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Found 227 results

  1. Hey all, So I'm going to be starting accutane in two weeks. I'm brand new tot this website but I decided to participate so that I could eventually help someone else who is going through the same situation. I had just developed a full face of acne this summer within one week. Prior, I have never broken out before. After eliminating all possible causes incluing changing my diet (I have been a vegan but I made minor adjustments), checking my makeup, allergies, trying all topical treatments, anti-b
  2. Hi guys, I'm on day 4 of the caveman regimen and I've been having a lot of doubt with it right now. To give some background on me: I've had persistent acne for the past almost 2 years, and everything I've been trying has not gotten perfect results. My last routine was using salisylic acid (Biore face cleanser) while taking Doryx (doxycycline) every day. I had been taking Doryx for the past 7 months, and since it's an antiobiotic, I have not been happy having to take it for such a long
  3. Hello everyone I have been on monitoring this forum for years for my acne. I haven’t found an answer to my current issue so thought I’d make an account and ask the real experts! Bit if a background: I’m 25 years old and have mild/moderate cystic acne. It has got worse over the years (since I was 13) but has never been horrendous (except for the few months I used isotrex) but is enough to cause me to not go out, cancel plans etc. I’ve tried all the usual things: duac, antibiotics (multiple
  4. This is a long post but I would greatly appreciate feedback!! First post ever and in need of some advice! I am on the 2nd day into my 10th week of Tretinoin gel 0.01%. 10 weeks ago I was having a pretty bad breakout(never had very bad acne, but this was horrible &all over) Anyways, they were mostly Papules on my cheeks, few Pustules.(but there were some) and a lot of skin colored bumps (not deep ones, weren't painful. They just would never go away nor would they turn into anything) mostly
  5. So I was on Zarah (generic of Yasmin) for over 4 months and it gave me horrible acne, like all over my face. I normally only got 2 pimples a month before starting Zarah (which is supposed to be good for acne). Anyway, I couldn't take it anymore and I quit. I've been off it for almost 3 months now and I'm still having horrible, painful acne. It got much better 2-3 weeks after quitting but it hasn't got any better since. I still have several new pimples a day, they're just not as big as they were
  6. Would really love some feedback from a dermatologist but any feedback is welcomed. I've only had one very light fraxel laser treatment, and to be totally honest it didn't have much effect. This is two years post-accutane. I've accepted my scarring emotionally but at the same time, this is something that I would be really happy to not have to worry about at the ripe age of 20. I would be so thankful to just be able to be free from this once and for all. If anyone has scarring similar to m
  7. This is so embarassing. Ive been taking care of my skin more than ever. And while my breakouts dont occur as often anymore my skin i just.getting oilier oilier. I wash my face day and night. By the time.i wake up its so oily already! I moisturize too. Im honestly so embarassed and disgusted by my pores. They used to only be barely in my t zone when i was like 18. Ik now only 22 and this kills me inside. Please help. These pics show my cheeks and notice how far down they go. tthey look worse. In
  8. Hi guys! Time sure flies by. I've been on The Regimen for 6 months now and it has been one of those decisions that I really pride myself in making. Woot woot! I've been clear for almost 4 months expect for a spot or two every now and then. I still think that is entirely better then what my face used to be. I guess now what I am trying to do is figure out if I can cut the BP application to once a day. I've read many a post about how some of you guys only apply BP once a day and I'm really cur
  9. Hi everyone. I forgot to take Accutane last night and basically this month I was supposed to take 40mg everyday, but on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, take a second pill (80mg). Last friday night I forgot to take the two pills at 12:00am which is around my usual time (sometimes it stretches a bit further than that time). I took it as quickly as I could this morning at around 10am. Now did I mess anything up? I'm afraid I did something wrong here trying to fix this mess. If I have to I will conti
  10. I'm so sorry! I haven't written in over a month, and it was intentional. I don't want to write every day or every week when there is nothing interesting to write about. What I've basically been doing this entire month is calling any dermatologist in my area I could find, and asking how soon I can be seen. A quick reminder, the dermatologist I was originally referred to refused to see me until September 2nd (It was June when I asked to be seen). Even though I was extremely distresse
  11. First let me start off by saying I have never had a girlfriend or serious relationship. I've never even kissed a girl or held hands with a girl. I've had girls that have liked me (or not) in the past (despite my disfigured face) but I reject myself before anything serious happens. I assume everyone in the world is shallow and that everyone is always staring and laughing at me. Currently studying accounting in college but it is a nightmare going because of my severe anxiety and depression. I've h
  12. Hello. So over the past year or so, I have overused a bunch of harsh products on my face trying to get rid of acne, and basically ruined my barrier and damaged my skin. My face is always red, dehydrated, is sensitive, and I still get mild acne with some cysts. I recently used Epiduo for about 3 months, and it didn't completely get rid of my acne and the bp was too harsh for me, but I noticed that (the adapalene I presume), really evened out my skin tone, faded hyperpigmentation, and softened my
  13. Hi everyone, I'm thinking about starting the regimen as I have moderately bad acne on my face and back, and it has started to really affect my daily life as well as my self-esteem. It has gotten so bad that I an ashamed to wear low back tops and dresses without a cardigan or something to cover the gap. I am constantly anxious about people seeing my back, even my long term partner! I have tried everything from store-bought products to antibiotics, and even the pill (though it did more harm th
  14. Hello, I've just finished my second round of accutane. I finished the first round a year ago and my acne came back so badly and pretty quickly. Now I have just finished my second round of being on 6 months of accutane, and I'm so scared about what happens next! I was hoping some people have had more positive effects after being on accutane for a second time? I can't stand the thought of living life with acne again I can't even imagine how I'll deal with it if it comes back! Any advice would be g
  15. Hey guys. This is a long post, but please bear with me! Or you can scroll down to where I bolded and underlined my real question. But I think it would be helpful to know the history of my skin and how I got to my question in the first place. So I just bought Dan's BP and AHA+ and received it in the mail yesterday. However, before I had enough money to order them, I decided to use drugstore products for the time being. Here's a brief history of my skin: I was on accutane for about 8 month
  16. Hi all, I'm looking for advice from any and all who read this. I'm currently a 24 year old male who has struggled with moderate acne/oily skin for 10 years. Like most, I've tried dozens of products and I'm currently using clindamicyne with retin a-micro which has given me good results. However, after all of the products I've tried, nothing has given me "clear skin" (including my current regimen). At any given time I have at least one pimple/whitehead/cyst along with a half dozen dark spots.
  17. Hi all, Quick back story... I'm 20 and suffer with mild acne (a lot of black and whiteheads) but in the past i tend to make it much worse and much more aggravated by constantly picking and squeezing causing infections, Scabs and scars... The last 2 weeks I have tried really hard to not wear any foundation, to stick to a regimented cleaning schedule of toning, cleaning, sometimes exfoliation/ and using a clay proactive face mask and of course moisturizing , I also daily used 10% benzoyl pe
  18. PurpleDance

    Please help

    Hi new to acne org, so I’m not sure if this is the right place to post something like this. Is anyone able to tell me what these ‘dots’ are on my face, so far I have tried to ice, use ‘nixoderm’ and tea tree oil and nothing has really affected them. I have attached a photo bellow, the bottom one is quite sore to touch - can’t think of any other information but please leave any advice or reccomendations, thanks!
  19. GigglingMuffins

    Going Off Benzoyl Peroxide

    I have been using Benzoyl Peroxide religiously for about 2 years to treat my mild/moderate acne. I've gone from using 0.1% only at night, to using 2.5% morning & night, to using 2.5% just at night... and let me say, it honestly has done wonders for my skin. However, it is such a hassle to keep up with. I've been so afraid to break out again that I haven't gone off of it since. I wish that I would've tried other methods of treating acne before I started using BP. If any of you guys have any
  20. Hey guys, Hope you don't mind me posting this, I'm new to the site but i think its really good!! i had my first derm appointment on saturday at the hospital and my consultant said that accutane would be the best course of treatment for me (ive been on tetras and various other things since i was around 9 years old so this was my last chance of something that might work so i thought id go for it). I had my bloods on monday and took my first accutane on tuesday lunch! im pretty excited but peop
  21. Hey Guys, First post here, I'm 20 have have had mild-severe acne for 7 years and am finally starting an accutane treatement next week. For the last year I have been using a tetracycline (minomycine) combined with daily application of epiduo gel (1mg/g adapalene and 25mg/g benzoyl peroxide). I have stopped using the minomycine but can/should I keep using the epiduo gel? Your assistance is GREATLY appreciated! cheers, James
  22. Hey everyone, New member here...just joined. I can't express into words how much these scars affect my confidence and self-esteem...so I've decided to take the first steps to do something about it. I've done accutane about 8 years ago and I remember it broke me out like crazy, causing a lot of these scars but I've also had large cystic acne all my life and still today. Please give me your advice on which treatment would be best...my only concern is that I DON'T want any treatment to make m
  23. NYKNYG

    Need Some Guidance

    New to the board. I am 32 years old, have had scars for the past 10 years. I got use to having them but lately they been bothering me. I uploaded some pics in this post. I feel they look much worse in those shots then they do in a mirror but it is what it. I am not sure what treatment may be right for me and what doctor I could see. I did some research on this board and i think i have ice pick and rolling scars along with some hyper pigmentation. I read about the Fraxel repair
  24. Hey people, i've wrote a new article on how to get rid of a spot overnight!! Go read please. *Moderator edit, URL removed - read the board rules*
  25. Hello everyone,So I have been referring to people's advice on this website for years and have never actually posted myself. I'm in the process of trying to decide which contraception method to go with, so I figured I would get advice from people who actually understand! I've suffered with acne on & off for about 12 years now, I've had periods where it's been extremely bad and also periods of having completely clear skin. In the midst of all this, I have tried topical treatments, antibiotics,