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Found 13 results

  1. I am believer that the most important part about health is what we eat and drink. I love kale and spinach and veggies, but I also love mac and cheese,donuts ,cakes, and fries. Part of me wants to be very healthy and another part of me believes in balance and martinis. When I had acne, I was doing so much research on good supplements and healthy foods, so I still practice a lot of it. My skin is damaged from acne and I still break out if I skip some of my regime and at the same time now I have t
  2. I’m a 19 year old male and I need desperate help in regards to how my face looks... I’ve been trying to get it on track for the past year and have been unable to do so. Very frustrating and my self esteem has really taken a hit. The thing is, I look good from a distance. However, up close I feel/know I look horrible. Here’s my issue: It all happened about a year ago when I got a little bit of acne and starter vigorously using acne products on my face. My face stared to get worse and severely
  3. anrob

    Sagging pores

    I am seventeen, female, and I noticed within the past few months that my skin is aging rapidly compared to before. I am a skin freak, I own every type of skin product and I keep track of my skin and it isn't doing so well, as well as my products not even working on my face anymore. I use to not have any visible pores on my cheeks, now they are large and some even misshaped from what I can see. I have always had sagging and very thin skin under my eyes and tried accepting that I would always have
  4. I've been on spiro for almost 3 weeks, starting at 50mg, then up to 75, and now back to 50. I have seen a big improvement in my acne. However, my skin texture has changed. it is soft, but it feels like i have less "padding" to my cheeks. my skin on my face seems much much drier thinner, less collagen, and the texture just isn't really nice. it seems like old lady skin when i touch it. i'm really upset about this. my parents say they don't see it, and when i look in the mirror, it doesn't look to
  5. So I used differing .3% for a while, it eventually worked pretty well, but i still had redness and some red marks. i took a break from it, didn't wash my face that much. Acne didn't come back, but lots of clogged pores, premature aging and roughness came. If you stop using retinoids cold turkey, does it cause clogged pores and aging? or was that from not washing my face? I started washing my face with dove soap, and used differing twice over the last week, and my skins improving, can
  6. I am sort of cross posting this, as the combination works as a mask, but my TCM Dr recommended Pearl Powder and Royal Jelly to take orally and topically. Pearl Powder once a week in tea and as a replacement for calcium, my research has revealed, and Royal Jelly 1 tbsp a day. Both of these are considered historic fountains of youth as well as acne treatments. The coconut oil was recommended by my nutritionist friend, to replace oils I've lost with age, through over-treating, and lacki
  7. Can Acne Medications or Treatments Age the Skin?

    Skin Oil (Sebum) and Aging The medical term for skin oil is sebum. Sebum is important when it comes to acne because, generally speaking, more sebum means more acne. This is why some anti-acne medications and procedures aim to permanently reduce sebum production. However, we still don't know whether permanently impairing the skin's ability to produce sebum might prematurely age the skin. Two changes happen naturally to sebum as people age. We can see that isotretinoin, photodynamic therapy,...
  8. A lot of information online says that jojoba oil is very good for hydrating the skin, and therefore getting rid of wrinkles. However, some of the websites encourage usage of jojoba oil under the eyes to get rid of fine lines and wrinkles, and some of the websites state that you should never use jojoba oil on the delicate skin around the eyes. I just ordered Jojoba oil to try for the first time from acne.org, and as I do have fine lines and wrinkles starting to form under my eyes, I am hoping m
  9. Which Skin Type Ages Faster?

    For thousands of years, people have been obsessed with the idea of eternal youth. Most of us want to look young as long as possible, but as we get older, our skin starts to give away our age. The question is, do some skin types age faster than others? Although the research on this is preliminary, some findings suggest that dry skin might age faster than oily, acne-prone skin. In other words, there may be a...
  10. Does Benzoyl Peroxide Cause the Skin to Age Faster?

    Benzoyl peroxide is a popular topical treatment for acne due its high efficacy, lack of serious side effects, and affordability. It works exceptionally well when applied correctly, and doctors often prescribe it alongside other treatments like retinoids or antibiotics because it can help other treatments work better. However, a potential concern for users is that benzoyl peroxide might accelerate skin aging. While there is currently no scientific evidence that this occurs, part of how benzoyl peroxide...
  11. So I've suffered with really bad genetically caused acne for years now, and I've never found a product that could totally clear up my skin. I used to use benzaclin, and as i recall, it cleared up my skin almost completely. When i ran out, i never bothered to get the prescription refilled though. Slowly my acne started to come back, and before i knew it, i had zits all over my face and it was worse than before. This time i get scars. I went back to my doctor and she put me back on benzaclin but t
  12. My body is prone to easily scaring and healing VERY slowly ever since I was a child. If I slouch in the slightest, the skin on my stomach creases into these defined lines (the same spot every time) It may be from: Lack of sleep Dehydration Stress Poor Eye sign (squinting) but I have FOREHEAD WRINKLES! and I've had (or at least noticed them) for about 3 years! There are theses three lines that go across my fore head, that look like soft wrinkles, but anytime I make a certain expres
  13. (I go to a research university and I just had access to a lot of studies so I started with one and then just continued from there finding all sorts of stuff...) So first there is the case with oxidative stress: (basically inflammation) - people keep talking about this all the time... so it shouldn't come as a surprise to you... but keep reading... "The body can get overwhelmed by oxidative stress very quickly because all of the following things produce it: • Smoking, drinking alcoho