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Found 500 results

  1. Hey guys, so, I've been lurking around here often but have FINALLY signed up. I need to know what I'm doing wrong, or what may be the cause of this terrible cystic breakout. Now, for a background story... Since I was around 14 I've had awful acne. Cysts, nodules, whiteheads, you name it (minus blackheads for some odd reason... hahah). I was put on tetracycline and tazorac and after about two months it worked wonders on my skin. I was clear and could walk out of the house without embarassment and
  2. Hey so I've been on differin for 6 months and pretty much don't get breakouts anymore. If I do its a pimple (usually with a small white head) thats managable. Most of the pimples are near the chin, so I don't mind them too much. But generally no more acne breakouts. There is two things tho...1) Differin makes my face really red (even if I use sunblock at day, wait 20 minutes after I shower to apply pea size amount, and use special green tinted moisturizer). Even tried cutting back to 1-3 times a
  3. How often does Dan like to use the AHA+? Two times a week maybe?
  4. after 5 weeks into the regimen i popped open my bottle of aha and tried it. but i feel like it made my skin more red even though the bumps are now almost all gone. if i were to keep using it would it make my skin more and more red because my skin isnt used to it yet and should i just continue the regimen without aha and wait to see if aha willl work better later? input please! every opinion is useful information to me
  5. Growing up with acne sucks I'm almost 17 now, but i've had acne probably since 12 so about five-ish years now And honestly, my skin (face) is my biggest insecurity so thats why i'm willing to spend money and time on skin care products Though my acne is under control now (I pretty much don't have acne right now), I do have a lot of acne scars left behind My Skin type is Combination Oily and Acne Prone My skin concern is Acne and Acne Scars So heres my skin care routine Morning: Cleanse
  6. I read a very interesting post from a dermatologist that seemed more than happy to speak his mind. "AHA (alpha hydroxy acid)? Pffft. Throw it out. You're not doing yourself good with 10%. First and foremost, let me get this out of the way. All the bullshit you hear about tea tree oil, lemon juice, toothpaste, vitamin e oil, etc. helping scars? MARKETING. As a dermatologist, I've worked for over 10 years and the evidence for these 'home remedies' is absolutely ****. Please don't waste you
  7. I'm 18 years old and I've had acne since I was 12 I believe, and since I can't remember my childhood it feels like I've had acne my entire life. In fact I don't remember having clear skin. It's quite sad. I've suffered a lot because of this disease and I'm ready to be completely free of it. So lately I've started a lot of new things. I've decided to not give a crap about what I eat anymore because I no longer believe in the diet acne connection. I do however believe that food can aggravate ac
  8. So, I have been using tea tree oil as a face wash and I have been using omega D-3 (liquid) and taking beta carotene and I don't *ahem*masturbate, at least for the past week. I have been using the tea tree oil for months, the omega D-3 for the last couple weeks, and taking beta carotene for just a couple days. Here is pictures of me from a few days ago. I didn't really expect any major improvement, but it looks like its getting even worse. Which isn't so, so great aha. So, I think I'll keep
  9. Hello everyone, I test stuff for a living and I decided to take my acne problem into my own hands. Below is a correspondence I'm having with a dermatologist. I'm not sure if anyone is interested but I'll use this forum to let you know about progress with this experiment. If I proceed, I'll be posting photos and graphs. If you have questions please feel free to ask. Thanks. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  10. Hello everybody, First, I would like to state that I am in no way affiliated to DKR or whatever. But when I like something I want to review it and to give motivation and support to you all. About me... I am 26 yo, living in France, and acne has always been a burden for me. It started at 15 yo, getting quickly nodular cystic acne, and my whole face was covered. I did not care at this time. I was enjoying myself, blowing the zits, and everything. My mother brought me to a derm in order to ge
  11. I had a lot of pimples on my lower cheeks, near my mouth, which now resulted in PIHs. its been a few weeks, and they have faded a bit, but now they're clusters of little brown dots which makes my skin look super blotchy. I have been using 8% AHA, and was just wondering how long do i have to use it for to see my red marks/dark marks fade? any response is appreciated. thanks!
  12. I have very very mild acne on my shoulders/chest, in fact it's clear most of the time. The guide says I use the AHA over the area, but I'm wondering if it's alright to use the BP instead. Would that still work, is there any downside?
  13. Hello, Sorry if this has been posted but I'm in a bit of a rush. I have been using the moisturiser since i started the regimen, morning and night, and yes it does work, but when I apply it it leave a yellow colour sticky goo on my skin, this affect wears off after half an hour to and hour or so, but I was wondering if anyone has a specific way to apply it to prevent this? I don't know if I'm wired but my skin on my face has light hairs, I think everyone has these, you cant see them on thei
  14. SO i've been using Paula's Choice 8% AHA and i realize that it causes a darkening around the skin around my lips. they become reddish-dark even after overnight. My upper lips sting when I apply AHA. Is this irritation and should i stop applying AHA around my lips? but they are the part of my face which is the driest. should i stop applying BP around my lips too? Any help will be appreciated!
  15. Hey everyone, I just need some quick feedback, it's greatly appreciated. I began using dan's AHA about two months month ago. At first, I could barely use it once or twice a week. It would make my skin very dry, flaky and rough but I persisted and one day, all that stopped. Now, I can apply it every night but I feel like it isn't absorbing into my skin well. I rub it in (gently of course) but it just sort of sits there and once it dries, I can always feel it on my face and I can actually rub
  16. Hi this is my first time posting in the section of the board. I usually avoid posting in this section of board, because the mood in the section of the board is very depressing. I guess now is the time I am that depressed. Anyways I am an average 21 yr old asian male who suffers from acne scaring. I have tried everything from microdermbrasion, glycolic acid, salicylic acid, to derma stamping and now to tca crossing. I pretty experimented on my face. my present condition on my face is horrible. i
  17. I was prescribed Doxycycline (100MG, twice a day) by my dermatologist back in April, and up until July it was working great in clearing up all of my acne. In July, I noticed that I was beginning to break out a lot, when the 3 months prior to that I had not really seen any acne at all. In that same month though, the air conditioner in my room broke, and ever since then it's been extremely hot in my room, literally feels like it's atleast 100+ degrees in here at all times, even with 3 fans running
  18. I was using AHA as a moisturizer every few days for about a month. Then I stopped and as per the instructions continued to use sunscreen for a week. However, I've noticed I am still quite photosensitive. Has anyone else noticed an increased sensitivity to the sun even after quitting AHA?
  19. My skin is so sensitive to any product I use. It seems to get irritated every time I cleanse, but also gets irritated if I go too long without cleansing. I've used tretinoin, clindamycin, benzoyl peroxide, AHAs, BHAs, and nothing has ever gotten it 100% clear. Currently I am fed up with using so many products and am just washing with Cetaphil antibacterial bar, no treatment or moisturizer. I shave using a disposable two-blade razor using lather from the bar (shaving is another double edged sw
  20. I have been on the regimen for almost 6 weeks (Saturday) and am still breaking out. It was deep acne only on my chin and the occasional zit on my forehead or cheek. Now, I seem to be getting a lot of whiteheads in place of the deep acne (with 1 or 2 deep cysts still) which is leaving lots of scarring since it keeps happening in the exact same spots. I used to use a tanning bed when I was having bad breakouts as it not only seemed to help clear it up a little but, because I am so light skinned an
  21. hi so im 3.5 months into the regimen, and i still have super tight, dry, flaky skin i use Dan's BP and moisturizer and ive been using his AHA+ on and off but im going to try using it every night now if youre already past the super dryness stage, how long did the dryness last? and what did you do to get rid of it, like did you use a certain product or technique or did you just leave it alone? thaaanks!
  22. I've been on the regimen for six weeks now and I'm pretty much all clear except for the left side of my cheeck Idk what's going on. Am I still purging? It's always been my problem area and I did have under the skin bumps that would make me have weird texture but I think this is too much. If anyone has an idea of what could be going on that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance P.S. I use Aveeno Ultra Calming face wash, Dan's BP, and the Walgreens version for the Eucerin lotion
  23. So i've recently passed the 4 month mark on the DKR regimen and contemplating stopping if not atleast having a week break. About three weeks ago my face became really red on the cheeks and temples, it started as red,itchy and dry (prior to this i hadnt really had any extreme itchiness, redness or dryness, i had a little but it was manageable/tolerable). It progressed from red/slightly itchy and extremely dry(think leather) to extremely red/itchy/dry and now its blotchy extremely red(my skin comp
  24. I have recently dealed with lots of acne on my face. Think maybe its over now. I have attached a picture showing the current state of my skin. Will this be able to heal until christmas? (About 3 months) I was thinking using a skin cream with AHA soon, maybe after the top layer of the skin is healed. Meanwhile I will use aloe vera. Will a peeling be good for me? thanks
  25. Hey guys, I bought the acne.org products about a month ago, and although my skin generally improved, something was making me breakout...Im about 95% sure its the moisturiser, anyone had similar experiences?? Anyways, Im waiting for a delivery inc. AHA+. and my planned routine is this: Morning: Cleanse only, Acne.org cleanser Evening: Cleanse. Acne.org Cleanser Treat, Acne.org BP Moisturise/Exfoliate, Acne.org AHA+ Do people think this will work?? I dont like to treat in the morning as being