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Found 12 results

  1. I have been doing this herbal supplement thing for three weeks all together now which is very early days but I want to log my progress as much as possible so that I can keep track of this. One thing that I have noticed is that my acne seems a lot more...contained. This happened on accutane. My breakouts would be predominantly around my jawline and chin but they would spread about my cheeks and in the past I get spots on like...the very top side of my nose bridge ALWAYS in the same play like whe
  2. Hello, After a lot of desperation and research (so many well-informed, knowledgeable people on this website!) I have discovered that it can be possible to treat acne with herbal suppliments. After many many MANY years of relying on Doctors and derms to prescribe me anything under the sun to clear my acne (none of which worked long-term, birth control pills NEVER AGAIN, topical creams, various anti-biotics, roaccutane TWICE also NEVER AGAIN, Metformin) I am now sacking off that route as I jus
  3. I'm keeping this blog updated more for myself than anything else. I think it's good to keep a track of where you are at and how you feel so that when you look back you can see how things really are. So after months of gradual sucess on Vitex and Evening primrose oil, around the end of March Holland & Barrett changed the branding of the Agnus Castus (Vitex) and the dose was reduced massivley,(for reasons I won't go into again on here as I have ranted and raved about it enough) I wasn't i
  4. Okay so this is me. I came off my second course of accutane in May 2012. My skin was perfect (my hair was ruined) THIS IS ME EIGHT MONTHS AFTER COMING OFF ACCUTANE. LOOK AT HOW HAPPY I AM. This is me NOW (1 year 5 months after accutane) This is the worst side...one side always gets worse than the other. as you can see accutane DOES work but only for a limited amount of time. It doesn't do the job forever. I made no changes to my diet or lifestyle. My periods have always b
  5. So basically after a lot of thinking and a lot of experience of prescribed meds and a lot of research (I'm still not done researching) I have decided to come off Metformin and try a more natural way of controlling my hormonal breakouts of acne that unfortunatly, come with having P.C.O.S I have been on Metformin for over a month now and I'm not really sure how I feel about it. To begin with I'm not really sure exactly why I was prescribed it. I understand it is supposed to regulate periods b
  6. Last week I went to see a herbal medicalist and discussed everything I've been through/on for my skin and where I have had success etc. He seemed quite keen on focusing on the emotional aspects of things and seeing where my 'drive' was and how acne has stopped me in the past, which is good i guess. I know having a positive strong mindset is good for clear skin...but i won't have that until i HAVE clear skin so. I can't see much change on that yet. He gave me more liquid agnus castus and then a s
  7. I've been searching and searching for one around my area (and I live in one of the bigger cities in the U.K) and I finally found a guy who seems to be exactly what I am looking for. He has a legit website which claims he has worked with people with stubborn problems such as acne and p.c.o.s before and he seemed sound when I was e-mailing him. So fingers crossed. I am paying for this obv. but I am serious about this and my private medical consultations for roaccutane the second time around were t
  8. I've lost count I'm over two months in though. Oh. My. God. It cold be coincidence. It could be ... I dunno. But my skin is looking really great. I'm still clearing, I still have red marks and the odd blemish...some cysts still clearning. But I havn't been this clear in a long while. also my skin is smooooothh especially around my forehead/ cheekbones/cheeks. I'll post a picture. Side effects: Pretty much...nothing. Agnus castus/Vitex did make me late on in the first month...I co
  9. Hi All, Bit of a paranoid query for you but first some background info: I'm 26 years old and have moderate to severe acne in the chin/jawline area and all across my back and some on my chest. It flares up closer to my period so I largely believe it to be hormonal acne. I was on Dianette for about 10 years (with only one break partway through) and came off it last August with the acne starting to flare up in about December. Feeling incredibly self-conscious and disheartened but refusing t
  10. Hello everyone! I'm back on a decent amount of Vitex again and this has prompted me to do more research into what it does/how it works etc. I know it helps PCOS and creates hormonal balance by stimulating the luitenising hormone (LH) to produce the right amount of progesterone in relation to estrogen, thus creating a hormonal balance and giving you a regular cycle with no nasty wacky hormone induced acne breakouts/PMS etc. I know vitex works gently and takes a while to build up in your syst
  11. I havn't posted on here for a while! So I have had a pretty notable success using these two in conjunction with eachother, I think AgnusCastus has been the most effective in helping keep me clear as I don't suffer with hardly any hormonal acne any more, I get maybe one/two around my time of month and then they subside and my skin has gotten clearer and clearer with each month I have been on it. Also my periods are a lot shorter and lighter maybe only lasting 3/4 days and not heavy at all. Anothe
  12. EDITED. I have now figured out how to address high androgens and low progesterone. Working on the estrogen part. No herbs involved yet.