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Found 227 results

  1. Hi everyone just wanted some advice on good vitamin supplements that help with skin. I'm currently on antibiotics for my acne, have seen some slight improvement but not much to be honest. I've started taking probiotics because I read some horror stories about the damage antibiotics can do. I want to take some other vitamins to help boost my skin and health. I can't take anything with Zinc, Iron and magnesium I believe because of the antibiotics I'm on. I should also note I'm vegetarian so can'
  2. Today I am starting 100mg/1xd and epiduo at night. I have had light acne all my life, typically painless with major blackheads that cover my nose. Since having my son in June of 2015 it has gotten progressively worse. The past 2 months it has gotten so bad it hurts. All over my chin, jawline and cheeks. It is all very deep and red. I will attempt to post photos to every post. I have been told the antibiotics cause nausea, which I have already experienced today with the first dose (althoug
  3. Hey guys! I'm one week into the regimen and so far so good. I just have one question: does anyone have tips for applying makeup while on the first stage of this regimen? -I'll be posting my experience and progress on this thread- I'm 17 and will go to college after summer break, so around the end of august. My goal is to achieve clear skin before college because I can't imagine myself putting on makeup everyday for school. I was homeschooled all my high school
  4. Hi all, I've spent the past few months reading through various posts on here and finally decided to make a post of my own reaching out. I've had moderate cystic acne since I turned 21 (24 now), and have had a hell of a time dealing with it. Recently I started a new skin care line that seems to be helping prevent new breakouts (great!) but I still suffer from old cysts that never healed around my chin and horrible red scars all over my face from my awful habit of picking. I've become so terribl
  5. Just curious and bored If you guys could go back in time & give yourself advice at the start of your acne journey wgat would it be ? after : get your hormones checked & go on the pill Mine would be "dont cancel plans because of a pimple! !"
  6. Accutane worked for me last year, I took it March-June and it did absolutely everything I hoped and wished it would do. I am so happy/relieved/excited to be acne free. And even though building it is still a process, I have never felt so confident in my life. The only thing is, I still have to wear foundation every day! My skin still doesn't look "normal". Maybe it never will, and I'm not ungrateful for the distance I've come, but I want to get it as healthy looking as possible. So I ask, what
  7. Hello , i am new to this site. I have been getting acne for around 1 year now i am currently 18 years old. I have been suffering from mild - moderate acne and it leaves scars on my cheeks i am currently using la roche posay Effaclar duo [+] in the morning and differin gel at night but i have been using it for a few months now and i dont see any change so i want to look for new cream / medicines to help reduce this redness if you know any good ones please help me thankyou
  8. So I'm on my 3rd week of accutane and am wondering how people further along on their treatment have found drinking alcohol? I go out quite a lot and drink a fair amount most weekends and the fact that your not meant to drink was one of the reasons it took me so long to actually start the treatment as I knew I'd have to adjust my lifestyle so much and that people would question me when they see that I'm not drinking. Saying that, I went to a club on the first week of taking it and only drank a bi
  9. **Please read my profile before responding to my thread** I'm a 17 year old female. Lately, my acne has been REALLY bad. I mean, it's been bad since I was 13, but sometimes it gets worse. It's been driving me nuts. I feel like I can't go out in public without caking on pounds of makeup. I feel so gross and ugly with it on too, but at least my acne and spots are somewhat less visible with foundation. I've been researching the effects of makeup on acne-prone skin and all of the articles seem to
  10. Hi everyone! If the post seems too long you don't have to read it - just jump to the end of it where I summarized the things that I reflected upon and think had a positive influence on my picking habits. About the long part - I just wanted to get it off of my chest because I don't know ANY pickers and I feel that talking about it to a "normal" person would make me sound crazy. I've heard it a thousand times already - "Well, just stop picking, its that easy!". I've been reading this forum fro
  11. I've given up with everything. What does it want from me? My acne has now taken control of my mental health. And this summer I have stayed in mostly everyday, and slept. I feel ugly . So ugly. I feel as if no one is ever going to love me, I feel disgusting. I've tried spot treatments, prescribed creams everything. I've tried to be healthy, drink aloe Vera juice, worn no makeup, drunk more. But it doesn't leave me alone. I've given up and now my summer is almost over, and it has been hell. I fe
  12. I have lots of questions, but I guess I'll start with a background. I've always had acne, usually around my t-zone up until I was 17. When I turned 17, I started getting really painful cystic acne on the sides of my face and jaw. I had very short hair, so it wouldn't touched my face. I also didn't wear any makeup and I started a very serious regiment of washing my face. Usually a creme cleanser with a drying agent afterwards, and a mask once a week. I didn't see improvements. I struggled for
  13. Hello, I'm about to start the Caveman Regimen and this is the plan: -28 days absolutely no water/soap/treatment allowed on face to allow the healing process -After this I will start to splash my face with water and a few drops of rosehip oil after, I will also introduce a scrub but this is the part where I'm confused. What scrub would you recommend? I had this one in mind. And how often ish? Thank you for reading.
  14. Hello all, I started the Acne Bootcamp series by Dr. Neal, and have been on it for about a month now. I've started to see results, my bump count is dropping, but I feel like I am at a pivotal point in the treatment, and could really use some input to avoid going backward and having those costly mistakes that so often leave weeks or months of regret and repair. I'm 20 years old and I've struggled with acne since I was 13. I've had mostly cystic acne, bordering on severe acne, and like most fo
  15. Hello! I wanted to hear some advice from people that have taken accutane or that know very well how it works. So, i am 15 years old, and i weigh around 63 kg. This winter i was prescribed 6 months of accutane but i only managed to do 4 because then it was summer. For the first two months i took 20 mg a day, for the last 2 30 mg a day. My skin stayed perfectly clear for a month then little tiny pimples started coming back and in the last two weeks every morning i'm waking up to new spots every
  16. A Guys Guide To Accutane I decided to make this "guide" because before I started Accutane, I did some research on side effects & noticed that most of the posts were female based. I thought there should be some advice for men too. A quick background on me: I'm 35 yrs old & have had mild/moderate acne since I was 16. I've tried everything from topicals to antibiotics with nothing ever curing me ...or even coming close. The last few years the acne changed to a mix of everything - sma
  17. deleted pics sorry! plan to reupload them in a future thread when ive done some treatments. thanks guys!
  18. Just wanted to post this in hopes that it will help someone else. I had acne for 10 years and spent a lot of money at dermatologists. I felt as if I'd tried everything, but my skin kept breaking out nearly every single day. Long story short, my husband read an article about a woman who transformed her skin by drinking 6 to 8 glasses of water each day. I didn't think it would work for me because it's "just" water and seemed too simple a solution for my persistent acne. But OH. My. Goodness. After
  19. So a few months ago I got a pimple and popped it- I know it's a bad thing, but it was a really big whitehead- and everything seemed to going smoothly for a couple of days after. However, the inflammation stopped and, from as far as I can tell, the redness has stayed roughly the same for about 1.5-2 months. I have gotten red marks before, but this is very unusual. When I curl my lip and look really closely at the mark, I see a small amount of white pus in the center, almost as if I didn't get all
  20. i have been dealing with hyperpigmentation from acne for the last 5 months (hoping they would just fade naturally, i didn't want to make things worse or cause more acne) And although they are a lot better they seem to be incredibly stubborn, so after doing a lot of research i decided to try olive oil! long story short i used olive oil consistently for 4 days and have now broken out in about 4-5 spots - first time i have broken out in months... HOWEVER, now it could just be my imagination,
  21. Hi, I am new to this website as of today and I figured I would make a post and share my story. I am 17 years old and I have moderate/severe acne. It started when I was only 11 years old and at first it was mild, mainly on my forehead, but by time i was only 12 years old it became SEVERE on my forehead, never on my cheeks though. Until I was around 14, then it spread to the rest of my face. My forehead cleared up completely but it was HORRIBLE on my cheeks and chin. Every day for the last 6 years
  22. Hi, I haven't posted on this forum in a really long time, sorry. I just wanted to FINALLY share with you my personalized regimen. FYI, I have been on the acne.org regimen for 9, almost 10 months, and I have been using benzoyl peroxide for a little over a year now. MORNING: CeraVe hydrating cleanser and CeraVe moisturizing lotion + 6 drops of acne.org jojoba oil NIGHT: CeraVe hydrating cleanser, 2 pumps of acne.org BP, Cetaphil moisturizing cream + 6 drops of jojoba oil. I needed a hydrating
  23. I have had acne for about 6 years now, starting at age 10 and i am now 16.. i have tried every type of perscription topical as well as 3 different antibiotics and i still have acne all over my back chest and face.. i really want to go on accutane and just get rid of it for good but my mom is really against it and keeps telling me that "im not going to have acne forever" and i will grow out of it soon enough.. but i am really skeptical of this and i honestly believe that i will have acne in some
  24. I was hoping to find some advice about treating my acne and hyper-pigmentation marks (which I have a lot of). Am I able to do something to treat these marks at the same time as treating acne without causing more acne? I don't really know what to try for it so suggestions would be great. I've noticed stress does make my skin worse and I'm getting into exams at uni so the stress is building. Any tips on dealing with stress? At the moment I cleanse with a gentle cleanser most days but occasiona
  25. Hi All, im new here but ive been lurking for quite a while, im 26 yr old male, non smoker, social drinker, good diet. This site has helped me a lot enduring this situation. I must say im very thankful that my acne is completely gone, thanks to accutane( i ocassionally have some here and there but just the norm) I need help on a few things, first to help me determine what type of scarring i have, second to help me find the best way to improve the scars( im kinda leaning towards subsicion and tca