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Found 32 results

  1. So one month of the AHA and Retinol usage has come to pass. I haven't missed any applications and I'm feeling good about my decisions to do this. I'm still not sure what kind of results I'm seeing, nor am I confident I will ever be rid of the pitted/rolling acne scars or the occasional break out. But! I will definitely take softer skin, less turn around between pimple appearances, and a somewhat more even skin tone of that happens to be what I get out of it. My mother, who anyone can tell h
  2. Summer is coming and the situation is not fine, so I decided to change my regimen for the last time. If the situation doesn't change, I will stop to use all these stupid creams. My new regimen: Every day (twice a day) I will use a Cleanser with 1% of Benzoyl Peroxide Every Morning I will apply a moisturizer (Sebium Hydra) For the nights: twice a week I will apply clindamycin 1% gel three times a week I will apply tretinoin 0.05% twice a week I will apply Sebium Global (a cream with
  3. I'm sorry I haven't posted about the past few days. I didn't have time to access the internet this weekend. I'll just quickly summarize how my skin's been doing: Day 25: Again, flaky skin. Even though I was in a van for about 10 hours, I insisted on wearing makeup the entire day. There were travel videos to worry about and such. I bought Tarte's Maracuja Miracle Foundation the day before, which is a liquid. The woman selling me the product was successful in convincing me that liquid f
  4. Hellu ;P I have battled severe inflamed acne for about 10 years, loading up on Benzoyl Peroxide for half of my life. Now that I just finished the teen years, the infected pimples are less (not extinct, just less) and I am left with HUGE PORES, HYPERPIGMENTATION, and SKIN-COLOURED CLOGGED BUMPS. These seem to be the hardest to treat, but I will not give up! Goal: Clear Skin Time: 3 months Products: Purity cleanser from Philosophy (night + day) Help Me retinol treatment f
  5. After a successful year of nearly banishing acne it appears to be back the form is moderate to mild down from severe after roaccutane four years ago. I think the main cause of the flair up was a switch from panoxyl 2.5% gel to quinoderm 5% it's made my skin irritable and unpredictable I actually switched ahead and still have a tube of in date panoxyl left so have switched to that currently using neutrogena producs oil free and spot free ha! Moisturiser and cleanser as well. I also use Paul
  6. OK. wow i'v been gone awhile, I honestly have no excuse except I'v been busy. My face is looking really good right now, alittle red because I kind of went at it removing blackheads lastnight (I know, I;m ashamed of myself. Really!) Plus i'v been useing a AHA cream from...I can't remember the name of the place..But its natural and so good. It kind of burns my skin at first but it helps with my acne like you wouldnt believe! I put it on at night under lotion on my lerrosett rejuvinating serum an
  7. So its been a couple of weeks since i wrote last (Actually posted inbetween but got erased by the hacker incident) I've pretty much been going through a re-intial breakout with AHA. Had quite a few little pimples on my acne-prone forehead which came and went in a couple of days (still left little scars though...) I also got a few on my jaw/underjaw/borderline neck. I never use to get acne here, well rarely, but since i tried lemon juice, drinking 1 whole lemon a day, my jaw has been breaking
  8. so the AHA last night did not burn i was so happy. recently i did every other day, half moisturizer half AHA. Last night i didn't know HOW MUCH aha to use, so i put pea sizes on my fingers and only covered my face with an even, thin, layer of AHA. slowly i will work it up and see how much i can handle. Im going to do this every other day. I also started using only a thin, even layer of BP in the MORNING. and full amount at night. I can see my scars fading!!! Im SO HAPPY i stuck with this regime
  9. grumpybunny

    Turning Point

    So, in the past two weeks I've and two really defining moments for my skin. One happened late last week at work. A coworker came up and asked what I was doing to my skin because it looked so much better. Needless to say this meant a ton to me. Especially as I knew it wasn't empty as it was unprompted and from someone I'm not close with. I considered this a win. And then there was today, also at work. I went to the bathroom and as I was washing my hands I actually LOOKED in the mirror. I a
  10. Hi, this is my first time on this, im 19, i had acne at 15 (red pimples) however now all I have left is just the red marks that get left over after the pimples have gone, they have faded a bit. I've heard that aha is good to fade these red acne marks, I have just recieved my Dans AHA+ and Dans Cleanser. Should i use the cleanser at night and use the AHA 10 minutes after? (ill try small patch of aha first and see if I react badly for the first couple of days), also when i wake up should I use
  11. I'm pretty sure I've burned my skin. It's nothing major, but it's pink and really sensitive. I know my skin's just trying to get used to the AHA though, so I won't stop. I'm gonna keep trying to find the right amount to use on my skin until it adjusts properly! Especially because it's working! My skin is way smoother, and I can't wait to use makeup for once That's all! Short post via phone since I don't have computer access on weekends. Peace.
  12. My Plan B to get rid of oily skin & whiteheads: 1) Neostrata gel plus AHA 15% each night (overnight) 2) Back to my megadose vitamin B5 to reduce the oil (5 pills each and 4 times per day) Okay, my skin remains to be quite oily today. I guess there is a slight improvement but the improvement is not drastic. I still woke up with oily skin and I had to blot my face. In terms of whiteheads, there are a few new ones today, maybe 3? Then there were some persistent ones that could never leav
  13. My acne is extremely unpredictable. I can have beautifully clear skin for a week and then BAM, four large, painful cysts appear overnight. My acne is not at all severe, but there are definitely days when I feel like it is. Also, the scarring from these wonderful surprise culprits can last months (some have lasted years) I've been trying just about everything since I turned 18 (Now 20) but I think I might have found something that actually works. Right now I have three cysts (mid cycle hormones)
  14. I went out yesterday and despite my ugly face, I had a great time. I really gotta stop this whole anti-social thing. But I just couldn't help it sometimes. I feel so self conscious about my ugly skin. And I kept thinking that people would notice them. I know I shouldn't let stupid acne control my life. It is seriously ruining my life in many aspects. I am no longer a happy person. I avoid light, mirror, and most importantly, I avoid people. Anyways, enough of my emo talk. My face is still o
  15. So I'm into my 4th month of using my regimen and I'll be 30 in a week. It's almost here! This is the last week of my 20's. And while I have a lot of feelings about it, at least one of them is an okay feeling. And that's about my skin. By no means do I have the poreless, scarless, even-toned skin of my dreams. But I think I've come a long way from my teens where I was applying every harsh painful chemical to my face my mother could find. And my 20's where I was jumping from one magic cure to t
  16. I've been getting a lot of non-inflamed whiteheads lately, especially now that I've stopped using the BP. The problem with the BP was I needed to use it every day to control the whiteheads, but my skin can't take that abuse. It would get irritated and dry and I would end up with more inflamed acne. I've decided I would rather have non-inflamed acne lol. I'm hoping since green tea has been shown to be as effective as BP that they will start to go away slowly, but I'm going to add AHA every other
  17. I know I said I wouldn't clump my weekend into one mega-post anymore, but I did. I should really bring my computer with me from now on. Anyway, I'm just going to summarize: When I woke up Saturday morning (Day 32), I noticed that my skin was going to break out. Sadness. However, the important part about this was that I noticed I was breaking out in the same areas that were popped last week. I realized I have to stop squeezing whiteheads. Some people's skin can handle it, but mine can't
  18. I realized today how amazing it is that I don't care about my face anymore. Well, I do, but not as much as I used to. It's quite a relief. For instance, I was running late to work this morning while doing the Regimen (so time consuming), so I slathered on my moisturizer and jojoba and walked outside, a greasy mess. And I couldn't have cared less. The Regimen seems to have worn me out emotionally; I can't be bothered to worry about what others are thinking about my skin. It's great. I ha
  19. As mentioned previously, I've now been using the full amount of BP since Monday night. So far, my skin is loving it. I feel like waiting to increase the amount weekly was a smart idea at first, since I needed my skin to slowly adjust to the chemical, but after a while, I was just prolonging my progress. Everything is drying up and shriveling away again, which is so lovely! I feel like makeup will be a lot more successful this weekend Also, I've decided to compromise my impulse to pop wh
  20. Well, I'm coming up on a year already! Slowly but surely seeing progress and making moves towards the skin I've always wanted. I have been feeling disheartened as of late as I sort of felt like I had stopped seeing and progress or change. Everything seems to be pretty stagnant and I have become more focused on procuring quality makeup and learning makeup tricks to cover up the rest of what's left. I've always known that chemicals at these levels weren't going to remove physical scars (if anyt
  21. Well, I'm about half-way through my 7th week on the Regimen, and I'm quite pleased! The left side of my face is [almost] completely clear now, and the right side is well on its way. It has 1-2 tiny whiteheads currently. There's a papule on the side of my nose, but it's been shrinking. I still have a while to go before I get completely clear and achieve the complexion I want, but the Regimen is finally starting to work! My skin is now rapidly progressing, and it feels great. Of cour
  22. Alright, I'm still hanging in here and doing my best to keep everything under control. Last night, I noticed a few of the last buried pimples were surfacing, which I didn't really have a strong opinion on. I was glad they were coming out, but if they got larger, I would pop them in the morning. Well, after applying 1/2 AHA and 1/2 moisturizer last night, they shrank considerably! I did notice that a papule is forming next to a whitehead I popped though...I've spot-treated it with AHA, so
  23. The battles are waging on. I'm going to use the last of my moisturizer today, and then get a replacement one (Eucerin, most likely), because I'm pretty sure the new one won't be here until next week, and I can't survive that long. Always good to have a backup moisturizer, anyway! I've been speculating the state of my skin lately, and I guess it's doing fairly well! There's maybe one whitehead, but still 5-6 bumps underneath. They've decreased in size, thankfully. The problem I'm having
  24. Two nights ago I went a bit overboard with the BP and aha in an attempt to obliterate the two spots. I kinda knew I was going to pay for it though because my chin was quite red and stinging a little bit. By yesterday morning it was still bit red, the spots had gone down a bit but my skin was super dry. Last night I decided to lay off the BP but decided to use Ultra clear instead. I am starting to wonder if I should ditch the BP in favour of UltraClear. This morning both spots have shrunken quit
  25. I was only going to write entries when I got a new spot, but thankfully I don't have any new ones to report. The two small spots are healing but the bigger spot just kept getting bigger though it might now finally be starting to heal. It was looking awful last night; I peeled a layer of skin off the top but you could clearly see the swelling underneath. I decided to put some UltraClear on it since I knew that BP would only dry out the top of it. This morning it appeared much more shrunken, but s