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Found 1,000 results

  1. Clarifying Sea Spa Facial - Our most indulgent facial. All the benefits of our European Sea Spa facial with an additional deep-pore cleansing and exfoliation treatment to rid the skin of comedomes. This facial will leave your skin feeling clean...refreshed...vibrant. $100 Murad-Acne Facial - This therapeutic treatment features a combination of fruit enzymes/aha, deep-pore cleansing, steam, high frequency and manual extraction to aid in the improvement of acne-related skin problems. Murad's
  2. I have been reading various threads in regard to cures for milia. So, what actually works? Has anyone had good results with Queen Helene's Mint Julep Mask? I bought it last night and have used it twice. So far, no results. I would really appreciate any input on this. I heard AHA helps too, but I haven't had anyluck with that either. I bought Neutrogena's Alpha Hydroxy lotion. Help please!!
  3. i just got this from wal mart it was 20 bux ok here is what u get 1. exfoilating wash 2. glycolic therapy pads 3 aha lotion i thought this would work since it has AHA anyone treid it ? u do the 3 steps every night in place of your regular routine
  4. ok..is AHA better to usethen even VITAMINE A acid cream?? i want something to use always, cuz as i get older i know aha can be good for wrinkles too...as well as acne i dont want to be on vitamine a acid cream forever... i have senstive skin, combination.....and my skin is weak...i dunno what to use which AHA IS THE BEST?? AND HOW STRONG SHOULD I HAVE IT i keep hear the AHA line is the best one but is it to strong for me???? or am i ok if i use it everyother day?? or will i break out?? please h
  5. hey u guyz ! i just got this ponds age defying kit at wal mart. it has a exfoiliating scrub wash, glycolic pads you rub on for one min and a AHA cream... you r supposed to do it once a day at night ! has anyone treid it ?
  6. today i randomly bought some aha moisturizing lotion i was just wondering what exactly it does, how often i apply it and how much?. thank you
  7. I've been using the Alpha hydroxy Lotion for about 4 months now together with B5, and I'm pretty much acne free except for one pimple occasionally. My red marks are also as close to vanished as well. Since spring time is around the corner, I was hoping to get some color in my cheeks, but since I've been using glycolig acid I'm wondering how long I should wait after I've stopped using the AHA before I can start to do some sunbathing? I read that one should be very careful with exposing oneself
  8. armyguard

    History + treatment

    Ok, first off Ill give you some background. I am 17, turning 18 in a month. I have had acne since the 6th grade back when it was just the one zit on the side of the nose type deal. then it got worse and it aws never "severe" but it was definately harshly mild. enough where I was very self conscious and still am as a result. but recently I was reading these forums and was thinking of trying something new. Late last summer I saw a commercial for some clearasil product "ultra?" I think it is 10% be
  9. Hi everyone, I wonder what the consequences of using some sort of AHA on a part of my face (nose area) that is affected by rosacea. I think i've read somewhere that it will irritate it and hence make it worse, but I've also heard others things too. Is AHA on roseace skin bad?
  10. littlelostboy

    Something I got

    I know this thing might be a tired topic, but lets look at it from a new perspective. Hey, maybe you can try this sport out too. Read on. Author: Jujimufu Last modified: 04/6/05 Water is a magic potion, I swear it. Also it's important because it's the preferred drink of HARDCORE people. Obviously being HARDCORE is a good thing. Note: The word HARDCORE must always be written in capital letters exclusively because it's very prestigious. In this article I'm going to explain to you it's secrets
  11. Hey there, Am on the regimen- great stuff! Can any one recommend a brand of AHA cream and where I can get if from? Ideally I don't want to be paying loads for it! Thanks loads in advance, bmhyfbl.
  12. jenknee

    i am so sad

    i've been on the regimen for a month now. i follow it exactly. i was starting to see results, but i just got such a bad break out, it sucks. i was using AHA to help with the dryness and flakes, but I stopped because I think it was contributing to my recent breakouts. my face was also burning and red, but since I stopped applying AHA (it's only been about 2 days since i stopped) my face isn't as red. it's still dry though, and i flake like crazy only around my mouth. help
  13. The foaming wash and the gel So far so good Morning: Wash with AHA foaming wash then put on gel where my skin seems dry patches Night time: Wash with AHA foaming wash wait 1 hr then put on my retina/tazorac crossing my fingers My problem seems to be dead skin clogging my pores and getting nasty cysts =(
  14. AHA tretment did not work after 5 weeks. This is something simular but stronger, right?
  15. mynameissteven

    goin swimmin tomorrow

    Allright, I'm going swimming tomorrow because its going to be 95 out. I'm using the eucerin skin renewal moisturizer and bp in the morning, and at night I use bp then the walgreens AHA cream then the moisturizer. So if I go swimming tomorrow I'd rather just put a sunscreen on and skip the regimen in the morning but even with sunscreen is my skin still going to be harmed by the sun due to the sensitivity from the bp+aha? I plan on using SPF 40 I believe.
  16. I've been using AHA for about a week and a half now, and have been breaking out badly. From reading the boards, I know this is normal, especially since I've used BP for over three years and this is the first time I've really stopped using it. But I'm going to be having pictures down in a few weeks and I'm nervous that the initial breakout will still have its effects. For those that have used AHA, how long is the intital breakout?
  17. Has anyone tried Clear Zone Acne System from CVS? I've been using AHA for the past month after using BP for a few years and it's just not working out, so it's back to BP. I've read about the Clear Zone system but I haven't actually read a review, so if anyone has tried it, any help would be appreciated.
  18. Hello, can mod/admin make seperate sections for each regimen type of log? For example, one for AHA one for BP one for Accutane one for Misc or w/e? Because its becoming very cluttering, I'm doing dans regimen and I go over dozen of logs that I'm not interested it (accutane), i would prefer to view logs of people that are doing the same thing faster. Please voice your opinion on this
  19. icanspeakwhale

    my regimen

    morning: cetaphil gentle cleanser clyndamic gel (included ingredient is Tea Tree oil as well) clinique city block spf 25 evening: cetaphil gentel antibacterial (bar soap) NeoStrata 8% Glycolic Acid toning solution Retin-A .05% Cetaphil lotion one a week: Neostrata 20AHA Citriate Treatment antibiotics: doxymycin Spirolactone
  20. Hi, I need some AHA lotion to help fade my red marks. I can't find any on boots.com does anyone know if boots does sell it but you have to ask? Or does anyone know where I can get this stuff? Many thanks Lisa
  21. thatjessip

    Dove Soap

    Lots of dermatologists recommend Dove moisturizing soap to use as a facial cleaner. Dan, do you support this notion? I would assume so - because it’s a mild cleanser. But, I can’t imagine not ever using a facial exfoliator though with Dan’s regime. Will I not ever need to, if I’m using an AHA product?
  22. VanHalenGuitarist72

    Red bumps on lip?

    Hey, Well for a few months now i've been getting some painful little acne on my top and bottom lip, It comes back in the same spot most of the time. They hurt when you slightly bite on them, just like any acne i suppose, Im not sexually active, Still pretty young but I do kiss a little bit. I'm just starting to get concerned about the whole thing and I want to know how i can clear my lips up, They have little red blotches too. I took a pic but its not that good, haha, but it does its justice. Ho
  23. welll i just came back from a dog beach in hb cali.. its pretty kewl dogs everywhere.. but thats not the point haha. i digged down till its wet sand. i put it in an empty water bottle. i was thinking of using it as an exfoliate? well i asked my aunt and she said that it can work. what u guyz/girlz think?
  24. .....but she already has a boyfriend. *awwww.............* Anyway, I think they make a good pair, they fit each other. I was just glad I saw her, so no need for me to cry haha. I hope she isn't aware that I'm stalking her, which is what I'm doing haha everytime I see her, I follow her around, observe her every move... She's not like most girls in school, most girls are loud, kind of vain, but she is not. She is simple, quiet, and good-hearted, which are what attracted me to her. Even thou
  25. I have just started the regimen on Monday, I use Neutrogena oil control foaming cleanser, could this be a problem? My real question is when should I switch from using my current moisturizer which is complex 15, to the Eucerin skin renewal moisturizer with AHA?