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Found 500 results

  1. Hi ive been on the regimen for about 2 months now with amazing results but there are two things are bother me: the dry, flaky skin and the red marks.. i was wondering if i could use a thin finger of aha everynight of the week or would that be too much? thank you for any replies!
  2. Hi acne.org community, Seeing as I've been using acne.org regimen products for the past few months I've thought it appropriate to register here and share my spots of bother... ahaha... I've been acne prone since I was 13 and now I'm 17, and the severity has worsened. Proactiv did work for me until about two years ago, and that's when I had to take a different approach. So far acne.org's BP treatment in conjunction with the AHA+ (which I've been using for just a week) has really helped ta
  3. I just ordered Dan's Aha+. What do y'all think is the best way to use it? I'm looking to help fade my red marks and even out skin tone. Thanks!
  4. There are so many information on the internet for what works. The list include ACV, lemon juice, chemical peel, honey, aha and a whole bunch of stuff that you can buy to try it. However for most ppl it still doesn't work. So what does going to a dermatologist really do then? Unless they do a laser or chemical peel... isn't there really no point to go to one? I mean if they give you antibiotics can't you just buy it yourself? I mean we all know the methods there are to fading red mark
  5. Starting Summer of 2010, I started my 6 month long treatment of Accutane. I was given a high dosage in my opinion (the first month I took 40 mg a day, and the other five I took 80 mg a day). It was a success and after the 4th month I completely stopped getting ANY bumps at all! I was amazed and even found myself forgetting to wash my face regularly. While on treatment I didn't get many side effects, (including dry, chapped lips) the only ones I remember are common bloody noses, and everyone tho
  6. I've been using AHA for the past week. I've used it twice so far and haven't used a sunscreen with it yet. But I just got Olay Complete tonight and was wondering if I'm supposed to put it on even when I'm not using AHA? Should I stop putting it on or add it into the regimen?
  7. HI Acne.org Community, I am so happy I made it to my 7th week, there were times I wanted to stop the regimen and move on to something else, but I didn't, I am now on my 7th week and things keep getting better and better. Right now I have 1 pimple, ONE, can you believe it? My scarring is still pretty bad but the AHA+ has helped so much with that, everyday I notice my scarring fading a little more, I did take some pictures of what my skin looked like in the 6th week before starting the AHA+ but
  8. Hi all, I'm 27 yrs old male. I've always had back acne but when I use something like Acne-Free or Proactiv EVERY DAY it seems to really help. It's that EVERY DAY part that really gets me haha. But anyway I'm not here about the back acne, I'm here about this odd thing I get every so often. My face is usually quite clear of acne, despite me not washing my face with some type of cleanser every day. I mean I'll take a shower or whatever but sometimes I just rinse with water or whatever,
  9. Hello all, The regimen has worked fairly well so far for me. I am on week 6 now and is in much better shape than week 1. However, one thing I've noticed is that I've gotten tanner. Although I am outside minimally and don't get much sun at all, I've just become more tan. (and people around me tell me the same). I personally like a light complexion and would like to ask you guys if you do anything to prevent getting tanned while on the regimen. I've been afraid to use a sunblock in fear o
  10. Hi all So I've been on antibiotics for 9 months now (7 months of doxy and 2 of tetracycline) and my skin is now a lot worse than it was before I bothered to start treatment! If I slowly came off the antibiotics would my skin go back to what it was before over time or have I permanently changed it do you think? I know it would probably be different with everyone, I just wondered if anyone had any experience with it. I also started differin a month ago, which I know takes months to work, but
  11. Hi guys, I'm currently in my third month of accutane at 70mg a day. To be honest, I've been having a pretty mild experience. I didn't get an IB, no dry skin, and my pores got smaller and my pimples stopped almost immediately. I SHOULD note that I don't have severe acne, I have moderate but VERY persistent adult acne, and my derm put me on accutane because absolutely nothing else was working on me. Anyway. Because of the Christmas break I've spent the past few weeks eating terribly and onc
  12. HI! okay so i have been on Dan's Regimen for maybe a little over a month and i got it off his website which is really easy to do. So it is really difficult to start on this. I haven't gone up to two pumps twice a day yet. I do that maybe twice a week for like two days in a row then i do it only at night for the rest of the week. my skin is dry (used to be combo oily) , but it is not flaky anymore. I only had one really bad flaky day but then i bought cetaphil daily moisture creme i think and use
  13. Face wash: African Black Soap (Natural, coastalscents.com) BP: Acne.org 2.5% Moisturizer: Cetaphil Lotion, Lilly Of The Valley Aloe Vera Gel, or none if my face isn't too dry My name is Brandon, I have been using this method only at night for almost three months. I wash off the BP in the morning and then re-moisturize.. I leave on the moisturizer that I applied in the morning until I repeat the above steps at night before I go to sleep. It has been working pretty nicely so far.
  14. Hey guys! First of all, I am a HUGE fan of Dan's AHA+!! It's such a great product! That said, I have a small problem regarding the available size of AHA+... the smallest size is 6oz which is actually a good amount that lasts a long time, but not everyone uses it every day. My problem in the past was that my 6oz AHA+ would last me for almost a whole year, but according to Acne.org Store FAQ section (http://www.danielkern.com/help_answer.asp?ID=17#46), my bottle of AHA has been reduced in quality
  15. Ive been battling acne since I was about 13 and now im 19. It seems to be calming down but I now have scarring and blackheads/clogged pores.. Ive been testing out different home made facials and treatments but my main routine is: AM: 1. Shower wash face with nigerian black soap 2. Apply lemon juice to my face right after shower and leave it for 30 mins 3. Rinse it off 4. Moisturize PM: 1. Cleanse 2. Apply tea tree oil to pimples 3. About 10 mins later apply moisturizer 4. Sleep
  16. Hi all First I should let you know I've been on the regimen for about 3 months (correctly). I've actually been on it almost 10 months now, but I really screwed it up. I was using way less than the correct amount, and when my skin started getting dry and I wasn't getting results, I started moisturizing using only AHA, which worked at first but then turned out to be really bad and I broke out and had to build up BP tolerance again. Still for the past three months, I have endured awful dry skin and
  17. Hey everyone, this is my first post on Acne.org but I've been using the regimen for around a month. I am currently taking minocycline orally and using dan's BP and my acne has really cleared up nicely ...but of course I'm still left with some red marks (maybe 5 or 6 light marks, and 1 healing but extremly stubborn wound/scab) I've been holding on to Dan's AHA for a little while waiting for the appopriate time to introduce it into my regimen but I'm not sure how/when. I don't have terri
  18. Recently, I've come to the conclusion that silicones break me out. I have already read posts of people who claim that silicones break them out - this is nothing new. I just wanted to make a thread about it so people can be aware that they have the potential to cause breakouts. I've used several products over the past few years that contain silicones, primarily primers. Primers help to create a smooth surface for makeup and creates a barrier between the skin and makeup. I believe it is the silic
  19. I just finished Accutane about 2-3 weeks ago, and to be honest I hadn't been exercising throughout the school year when I was taking it. So yesterday I did a mile run and when I got home I felt extremely itchy and thought I just shouldn't do my strengthening workouts in the grass. NO, haha, turns out I had ridiculous rashes all over my whole body, on my legs, arms, neck, but weirdly not where I was wearing my tshirt and shorts. I figured then I had just touched something and it went away eventua
  20. I still have some acne left but I really want to get rid of post acne marks! I have also heard about papaya soap and apple cider vinegar and how they can help . Thanks in advance
  21. ive just started using the acne.org aha on my chest. it seemed to cause me to break out and caused my skin to turn red, almost like a rash. is this normal when using this product in the beginning. if aha doesnt work for me, i dont know what ill do for my chest acne. bp will bleach my clothes and wash off bp products dont seem as effective as ones you leave on.
  22. So I've never used any kind of peel or AHA, BHA or any of those acids I'm not sure why. Most of my acne is just dark/red marks and I would like to get rid of them but since I never used them I'm not really sure which ones work best. I know that AHA will make my skin more sensitive to the sun and its summer right now but any small tip, information, or what product you use will help.
  23. Ive been doin retin a every night and bp in the morn perscribed by doctor. its been about 2 months my skin is worst than when i started, however im trying to stay optimistic how long do you think till i see improvement ? it seems ive went through the flaking stage it doesnt really do that anymore . . . im hoping this works im doin a ton else to try to get rid of this stuff. i will not give up until its GONE ! Thanks ive got cystic acne between moderate and severe id say male 17 athletic if any o
  24. I'm currently a junior in college, I've had acne since the 6th grade. Now that I'm in college, I was so sick of STILL having acne. I remember one time being at a party and having a drunk kid come up to me and say "dude it looks like you have herpes on your face". That pretty much killed the night. Now that it's the summer time I decided that my goal is to clear up before the fall semester, which is about 3 months from now. I have been seeing very good results so far. I'm hoping that it will con
  25. Hey everyone, I have not been on the site in quite some time but I'm reaching my 2 year mark since starting the Regimen and let me tell you this was the ONLY thing that helped me with my Acne. I tried HUNDREDS of products from the store, then came across this site and Dan's products. I watched the videos I read hundreds of posts by people saying how good it was so I did what you all should be doing and ordered his Regimen. Like most people, at first I started to doubt if it was working or go