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Found 500 results

  1. Hi :] So I recently got Dr. Hauschka's Normalizing Day Oil. I have been using it for a few glorious days. Usually I sweat a lot on my face at work and it's kind of terrible haha because I am talking to customers the whole night. It's just something I would rather not have happen. I can't really reapply makeup or blot at the front counter... I have to wait awhile. So anyway this oil has been working out very well. I use it after my Lumene serum and yesterday my face was a lot less shiny!!! I a
  2. Took Bactrim(sulfameth) for a week, on 4th day, had low-grade fever for entire day, chills flu-like feelings of weakness, terrible headaches, eyes hurting when focusing or looking sideways, Severe lower back, and joint pain, stiff neck and shoulders, constant body aches for 2 days, it felt like someone took a bat and beat me to a pulp. Was always sleepy from pain but couldn't sleep(insomnia too) itching at night (pins and needles). I stopped taking it the 5th day. 6th day I was OFF but develo
  3. ive used bp plenty times before and ive been on the official regimen for over 2 weeks now but my skin is really really super sensitive so im wondering if i can get away with just apply the bp at night instead of two times a day? i realize that your skin is supposed to get used to the bp more and more eventually but my skin isnt just like peeling or flaking my whole cheeks and especially my chin have flakes that just cannot be removed whether i use jojoba oil or whatever. besides the oil makes t
  4. I have read about this on other posts, but have never seen a solid answer. I follow the regimen pretty well, I use everything at night and some night i replace the moisturizer with AHA or use the AHA as a spot treatment and moisturize after. In the morning i use a good amount of BP, and one pump of moisturizer, as anymore seems like a TON on my face. My friends have all been asking if I have been going tanning/ comment on my face looks a little red. My face looks way darker than my neck and
  5. Long story short: my diet while on Accutane consisted mostly of dark chocolate and coffee and gelato and whatever I wanted really. I didn't get a single pimple from it. We all know you shouldn't drink throughout your course.. but alcohol didn't affect my skin either. Now, assuming I'm one of those people whose acne is affected by diet, should eating junk food while on Accutane have caused new pimples anyway? Or were the effects negated by the Accutane? The reason I ask is that I'm not sure wh
  6. Hi guys o.o! I'm pretty new here, my name is Johnny and I've been looking around this site for the past month so I decided to join. I'm currently 16 years old and I just started accutane last month. I know that some of you other guys are still on the accutane journey and some who are off so I just thought I could make my own post to get some of your advices and also give mine too. lol, I'm not sure if I posted in the right topic thingy (sorry if I did haha). oh and I just also wanted to say tha
  7. Soooo I understand that it will take at least two months to see results for a bc. I initially broke out with this pill but not bad-- just like 4 pustules...nothing big or bad lol. Then my skin starting clearing slowly, but now i just got 3 new pimples. Im so confused! I thought I was just going to have and initial breakout, and then it would just start clearing. I do use makeup, but only Almay's base that is nonacnegenic since it only has like 2 ingredients which are not acne causing. HELP! is t
  8. Hi all, I have been browsing this site for two years, and finally decided to join. I am a 29 year old female mother of three, and have suffered from various forms of acne since age 11. I suspect my acne is largely hormonal at this point, but have not been diagnosed by a derm. Just this week, I started the following regimen and found it to be quite helpful. It very well may be one of the many things that bring initial relief only to stop working after a few months, but it's helpful none the less
  9. Hi I'm new to the posts and I just wanted to know if anyone had a similar experience while using Benzoyl Peroxide. I know this post might be long but it’s worth the read. I started using BP to treat back acne in the winter of '09. I was concerned about its safety because, at that time, the FDA classification for that was still uncertain. Since that time the FDA has changed its safety classification to GRS (generally regarded as safe). However, I am somewhat skeptical about anything the FDA
  10. So, in totaling all of the mistakes I've made on this Regimen, I supposedly should not be clearing up. But, I think I am. I'm definitely seeing improvement. I'm still following the holy trinity of cleanse, BP, and moisturize, but I've already started changing my routine. Dan's advice is to wait until you're completely clear when following this simple regimen, and then you can incorporate products, but I find myself far too impatient. I'm already using full BP, as of 5 or 6 days ago, and have
  11. Alrighty, so about 1 year and 8 months ago, i got this HUGE cyst that was visible above the skin, right about in between the collar bones. It went down quite quickly, but since then, iv had a little bump about where the cyst was. you cant see it, but if you feel the area, you can feel the bump. and if you stretch the skin, you can kinda see it. if you grab the area, it kinda feels like a BB or something. I dont believe it has gotten bigger, but im not positive if its gotten smaller. Im going t
  12. So, I've heard some people use it as a spot treatment twice a day, some as a moisturizer once a week, some every night...how often should one use AHA? And how do you know if your skin could handle application every night? Does anyone just do let's say, AHA moisturizer 2 times a week and spot treatment twice a day on the off days? And does anyone put jojoba oil in their AHA when moisturizing?
  13. quilter620


    I am fairly new to the regimen (about 2 weeks) and I am loving it. I have used benzyl peroxide in one form or another for years and my skin has quickly adapted to Dan's formula. I don't have any more redness and would like to start incorporating the AHA into my regimen to help cure occasional break outs on my cheeks or chin. What is the best way to use AHA. Should it be used like many of the over-the-counter spot treatments or all over the face for best results. Also, where in the regimen st
  14. Is it possible to become reliant on AHA? Will I break out if I stop using it after using it consistently every night along with a moisturizer that has AHA in it in the morning? I'm just going to use the moisturizer with AHA in it for everyday use and I will use the 10% acne.org AHA every two or three days. I don't want to break out from stopping the acne.org AHA as a nightly moisturizer. Answers are greatly appreciated!
  15. Hi all I have bacne and just wondering what others are going with their own regime? Are you using the BP/AHA combo twice a day? Does anyone find that using the AHA twice a day actually leads to breakouts? Any stories/thoughts would be great! Thank you Carly
  16. So ive been using DKR for about 3 1/2 weeks and i use 4 drops of jojoba in my moisturizer to help with flakiness but i would still like to get the aha for a spot treatment but my question is when should i apply it as a spot treatment and should i use it twice a day or once ?
  17. I am 31 years old, and do regular light make up. I didn't really have much problem with my oily / combination skin during the past 10 years+ . Before the last 2 months I was experienced a hard time with my adult acnes after using Paula's choice 2% BHA liquid, I felt so bad and crazy about what I look before . I had about 7-10 pimples over my face and keep growing and growing ... I stopped using Paula's choice immediately and I found this website, then I've ordered AHA+ , BP treatments &
  18. Hey guys, first I wanted to say thanks for all the helpful people around the site. I'm going into my fourth month on the regimen, and I'm not completely clear, but instead of getting 5 zits a day I've been getting maybe 2 or 3 a week. Its working slowly but surely, but... I had a quick question. I use AHA on my face every other night. I know AHA makes your skin sensitive to light, but do I need a moisturizer with SPF in it during the day? I don't apply AHA before I go out; only before bed. I wa
  19. *heavy sigh* Well, my story has been kind of been posted here and there throughout other people's threads but I haven't exactly shared it in my own thread, so here it is in a nutshell. I started breaking out on my forehead when I moved to Canada. I always had pretty perfect, clear skin before this. I got zits here and there like any person would but for the most part I didn't need any sort of regimen to have nice, smooth and clear skin. I tried a lot of different store bought products to try
  20. I just wanted to let everyone know that I've been suffering from acne for yearrrrssss and I'm so annoyed at myself for not steaming my face earlier. SO here's what I do: I get water hot on the stove, put it in a big bowl, then cover my head with a towel steam my face for 10 minutes and then wash my face immediately (while my pores are open) with Oxy Clinical. My skin doesn't look flawless or anything, but I would say 50% improvement at least. Please try this! It's free and works. The only con
  21. So I went to the derm today and am getting put on roaccutane and just have a couple of quick questions (i'll probably go into more depth when i start my actual course and probably start a log of sorts, but i need to find out my next scheduled appointment before i am allowed to start taking it). - i've been told to stop using topicals on my face for the couple of weeks in the meantime (which is disappointing as i just ordered 2 8oz tubes of dans BP to the UK ) Is it essential that i dont use a
  22. A warning, this will be like the hundreds of other posts on this forum about feeling hopeless and defeated haha. I used to frequent these forums a lot when I was in highschool, having acne since I was 15, but mainly my senior year of high school which was when my acne went into crazy mode. I have awful hyperpigmentation and that coupled with every morning waking up with another pimple is a huge blow on my self-esteem. Then the later half of my senior year all the way until the end of my freshmen
  23. so I struggled with upper back acne for a long time. My trouble area seems to be my neck. I think its my compulsion to touch my upper back which can irritate my back. Its a nervous habit but i never pick. I am using Dans AHA cream on it everyday. My problem is the indents i feel on my neck. It feels bad. I dont know if theyre deep or not. Does anyone know if indents on the body have a chance of evening out if theyre only a year old and with good up keep. I posted a picture, my camera is
  24. Honestly, I felt like I had to come in here and just preach a lil' something something to everyone who's suffering with this acne phase haha. No but seriously though, I've been there also and at my WORST, I felt like I was alone and everyone else didn't have it as bad as I did and it was like why me???? My girl is really beautiful and I'm a good looking guy too but these pimples would kill my self esteem and confidence and even make me not want to be seen next to her cause I felt like I made he
  25. I don't believe many people have heard about this cream (It's more like a gel). It's called Quantum Health, Scar Reducing Herbal Cream, I found it at a health store. It doesn't come in a very large bottle, but small amounts of it work very well. I have used it for a week. I stopped using it for 3 days to try AHA lotion, but that was a big mistake! I put it on at night before bed, and sometimes will put it on in the day (It says to apply it 3-5 times a day, but I don't believe that's necessary at