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Found 227 results

  1. Hello. So over the past year or so, I have overused a bunch of harsh products on my face trying to get rid of acne, and basically ruined my barrier and damaged my skin. My face is always red, dehydrated, is sensitive, and I still get mild acne with some cysts. I recently used Epiduo for about 3 months, and it didn't completely get rid of my acne and the bp was too harsh for me, but I noticed that (the adapalene I presume), really evened out my skin tone, faded hyperpigmentation, and softened my
  2. I was on the regimen and It worked pretty good I guess. I wasn't educated then and though you could mix coconut oil with the moisturizer instead of jojoba oil. MY PORES ARE HUGE NOW. and I know this is because of the coconut oil. I'm no longer on the regimen but my skin is the worst it's ever been. My skin is horrible and I really need to know some way to reverse the effects. Please help, I'm getting really tired of looking in the mirror and seeing holes in my skin. It's all over my forehead, my
  3. Hey guys, Hope you don't mind me posting this, I'm new to the site but i think its really good!! i had my first derm appointment on saturday at the hospital and my consultant said that accutane would be the best course of treatment for me (ive been on tetras and various other things since i was around 9 years old so this was my last chance of something that might work so i thought id go for it). I had my bloods on monday and took my first accutane on tuesday lunch! im pretty excited but peop
  4. Hi friends! I need your help, I'm at a loss as to what to do with my skin right now. Please look at the enclosed pictures of my cheeks and help diagnose my acne and give me advice as to how to cure it. Also does it look hormonal to you? Very red, inflamed and painful!! Looks even worse in person
  5. Hi all! I have a problem. I've had acne since I was 11 & I am now 19. I always feel soon ugly. All my other friends have perfect skin. I honestly don't know why I'm cursed with this. I know there are many more people with acne but I never see anyone else. I feel like i'm the only one. The thing thats not fair is that my brother had acne from 13-16 & he never washed his face or did anything to help it. His skin just magically cleared up. I'm doing anything to try and help my skin but noth
  6. First let me start off by saying I have never had a girlfriend or serious relationship. I've never even kissed a girl or held hands with a girl. I've had girls that have liked me (or not) in the past (despite my disfigured face) but I reject myself before anything serious happens. I assume everyone in the world is shallow and that everyone is always staring and laughing at me. Currently studying accounting in college but it is a nightmare going because of my severe anxiety and depression. I've h
  7. Hi, can anyone recommend any non-condomegenic hair styling products for men please. I have previously used a pomade by Giovanni. This seemed fine but I later realised that it irritates my skin. Thank you.
  8. Hey guys does anyone else have anxiety related spot picking!? So when I get really bad anxiety I pick my skin, mostly my face but my arms and my chest too. It's so annoying because I know it's bad for my skin, but yet I still can't help but do it! - today I was super stressed and had bad anxiety and I've really picked my skin which I'm so annoyed at myself about because I was doing so well and now I've made my skin look so much worse! I can't help it, it's like a stress coping mechanism which
  9. Hey everyone, New member here...just joined. I can't express into words how much these scars affect my confidence and self-esteem...so I've decided to take the first steps to do something about it. I've done accutane about 8 years ago and I remember it broke me out like crazy, causing a lot of these scars but I've also had large cystic acne all my life and still today. Please give me your advice on which treatment would be best...my only concern is that I DON'T want any treatment to make m
  10. HI everyone. I've been on Myorisan for about 1 month and 2.5 weeks. My acne has started to get worse. Is this normal? Does this mean it's not going to work for me? I'm new to this and I don't know anyone who has been in isotretinoin before. I'm starting to get depressed and hopeless because I've literally tried everything else.I haven't always eaten a meal/something fatty before taking the meds so I'm wondering if that's making the medication significantly less effective? This is the last hope f
  11. Hello, I have very oily skin, as some people in the forum have said, 5 minutes after washing face, there is a crap load of oil back especially on my nose and forehead. To make it worst, I have a lot of blackheads on my nose, feels like i am a strawberry. This makes me insecure. I want to go to dermatologist but I need a referral (I live in Canada). A question I have is, is this deemed as a medical condition or cosmetic purposes? I really would like to get rid of this annoying blackheads away!
  12. Hi All, I'm new here but definitely not new to the wonderful, joyous world of pimples. Now mine is quite mild but it still causes me a lot of strife. I'm very insecure about pimples and the like and because of that have a really bad problem with popping my pimples. Right now I'm not doing that because I had an epiphany and have resolved not to but to give you some history: Previously I would pop anything. And I mean anything. Ever whitehead, blackhead, pore. Tiny bumps on my forehead that
  13. So I've been taking lymecycline for a month and a bit now & i have recently noticed my hair seems to be falling out way too much! I've NEVER had this problem in my life!! my hair has always been really strong and thick, so i was just wondering if anyone else has had this problem? Thank you
  14. Hello everyone,So I have been referring to people's advice on this website for years and have never actually posted myself. I'm in the process of trying to decide which contraception method to go with, so I figured I would get advice from people who actually understand! I've suffered with acne on & off for about 12 years now, I've had periods where it's been extremely bad and also periods of having completely clear skin. In the midst of all this, I have tried topical treatments, antibiotics,
  15. Hello guys. I am looking for some advice about my enlarged pores and ice pick scars featured on either side of my cheeks. I am extremely insecure when I see up close pictures of my skin. Does anyone have advice before I look into expensive treatments by a dermatologist?
  16. I'll tell you a little bit about myself, I'm a 14 year old male, I'm a little more on the fairer skin side. Anyways, I started get a pimple here and there when I was 12, and now have mild acne on my cheeks, chin, and forehead area, as well as pretty bad bacne. My routine is washing in the morning with cetaphil gentle cleansing bar in the morning and at night. (And after school during the week) other than that I rinse my face with water. Also, I workout a lot which helps my overall health,
  17. Hi all, Quick back story... I'm 20 and suffer with mild acne (a lot of black and whiteheads) but in the past i tend to make it much worse and much more aggravated by constantly picking and squeezing causing infections, Scabs and scars... The last 2 weeks I have tried really hard to not wear any foundation, to stick to a regimented cleaning schedule of toning, cleaning, sometimes exfoliation/ and using a clay proactive face mask and of course moisturizing , I also daily used 10% benzoyl pe
  18. First of all, I'd like to say that I've already noticed the irony of my username. I know this is easier said than done, but the overbearing negativity in this section of the forum is very destructive to some people's perception of themselves. When people go to this site, they do so for support and for good vibes. They are most likely down about their acne and are actively looking for solutions. In the meantime, when one clicks on this section, he or she shouldn't have to be bombarded with topic
  19. Thinking of starting the regimen tonight, but with my own products rather than ordering them today and waiting. I saw a video of a girl that uses olay sensitive skin face wash (which is exactly what i have) and I have an all natural soothing moisturizer from lush. The only problem is I don't have a tube of BP 2.5%. I do however, have a big tube of clearasil Rapid Action Treatment Gel. Its Salicylic Acid 2%. Should I try using this and starting my own sort of regimen? I think the SA might wo
  20. Hey guys. This is a long post, but please bear with me! Or you can scroll down to where I bolded and underlined my real question. But I think it would be helpful to know the history of my skin and how I got to my question in the first place. So I just bought Dan's BP and AHA+ and received it in the mail yesterday. However, before I had enough money to order them, I decided to use drugstore products for the time being. Here's a brief history of my skin: I was on accutane for about 8 month
  21. Hey Guys, First post here, I'm 20 have have had mild-severe acne for 7 years and am finally starting an accutane treatement next week. For the last year I have been using a tetracycline (minomycine) combined with daily application of epiduo gel (1mg/g adapalene and 25mg/g benzoyl peroxide). I have stopped using the minomycine but can/should I keep using the epiduo gel? Your assistance is GREATLY appreciated! cheers, James
  22. Hey people, i've wrote a new article on how to get rid of a spot overnight!! Go read please. *Moderator edit, URL removed - read the board rules*
  23. Hi guys, this is my first post. I suffered from fairly severe acne through out my teens and have scaring. I know it isn't the worst, but I am now 22 and I would like to have good skin. I am hoping you can advise me on what treatments I can get. I am wondering if the skin on my cheeks is mostly scare tissue as when I part the scars they do not lessen. Can anything done to help this? Thank you,
  24. Hi everyone! I would really appreciate some advice on what to do about my HIP and scarring. I've had it now for over 8 months and although it seems to occasional improve it just never seems to budge. I have 4 small icepick scars which I'm not massively concerned about, it's the redness that I hate so much. I'm quite stressed about it as it just looks so bloody awful. I do think that I have over irritated it with BP, topical antibiotics in these months but then I get scared that my face will g