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Found 9,738 results

  1. ive just added Joboba Oil to my regime , and its simply amazing. i also use it as aftershave and dab it off after about 15 min's and everything has been ok. my Neutrogena Healthy Skin Sensitive Skin isa bout to run out so i was wondering if i should get the SPF15 version. Im asking because the spf version has a higher % of AHA but it also contains SPF , and fragrance. can this be very irritation to sensitive skin because i have sensitive skin ive noticed.
  2. Morning: Wash with Cetaphil facial cleanser Apply a non alchol tonor Apply a small amount of DUAC in specific areas that are broken out Mosturize with AHA enhanced lotion Evening Wash with Cetaphil facial cleanser Apply a non alchol tonor Apply a small amount of DIFFEREN GEL around entire face Mosturize with AHA enhanced lotion What do you think??? Will this be a good regimen for mild-moderate acne and sensitive skin? Also what is a good non alchol tonor? AND. Does AHA enhaced lot
  3. cmstringfellow

    bad reaction to acne.org aha

    ive just started using the acne.org aha on my chest. it seemed to cause me to break out and caused my skin to turn red, almost like a rash. is this normal when using this product in the beginning. if aha doesnt work for me, i dont know what ill do for my chest acne. bp will bleach my clothes and wash off bp products dont seem as effective as ones you leave on.
  4. I've been using a microfiber cloth 1 or 2 times a week for about a month, I like the results but I haven't noticed any real differences in my skin. Today I was reading some articles online about microfiber cloths used for skin care and in several different places read something along the lines of this: "Microfiber is extremely fine—thinner than a human hair, but much stronger. Because of the wedge shape of the fiber, as opposed to the normal rounded shape of most fiber structures, it covers
  5. micahman

    how to use AHA

    Hey guys. I just bought the AHA from Acne.org and i was wondering how you use it. i've read that some people use it as a moisturizer, some as a spot treatment, etc.
  6. I wanted to come back to the site after several months away to share encouragement. I came to this website as the Mother of my 15-year-old daughter. Last January thru March her acne "blossomed" from a moderate case on only her forehead to a moderate-to-severe case that spread down her entire face, chest and back. She had been on many different antibiotics, prescription topicals and had accutane recommended as a treatment for the cysts. In my many hours of research I came upon Acne.org and was
  7. So does anyone use MaMa lotion at night or in the morning in replacement of there moisturizer? I haven't been getting any new acne since i've been on my regimen and i want to do something about my scarring. Has anyone tried MaMa lotion in replacement of a moisturizer? It has Aha and Mendalic (sp?) acid in it...
  8. Ok guys here me out... I was just browsing through the treatment reviews on this website and i stumbled upon the reviews for "urine therapy." If you don't believe me, then check it out! Hahaha... But seriously, has anyone actually tried this? And if so, does it really work? The people who submitted the reviews on this seemed pretty happy. And the good part is that it's free. So please let me know if you've tried this before. I'm really curious now, but the thought of putting pee on my f
  9. hi does 1% salicylic acid exoflaite the surface as well as 5% aha for daily use. or is it only good at exfolaiting inside pores? second are the acid cleansers good for exofliting, or no because not enought time on face?
  10. I'm on the regimen so I put globs and globs of chemicals on my face. Benzoyl peroxide, AHA, moisturizer, sunblock, etc. Anyway, I was at the dentist today. Naturally, the dentist had the sprinkler hose in my mouth but it was splattering all over my face. I could even feel my face leaking. Embarrassing! After everything was done, I was sitting up and the dentist started wiping my face. She said there were white stuff on my face. She was very sweet but I was thinking, "Bitch, that's my regimen. S
  11. Hi For those of you who have undergone lazer treatment, did you'll stop using AHA or Retinoids ? Is it safe to use AHA or Retinoids in between lazer treatments? I am wanting to go for lazer removal but I also want to remove red spots,scars and other skin imperfections. So I am trying to get as much input as possible on the safety aspect of using something like Dan's AHA or Retinoids in between lazer treatments. Ofcourse I will ask the advice of the Dermatologist also but just want to hear f
  12. MichelleKL77

    7Th Week... Amazing

    HI Acne.org Community, I am so happy I made it to my 7th week, there were times I wanted to stop the regimen and move on to something else, but I didn't, I am now on my 7th week and things keep getting better and better. Right now I have 1 pimple, ONE, can you believe it? My scarring is still pretty bad but the AHA+ has helped so much with that, everyday I notice my scarring fading a little more, I did take some pictures of what my skin looked like in the 6th week before starting the AHA+ but
  13. Is it too much to use a face wash with 2% Salicylic acid and aftr applying Dan's BP, using a 10% glycolic AHA moisturizer? What do you guys think? Should I cut on the salicylic acid and switch to a more gentle cleanser? edit - This is what I'm doing right now for about a year or so. I get the occasional pimple and my skin is dry when i don't use moisturizer. Will switching to a gentle cleanser take car of the dry skin?
  14. Hi, I just need some help as to what to do next! I am taking tetracycline and has cleared up my skin completely and the scars are healing slowly. However the pills give me bad headaches, and it's almost becoming unbearable as I get headaches normaly without taking the pills! Maybe I could half the dosage to 250mg a day......So, I was just wondering what topical things are out there to help me combat the acne and also the amount of oil that my skin produces. Which by the way is unbelievable!! I
  15. Eucerin Renewal is not availible here I tried the Neutrogena ones and they don't work well at all doesn't even hydrate my skin. Is there any good AHA moisturisers in Australia??
  16. Hi everyone, I wonder what the consequences of using some sort of AHA on a part of my face (nose area) that is affected by rosacea. I think i've read somewhere that it will irritate it and hence make it worse, but I've also heard others things too. Is AHA on roseace skin bad?
  17. Incubus77

    Product Questions

    Im on the CSR and im using Cetaphil Gentle Cleansing Wash and it does not lather so i dont think it is cleaning my face well should i still wash 10 seconds or less? Also im using Nuetrogenea Healthy Skin spf 15 Moisturizer with aha and i want to know about how long the bottle will last and if i should use it a nite too cuz it has spf in it and i dont think your supose to use that at nite but im not sure.
  18. So I have red marks. I guess they have been there for 9 tough months. I have tried a number of things including benzoyl perioxide, epidou, tea tree oil, vinegar, lemon, oregano oil, A LOT of natural remedies and many other things I can't remember. And of course diet, no milk, no sugar, living raw, doing differents fasts etc. I have also paid for some expensive light treatment to reduce the redness which after two treatments I've already named as scam. I have gotton the idea that peeling might be
  19. ... because I am in want of a girlfriend. and have decided upon fulminating briefly. I'm not going to describe how I think and speak, behave and react, because this is largely who I am. That is - I'm not looking for your advice on how to compromise my inclination towards funk and awkward, antediluvian and honest, polite and reserved. Yeah, yeah, you can change the impression you give off, which will really just be a change in your person, not persona... Not really looking to do that. I am, you
  20. Golthie

    How I use 10% Alpha Hydrox

    I've tried the oil-free Alpha Hydrox 10% gel for quite some time now. Through trial and error I know it just doesn't agree with my skin as a leave-on treatment. So the last few days I've been mixing the gel in with equal parts gentle cleanser and it's wonderful! My skin tone is much better, clogged pores are disappearing and breakouts reduced. I'm wondering if the Aqua Glycolic cleanser would give me the same results = less hassle and $$? Suggestions from you AHA/ A.G. users?
  21. Can someone please help me please. My question is: How do you use AHA with the Regimen? Do you have to use it like: Cleanser 1st BP 2.5% Second AHA 10% third Moisturizer last Or do you mix the AHA and moisturizer together?
  22. I've been on the regimen for about 2 months now and still struggling occasinaally with dryness, but not nearly as much as before. I use an AHA lotion at night in conjunction with moisturizer and though it helps to reduce red marks and it makes my skin much much softer, it seems to cause a bunch of really tiny flakes. I use it on my chin and forehead but it only causes flakes on my chin, I can use a massive amount on my forehead with nothing bad happening. What the hell's going on? BTW it's t
  23. since summer is right around the corner , im always outside playing sports such as basketball etc....i was wondering ...is it okay to use something like neutrogena healthy skin face lotion w/ spf 15 ..which also a AHA lotion ......and using that before i head out to the sun and playing sports? which means ill be sweating etc...is that a bad mix ?
  24. i hav done the following things n after 1-2 weeks i saw DRASTIC change...i stil cant believe my acne has jumped from about 15 per week to 2 per wek ( Regimen: wash with mild facewash morning n evening. morning: apply benzoyl peroxide 5% on acne (spot Treatment)+ SUNSCREEN SPF 50 evening: apply benzoyl peroxide 2.5% on whole face AHA mask 2 times a week ) 1. change pillow case evryD 2. Stop drinking milk ???? NO.....i had stopped n saw decrease in acne.......bt saw a further decrease by drink