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Found 1,000 results

  1. OK so reading around this place I'm truly amazed at how I can relate to what so many of you are saying. I've only in the last year or so (having been struggling with Acne on my own for 8 years) started to open up and try and deal with my skin. It was just such a source of constant embarassment and shame... oh and dont get me started on mirrors haha... I'm due to be starting Roaccutane in the next few weeks. Nice and timely as it's coinciding with a new relationship that I'm embarking upon an
  2. BeyondSkin

    AHA makes my face flakier

    Has anyone experienced an even flakier face after using AHA? I've been using it twice a week and find that the day after I use it my face is even flakier.
  3. gerrard8

    Question about AHA+

    Does anyone know if you're still to use bp first before using AHA+ as a nightime moisturiser.??? Dan doesn't mention it in his video. Please let me know asap
  4. What's a good soothing cream for the dryness that doesn't have retinol or AHA or spf, or any other stinging stuff in it? I don't have access to jojoba, but I can go to CVS. I'll probably order some online tonight, but in the mean time, what's a good recommendation?
  5. Hey guys/gals, I have been using the regimen now for almost 6 weeks and I'm still struggling. I understand that it can take up to 8 weeks to start seeing improvement, and sometimes longer for others. HOWEVER, my biggest battle right now is the flakiness! I'm so embarrassed to go anywhere, I stay at home all day and no matter what I do I feel like I can't get a handle on the dry, irritated skin. I just ordered some AHA and Jojoba Oil, and began implementing last night. So, I guess I just want to
  6. I recently started using the Acne.org AHA at night. Yesterday evening I thought I'd add some extra moisture to my skin after the AHA had completely dried, but somehow it had a very odd reaction to the AHA. It was like the moisturizer turned to water as soon as it came in contact with my skin ! Has anyone else noticed this? Are we not supposed to put moisturizer over the AHA (I did this because the AHA isn't moisturizing enough for me)? There's nothing wrong with the moisturizer AFAIK, because
  7. Sneakyreeky

    Red/Dark Marks and scars

    Ive been on the regimen for a few months now (less than 4), ive gotten past all the technical difficulties (itching, drying, flaking) My skin is not as sensitive to the BP and is clearing although it does not appear to be as clear as it really is because of red marks that are mainly on my cheeks. They also are not smooth so I must admit i occasionally scrub wit one of those buffing rounds but it hasnt really made it worse (I do not apply BP after I do this). What can I do to get rid of these re
  8. Hi there, I've been using the neutrogena advanced solution kit and it works really well (a lot like dan's regimen only with a harsher cleanser) but the cleanser has exoliating beads and i thnk leaves my sking too dry so im switiching to dan'e regimen. Anyway with this this kit Ive already been using a lot of benzoyl peroxide 2.5% gel. So can i just start out the regimen with the full 2 pumps of bp or do i still have to start out gradually? thanx...and if anyone uses the aha can u tell me how we
  9. countdown2failure

    DKR AHA lotion?

    This was a while back, but I remember there being some talk about either adding AHA to the DKR moisturizer, or coming out with a separate DKR AHA lotion. What happened to this? Is it still in the works? Is there some kind of ETA? I know I'm not alone here, there are a ton of people that would buy a DKR AHA lotion. When can we look forward to it? Thanks in advance.
  10. Im currently on my 4th week of ro-accutane. After 2-3 weeks I had my really bad breakout but my skin is improving amazingly daily. Could anyone tell me if im likely to have any more bad patches or will it be a constant improvement. Im on 40mg of Accutane a day and my derm said il be taking it for 4 months. Ive had moderate acne for 10 years and tried all anti biotics etc. Is 4 months long enough everyone else seems to be on at least 6. Now that im on this foods that I avoided such as mil
  11. Hey guys, its Amber. I finished accutane and am going to start taz very cautiously in the next week. Here is my question... since the beginning of May, I have not had a single pimple, so I am assuming that means I am completely purged... Well, is there a chance that taz could make me break out and ruin my accutane clear skin? I am scared.... Please respond guys, I trust what you say, hahaha
  12. hi, i am wondering how a mild peel would help red marks since it only removes dead skin but not part of the skin where the mark is.so the mark basically stays untouched.now i heard aha stimulate new cell growth by removing this dead skin, but how does that happen?why should the skin start renewing itself faster only because dead skin has been removed? i just got the puredeming lactic peel 40% and did a peel 2 days ago.i was surprised at how "clean" skin can actually feel without all the dead ski
  13. So i went to my derm appt... I come home and my father asks me how it went...i said fine...he asked if I got new meds...i said no... To him this means I am stopping everything i suppose... Later on, because this is such a freaking big deal to him...He tells me.. you know I think you should continue taking the medications blah blah.. I know he probably means well, but there is much bigger things going on in the world then whats goin on, on my face.. Its just soo annoying and hurtful.. When i
  14. canadian_blue_eyes

    I'm sorry for this...

    Well I'm just getting kinda down cause of my IB with tazorac has just not been easing up. I have only been on it for a month so I totally understand that I am in the early stages but I don't usually ever get painful pimples, and now all along my jawline and cheeks they are just growing. I also have tons of little bumps on my forehead now taht look like millia. I would so rather have a million whitehead then the painful cysts and bumps that never come to head....You can never win! I know that taz
  15. Prince Gorgeousman

    LooLoo's RETIN-A Future Miracle Journal!

    Isn't my thread title just MAAAAAGICAL? Hahaha.. Well anyway, today is my 2ND DAY using Retin-A Micro and I already have 2 f*cking nodules on my forehead. WHY, GOD, WHY?!?! I used Retin-A Micro a year ago and my skin was flawless. No bumps or pores or uneveness, although I was quite red.. but I'd take that over my current state any day now. I was so dumb to ever stop using it.. but I was so depressed & out of it that I didn't realize how much good it was doing for me. Now I have to go th
  16. after scouring many posts, the reoccurring moisturizers with the most sucess have been the neutrogena healthy skin lotion and aveen daily moisturizer. Both have spf 15 and claim to reduce redness (a big issue for me). Any preferences?? ps what is AHA (Alpha-Hydroxy Acid) and what does it do? With sensitive skin and after being on the regimen for only 2 weeks, is it too early to start using a moisturizer with AHA??
  17. I've been looking for days now for a really good moisturizer(s). My present regime for morning and night: - Cetaphil gentle cleansing bar (w/ facial brush @ night) - BRAGG Apple Cider Vinegar my face actually looks healthy after using the ACV. So far I've read that Neutrogena Healthy Skin Facial Lotion (w/out the SPF) was good since it contains AHA. But because ACV has AHA in it too (??) would too much AHA affect my skin? Also, the make-up I've been using has SPF in it but I was wonderin
  18. KnowShow

    B5 Side effect

    so i started b5 about 10 days ago?? i don't know.. right now my left eye hurts especially when i look at this computer screen, tv, sunlight.. my eye is closed right now.. it was itchy as well, possibly due to pollen, but its never like this.. my vision overall is a little blury...anyone know anything about this.. i have heard of b5 effecting vision... will this go away... could it cause permanent damage.. i did experience some blurred vision before b5 including night blindness.. my remaining
  19. Do you ever wonder if anyone at your school comes on this site too? I really am unable to believe that I am the only person in my school who comes on an acne.org (espessially since we have over 400 kids in each grade).. because I was looking around the past couple weeks and there is actually a lot of people with acne problems. I think it would be cool to see someone from my school on here haha. And also.. do you ever get tempted to ask what someone does to their face to make it clear? I ser
  20. Mjamrock

    Help please!

    I currently have mild acne but I have some dark spots left over from when I had moderate acne. I've been using ambi cream for oily skin to fade and it's working, my only problem is it enlargens my pores. Neutrogena pore refining toner shrink my pores and doesn't break me out, so my question is can i use the toner and the ambi cream together. The toner has BTA and GA and though the ambi cream has an AHA in it I'm not sure if using the two together would make my face darker or cuz me to break out
  21. I put this thread here because no one in the body acne part of the forum seems to ever be using the Regime. Anyone here using it for body? If so, how do you deal with the bleaching aspect? I'm trying to use it, but I'm so paranoid it's going to bleach my clothes. Does the bleaching power of it stop after having it on your skin for awhile? For example, if I put it on at night and then do not wash/reapply it till the next night, would it still affect any clothes during the day? So far it has
  22. Marilena78

    SUN exposure help!!!

    Hi, I am really happy with the regiment. Sometimes, it is annoying all this work to keep the skin clean, but much better then 1 hundred pimples. Anyway, I hope that the CSR will help during my monthly period, when I usually get hundred of little [but red and horrible] hormonal pimples. Anybody has experience about that ? Do the CSR help? I have a question. I am going on vacation, to the beach, for 3 weeks. I am leaving next week. What should I do about the sun? No more AHA, I guess. But wha
  23. it would be aweome if paula's choice made the BHA liquid in a roller ball form. like the way sometimes lip gloss comes in, but a bigger size. that would be so cool. haha
  24. "Skin Doctor's Gamma Hydroxy is a the ultimate in skin renewal resurfacing. By applying this blend of glycolic, lactic, and salicylic acid, to the skin, the forceful actions of both AHAs and BHAs (Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Acids) go to work to loosen the ‘cement’ that binds the dead skin in stratum corneum (a keratolytic action), allowing faster shedding of this layer. Through doing this the Gamma Hydroxy moisturises, exfoliates, and stimulates the skin, thereby reducing pore size (eve
  25. I've finally gotten myself some alpha hydrox enhanced lotion to help with the red marks. I'm a little confused and just double checking here. The correct order would be cleanser...AHA...BP...Moisturize? Does the AHA simply just exfoliate and not moisturize at all? Thanks