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Found 1,000 results

  1. Well if acne was a person. first i would tie him up in my closet then i'll Starve him almost to point of death. Then i'll get 30 Tetracycline pills and Force him to swallow them with no water and then i'll just watch him slowly Die! Muahahahaha mUahahaha. Sorry im just so glad im clearing up it feels like acne was a buly and im finally getting back at him. P.s Fuck acne
  2. I finished a treatment of accutane I think about a year ago now at least. About 3 months after taking accutane, my skin was nearly flawless, I was soo so happy. I only had one scar because of a major cyst I had that lasted forever and I still have it. after about 3 months of pure happiness, I started getting about 1 minor zit a day, very very mild acne. That lasted a long time until about 2 weeks ago. 2.5 months ago I got a girl friend when I was totally normal looking acne wise. We took a pictu
  3. OK, I don't know were to post this so im posting here. I have tried every product you can think of for my oily hair and none of them have ever worked. Well some of them were ok, but the prob I had with them was they controlled oil but seriously dried my hair out. Im a female and my hair is pretty long, almost belt length, I have It hylighted and I blowdry and curl it every day, so a good shampoo that doesn't dry it out and controls oil is very important to me. Anyways I have been trying to grow
  4. Ronin


    When I get to the point with a tube of BP Gel where I can't squeeze anymore out, I don't just chuck it away, oh no. I cut the tube open with scissors. Lo and behold, there is enough gel left in there for 2 or 3 more applications. Its just stuck in the creases and down around the opening where you can't squeeze it out. You might want to try this too. It could add up to BIG savings over the years! haha
  5. Hi Is AHA or BHA better in a moisturizer? I currently have Paulas Choice 1% BHA lotion but I do not use it very often, should I start using it? I am very hestitant to try a new moisturizer as my skin is looking fairly ok right now however the dry skin and flkainess is a problem on ther regimen. Also I have seen on the regimen Dan suggests to use Eucerin Skin Renewal Day Lotion which has AHA. Is one better than the other for preventing breakouts and not clogging pores, does either help with
  6. Well i just got the product yesterday, but when i put in on my face, i woke up and half the acne was cleared......and it has been there alllllll month, it was just suddenly overnight too...this could be a breakthrough..haha ill tell you if it is consistent after i use it again tonight! any1 else try it?
  7. Hey der!.. im a newbie n i kinda stumbled accross dis board accidentally.... or was it fate? hahaha... well, i got acne.. duh.. n i wanna b cleared of it.. jus wonderin if any of u guys..(specially in oz).. kno were to get good vitamin suppz.. like whats a good n affordable brand? and has anyone tried ACTIMINE? thanks much thanks much than u thank u very much
  8. waterjellybean


    hey!! i've been reading messages on these boards for a long time and i've been very relieved to know that things like these exist. it's like a support group that's there 24/7!! anyways, i was wondering if some of you could help me with something. i've always had fairly clear skin until last summer when i came back from san fran. i started having painful cystic pimples on my chin. i was using st. ives medicated apricot scrub then and i stopped using it. i could tell it wasn't helping. i ordered
  9. International Supplier or go to drugstore.com Sells Cetaphil and most Eurecin (including AHA Renewal!) Hope this helps people. K3v
  10. Hey Hey, OK....so once I call the blood test lab tomorrow and my derm I will get Accutane. My derm will call the pharmacy and from there I can pick it up. YAY! Here's my story: All I can say is that I've been through hell. Acne since 6th grade and I'm 17 now. My acne got really bad early of 2003 until the summer of 2004. Constant cysts and scarring. Broke out 2 cysts a week. Then it leaves dented scars or red marks. It was horrible. It has gottan so bad that I couldn't pursue my singin
  11. laurenalexis

    Starting over: my acne battle plan

    INTRO: I'm new here, but much too familiar with acne. I've had acne since the 5th grade, and now at age 24, I've been battling it for 13 years. I've had periods where I was breakout-free, so I know that it is possible. I just decided to start this as a way to help myself see progress and hopefully get some feedback from others who understand what I'm going through. I've tried pretty much everything: Differin, Brevoxyl, Accutane, Murad, Proactiv, Clindamycin, Tetracycline, other antibiotics
  12. *Stefy*

    Need help, please...

    Well, my regimen at the moment is like this: MORNING: 1) Cleanser (gentle one, given by my derm) 2) BP 3% 3) AHA Lotion 4) Moisturize EVENING: 1) Cleanser 2) AHA Lotion 3) Moisturize Yesterday night, when I did the regimen, I finished the AHA Lotion, I thought that this morning I would go buying it....but was finished, and it won't be there untill tomorrow afternoon.... I skipped this morning, I'm going to skip tonight and tomorrow morning...I'm so sad because it was actually seems to start
  13. Ok, I have read the thread on hibiclean, which is really interesteding. I'm thinking about putting it into my regime Let me know what you guys think a bout the regime below Morning- Basis Sensitivity cleanser bar Hibiclens Night- Basis sensitivity cleanser bar hibiclens st ives medicated scrub exfoliator aha lotion on only my forhead. please let me know what you guys think. Give me advise on changes, etc. I want clear skin!
  14. Well, I am under the care of a dermatology, but since I've been using the product she gave me, my face is so much worst...it has NEVER been worst... Now, I got acne last year and the first thing I bought was PURE ZONE from L'oreal, the 3 steps....my acne was completely gone...I hadn't even a whitehead...I don't know if it was the prodocts I was using or maybe not, but I guess yes, because now I don't use ANY SA and my face is pretty bad (moderate acne+load of red marks). My derm gave me AHA Lo
  15. I have tried everything and I hope to be of help to someone. I'm not a dr; just telling you what has worked for me. Take it with a grain of salt. These things have worked (and trust me, these quack drs. have taken my money and my face has never improved.) Benzoyl peroxide! Use 10% if you have to. Use Glytone Benz 10% or Clean and Clear Persagel. I think the finer the mill of benz, the better it will enter the pore. Be prepared, your skin is going to get dry before it gets better. Hang i
  16. *Stefy*

    Rate my regimen

    Hi guys! I have just registered here, but I spent 2 months reading and going around here, and I really like this forum, it's full of understanding and welcoming people!! So, here's my problem: 2 months ago, I went to a derm...my acne wasn't this bad, in fact I only had like 6-7 active pimples (most tiny whitehead). She gave me a cleanser and a AHA lotion to use in the morning and a 5%BP gel to use in the evening...the first week is gone really well, my face was clearing up, but unfortunaly I h
  17. I just purchased the new one and it doesn't seem to contain aha anymore.. now when I use it, my face becomes reddish and flakes but it was fine when I used the old renewal. ..What moisturizer would you guys/gals recommend now that the new eucerin is no good to me?
  18. a lotion containing aha would be good for redmarks and little bumps all over my skin? would it prevent acne at all?
  19. A30SomethingFellow

    Regimen at one Month

    I've reached the one month milestone. Previous threads on my progress are consolidated in my personal regimen log if you want to catch up. First a quick review... 1 month of the following regimen: quick wash with basis bar shave with lather from basis bar (morning only) Dan's BP Gel, full amount Moisturizer I've done this without fail since day one, not having missed a single day or night so far (knock wood) and only once have I strayed, using some neo-sporin on a spot that I had picked one ni
  20. wishfulthinkin

    Question about AHA

    Sorry to post this here. It's alittle off topic, but I can't seem to get any responses on the Canadian products forum. Does anyone know if there is a 10% AHA cream available in any Canadian stores? You know, the one that Dan says works great to stop pimples in their tracks. Thanks for any input.
  21. fifty50

    My Own variable

    I have just discovered a great spot treatment that I do wth the regimen. I first wet some baking soda into a paste, then dab it onto a forming pimple overnight, and this is after I have applid BP gel(dont moisturize at night). The next day the pimple is dried out and less inflamed. This really has helped me stop big zits from forming into huge embarrasing white volcanoes, that can leave horrible red marks or even scars. I have tried AHA as a spot treatment without much luck and my new method is
  22. balloonhead


    I was just reading the ingredients of my quinoderm5 bp cream the other day and found out that, as well as having 5% BP, it has 0.5% of a sulphur compound and also Lactic acid (AHA). Sulphur is meant to be good for acne isn't it? I have recently just been applying a thin coating of quinoderm on my face - and this prevents extreme dryness and allows me to apply it every night. I think I will post my new regimen because its working great...
  23. HAHAHAHA acne cant be stoped!!!! nothing works its just keeps coming and coming! not even fucken accutane ended up working for me! i lost hope in everything!!! woooooo acne 4 life! i had the greatest 4 months of my life now its starting to go to shit again im gonna loose everything woooooooooo!!! yes!!!
  24. Sorry if I put this in the wrong forum but I have a question. I'm about to restart an acne regimen. I was using products like clearasil on and off for the past year but recently I've been having some breakouts that are mostly on a forehead and chin area. I've done some research on here and have decided that my regimen will consist of: Morning: Proper Gentle Cleansing Bar Walgreen's AHA face cream I put Banana Boat Sport Sunblock Lotion on everyday before I go to cross country practice. Even