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Found 500 results

  1. On the 31st of May, I've started using Rationale's Three Fix Kit. It contains three items: 1. Cleanse - A mild, slightly acidic, anti-bacterial cleanser to get rid of debris, excess oil and impurities without harming the integrity of your skin. 2. Unclog - 18 percent AHA, 5 percent BHA with Niacinamide 3. Clear - Benzoyl Peroxide, 5 percent with Niacinamide 2 percent Use twice a day, all three steps. In the morning, I use a SPF 15 sunblock. I rarely go out. In the evening, if I feel a li
  2. im kinda new here and just needed to share my thoughts with ppl who r going through the same thing i am. ok so im 22 and just started going back to school this semester. had a really good, but challenging semester, but ya know what? NOOOOOO acne! a few small ones here and there but nothing noticeable. and then i come home from college and WHAM! acne starts freakin poppin up everywhere! its so miserable and i HATE looking in the mirror and seeing those angry red spots:'( and the best part? i do
  3. Heya! I'm 23 and I'm essentially rid of acne! I barely get pimples now and wish I had tried the method I have now. I have been acne free since January!! Believe it or not, I got this advice from my new boyfriend and it has worked wonders: - quit using products and soap on your face -only rinse your face with water, and only do so at night, after you've worked up a sweat, and in the morning (doesn't matter hot or cold water) - don't touch your face!!! If you're like me (23 and tried a crapl
  4. Hi! I'm a 35 year old woman with hormonal acne that presents as cysts (painful, red and full of stuff), usually 1, 2 or (rarely) 3 at a time during ovulation week. They stay for at least a week, sometimes 2 and they are HUGE, so though the rest of my face is clear pretty much all the time, these 1 or 2 pimples really make me feel self-conscious. I've been using Retin-A cream .1% for the last year; before that I had the gel which was better, same strength, and used for the previous maybe 2 year
  5. Week 1 Although i suck at keeping up journals, I want to start keeping a log of my acne treating progress, so that I don't regret or forget when I first started and abandon my regimen. A brief description of my acne, started having acne when started first year of college, it worsened when i started dating my ex bf, stress and change of life style contributed much to my acne. Well, started actually caring for it over the past summer (2010) and you have no idea how horrible it was. They were ma
  6. i've been on the regimen for 9 months and just recently my face has been getting red. I have not changed my regimen routine recently.But this redness started to occur once i started use a new dan's cleanser since i ran out of my old dan's cleanser. I wear spf when going outside and even when i dont have the bp on just the moisturizer my face still goes red. I only apply AHA once a week.
  7. Hi all, I love Dan's formula, but I think there is no antioxidant ingredients in the product - correct me if I am wrong. I am not 21 anymore, so I am interested in all those anti-aging products. I know it always helps to use antioxidant on your skin. But I don't know when to use it - before BP? after BP? before AHA? after?, which one is good, etc. Share the info with me plz!
  8. I'm pretty sure the marks are just hyper pigmentation. I'm almost positive they came from grappling and wrestling because after the season, I've barely gotten any. They would hurt a lot and my mom said they were caused by friction. Now, I want to get rid of the marks hopefully in 3 months when summer comes around. Is the Alpha Hydroxy AHA Enhanced Lotion good for my chest and back? And if so, I was thinking of getting 10%. Some have said thats only good for the face and not enough for the body
  9. Hi guys, I just got differin gel 0.1% and I am kinda scared of it haha I don't know why. Will it be really drying and make your skin red? I am going to start slow I think. I am just going to apply a minimum amount for this first week and see what happens I think
  10. So for 2 years now i have had pretty bad acne. However over the course of the 2 years i have made a drastic change in the way i eat, sleep, and live. A lot of my acne has gone down, i'd say 75%, mainly due to my OCD and meticulous habbits i have formed over the years. As good as this may seem acne really affects the way i am, as most of you probably know. I still get one or two big pimples, usually stay for a while (like 3-7days), and are usually really red and noticeable. These 2-3 pimples al
  11. I used to scour these forums looking for a miracle cure for the "mild" cystic acne that used to appear on my face monthly/weekly/daily! I would get sore, itchy cysts and/or nodules anywhere on my face....normally the most obvious places so there was absolutly no hiding it and make-up only made it look worse (think hunchback of nostradame type thing). I would only get 1 or 2 at a time normally but it was a constant - one (finally) goes away, another appears. Which, by the way, only got worse wi
  12. Hey yall. I've been on the regimen for about 3 months now. I still get around 1-2 pimples per week, but its not that bad. I've started using AHA when I go out to see people, and moisturizer when I stay home and before I go to bed. I haven't seen much improvement on my PIH (Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation). I was wondering what else I could do? I have a bunch load of PIH spots on my cheeks and forehead that I just want to get rid of! Please advice! EDIT: My PIH marks are not really red.
  13. hello, long time acne.org reader...everyone seems so helpful here so i'm just wondering if anyone can give me some suggestions to put together a new regimen... (i apologize in advance for being so long.) my acne...started getting pimples in 4th grade, got increasingly worse from there...i've tried various over the counter products and been on lots of different perscriptions and oral antibiotics thru the years...not comfortable being on oral antibiotics anymore (hurts my stomach). i'm now 25 ye
  14. I plan to embark regular (say 2x weekly) aspirin peels, but as aspirin is a form of salicylic acid (a BHA) and mandelic acid is an AHA I was wondering if using them in the same time period would produce contraindications? It should also be noted that until last week I was using Retin A bi-nightly and I have additonally been using rosehip oil (which contains vitamin A) on my acne scars for about two weeks (no result except blocked comedones, blotchiness, hypertrophic scars, and small vitiligo p
  15. Just some resources containing before and after pictures of the Avita Recell examples. http://www.ronaldtrahan.com/AVHCoFS.pdf http://www.avitamedical.com/index.php?ob=1&id=8
  16. Hello Acne.org friends. My name is Nick, and I will be recording my progress with the Acne.org regimen over the next few months. I will try to include the thought process behind each of my actions and a little background to myself. Obviously, I don't expect everyone to read or enjoy my posts, but hopefully there will be some people who benefit from reading them. Background: I am a 20 year old male of Asian descent living in NSW, Australia. I have relatively light coloured olive skin, da
  17. How do I prevent blackheads from coming back? I have used AHA, BHA, mandelic, clay masks, Retin A, BP, etc. And although with some, I see results...there's no preventing the blackheads from coming back and/or purging again when my skin feels the need to produce extra extra oil that day. Hair follicles make it worse. My face feels like an oily mess. I like using my clay masks, but I know that my skin will just freak out and produce more oil the next day. I can't use clay every day, so. W
  18. My life needs an overhaul. I need to get away from parents, my brothers, and my so called "friends" so I can reevaluate who I am, how I act, and what I'm doing with myself. ....Ehhh, I hate sounding melodramatic, but I just don't think straight anymore. My mind is so full of clutter. I feel like Accutane is ushering in a new chapter of my life. It makes me want to clean up everything that weighed me down. I need a week, just a week, , away from this life, to think and clear my head. Taking lo
  19. Does anyone know if AHA can help with oily skin? I think I've read on a few sites online that it can help, but I was just wondering if anyone new if AHA was known for that or could help with it? Thanks!
  20. Would AHA work for getting rid of dead skin on my face? I tried scraping some off with fingernails in the shower but something tells me that ain't a good way to do it. Would AHA make the dead skin disappear or I do I still need to scrap it off later? The skin is totally loose and is just sitting there. Very unsightly...
  21. What type of scarring is this? I would just feel a little more sane if someone could identify it for me aha I don't believe it to be severe and honestly my forehead is smooth, I cannot feel anything or bumps and it's like they are under the surface of my skin. It's only in my forehead region and I cannot feel anything when I cleanse or moisturise. Thank you so much :)x
  22. Hi everyone, I just started the Acne.org regimen and I had a question about the initial dryness period one may go through. I'm using the regimen on my face as well as my back, chest and neck. Also, I am using the AHA for my back after I use the BP and during the day when I go to work (sans BP). I am experiencing a bit of drying on my face and neck but what I am not sure about is that my skin is really hot to the touch. I've been using the regimen for a week and this heat problem started on day
  23. Hi all, I've been using Paula's Choice 8% AHA and 2% BHA Liquid for a while now and my skin is so much better than it was, but with the UK summer and a holiday coming up where I can't and don't want to avoid sun exposure, is a good sun cream going to be enough to protect the skin on my face? I've got an spf 25 facial suncream from Dermalogica, but I don't know whether I should stop using the AHA and BHA before I go on holiday and then start again when I come back, or what to do about the (occas
  24. Just wondering if I can use aha as a moisturizer and then put a retinoid overtop of it 30 minutes later. Will they affect each other? or will they both work normally? I know they work on different layers of skin but i was just wondering if they would interfere with each other somehow. help greatly appreciated