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Found 500 results

  1. Hi all. I've been struggling for a while now to calm my spots down, and through a mix of strict diet, exercise and lots of water, my acne has definitely gotten a bit better. I'm still getting the odd cluster of whiteheads and the rare papule. Especially around my chin for some reason. I've uploaded a picture taken today (I recently got out of the shower which is why my hair is wet) I want to know what you would consider my skin as currently? Mild, moderate or severe? I've circled the areas
  2. ive had moderate to severe acne since 19 (im 30) and my skin has never been "clear," theres always something there... in recent years, ive started using only natural products and that helps A LOT. products i like: burts bees natural solutions pore refining scrub and alba acnedote face and body scrub for washing. i use alba's jasmine facial moisturizer and alba acnedote oil control lotion. also fond of earth science apricot intensive nght creme and a few nights a week i use a product from derm
  3. So it's been 2 months, but the dryness has just started now. I have been using just CeraVe lotion morning and night, but I just started developing flakes around my chin and around the corner of my nose.. Would AHA help or is that too harsh right now? Any thoughts on how to target this? I slathered with Aquaphor last night and it didnt seem to help much.
  4. Okay, So here's the scoop: -I've been using the regimen since November of 2011. -In the past, I have had light to moderate acne with a real lean toward the moderate side (Pops had acne, Mum's flawless). I'm 25 now, but skin has been pretty consistently crappy since I went through puberty: Classic combination, oily and dry with several big guys and a smattering of blackheads across my nose (usually dry out in the summer, not too serious) at any given time. -I use all of Dan's products, cl
  5. Soo I've had acne for 5 years, except one summer where I cleared up, but being stupid fucking high schooler got lazy and acne came back. Tried to treat with over the counters, acne evolved and got worse. Had to use medications that broke me out terribly (differin), and now I'm left the with shit end, the hyperpigmentation/ance marks. You might say thats no so bad, hahaha. This marks are everywhere and cumpled together so are very noticable. I thought maybe just keep using diffeirn and in a few m
  6. In The Regimen, it tells you to cleanse, treat and then moisturise. After the first two steps, my skin gets white flakes, and these flakes seems to dissapear after applying moisturiser. However, sometimes, a few will remain. Should I just ignore them? I can hardly afford The Regimen, so shelling out for AHA+ or anything else is out of the question (plus I have very, very sensitive skin).
  7. Hey Guys, Im starting my 2nd week of accutane (40 mgs a day until month two and then 80 mg) and im wondering if using Dan's AHA is beneficial in any way. I would like finish my cycle with minimal scarring so if any one has any ideas besides moisturizer and jojoba plz let me know. My live in the Humid state of florida , my skin is very oily and the sun here leaves me with decently bad hyperpigmintation bc i often forget sunscreen. Thanks
  8. This is it. It's gotta stop. Picking is literally taking over my life, it's all I think about all day. It happens the same exact way every time, I don't know why I still do it because the outcome is always the same. I keep a small mirror in my purse and I look in it at least 20-30 times throughout the day while I'm at work, studying my pores and developing a plan of attack for when I get home. Once I figure out what I'm going to pop or squeeze it totally takes over my thoughts and I can't ge
  9. Hi everyone, I am a new member to this community, but I am no stranger to acne. My skin problems were mild throughout adolescence and puberty, what some would call an "average" experience of breakouts. Problems became very severe when I came to college and had no inkling of what consequences an all you can eat style buffet at the cafe, on a daily basis, could have on my skin. Well I ate pretty bad as a kid too, that was most likely the biggest factor, anyway... It resulted in severe cysti
  10. Hi guys, First post for a while, and I need help! Bit of background: I bought the Acne.org regimen last July, and fell in love with the cleanser and bp, but wasn't so keen on the mosituriser, as I felt it was breaking me out. So then I bought Aha, and used this every night, and this was the clearest I ve been in a long time, and I was loving it. Btw I was only using the regimen once a day at this point. But then a month or so into Aha I started to break out more, and I presumed I mus
  11. ... because I am in want of a girlfriend. and have decided upon fulminating briefly. I'm not going to describe how I think and speak, behave and react, because this is largely who I am. That is - I'm not looking for your advice on how to compromise my inclination towards funk and awkward, antediluvian and honest, polite and reserved. Yeah, yeah, you can change the impression you give off, which will really just be a change in your person, not persona... Not really looking to do that. I am, you
  12. My Log: Dedicated For All those who were about or are thinking about quitting. For I myself, was soooo incredibly close but I made the Choice to Commit for 3 months! ( and so should you) Short Background: Hi names Alan, and acne has controlled my life for about 4 years now. I started having acne like everyone in highschool, nothing crazy maybe about 2-5 small zits on my face at any given time. I of course used proactive for about 2 years with little to no re
  13. Hi everyone! Hope somebody can help.... I have moderate acne and currently Week 6 on the DKR (twice a day: 2 pumps cleanser, 2 pumps BP, 2 pumps moisturizer + 4 drops jojoba, and the occassional nickel sized AHA+ mixed in moisturizer at night every 3-4 days). I have seen an improvement in my skin. I still get breakouts but less and much more controlled than before. Also dealing with red marks from old acne which I know will take months to fade. New pimples would emerge 2-3 per week compared to 2
  14. Hi everyone. My name is Ben, and I'm a 19 year old from Singapore. I've suffered on and off from acne for about 4 years. My skin is *extremely* oily and acne-prone, which leads to frequent breakouts since my country is hot and humid all year round. Last month, I was hit by another massive breakout after almost a year of clear skin, and I'm determined to find a way to defeat my acne once and for all. In the past, I had kept my acne in check with antibiotics and manuka honey masks, but th
  15. I am using Dan's AHA for general exfoliation, skin renewal, etc. I started off using it as a daily moisturizer. I really like how it works, but now I am unsure if it is safe for daily use. I am not experiencing any obvious negative effects. I saw that Dan uses it as a spot treat and also about every 3 days in place of moisturizer. My kids are using the whole regimen and have seen improvement and are just now starting to add the AHA.
  16. So, I'll be 25 this year and I always really hoped that my skin would behave later in life. Each year that passes, I lose a little more hope at that actually happening. I'll just never have great skin. That's a fact. However, the last time my skin was at it's clearest since being a child was in high school when I started Ortho Evra (The Patch). Since then, I've tried many other types of birth control. I can't remember any of them controlling my acne like the patch did. Then, they said all those
  17. So - I'm curious to know some peoples' take on this. I come here without a fully formed opinion of my own, so I'm more hoping for discussion and sharing of ideas than to opine or soapbox myself. The short: Where do you draw the line between "good" and "bad" chemicals? Are you more in favor of naturally occurring ones than their synthetic (though similar) counterparts? What is your opinion on this? The long: Yesterday, I was thinking about chemicals. I discontinued using BP (epiduo)
  18. Hi does anyone know whether you can use differin along with a moisturiser that contains aha/bha? I am using a moisturiser by Avene which contains these but am planning to go back to either differin or retin A as my skin looked best using them - but I still want the exfoliating effects from the Avene! Thanks!
  19. Hi guys, I think I really need help. I've been on the regimen for 5 weeks. Initial 2+ weeks I used drugstore products, but after 1 week I ordered from acne.org the full kit (including jojoba oil and AHA) which arrived 1+ weeks later. I went through the initial phase of swollen, hot and tomato red face and swollen eyes for the first week, extreme dry and flaky skin for 2+ weeks. And another strange symptom that I haven't seen anyone talk about - red and itchy neck. It was torturous! But
  20. This topic was originally a caveman experiment, but due to changes, it has turned into something else. This is what I call the Extreme Experiment. I'm sick of dealing with acne, so I'm going extreme. After much research, I'm putting my body on overload and IT WILL HAVE NO CHOICE BUT TO CLEAR MY SKIN OR I WILL SNAP! HaHaHAAA! Starting today (March 16th, 2012) I will be locking myself inside, only leaving the house to go for walks, go to the store for supplies, or go to the gym. This will co
  21. Hi everyone, I am on week 5 of Dan's regimen, I was just wondering when I should start use the AHA lotion? And can I use the AHA mix with the moisturizer? Plz help. Thx!~
  22. Hey all, I have been looking on the forums, and the internet and I have found little information to manually get rid of dead skin cells and gunk off your skin, I know AHA can do the job, but to me it doesn't actually 'move' anything. Except for the jojoba oil trick, does any one know of any tricks to exfoliate which complies to the regimen? Thanks!
  23. I've been on the regimen for a long while now, and pretty much all acne is gone. I still do the Cleanser/BP/Moisturizer dance every day. But, of course, a pretty good amount of red marks from previous acne are still there. (I'm also a white guy, so they tend to be more noticeable). I had experimented here and there with Dan's AHA+ during the regimen, and now I'm hearing a lot on this forum about how AHA can help fade red marks faster. Is this true? More specifically, does it work with that AH
  24. Does acne ever affect you guys when it comes to love? I try not to let my skin damage my self-esteem too badly, but sometimes it's really hard! I'll confess...I kind of have a crush on one of my friends right now , and his skin is flawless. I know acne is an issue for everyone, but it feels especially weird to be a girl with acne liking a boy with clear skin; isn't it supposed to be the other way around? It's funny, I saw that this guy I like has a bit of shoulder and back acne...and instead
  25. I had been using and loving the acne.org products for several months. I was up to the full dosage of benzoyl with zero issues. I followed all of Dan's suggestions, and my skin looked GREAT! But one day, I started noticing some irritation around one of my eyes. Over the course of three weeks, that irritation started showing up little by little in different areas. I started noticing that my skin was super itchy, especially right after applying the products. At the time I was using the acne.org ben