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Found 39 results

  1. Okay so - I wanted to share some before pictures. This is when I had hit my breaking point... I would have seriously burned off my face if it meant a beautiful new one would magically appear. I had stopped going to the dermatologist because the one I was seeing wouldn't believe me when I said everything I was dealing with on my face was totally hormonal and none of the stuff I had was working. I had been seeing her for about a year and a half. LUCKILY I found someone else but anyway... here's th
  2. AutreMonde


    From the album: Before And After

    After being true to "The Treatment" BP and going on Tri Sprintec Oral Contraceptives, my skin is healthier, happier, and a new, foreign texture that fears not the click of a camera. Finally.
  3. From the album: No More Skin Problems

    Almost 5 years after I've stopped taking diet pills and no more GERD, and now I can show my bare skin to the world
  4. Piaz

    Partying with friend!

    From the album: No More Skin Problems

    Almost 5 years after I've stopped taking diet pills and no more GERD, and now I can show my bare skin to the world
  5. From the album: Accutane Journey (Zenatane)

    Here's a comparison from about my first month on accutane vs the last month. The picture on the right was right before my initial breakout and the one on the right was after a long day. Pretty happy that I no longer get cystic pimples. I still get very small whiteheads around my lip area but my derm prescribed me a topical cream which has been zapping them away.
  6. hey, ive took accutane for 4 months, 40mg, im 62 kg. i currently have 0 acne and havent had since i stopped accutane. got small pimples after but dissapeared after few days. now havent go since a good month. tho, ill get some little red spots on my nose always, they seem to disappear fast but new ones always appear, they barely noticeable. its the same thing with between my eyebrown. i also still got some redmarks from old people, any good way to treat it ? mask or anything ? i sti
  7. This week I started my 4th pack of Yasmin and it's the first time that it didn't broke me out at all (not complaining about the one teeny tiny spot I got) like it used to do while starting a new pack. My face hasn't been pimple-free since ages. Yasmin has work wonders for me so far. My periods are the most regular they have ever been. It hasn't done a lot to prevent my excessive hair growth, but the doc told me that I'll probably see difference after a couple more months of using the pill.
  8. I'll be taking my 'last' pill on Wednesday 24th Feb. The apostrophes on last are because after my main course of accutane, I will be taking a "maintenance dose". My derm told me to take 3 pill a week after finishing my 16th box of isotretinoin. By the time I finish the last pill of this box I will have taken a cumulative dosage of around 175 mg/kg. He also said that this low of a dosage wouldn't produce any side effects that my current dosage is, so it would be as if I weren't taking the pill at
  9. dragonn


    Does anyone call BS on these? I can't make up my mind. I don't know how many treatments he had but the website said it was the Mixto laser. Thanks for your input!
  10. I just wanted to give a quick update as I pass the 18-months post-Accutane mark! My skin is still VERY clear - I probably get about one very small pimple every month or 2, and it goes away COMPLETELY within 2 days. Again, it's very small - usually doesn't even develop to the stage of being a whitehead, and it's gone before I even really notice it. Here is a before and after pic: ALSO, I wanted to address some of the side effects that other users had/have been experiencing. I basica
  11. Have you guys experienced a return of oily skin post accutane or has it subsided?
  12. So it's been about 6 months after Accutane, and I've had ONE pimple. I got it on my chin right where I had been leaning on it with my hand for weeks so I'm pretty sure that was what brought it out. But it was VERY small and went away very quickly. I honestly can't believe that my skin is so clear it's not even something I think about anymore (which is crazy since I used to think about it constantly, it made me miserable and self conscious and I always struggled). Now I'm just out and about l
  13. I have reached the end of week 1 one retin-a micro .04%!! Overall it was pretty uneventful, but interesting. I applied the gel every other night to let my skin get used to it, as recommended by my doctor. I do have very sensitive/prone to getting dry skin, so I'm glad for this. Pretty smooth sailing. Did experience some mild flakiness, which was easily soothed/cured by Aquaphor (mostly just applied to driest spots; put it once on my whole face at night but that felt like straight up va
  14. From the album: I can't believe I've found a cure

    I've had bad acne since I was about 15, I'm now almost 25. It started as 'bad acne' and moved onto cysts and puffiness, horrible painful lumps under the skin, millions of whiteheads, blackheads, postules, you name it. It felt like a never ending trauma no matter what I did to try to stop it. Treatments I tried and their success rates, from least helpful to most: (I've left out the most trivial things like getting a full nights sleep, drinking lots of water and taking your makeu
  15. From the album: My Skin

    The front view of my face after the Glycolic acid peel I did. I think it looks pretty smooth. Gotta get back on my beta carotene though, lol!
  16. From the album: No More Skin Problems

    Almost 5 years after I've stopped taking diet pills and no more GERD, and now I can show my bare skin to the world
  17. Hi all! I struggled with severe acne for a couple of years and was a big picker (honestly, don't do it guys, I can tell you first hand you'll regret it so much). After clearing my acne (I am starting to get a few pimples back as you'll see in the photos, but nothing like what it was) through an accutane course of roughly 7-8 months, I was left with some pretty decent scarring on my face, which has really dented my confidence. Thus, I decided to see a cosmetic dermatologist by the name of Dr Ad
  18. Well my attempt to blog throughout this whole process was a huge fail, but I just had to come post an update. Six months after starting accutane I AM ZIT FREE! I have not had a new pimple in about a month. I have just a couple weeks left on accutane now. Is this a dream? Accutane is a rough medication to be on, but my only regret is not doing this years ago. Dry lips, red patchy skin, and back aches were my biggest issues but so worth waking up and looking back at clear skin in the mirror. I
  19. Hi I've currently been using the Acne.org regimen for roughly four years, before that I did the whole anti-biotics, creams and lotions from the doctors. It was actually Isotretoin that cleared me up but sadly my acne come back after (not as bad though). Now I'm 26 I would like to stop the regimen altogether, has anybody had any experiences of coming off? I can get anyway with just doing the regimen (with AHA) once a day at night before bed, without any major breakouts. However after a few
  20. Hello, This is my first post on this site so I hope this is in the correct spot but anyway I began my battle with acne in middle school and am now a senior in high school. I've tried the over the counter products, prescription antibiotic lotions and retinoids, prescription oral antibiotics, and finally Accutane. After battling acne for years just trying to "maintain" my breakouts but working so hard and still not getting where I wanted to be, I decided to go on Accutane. I began Accuta
  21. I'm here at the end of the SIX MONTHS OF MY JOURNEY!! Wow!! I'm so proud to finally be finished! It was a long journey but I'm finally FINALLY done.now here comes the story, along with side effects, what I used, and everything in between. I am sure it will help those looking forward to it and those with severe nodul acne as myself. ive had acne since intermediate school. (Right after elementary) it got progressively worse, and the fact my mom taught me how to pop pimples only made it worse. Anyw
  22. Hey guys, I did something incredibly stupid recently. I am beating myself up pretty bad from it. Anyway, a few weeks ago, I had a microneedling session. It was on a friday. And for some reason, i have no clue what posessed me to do this, I went to the tanning bed that sunday. Any I feel like since I did that, it created massive scarring for me. Scars that were not there before. I asked several people about this, and they all said they have not noticed it being any different. So I dont know if