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Found 52 results

  1. tsunami2ka54

    Input For Aha Use Please!

    after 5 weeks into the regimen i popped open my bottle of aha and tried it. but i feel like it made my skin more red even though the bumps are now almost all gone. if i were to keep using it would it make my skin more and more red because my skin isnt used to it yet and should i just continue the regimen without aha and wait to see if aha willl work better later? input please! every opinion is useful information to me
  2. I am considering switching from bp to aha for my back due to bleaching and time constraints but am very nervous and don't want to mess with a great thing. Wondering-- I know retinoids must be applied religiously or they will not work, as you will just continually be getting your skin used t othe product. Does aha (and other chemical exfoliants) work the same way? If I use aha on a weekly basis or skip applications a few times will it be hugely less effective? One thin gI like about bp is tha
  3. Hi acne.org community, Seeing as I've been using acne.org regimen products for the past few months I've thought it appropriate to register here and share my spots of bother... ahaha... I've been acne prone since I was 13 and now I'm 17, and the severity has worsened. Proactiv did work for me until about two years ago, and that's when I had to take a different approach. So far acne.org's BP treatment in conjunction with the AHA+ (which I've been using for just a week) has really helped ta
  4. Aubreyj1722

    Best Way To Use Aha+?

    I just ordered Dan's Aha+. What do y'all think is the best way to use it? I'm looking to help fade my red marks and even out skin tone. Thanks!
  5. In how long can we see results with the AHA + on hyperpigmentations please ? I'm on my fifth week following the regimen, i still breaking out a little bit and i start to use AHA + yesterday.
  6. I've started using AHA+ / glycolic acid this week after being on the regimen for a month as recommended. My skin was so clear and smooth before introducing the AHA and now it's really red and I've had a breakout. Is this normal? Did this happen to anyone else too? I've been really strict with the regimen, following all the steps etc. I have mild to moderate acne so found that it cleared really quickly. I'm now worried that it's got really bad again. I've been using a pump of AHA (the acne.org
  7. Hi there, I've just found this awesome community a few days ago and I have to say that it made me feel not so lonely anymore in this acne journey Let me introduce myself and my situation first: I'm Eduard and I'm currently 18, I will go into my last year of highschool. I've been struggling with acne since like 8th grade. Since then, I've tried (like everybody else on this forum) A LOT of things, I mean a lot. None of them seemed to work. Anyway, there was a positive thing though: I've always be
  8. Hey, so I wasn't sure whether it would be better for me to post this under here or under the cosmetics section of this board but anyways, I was just wondering if any of you guys have successfully been able to put makeup over top of the AHA+ lotion from this website? I use it at night time mixed with moisturizer but I just had something funny happen where my boyfriend randomly asked me if I'd want to go out after I already got washed up for bed and everything aha and apparently I'm just really
  9. br00k3

    Shipping To Canada

    I just wanted to share my positive experience when shipping these products to Canada. I am so impressed, I had purchased the 8 oz. AHA+ along with the 16 oz. Cleanser and had gotten it within 9 days!!! I am excited by this because I chose the 2-6 week option and was expecting on waiting at least a month to receive them. When first starting the regimen I picked the most expensive option, this resulted a wait of 4 days and a charge at the door as well. I will definitely be picking the 2-6 weeks fr
  10. I get very minor bumps on my neck from shaving. I use the two-blade Trac II razor which has been very gentle on my neck (I recommend it). Nonetheless, I still have a few very small bumps. It's hardly noticable at all, but I'm wondering if I can get rid of the bumps with AHA+ or a Salicylic acid product (maybe the Stridex pads). I use The Regimen on my face and have been clear of acne for five years. But I don't want to use BP on my neck because I don't want to bleach collars, and I don't get muc
  11. Abhishek17

    IMG 20140314 00459

    From the album: Some of my pics !

    MONSTER ME This is how you look when you apply Kojiglo Gel..All this whiteness will go in 10 minutes Those who got afraid..I got no intention Lastly please keep smiling..Acne is stressful but life is more beautiful Drink lot of water Coconut Water Just do whatever but please do not take stress due to Acne..At end you will realize it is not worth it..Those who love you will love you with 100 pimples and those who do not love you will hate you even with clear face !!
  12. Sareidtate17

    AHA+ to Help BP?

    Hello Anyone, Someone lol, I have been using the Acne.org Regimen/Products for almost 2 months now, and I am pleased to say that my acne has cleared up rapidly. Using the 2.5% BP has helped me gain more control over my breakouts and I currently have no active breakouts, however I have only been able to work my way up SLOWLY to one pump morning and night due to increased sensitivity (dryness, flaking, redness, irritation, etc.) over the course of the entire two months. The flakes have a li
  13. 23Jordan

    Messed Up..

    Guys i didnt have patients ive made a few big mistakes If i started too fast on the regimen and would like to follow it CORRECTLY how could i do that? At first i just started from day 1 with the full amount of bp because i used it in the past so i thought i could just start full on ya know.. So a week after that i just decided to use the aha+ i know acne cannot be cured overnight.. Well now i know lol i was desperate but i realize im like everybody else here we have to be patient. So can somebod
  14. Hi everyone!! I am currently working on helping my acne scars and hyper pigmentation. I do have a breakout every once in a while but my routine I have created has really helped. I have cut out a lot of dairy, drink almost a gallon of water a day, and eat a lot more healthier. Although I am currently not on the acne.org regimen, as I have found it after my routine, I did just order the AHA + glycolic acid. Heres what my routine looks like - morning: wash my face with my clinique redness solutions
  15. I have been on the regimen since March 11th and I'm confused because initially I had bad breakouts on my cheeks. That cleared up very well with the treatment in the first month then I began using AHA+ on April 11th. I loved the results I saw from the AHA as well, but Around April 17th I noticed tiny bumps popping up on only 1 side of my nose and they progressed to both sides and actual nose as the weeks went by. I wasn't sure what was causing it and thought maybe I wasn't cleaning well enough si
  16. OK so I just ordered some of the AHA+ from this website and I noticed that it recommends you use it either every 2-3 nights or every night mixed with moisturizer, I plan to use this every night mixed with moisturizer. So my question is would it be alright for me to pre-mix some of this with a moisturizer and store it in some sort of air tight container? I just think it would be kind of annoying to have to mix this in the palm of my hand every night :/ I was going to do a 1:1 ratio and the mois
  17. I've ordered the AHA+ cream from acne.org to start the regimen and I chose to order that instead of the other regular cream because I have red scarring and hoped that would help. But now I'm second guessing my decision. Do you use the AHA cream as your regular cream? Or should it be used sparingly? If it's sparing, how often do you use it?
  18. So tomorrow will the mark 1 month of using Acne.Org regimen and I've got amazing results already, but my chin area is still peeling(flaky) but it's not excessive or so noticeable until you are all up in my face and I still have acne scars which is normal. My question is can I start using the AHA+ tomorrow or I have to wait until the flakiness on my chin area completely goes away? Please, please, please reply.
  19. ThriftyC

    Initial Blog Entry

    Current acne status: mild, adult, mostly closed comedones, mostly non-inflamed, PIH on chin and jaw. Current skincare regimen: Morning Rinse face and pre-wash eyes, nose, other oily areas with Eucerin Sensitive Skin Gentle Hydrating cleanser Treat entire face (minus eyes) and decollatage with Panoxyl Creamy Wash 4% and rinse off Apply CeraVe AM moisturizer with SPF to dry face optional: Spot treat dry areas with Olay Regenerist serum if needed Bedtime optional: Remove mak
  20. oyinkan98

    Glycolic Acid AHA+

    When can I start using glycolic acid with the regimen? After month 1 or 2?
  21. Whats up everybody ive been on the regimen for a good while dont have any active acne breakouts.. Maybe 1 or 2 a month.. Heres my problem.. I have these red marks/scars on my cheeks and there all left from when a pimple was there they have been their for over a year and a half now.. Back then i didnt know much about acne i was putting all kinds of crap on my face and everytime i would get a pimple i would pop it which now i know more information and ive been clear for a couple of months but im h
  22. In the regimen I read about an AHA +.. 1. What is it exactly? 2. When should it be used with the regimen? 3. Is there an over-the-counter product that contains this ingredient which I could get? Thankyouuu
  23. Hi! I'm on week 6 and it's better but I've got scars dark scars.. I've readen many things about this product but I'm a little bit lost I the Glycolic Acid usefull about this ? Thanks!
  24. Quick question about the AHA+. So, two weeks ago, after about a month on The Regimen, I went ahead and started using the AHA+. At the onset, I was still breaking out in my two problem areas: around my mouth, chin, and jawline on my face, as well as on either side of my throat (but not so much the adams apple area). I know Dan recommended getting completely clear first, but I decided to give it a try. Anyway, today marks two weeks since starting on the AHA+ and my throat is nearly blemish-f
  25. 23Jordan

    Question About Peels?

    So ive been on the regimen.. And no active brakeouts i was planning on buying a 40% lactic acid peel and i was wondering how would i add that into my regimen specifically.. I know your only supose to do it like once a week so each session when i decide to do it how should i do it? Would i quit the regimen? Or do i continue to do the regimen? I want to do this peel for my age spots/ Skin discolorations/post-acne marks.... Im going to order the peel from http://www.makeupartistschoice.com/40-Lacti