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Found 500 results

  1. After moving to NY at the age of 22 I started getting really bad acne on my forehead. At first it was diagnosed as rocsea and eventually acne. It would come and go every so often, usually when I least wanted it to be around. I tried prescriptions such as benzoyl peroxide, Clindamycin (which I later found out I am allergic to) and oral pills. Some things worked better than others, but nothing fully suppressed it. Fast forward to this past spring I started having really bad break outs and wen
  2. So after my bad reaction to Obagi Skin Products (crazy regimen) this is how I look. I have no used the products in over a month and in fact, I returned them all and got my $700 (almost $800) back. I am still on accutane and will go into my third month now. I am requesting a higher dosage because I have been taking 20mg. I use SHea Moisture african soap in a cleanser form morning and night and that's it. I dont know what to do, part of me wants to look into buying the Acne.Org Regimen but i
  3. I just wanted to write a brief history of my experience with acne before going into writing accutane blogs. I have had acne since I was nine years old. When I was younger it was only a few pimples but it got worse throughout middle school. It seemed to calm down in high school and college but I still never had clear skin. Now after graduating college it has all flared up again. When I was in middle school I used Retin-A and differin topical creams that were prescribed to me by my primary c
  4. Hello!! I did a 6 month course of Roaccutane in 2015 and all my acne and scars cleared up beautifully and I had never been so happy and confident as I have been back then. Roll on 18 months and my acne is returning and I am sad, unconfident and starting to realise at 28 years old is this what I'm just going to have to deal with?? Has anyone had to have a second treatment of Roaccutane and has it worked permanently or did the acne return again?? Need some answers and help! Thanks.
  5. Hello. I am in my 30's and have been on birth control for most of my life. I never had acne before other than a pimple here and there. last year I decided to stop taking birth control because I wanted to start a family and two months after stopping the pill I got acne. Not regular acne but big nasty red cystic acne all over my face. Well I freaked out and went back to birth control. After a month my face was clear again. This year I stopped the pill again and the same thing happened I went to t
  6. I am so happy to say that my skin is sooo much better. I am still taking 100 mg spiro and birth control once a day, at night before bed. Not only is my skin drastically clearer, but it's softer. Now that my acne is no longer an issue, I can do other things like clarifying masks, eye creams, toner sprays, and all of these other things I was too afraid to try before. For any one who feels like they are at wits end with their adult acne please please - give spironolactone a try!
  7. I haven't written in a chat forum since middle school, so bear with me... In July of 2016, I switched from my birth control patch to Mirena, the IUD. I had ZERO problems with the patch, it was just kind of unsightly and annoying. Almost immediately after insertion of the IUD I started noticing my forehead breaking out. I was also in the middle of moving to a new state and starting a graduate program, so I attributed it to that stress. It's now been 4 months and I'm all settled in, but the bre
  8. Day 1. 9:00 Washed with Proactive added pure aloe gel or scabs along with Simple 24 hr day/night cream. Skin on forehead so oily by 1:00 Thinking about somehow adding more BP to the proactive cream. I like the way the system works and it suppresses around 80% of it but it doesn't stop my face from getting oily and it doesn't keep the CC away. Food: Breakfast Vegan pancakes (banana, Egg, vanilla &honey), Lunch: Chicken, gluten free corn chips. Drank a LOT of water though with Crystal l
  9. Background I have been stuggling with acne for the past few months. I had started on proactive when I was in 6th grade for moderate acne. it cleared me up completely until about a year ago then it stopped working. I went odd of it my face freaked out (the worst acne I ever had) I went back on, it has been mostly clear besides A LOT of Closed Condones & Mild Scarring & Hyperpigmentation Starting to also get large cystic Acne from Birth Control- I am going to change it soon. Goa
  10. Hi Everyone, I've had acne on and off since I was 14 and then in 2013 after a round of Ciprofloxacin and Plan B emergency contraceptive it exploded to new levels (full story here). Sometimes it would get a little better during that time and sometimes it would get worse. Food seemed to play a role, my cycle played a role, some supplements helped (like B12 and vitamin C) and so forth. Finally, in 2015 I started seeing a Lyme doctor and she recommended a modified ketogenic diet which is loaded wi
  11. Hi, So for a bit of background: Developed acne after turning 22. I would say it's always been mild to moderate (think it's hormonal due to the fact that I'm a woman and noticed it would be much worse in stressful times and on cheeks/chin). Had to go on oral steroid for 8 weeks. Bam. Right after the steroid got huge cystic pimples on one cheek/ in a cluster. Looked like normal cysts so just thought they would heal up. Fast forward two months later (two injections later) there is still a spot th
  12. Today was my third dermatology appointment. I had my initial appointment, one at three months and today at 6 months. The derm was happy that I am no longer breaking out. He said I have to be on it for 8 months in total, not 11 like I thought so that's good. I have worked out my cumulative dose. I am 9st 2lb which is 58KG, I have 8 more weeks to go at 30mg a day which is 210mg a week. From when I started to when I finish I will have done 33 weeks. You need 120mg a KG at minimal for permanent re
  13. Hey everyone, I am currently on Epiduo and 65 mg of Solodyn once a day. I started Epiduo about 8 weeks ago. Two weeks ago I went back to the dermatologist and that is when they gave me the 65mg of Solodyn. My skin right now is awful, I have at least two new pimples every day. I called the dermatology office and they said that it was most likely caused by the Epiduo and that it was bringing all the dirt and stuff to the surface and that if can take up to 3 months for it to start clearing up
  14. Nothing much to report here really. I have had two noticeable spots in the past week or so, weirdly in the same place but on opposite sides in front of my ears. The one in front of my left ear now feels huge under the skin. Other than that pretty good really. I still have the Hyper-pigmentation but I find if I skip a day on the meds then that seems to fade a little, I am hoping that means it will fade pretty quickly when I stop the medication for good. I have had some muscle and back pain on a
  15. Hi there. This is my second round of Accutane and I find myself wishing that I had a log from my first round (in 2009) to refer to. So starting this one to track my progress. I will try to keep it succinct as possible and plan to update at least weekly with photos. My main concerns: ability to continue weight training- already have pre-existing joint issues; dry skin and covering up IB for work; fatigue as I have two youngish kids (2&5) and work 12 hour shifts in the emergency department.
  16. I was wondering what treatment options are left, if any... I've had hormonal acne since the age of 14. I went on dianette at 16. I was diagnosed with endometriosis at 19 and at the same time, after years of trying prescription topical applications and antibiotics, I was finally referred to a dermatologist. After 6 months on roaccutane I was clear. The dianette helped to maintain my skin but as the months went on the small monthly spots became worse again. I have had 2 children and had my cl
  17. I had been on Mononessa for one year and a half. It cured my severe hormonal acne within a year, and my skin looked flawless for another six months. However, everything changed after I switched my birth control brand at the beginning of the year due to my break-up. The new pharmacy I found did not offer Mononessa, so I had to take Sprintec instead. I did not think twice, because they have the same active ingredients. How foolish I was! Especially for a chemistry student. I started notice minor b
  18. I have been a member here for over ten years and tried everything for my adult Acne. Proactiv. Dan's regimine. Nothing really worked for me, and anything wth benzoyl peroxide ruins clothes, towels, and sheets. I always liked the glycolic acid toner in the Proactiv kit so I looked on Amazon and found a glycolic acid "peel". It's very strong, it's meant to be left on for several minutes then washed away once a month. It doesn't make you peel like a sunburn, but more like a fine ashy peel
  19. Hi everyone, I'm in desperate need of advice. Il quickly sum up my acne story: Hit teenage years so as expected developed lots of acne on face and back. Incredibly oily skin (would wash and within 5 mind face was greasy amd oily) Tried many many things from Dr before begging them to refer me to a dermatologist. Who said my oil glands were over working. So I was prescribed roaccutane which was the best drug ever, my skin was clear and healthy in matter of weeks. I was told originally tha
  20. Hello all :-) I am on day 4 of the acne.org regimen! I've tried to keep notes of every day on the regimen to keep track of my progress and so far this is what I have. The first morning I woke up with a breakout on my chin but the scars around my cheeks were visibly lighter. The next day I woke up with just white heads (which rarely happens for me, I usually have cysts), and my pores also appeared to be smaller. BUT, on this day I was kind of lazy with the application, and waited too longer a
  21. So I had acne for 20 years. In that time I must have visited 9-10 dermatologists. I started suffering from acne when I was 14 and cured it on my own when I was about 36. And I swear each dermatologist gave me the same treatment, over the years and whatever age I was at. The treatment never varied, in spite of me telling them again and again that this did not work last time. I still remember driving back from the derm when I was 26 with my eyes full of tears because she had been arrogant and gi
  22. Ok, so I haven't posted in a while as nothing much has been going on. I have kind of lost track of the days and weeks but I am in month 5 now and would say up until now I had no real noticeable improvement. I woke up the other morning and it seemed overnight things have significantly got better. My forehead is amazing seriously. The red marks I have have faded slightly and my skin seems smoother in general. Still some stubborn bits on my jawline and I had a bigish spot on my cheek that is just h
  23. Hey all! Wow... So I can't believe I'm back on this site 10 years after I signed up. Back in 2006 when the Acne.org Regimen didn't even exist. Crazy! Well, I'm 26 years old now and sad to say I'm still not finished with this whole acne thing. Shortly after I joined in 2006, I found a treatment that worked for me - birth control pills. It was obvious that my acne was hormonal (I had the painful cystic kind around my chin/mouth area) so BCP was the perfect solution for my skin. I have been cl
  24. I have completed my second month of 40mg a day Claravis. I still struggle with dry skin, however there seems to be a balance going on. I can keep it somewhat under control as long as I drink a lot of water each day (100-120 ounces). I keep track either on a note pad at home or using my phone. I try to get 50 ounces in by lunch. It can be hard on busy days, and it makes for frequent trips to the restroom which is also an inconvenience. I truly dislike using public restrooms! My scalp dry