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Found 500 results

  1. I have been using Clindamycin Phosphate Lotion USP 1% for about a month. My doctor prescribed this to me for my late-onset adult acne. (Mild/moderate). For the past 3 weeks, I have developed lots of tiny bumps all over my cheeks and jawline; everywhere I have been applying the lotion. Some of them do become inflamed, red, and VERY painful. Am I supposed to be breaking out from a topical antibiotic? Or could this be an irritation? I don't know if my skin is "purging" or if this produc
  2. Not much to tell today. The two spots are still (!!) healing and I have one bump that I believe would have turned into a big ugly zit had it not been for the UltraClear. The reason I think this is because it hurts just like the big ones always do. But it's quite small now and getting smaller every day. It has not come to the surface yet, but what I think is going to happen it that it will continue to shrink until its just a blackhead. That has happened in the past, but for the last 6 months or s
  3. Not much to report, my UltraClear experiment is going pretty good. I am STILL in the healing process of the two big spots (day 12 for one of them!) And though there have been a few small lumps that have tried to form, the U/C seems to be getting rid of them before they turn into anything. Last night I noticed about 4 tiny blemishes - not the type to turn into a fully fledged zit, but a small, raised, pinkish spot. I put the U/C on them and I am not exaggerating when I say that they had already
  4. Two nights ago I went a bit overboard with the BP and aha in an attempt to obliterate the two spots. I kinda knew I was going to pay for it though because my chin was quite red and stinging a little bit. By yesterday morning it was still bit red, the spots had gone down a bit but my skin was super dry. Last night I decided to lay off the BP but decided to use Ultra clear instead. I am starting to wonder if I should ditch the BP in favour of UltraClear. This morning both spots have shrunken quit
  5. Yesterday I thought that maybe one of the small spots from a few weeks ago was trying to make a resurgence, but wasn't too sure. Last night it was definitely a bit swollen - gah!!! I slathered BP on it and the rest of the left side of my chin. The right side seems to be a little bit more under control, but the left side seems always on the verge of a new breakout. I guess it's only been 16 days since I started using BP twice a day, hopefully I just need to persevere. This morning it doesn't seem
  6. I was only going to write entries when I got a new spot, but thankfully I don't have any new ones to report. The two small spots are healing but the bigger spot just kept getting bigger though it might now finally be starting to heal. It was looking awful last night; I peeled a layer of skin off the top but you could clearly see the swelling underneath. I decided to put some UltraClear on it since I knew that BP would only dry out the top of it. This morning it appeared much more shrunken, but s
  7. I've been struggling with acne problems since I was a teenager. I'm almost 27. I've tried every product on the market including proactiv, skin id, murad, etc.. I've been on a six month cycle of accutane which cleared my face perfectly, but it came back only 9 months later. I've been on tetricyclin, minocyclin, birth control pills, etc, you name it!! I've tried more gentle approaches but with major failure. I've used DDF, the store brands like neutrogena & etc etc.. you get the point. Current
  8. Well, the little spot is healing, the re-emerging one is still emerging and is bigger but not huge and last night I found 2 more small spots. I bought some ointment last week called UltraClear that had really good reviews on Amazon. I haven't had much chance to try it out because I've been unsure whether I should use it instead of BP. I have used it on a few small blemishes and it seemed to work really well, so I took a chance and used it instead of BP last night. I'm not sure it had much effe
  9. Do you know that Genetics is majorly responsible for adult ACNE? Research has shown that genetics is mostly responsible for adult acne(about 81%).Researchers at the ST. Thomas Hospital conducted a large study on the influence of genetics on twins' acne; 458 pairs of identical female twins and 1099 pairs of fraternal twins paricipated.They discovered that 81% of the difference in acne between pairs was attributed to Genetics.the remaining 19% was attributed to environmental factors such as diet a
  10. I've decided to start recording the days when I get new spots in an attempt to see if there is a pattern. Three weeks ago I finished an 8 week course of antibiotics (lymecycline) which cleared my skin beautifully. For about 2 months I'd been suffering from a terrible breakout with new spots emerging on a daily basis. My face was a mess. I finally went to the doctor and she prescribed the antibiotics. Before that, I had suffered from mild acne, possibly stemming from the birth control that I
  11. I'm a 22 year old Australian female. I first started to get blackhead on my nose and chin when I was about 11. When I was in my teenage years I began to get pimples- red, raised, sore to touch, hideous to look at. I didn't like this, but I accepted it as being the age I was and most of my friends at some point through their teens had pimples, blackheads and oily skin too. My understanding of acne was that it was something teenagers got as their bodies went through drastic hormonal changes and fo
  12. I am creating this log (also created as a blog entry) in hopes that it helps others. I was blessed with nearly-perfect skin my entire life, until the age of 23. I began having occassional breakouts, mostly on my chin around my mouth, and visited my first dermatologist. These minor breakouts seemed like a big deal to me at the time, since I had never experienced this before. I was prescribed Duac. Within 1 month, my face was crystal clear once again. Using duac as needed kept me clear for almost
  13. Happy Monday! So, its officially been a month since I started using PC Products. I finally have found a regimen that is working for me and I REALLY beleive in it! I hope it continues to help clear up my skin! I am currently using: PC Clear Normalizing Cleanser morning and night PC Extra Strength 2% BHA Toner morning Cerave Facial Moisutrizer PM (Morning and night) PC 5% AHA Daily Smoothing Treatment PM (before moisturizer) Thats it! So far so good! I had a prety gnarly pur
  14. Has anyone had success with removing caffeine from their diet? I have Severe acne which I know is acne is hormonal because I have extremely oily skin. I have tried everything to fix it except Spironolactone. Eliminating sugar from my diet has helped, and this i where I assume the link from sugar to hormones is a factor in my acne. I am currently on my first round of accutane. I eat completely grain, sugar, and dairy free. My only diet "vice" is coffee. I know
  15. Yo, dawgs. Read the whole post for a background on my situation, skip to the last paragraph for the actual questions. So...I'm going back to my dermatologist next week for my late-onset adult acne. I am 25. Never had a pimple in my life; now all of the sudden my jawline loves to produce clusters of tiny bumps...some of which become inflamed and red and huge. It can be painful, it sucks. What kind of acne is this? Where it's not necessarily inflamed, just bumpy and visible if you look cl
  16. Hi ya'll! So Friday will be my 1 month mark with PC Clear System/PC products. Last week I left a pitty party entry about how depressed I was becuase of my skin and because I was purging, etc. Well, things have gotten a lot better, not only skin wise, but outlook wise! I realized last week how much my "skin" or more like the emotional side effects of it can control my moods and happiness. I felt ridiculous and was totally freaking out/overreacting and I knew it! However, no matter h
  17. Hi everyone I just joined this forum, because i am feeling downright dejected and sad. I just turned 28 and around a month ago, i started developing acne on my left jaw. I thought of this as completely hormonal (since i ahve a history of PCOS) and thought they will go.. However, this kept on getting worse and before i knew, it spread all over my cheek. I can attribute some of this to using cosmetics, which contained shimmer (and chemicals such as bismuth oxide).. but most of it is unexpla
  18. UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! With a side of UGH! That is how I have felt this week. I seem to be experiencing a "purging" period with these products. I attribute this not only to using new products but constantly switching and adding things! Part of its my fault and then also your skin also has to adjust to new products so...yeah. But...My skin totally purged like crazy earlier this week. I got like 5 new zits all at once, one being an annoying cyst on my jawline which i can't stand! I hat
  19. Hello, here's my story and a solution that seems to be working. Some time ago I found this website and promised myself that once I find my cure, I'll post. There is no cure for everyone but one might read each others methods and attempt, so here we go. 24 years old male, always was a late bloomer (genes), my acne started when I was 20 and remained until now. It started as hormonal and remained hormonal, however sometimes other factors made it worse. My condition was moderate, sometimes worse
  20. Hi, Has anyone on here had Pulse dye laser treatments? This page looks very promising, saying many people don't ever have to come back after they've done a run of treatments. And it works for cystic acne as well. It shrinks the sebaceous glands in the skin so that less acne can develop. http://www.bigappleskin.com/laser-for-acne.html Anyone? I just had it done a couple days ago, but of course its too early to tell.....
  21. So...I have been using the Paula's choice clear system for ALMOST 2 weeks now and WOW can i see huge changes in my skin Definitely for the better! So...I decided the 5% BP is way too strong for my skin...I don't know why but every time I used it I would be bright red and burning so I decided to ask for the 2.5% sample instead. BTW her customer service is oustanding...for NO cost they quickly sent me the regular strength CLEAR kit in the mail...well the 2 week sample size but still! So
  22. As a teen I had your run of the mill acne that was treated with antibiotics and some creams from the dermatologist. As I got into my twenties I started having some kind of atopic dermatitis acne and possibly rosacea. I would use drying creams for the acne and then my skin would be scaly and irritated. I tried Accutane which was a miracle for a short while but eventually seemed to stop working. The side effects were rough and some long lasting. I got peels and tried retin-A and other topical acne
  23. I have mild-moderate late-onset adult hormonal acne (mouthful, I know...) I have been reading about grapeseed oil, and how it's supposed to be good for hormonal acne. has anyone tried this? If so, how did you use it? did it work? How long before you saw results? I am trying so hard to keep my hormonal acne at bay, without taking anymore pills (already on BCPs...don't want to take oral antibiotics). So...yeah. Grapeseed Oil... How 'bout it?
  24. Hey everyone!! WARNING: this is going to be a little lengthy. But I'll love you forever if you can help me. It's been quite a while since my last post. Feels kinda good to be back...even though it means I'm having skin issues :/ So let's just jump right into it...I need your help! I have been sitting on a prescription of Clindamycin Phosphate Lotion for a couple of weeks now, absolutely TERRIFIED that my skin will purge again. If you've read any of my other posts, I had horri
  25. So...a little history of Ashley's skin trials and errors: Began getting mild acne age 13-16 very mild but bothersome and constant. Never really followed any regimen. Age 17...moderate acne...began using pro active and hated it. Skin continues to worsen, i take my first trip to the derm and get prescribed doxycycline which clears up my skin in 2 months...until i decide to stop taking the medicine and my acne returns! 18-20 moderate acne...sometimes clearer than others, but constan