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Found 500 results

  1. Hey guys. Im 32/F and have just started Spironolactone. Im only on 12.5mg because my doctor is being cautious as I have anorexia and my bp is already low and shes worried about it messing up my electrolytes as I usually have a problem with them being too low. But Id like to know if you guys think this amount will do anything. If my body handles this dosage, then in time she will up it to 25mg. Any thoughts will help!
  2. I wanted to share my experience with you guys because I know how stressful and emotionally draining it is to constantly look for a cure. Now, I don't know if this will work for you since everyone has their own acne-cause, but this really worked for me. Some background: I'm 26 (F) and have had acne since I was 17. I never had any previous issues, I actually had really good porcelain skin. Then suddenly my skin just started breaking out little by little and by th time I was 20 I had painful
  3. Background: When I was 17-19 I had severe cystic acne. I never had a lot of cysts, but I always had at least one nearly the size of a quarter. My dermatologist put me on Accutane for 4 months, and it completely cleared up. After Accutane I used tretinoin every night before bed and Aquaphor moisturizer every morning, and my skin has been perfect. I'm now 27. Three months ago I moved to Spain from the US and something inexplicable has started happening to my skin. First I started getting small r
  4. Hi I have been having acne on my left cheek only for six months now. But it has gotten worst this past month. Usually before it was worse when on period but it never goes away! I didn't have this before and I don't understand why it is only on this one spot of my face. The rest of my face is fine. Please help. I included pics from various stages and I am sorry if they seem gross Thanks for the advice. Also I don't drink dairy, I eat organic as much as possible. I try to drink enough w
  5. How can I get rid of these types of spots. Does the acne.org regime really work? I'm so fed up of my skin. Even under make up it looks terrible. I just want to have smooth clear skin like I used to. It's really getting me down and knocking my self confidence down. I'm beginning to feel like I may be like this forever. But there MUST be an answer. I've included some pics of what my skin is like. Please please please help! If you have had similar type of acne what can I do? Xxxx
  6. As a teenager I experienced a small pimple here and there, never anything cystic and never anything I would describe as acne. It wasn't until I turned 23 that my skin began having issues. I returned home from a family vacation with a pretty bad breakout. I tried over the counter products for a couple of months before I decided the breakout wasn't going away. I made an appointment with a dermatologist who took one look at my face (not a very close look) and told me that I had adult acne. Because
  7. Hi Acne.Org Community, I live some advice from you guys. Here is my acne journey. Basic Info: Gender: Female Age: 23 Acne History: Occational pimple or two during college I started getting hundreds of tiny bumps on my forehead last January and they didn't go away with clindamycin phosphate gel or with calamine lotion and stayed on my face to 3 weeks, Someone asked me what happened to my face in the middle of an office meeting. I decided to pay a visit to the dermatologist. Der
  8. I had perfect skin nearly all of my life. However; the past two years I've had one or two cysts pop up on my chin each month. They take forever to heal and always leave a scar. It's progressively gotten worse over the last few months. I currently have 3 cysts on my chin, whiteheads on my chin and nose, a few bumps on my cheek; and a cyst between my eyebrows. This might sound dramatic, but for someone with previously great skin, this is a nightmare. I'm on a new birth control to help the acne
  9. hi im starting epiduo gel today...wanted to know what are your experiences with this treatment. Im skeptical..been on bp for a long time but not doing much so thought I should try it with the retinoid and see what happens. Any help appreciated! Thanks x x x
  10. How long do u leave tea tree oil on for? My forehead has broken out like crazy been using bp for a week buylt it don't seam to be going god I feel hidious in this photo! Hasn't been this bad in a long time....ps I have the oil on in this pic...
  11. how do u guys stop obsessing over your acne and letting it rule your life? It seams to be all I think about...i just want to forget. How do i stop it getting me so down. ? Love to all suffering
  12. how do u guys stop obsessing over your acne and letting it rule your life? It seams to be all I think about...i just want to forget. How do i stop it getting me so down. ? Love to all suffering
  13. Hi everyone, I'd like to share my experience with hormonal acne and how I cleared it up completely with the contraceptive patch, Ortho Evra. I've only ever read negative reviews of the patch in relation to acne so wanted to get a positive version out in the hope that this will help others ! I have suffered from acne since I was about 13. Antibiotics never worked for me so at 17 I was suggested the contraceptive pill. Dianette cleared this up completely however after 2 years the emotional si
  14. I've been battling acne since I was about 11. I'm now 26. I was on Accutane twice. It did clear me up. I was put on BC (Yaz) when I was 18 to keep it clear. Yaz gave me bad cramps so I switched to Ortho Tri Cyclen. I was on that for a long time. I switched to Orsythia, thinking my skin needed a mono pill since I still had bouts of acne. My skin has seen good and bad days. However, since Accutane (I think) I have been battling scalp acne. My scalp acne honestly bothers me more than my face an
  15. I am a 34 year old male As a teenager I had problems wit acne on my chest While I did also suffer from Rosacea I didn't get many spots on my face. The chest acne cleared up in my early and mid 20's In the years afterward I had far from perfect skin but breakouts were mild and I was able to treat redness with sudocream However in the last two years I have had major out breaks including cyst spots and my skin in worse than its ever been The majority of the spots are on my forehead and ne
  16. No news is good news....2 weeks post antibiotic treatment and continued use of benzoyl peroxide and no new spots.
  17. Hi guys, newbie here little background; after going on the birth control injection a few years ago I started to break out, before that I got the occasional spot but nothing bad. I used t topical solution And cepton skin wash prescribed from doctor and it worked wonderfully. I never broke out once and always had clear skin. T Topical got discontinued so I went without for a while and then havoc struck Lately I'm breaking out alot. A lot. Whether it's the hard really sore pimples that come to
  18. I've been reading so many posts on this site and finally decided to write my own. I'm not sure if its to share my experience or make me feel any better about everything I've dealt with with acne but its something. I can't remember not having acne. I started getting pimples in the 6th grade. I was eleven. Of course at that time no one cared, and by that I mean the people that surrounded me in my life, which were a bunch of other 11 year olds. When I started middle school I was already heavily inv
  19. Last Monday I took my last antibiotic tablet. I'm still using bp every night on my problem area and I haven't had any new spots since I started doing this. From past experience, the earliest my skin has started breaking out post-antibiotic treatment has been about 10 days, so the fact that I'm 6 days in without incident is not surprising. I have gone 3-4 weeks before it started and even as long as 4 months, however, I have never been using bp when I stopped the treatment, so I am really, really
  20. Hello, I'm a 32 year old female trying to conceive. I had acne on my face, back and chest as a teenager and went on a course of Roaccutane that cleared it up completely. I didn't have any trouble for many years until I started to get pimples on my face and a few on my back, chest and neck in my mid 20s (mainly on my face though). It wasn't like it had been when I was a teenager, but went back to my dermatologist regardless and was prescribed spironolactone and the contraceptive pill wh
  21. Hi. Im 31 and have sensitive oily skin. So 13 days ago I started a new 'mostly natural products only' regimen. It has been going well and ive noticed my acne pigmentation has definitely reduced quite a bit. Ive also been eating more healthy fats as my diet was very very low in them. Im now drinking 3 Litres of water a day, everyday, with a total of 3 tablespoons of ACV. Together there has been a big improvement since its only been 13 days. Id still get some whiteheads coming and going but no
  22. I've struggled with hormonal acne (chin and jawline) and keratosis pilaris (lower legs and inner thighs) for some time now. Starting a new regiment of differin gel 0.1 % in pm, and glycolic acid lotion 10% in am. Using Shea butter for body moisturizer and purpose spf 10 facial moisturizer after each respective application. I wash my face twice daily with the purpose cleansing wash. To be updated weekly. Any suggestions would be appreciated, never tried keeping a log before I'm hoping it increase
  23. Does anyone know of any face masks that actually help heal acne and not make it worse or bring more things out...if one exists that is! Thanks I hate living with acne, much love to you all! x x x
  24. Hi. Im 31 and have adult hormonal acne on around my mouth and jawline area. Its mostly just small whiteheads and redness at the moment and hyperpigmentation scaring. Over the past 7 weeks I have been eating better and drinking alot more water (im now up to 3 Litres a day). My skin has cleared quite a bit and I havent had cysts for awhile (touchwood). Im also drinking teaspoon size amounts of coconut oil throughout the day, and using it as a face mask twice a week atleast. The skin care reg
  25. Hello! Okay so a little back story. I am 23 years old and I have never had acne before except when I start my period I get one big whitehead. and all of a sudden within this past year my skin has changed. I get these bumps on my forehead and chin they don't itch and don't bother me no I can't pop them. I am more confused as to why I started getting these bumps in my mid twenties. Has anyone had similar issues ?