ive ordered some AHA and i was wondering where do i add it into my regimen? ive heard not to use it every day, fine. But WHEN do use it? When have people found it gets best results? before Moisturizer? After moisturizer? instead of moisturizer? I need help
  22. Does AHA (either Acne.org or Alpha Hydrox Enhanced Lotion) get rid of acne scars on the body? Also, which one works better? Thanks (:
  23. Hi, I'm new to posting but have been on Dan's regimen for nearly a year. I use panoxyl 2.5% twice a day and I have not had any redness or flaking since the initial 2 weeks. I have spent the year abroad and began using Bioderma whilst in France and now use their Crealine cleansing solution and light moisturiser. This has kept me on an even keel with fairly good skin for over 8 months. However, since coming back to the UK about a month ago my skin has gone wild. It's breaking out and in places I
  24. Dear whoever is reading this, thanks for taking the time to and hopefully will be able to provide me with some suggestions/tips/insights! Background information: Acne hit around 12, will call it year 1. Year 1: Acne breakout on forehead, family advice was because of my fringe, so i started cleansing, moisturizing, using a hairband to keep fringe up when i sleep. Year 2: Forehead was pretty clear, but acne starting popping up on cheeks, visible areas, nose is blackhead infested (but i don't re
  25. Ok so i have blackheads on my nose and right next to my nose a little under my eyes. I read that bhas are good so im going to get this one http://www.paulaschoice.com/product/one-percent-beta-hydroxy-acid-gel/bha-aha-exfoliants and i wanted to know if any of you could recommend me what else to use with it that would help preferably something i can buy on Paula's site that's alot in advance.