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Found 1,000 results

  1. im able to not pick my acne, but when u start washing ur face, and those pus filled nodule accidently burst, i tend to get excited about squeezing the crap outta them and get rid of all the damn toxic. i am nodule prone. my face produces pus like no other, i swear if those pus are oil i will be the richest man on this world! haha, all jokes aside, so what do u do when this happens? or rather, what SHOULD we do?
  2. Just wondering if anyone as tried the Alpha hydrox oil free treatmant gel 10% gylcolic AhA with the regimen? If so how does it compare to the lotion? I cant find any reviews on it the website.
  3. Everyone Wish me luck, Hopefully I will be acnefree in 6 weeks!!
  4. Ameriwife


    I used AHA+ on my back and chest a few weeks ago, and boke out a few days after. 7-8 new pimples all over my chest (that was 99.9% clear) and 4-5 new pimples on my back, along with little tiny bumps on my skin. I used it on my face as well and got more pimples, but that could have been inevitable anyway. My question is, should I try using the AHA+ again? If my skin purges like the first few weeks like it did when using BP, I don't want to use the AHA+. Is there anyone who broke out when trying
  5. Call me slow on the up take, but I have only just become aware of people talking about products with AHA or Glycolic Acid in them. From what I have read they often seem to be used with BP products - which I am not keen on; I have just stopped using Duac because of sensitivity and the feeling that it was upsetting the balance of my skin. There seem to be alot of good reviews for Alpha Hydrox products. Just wondering if anyone has any feedback or views on the effectiveness of these products or
  6. So, I'm back on the regimen. I don't know why I ever stopped ... I guess because I woke up one day, got lazy and was like, "Oh, well, I have clear skin now! I can't ever imagine acne coming back to THIS face!" Lol. Stupid me. So, I've broken out and have been that way for awhile now. Back on the regimen, it is! Haha. I'm just SO glad I have an option now ... Even if I stupidly stop again, I still have the DKR option, and that makes my life so much easier! Has anyone else had an experience li
  7. Basketball123

    Why is my face red

    i've been on the regimen for 9 months and just recently my face has been getting red. I have not changed my regimen routine recently.But this redness started to occur once i started use a new dan's cleanser since i ran out of my old dan's cleanser. I wear spf when going outside and even when i dont have the bp on just the moisturizer my face still goes red. I only apply AHA once a week.
  8. blue giraffe

    Chest and back red marks

    I'm pretty sure the marks are just hyper pigmentation. I'm almost positive they came from grappling and wrestling because after the season, I've barely gotten any. They would hurt a lot and my mom said they were caused by friction. Now, I want to get rid of the marks hopefully in 3 months when summer comes around. Is the Alpha Hydroxy AHA Enhanced Lotion good for my chest and back? And if so, I was thinking of getting 10%. Some have said thats only good for the face and not enough for the body
  9. earnierevolution

    When to use AHA?

    Hi all, so ive been on the regimen for a month and a week now, things have been ok, not great, and whilst i havent noticed that much difference yet, i think it may be because i have a lot of old red marks on my cheeks. So what do i do? Ive ordered some AHA and i was wondering where do i add it into my regimen? ive heard not to use it every day, fine. But WHEN do use it? When have people found it gets best results? before Moisturizer? After moisturizer? instead of moisturizer? I need help
  10. Hi. I started using Proactiv mid-December. Once I ran out, I switched over to Acne Free since it costs less and claims to work just as well if not better. I've been using Acne Free twice a day for two weeks. I still have 5-6 zits on my face, but you can't see them as well because my face looks "tan" due to the product causing redness. How much longer do you think I should give Acne Free a try before I try something else? Also, I ran out of the lotion long before the cleanser and toner. Does an
  11. I am not sure if this goes in the regimen part of the forums, but since it kinda is related to the regimen, ill post it here. The main thing im wondering is, Since BP is indeed irritating and does cause dry skin, my question is, how does BP compare to other acne products (retinoids, retina, differin, clindamycin, salycic acid, aha etc). When i say compare, i mean as in what is more harsh, 2.5 % BP or these other acne products?
  12. Been messing around with the AHA+ tubes for awhile and since I'm treating my back and chest it gets really messy with the tubes just not as comfortable as the 16.oz bottles. Is it possible Dan will release a 16.oz pump bottle of AHA+ ? Especially since it's part of the body/back regimen?
  13. The only topical I put on my face nightly is Apple Cider Vinegar. While I think it does help (mostly with red marks), I want to use something that you just put on the zit nightly. I have used BP, I also have AHA Lotion. I used DUAC Gel in the past, and also had Azalec Acid too. So, what do all of you use nightly on your pimples? Do you like the results? I'm not a big fan of BP, I just think it's the weakest of all topicals and makes red marks worse.
  14. So far I'm only using a Face Purifier from a small natural line that is very natural and gentle, not for acne, Dan's BP, and a little Vitamin E oil on my face because I ran out of moisturizer. So, I'm going to purchase products today, so I'm thinking... Face Purifier Dan's BP Rotate between Neutrogena Healthy Skin with AHA and Cetaphil Moisturizer with 3-5 drops of Jojoba oil in. Sound good? My skin is clearing up so well and so quickly, but it is dry. I was "following" the regimen but usi
  15. beautiful_inside_n_out


    Hello Everyone! I'm new to the site and to MaxClarity! And to be honest, I was really skeptical about this product because I've been struggling with bad acne ever since 6-7th grade. I've tried Proactiv numerous times, Murad a few times, and a lot of over the counter products. My skin is extremely oily and will look shiny within an hour after washing my face in the morning. My skin is also very sensitive. But thanks to this site, I gained some confidence in this product and ordered it today I
  16. Hey All, Im new here so hope i can post this here - been a lurker for sometime! Ive suffered with acne since i was a teenager, im now 27 - its always been mostly mild to sometimes moderate and i had it undercontrol with Birth Control Pills up until 2-3 years ago when i came off them. So its pretty much understood i have hormonal acne - under the lamps at the beautician i show up with mostly dehydration and very little oil flow i had mostly lots of white heads, congestion and black heads wi
  17. acnerob

    Dans Aha

    Hi everyone, Just wondering, i used Dans aha for the first time last night, and my god it stung!!! But i woke up this morning and my face was slightly red in places "/ So is the aha drying/irritating to the skin, cause i thought it was meant to be a moisutrizer? also, is it ok to use as a morning moisturizer? cause i put an awful lot of things on my face at night and want to try and spread it out a bit,, Thanks in advance
  18. Maximus Decimus Merideous

    Quick question about fiber and vitamins

    Im going to start taking a fiber concoction every morning when i wake up (to make myself more...regular haha). I hear taking fiber (like metamucil) can inhibit vitamins from being absorbed. How long do you think i should wait to take my daily vitamins (fish oil, zinc, D, C). Thanks so much for the help! Also, is the morning the best time to take fiber?
  19. k wel i just need to vent really. im so sick and tired of acne and my red marks. dont get me rong dkr has done wonders or my skin and just when things were looking up ive got another nodule today. just great! NOT. i know itl go eventually and to stick with the regimen but im so sick and tired of this!! I HATE ACNE. I WANT MY FACE BACK. anyways so i ordered dans aha and have only used it on my forhead incase it brok eme out and it didnt. im going to miss a day and use it. today im testing it on
  20. Ok so I've finally decided to take the plunge and have ordered Dan's Benzoyl Peroxide and AHA (mad expensive shipping and customs to Ireland) and am going to start the regimen with Simple Purifying Face Wash and Simple Light Moisturiser too. My skin is clearing up well on topical Clindamycin with Zinc and the BCP Dianette and I'm only getting one or two small spots every few days but I know I will eventually have to come of both of these so I want to start the regimen now rather that later. I'
  21. Hello all, I have started using AHA in with the Regimen, my face is burning from being in the sun for like an hour. Can anyone please recommend a good SPF moisturiser available here in the UK (from Boots would be ideal as there is one right near where I live).? Please help as it is meant to be very sunny here in the UK tomorrow and I don't want to avoid the sun another day. Cheers x
  22. Hey all, I just started the regimen today. (Got it via UPS). I have the regimen starter kit, the oil and the AHA+. So, I should be all good to go. I do have a few questions for which I didden't really find an asnwer on the site. I've looked at all the pages too many times, and I think I got it right this time. If I understand it correctly, the regimen works like this: 1) After the shower, apply the cleanser in under 10 seconds and then let it dry for 10-15 minutes. 2) Apply the BP really
  23. Although the regimen is helping the front of my face a lot, the sides and back of my neck are becoming just terrible with cysts everywhere. So now I guess I will be ordering some AHA. Another expensive cream thing.... ulgh. Not to mention some of my toenails are diseased, and there is acne pretty much all over my body. I'm just glad I don't have multiple sclerosis or something like that. Having acne is MISERABLE. And it will never go away as long as I'm alive.
  24. Hello Acne.org peoples. I just had to write today to tell you about my progress. I've tried the regimen over the years since 2005, and never really got it to work for me. Well let me tell you something, the first two times, I gave up way too soon, and this is a huge mistake. Why did I give up? I had major redness and burning so bad, that I thought I was destroying my face, to make it short, it scared me, and I thought I was going to make it things worse. What made it difference this time? Rock
  25. There's dozens of threads about this product so I'm not really sure which one I should follow, so I'll just post this. Anyways I ordered some of Dan's AHA off this site and was wondering if someone can tell me everything I should know about it, such as how I should implement it into the regimen, should it be used after the bp? I've heard some use it in place of the moisturizer, is that a good idea? Also has Dan made any videos of how he applies the AHA, like with his other products?